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Film gay porno boy first time The guy goo was flying all over the
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Mikala Barratt made her way out of her bedroom and into the living room. Her hair was damp; she had just had a shower and was now in her pyjamas for the night. Which were a pair of little pink boxer shorts and one of her dads old t-shirts. Mikala's best friend Brittany Meir was in the living room waiting for her. They were camping out in the living room for the night. Mikala's parents had left them alone for the night. The only other person in the house was her sixteen year old brother Darryn.


Mikala and Brittany were both in year seven at school. Brittany was thirteen while Mikala was still only twelve. She was five months shy of becoming a teenager.

Mikala lay down on the folded out couch next to Brittany and smiled a goofy grin. Brittany was only wearing a pair of underwear and a baggy shirt as her pyjamas. "What?" Brittany asked. "I don't know where all my underwear has gone. I've got the pair I just put on, and I just put a dirty pair in the wash, but the rest have disappeared." Brittany shrugged and then laughed.

"Well, I don't have them." She said. "Maybe they're all dirty." Mikala shook her head. "I always put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket. My parents do a wash every day without fail. They just ironed and folded todays load before they left. That's where the pair I've got on came from." Brittany thought for a moment, and then only half seriously said. "Maybe your brother has them." "Why would Darryn have them?" Mikala asked.

"Even if he was secretly a cross-dresser," She continued with a cackle, "they wouldn't fit him." "Maybe he sniffs them or something." "What?" Mikala said with a scoff. She was shocked at the thought. "You know Sally Moore? She's in the year above us." "Yeah, well, I don't know her but I've seen her around." "Well her brother, actually he's her step-brother but she told me they grew up together and they always thought of each other as a real brother and sister…" Brittany trailed off and then she found her place again.

"She found a pile of her old underwear in the laundry. They had been gone for so long that she assumed her mum must've thrown them out because they were getting old. They were covered in stains. She didn't know what they were or what was going on. She did some snooping around and found out that her brother had been stashing them and using them as an alternative to using his gym socks if you catch my drift…" As if the point wasn't already clear she added.

"That's where the stains came from." "Eeewwww, that's so gross. Why did he dump them in the laundry for everybody to see? That's kinda dumb." "He was afraid of getting caught so he tried to hide it in with the rest of the dirty laundry and hoped nobody noticed them. Then when they were clean, they would just be like any other pair of undies." Both of the girls went quiet for a moment and then Mikala started chuckling.

"How did we get talking about that random shit again?" "Darryn sniffing your undies…" Brittany said flinching, waiting for a bad response. Mikala's smile went away. Not because she was shocked about Brittany making such an accusation but because she was afraid that it was true. It sounded outlandish, but what if? What if it was true? "Do you really think that Darryn would do such a thing?" "You should be asking yourself that question not me. He's your brother, not mine.

You know him better than I do. Since he's such a hermit, you probably know him better than anyone else does. I'm just saying that family or not, boys are creeps and I wouldn't put anything past them." "I don't know what to think." "Why don't you go find out then?" "How am I supposed to do that? I can just walk up to him and ask him if he's been stashing my underwear.

I can search his room, he's always in there." "You can ask him, just be smart about it. Say that you can't find any of your underwear and that you were wondering if he could check if they got mixed up with his clothes when your mum brought them in to him to put away.

You should be able to tell by his reaction if he's guilty or not." "That's actually a pretty good idea." Mikala said, still sounding concerned. "If you're still worried, don't say underwear if that'll make you feel better. Just say you can't find some of your clothes." "No, that's not what I was worried about.

I don't mind telling him that I can't find my underwear." "Then what's the matter?" "What if he has been doing it?

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What am I supposed to do?" "You'll have to punish him." "He is older and bigger than me, how am I supposed to punish him?" "He will do absolutely anything to stop his parents from finding out, and that's the key. Say if he doesn't go along with the punishment, you will tell your parents. He will do absolutely anything." "But what punishment could I possibly give him?

I can't ground him he already lives in his room.

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He already has his half of the chores to do, and if I try and pawn mine off onto him then my parents will get up me for being lazy. The last thing I want is to get in trouble too or my parents finding out." "You just have to think outside of the box. When you do that, being creative is easy. Don't make him do something that's going to be a job or a jail sentence. That's too easy… too clichéd. What he's done, or might've done, is embarrassing for you, so you have to give him a punishment that in return is going to be embarrassing for him.

Prid quo pro… I heard that in Silence of the Lambs." Mikala shrugged and shook her head. "I truly can't think of anything.

I'm not really that creative when it comes to stuff like this… But I want to do something. I suppose." "Oh, come on. Surely there must be something you would love to see him do to embarrass the shit out of him. He's your brother for crying out loud. This would be most siblings dream situation." Mikala shrugged again.

"He might be my brother and he might annoy the shit out of me sometimes but I'm not really the vindictive type. I don't sit in my room at night thinking how I can get back at somebody or embarrass them… I do love him deep down. He's family." "But do you agree that Darryn needs to be punished for this if my suspicions turn out to be right?" "Yes." Mikala nodded. "If you're right then he has totally crossed the line this time." "Good, as long as we're both on the same page… I think given the nature of what he has done then the punishment you should give him should be sexual." Mikala shuffled around on the spot.

She suddenly felt very nervous by where Brittany was going with whole punishment thing. "Where are you going with this?" She asked sceptically. "Tell him that as a punishment, he is not allowed in his room for the night. He has to sit out here with us." "What kind of a crappy punishment is that?" Mikala snickered and laughed a little.

"Hold on, hold on, I'm not finished yet. There's a catch. The catch is that he has to do it, naked." Brittany paused for a moment to see if Mikala had anything to say, but she didn't. She was still trying to process what was said.

"Then just as an extra embarrassment, there'll be things we'll make him do throughout the night while naked if he does things wrong." When Brittany finished speaking, she let out a very short and shrill cackle. She seemed to be enjoying this way too much. "I don't know…" Mikala said trailing off. Then she found her place again and continued talking.

"What could the other punishments that we make him do be for? What else could he possibly do wrong?" When she said the word 'wrong' she was mimicking Brittany's way of speaking. "Well, teenage boys have a lot of hormones running through their systems; particularly boys around your brother's age." "Okay and your point being what?" Mikala asked, sounding bored. "My point being that on some deep subconscious level walking around being naked could actually get those raging hormones excited.

He could even end up getting a hard-on." "Oh God, I don't want to picture my brother with a hard-on." "Well, if that happens, that's when we punish him again." "But punish him how?" Mikala asked. She really seemed to be pondering over the thought. Brittany shrugged. "I'm not sure… We could always just think dirtier, and more embarrassing." "Like what?

If he already has to be naked in front of us what else is there to do?" "We could make him masturbate in front of us." Brittany said, flinching again for a bad response. "Oh God, I really don't want to picture that either." "Your brother's not that bad looking." Brittany said shyly. "I think he's quite hot actually." Mikala Shrugged as a way to avoid agreeing or denying.

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"But he's my brother." She added to finalise her shrug. Brittany smiled with a grin that seemed somewhat wicked. "Well, I think it's time you go deliver the punishment to your brother." Mikala sighed. "Ok, I guess so… He does need to be punished. What he did… What he could've done is just, wrong." Mikala went along with Brittany's plan and she started walking down the hallway towards Darryn's room.

When she got there, she stood nervously in front of his door for at least a minute. Then she finally brought herself the guts together to nock; just one time, hard and firm. There was no answer for what seemed to be the longest time, for a moment Mikala though that Darryn must've gone to sleep early, but then she could hear movement and shuffling inside his room, and it was moving closer to the door.

She was actually disappointed. She was starting to regret this whole thing. She was hoping he was deep asleep or had snuck out in the middle of the night to go to a party. But she knew that wouldn't happen. Sneaking out to party, that just wasn't Darryn. Plus he was a light sleeper; even if he had passed out, footsteps passed his door would probably be enough to wake him up.

The footsteps stopped and then Mikala could head the sound of twisting metal as Darryn turned the handle from inside his room. Mikala was getting very nervous now.

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She wasn't quite sure what to do or what to think. Her heart was frozen in her chest.

What was she going to say to him? She was starting to get scared now. The door opened and Darryn was standing in the doorway, wearing a white tank top and a pair of white boxer briefs. He was grabbing as his crotch and shifting his boxer briefs about. He kept his hands rested there in front of them. He did seem tired but Mikala didn't think he had been sleeping.

Mikala decided the best approach was to simply confront him as if he had done it. That wasn't the original plan, but she liked it better, so she swallowed her nerves and fear and she went with it. "What do you want?" Darryn asked. He sound annoyed, but not very badly. "I know you have my underwear Darryn, so don't you even try and deny it.

I know you have them. There's nowhere else they could be. My only question is why did you do it?" She was going completely on a bluff; she just hoped that it paid off. "What the hell are you taking about?" Darryn asked. At first Mikala thought that that was a completely normal and rational response for an innocent person and it didn't bring her any closer to finding out if Darryn was in fact the undies snatcher she was after.

But the more she thought about his response, the more irregular it seemed to become. He was calm, but that was the probably.

Surely an innocent person being accused of such a thing would be very annoyed and agitated. "Stop denying it. I know you took them." "I didn't touch your stinking undies." He was sounded more agitated now, but he still seemed way too cool.

"If you don't tell me the truth, then I am going to find the truth myself. I am giving you one last chance… Why did you take my underwear?" "I didn't fucking touch them." Darryn pronounced the phrase out for her syllable by syllable as if she were a young child. "Okay, you had your chance to play this the easy way, now you've blown that chance." Mikala barged her way past Darryn and into his room. "Hey, what are you doing?" Darryn said, but he was too shocked to stop her.

As soon as she walked into his room, the first thing she spotted was a pair of her underwear. They were sitting on top of his bed. She walked over and picked them up, and when she got over there, she spotted another pair of her underwear sticking out the top of a half opened drawer on Darryn's bedside table.

She opened the drawer the rest of the way open. It was full of all of her missing underwear. "What's all this then?" Mikala asked in a very demanding tone. She picked up all of her underwear out of the drawer and threw them on the floor. But they weren't the only thing in the drawer as first appeared.

There were photos. They were all photos of Mikala. Most of them were photos of her in her nighty or her underwear after a shower. She had known about him taking the photos, but she had thought he had taken them in harmless fun. But there was one photo at the very bottom that she did not know about. One of her in the bathroom, completely naked, about to get into the shower. "What the hell is all this?" This time she sounded angry.

"I- I- I- Don't tell mum and dad. You can't tell them." He stammered and stuttered pathetically. "I won't tell them, but you have to do something first." Now she sounded cool and calm. "I'll do anything you want. I'll do anything for you. I'll clean your room; I'll do the dishes for you… I'll do your chores for a whole year… two years. Just please don't tell mum and dad." "I already said that I won't tell them. What I am going to get you to do doesn't have anything to do with what I want.

It's about what is a fair punishment." Darryn was perspiring with fear.


"Just tell me already, what are you getting me to do?" "Well, you're not staying hidden out in your room all night, you can come out and spend some time with me and Brittany." "Is that it?" Darryn asked sounding shocked. "You guys are annoying but you aren't that annoying." Then he decided it would be best to keep quiet. "Oh, did I forget to mention…" Mikala started. "You will be naked." "What.?" He asked sound both shocked and dumbfounded.

"You are going to come out and spend some time with Brittany and myself, and you are going to be naked. Then at least that might make up for some of the shame and embarrassment you have caused me." "But- But- You can't. You can't make me do this." "Unless you want me to go tell mum and dad, then I can. I've got my phone out in the living room, I can go call them now if you'd like." "No, no, wait." Darryn said, and then he just stood there silently thinking for what felt like a good couple of minutes.

"Okay. I'll do it." "Good. I knew you would make the right decision." Mikala was really starting to get into this now. She couldn't wait to watch him suffer. As weird as it sounds, she almost wanted him to get a hard-on in front of them just so she could make him suffer some more.

"Now follow me." Mikala started heading down the hallway, with Darryn following closely behind her, still dressed in his boxer briefs and tank top.

Mikala walked into the living room where Brittany was still lying and Darryn followed in behind her. When they got to about the middle of the living room, Mikala stopped walking and turned to Darryn, and quietly told him to stay there.

He did what he was told like a good little boy. Then Mikala continued walking over to Brittany and sat down beside her. "Alright, you can start your punishment now." Mikala said. Darryn was reluctantly about to start taking off his tank top when Mikala stopped him. "Wait, wait, I want you to do it slowly. Do a little strip tease for us… I'm sure Brittany will enjoy it." "Do you seriously want me t-" "Yes, I do.

Now hurry up and start before I lose my patience and call mum and dad." "You know what? You can call mum and dad, but I bet they won't be too impressed when I tell them that you were trying to get me to do a strip tease for your friends. When I tell them that, they might even forget the little thing you found out about me." "How about I tell you something? There's a thing called evidence.

Mum and dad wouldn't believe either one of our stories without it. You know that. They'd just say we were making up to get the other one in trouble.

Now, what evidence do I have? There's the drawer full of my jazzed up underwear that me and mum both noticed going missing but never thought anything of it, and mixed in with the underwear are those creepy photos you've been keeping of me. I show them all that, and they'll know my story is true.

Then you go to them with an even crazier story with no evidence. They're going to think you're just making it up to get yourself out of shit." Darryn grumbled and growled and shook his head and then he admitted defeat with a miserable little pout. "Do you remember what I said?" Mikala asked with a grin. "Do it nice and slow and don't be shy. Make it a good tease." Darryn pulled up his top revealing only bit by bit.

He first was revealing his bellybutton and his fine ab line. Even Mikala had to admit that Darryn's hairless stomach was gorgeous and smooth. He pulled his shirt up further, showing the bottom of his chest. It too, was just as gorgeous as the rest.

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When he lifted it higher to show off his nipples Mikala was beginning to feel she could be enjoying this too much. His pink areolas sent a twinge between her legs. Then his shirt went up over his head, for a moment the thin hairs across his armpits could be seen. Darryn dropped the tank top and as it landed on the floor he was left wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs.

He place his thumbs in the band as he was about to start shimmying them down, Mikala spoke up and interrupted his thought. "Turn around." Mikala said. "I want to see you lower them from behind… and remember, make it nice and slow." Darryn nodded and he did as he was told; he turned around and slowly started lowering his shorts.

At the first sign of the crack and the bubble of his butt, Mikala was shocked by yet another twinge. She knew he was her brother, but she just couldn't resist. It was the cutest butt she had ever seen.

She succumbed to the thoughts and with nobody watching; she slipped her hands down her shorts and began to roam. Her index finger explored inside, it was warm and wet, while her thumb did some work of rubbing her clit. Darryn continued lowering his shorts, they were now just over halfway down his butt. He peered back over his shoulder, just to check with his sister if he was doing it right.

But as he looked on back he was caught by surprise, Mikala's hand was down her shorts and she was thrusting up and she plunged it down. The dreams he had imagined all those nights when he was alone in his room with Mikala's underwear were all suddenly fresh in his mind as he looked at what getting naked was doing to her.

He knew she was his sister, but he didn't care. He felt his penis stiffen and rise into the air. Darryn's boxer briefs fell to the floor, and Mikala removed her hands from out of her shorts. She hadn't noticed when Darryn had looked back. "Now turn around for me." Mikala demanded and he did as he was told. Mikala caught site of Darryn's hard raging cock, and her mouth dropped open as she felt yet another twinge.

The hard, long, smooth shaft was an elegant site. The bulbous head was throbbing and shimmering. She didn't know why but she thought it looked tasty. There was just a small about of hair just above his shaft that seemed as though it had been well groomed. When Mikala looked away from his throbbing cock and up at his face, he was flushed bright pink. "Don't you remember.?" Brittany asked, probing Mikala. "We said he was going to have to get punished even more if ever we caught him with a hard-on, didn't we?" Mikala nodded as she went along with Brittany's speech.

But she was more focused on Darryn's naked body and in particular his penis, which was still in a very hard position. "Do you still want to make him masturbate in front of us to rid him of that nasty thing?" Brittany continued. "You know what?" Mikala said. "I think I want to punish him myself this time. To show him how personal this is." Brittany looked confused. She didn't understand what was going on or quite what Mikala was trying to say. Mikala got up from her spot and made her way over to the middle of the living room where Darryn was standing in his naked glory.

She stood right in front of him. "You know, I saw you." Darryn said, so softly that Brittany couldn't hear. "You saw me?" Mikala said, repeating what Darryn had said.

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"We're in the same room together, standing in front of each other. That is pretty strange that you would see me." Mikala said sarcastically. "I saw you touching yourself while I stripped." Darryn said, still speaking very softly but not quite a whisper.

"You're just as freaky as I am." "I guess I've got to be to be able to give you the punishment you need." Mikala reached down and gripped Darryn's hard dick in her hand and started slowly stroking it. Darryn let out a very soft moan of pleasure. Mikala could feel the moistness of the pre-cum seeping out from the eye of the beast.

Brittany was simply sitting back in amazement as she watched the proceeding events. She was shocked and turned on at the same time. She had never expected this to happen. Mikala ran her other hand down Darryn's chest and stomach and then back up again while the other hand was still working at his dick. She was stroking it a lot harder and faster now. Darryn was breathing heavier now, and his soft moans were now becoming harsher. Mikala now slowed her stroking down to a halt, and just held his shimmering dick in her hand.

"Don't stop." Darryn moanfully whispered into her ear. "Don't worry, I'm not." Mikala whispered back. Then while still hold Darryn's dick in her hand, Mikala started bending down until she was standing on her knees; eye level with Darryn's dick.

She kissed the head of his dick and licked the tip of it with the end of her tongue. She stopped and looked up at him for a moment. "It tastes even better than I imagined." Her voice sounded lustful and horny. "Did I say could stop?" Darryn demanded in a whisper. Then she looked back down and focused her attention back onto Darryn's dick. This time instead of kissing the head of his dick, she took the head into her mouth and started sucking on it.

Darryn let out a sharp moan of pleasure, and his whole body tingled and shuttered. Then she started taking more and more of his dick into her mouth; sucking on it, swirling her tongue around the thick shaft. Darryn was moaning heavier and heavier now. Mikala could taste a lot of his pre-cum in her mouth now. The flavour turned her on. She took in as much of his dick into her mouth as she could, but she could only get so far without hitting her gag reflex.

There was still a good inch left that she couldn't take in without gaging.

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Darryn's moans were short and rasping now. Mikala could feel his knees beginning to buckle. "I'm gonna—I'm gonna…" Mikala knew where this was going, and was about to pull off Darryn's dick to let him cum. But when Darryn saw what she was doing, he put his hands on the back of her head and pushed it back onto his dick and he started face fucking her.

This time it went all the way in, hitting her gag reflex. Then within half a dozen more pumps, Darryn's body start tensing up. He shoved his dick in as deep as it could go one last time and left it there and he shot streams of cum down her throat. Darryn let her go and she fell back and collapsed on the floor. A line of cum flew out of her mouth as she fell back.

She was coughing and sputtering. "Oh my God, I can't believe you just did that." Brittany said. She was still lying on the fold out couch in shock and amazement. "You just gave your brother a blowjob." "This was all your idea." Mikala said. "Don't make me out to be the freak." "I think we're missing the major problem here; my punishment.

You are supposed to punish me every time I get a hard-on… I'm still hard. Brittany, since this was all your idea, I think you can deal out the punishment." "I'm not giving you a blowjob." Brittany said. "You know what?" Darryn started. "I'm kind of glad you said that. I'm kind of interested in something else." Darryn jumped on top of the fold out couch, standing over the top of Brittany on his hands and knees.

Brittany started kicking and screaming, trying to get him away from her. But he is bigger and older, and he didn't budge. Darryn reached down and grabbed at her mound through her underwear and started rubbing it. "Get away from me." Brittany said kicking and screaming. Darryn grabbed at her underwear and literally tore them off her. "Don't tell me what to do." He said. "This is my punishment, remember?" Darryn started rubbed his dick between her flap, which were now quite wet.

The head of his dick was rubbing up against her clit. "Get away from me." She moaned, but she was giving up the fight. Then without warning, Darryn plunged his cock into Brittany's vagina. She let out a cry of pain and then Darryn pulled back and then slowly started fucking Brittany's tight virgin pussy. Whenever he could feel her loosening up around his cock he would start fucking her harder. She was still trying to push him away, but he wouldn't let her.

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Brittany's pussy was so tight; Darryn had never imagined anything like it. He could already feel his cock tingling and building up pressure for his next orgasm.

Darryn looked over on the couch next to him when he was distracted as he heard Mikala moaning. His sister was sitting up on the couch next to them with her legs spread and she was fingering herself as hard as she could. "Oh, don't waste it on her." She moaned. "I mean more to you. I'm your sister. Fuck me, fuck me.

I'm just about ready to pop." Darryn pulled his cock out of Brittany, and moved off the top of her. She scattered away to the corner of the living room and started crying. Darryn grabbed Mikala by her legs and dragged her over to him. He leaned down over the top of her and started rubbing the head of his cock up against her already moist clit. "Oh, stop teasing and just fuck me already." Mikala moaned. Darryn tried shoving his cock in quick like he had done with Brittany's.

But Mikala's pussy was a lot tighter. His dick wasn't going in so easy. It was just very slowly sliding its way in. Then there was a popping sound, and then his cock slammed all the way in and Mikala let out a moanful cry. It felt amazing around Darryn's dick. He had to control himself from jizzing on the spot. Darryn started fucking Mikala as hard as he could.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and started moaning and pleasurably screaming. She was biting her tongue to get through the pain. "I'm going to explode." Mikala screamed. Darryn could feel her pussy tightening up even harder around his cock as she started orgasming. Her pulsing muscles around his cock were all his hormones needed and his cock started spewing waves of cum into his sisters pussy and they both lay there moaning and panting, covered in cum and sweat with Brittany crying in the corner.

Then suddenly Darryn's head shot up like a spark, his cock still inside of his sister. "What? What is it?" Mikala asked. They heard the front door creak open and then the sound of voices in the hallway came spilling in. "Mum and dad are home." Mikala and Darryn both said to each other in unison. Then the living room door creaked open.

"Kids we're back."