Best moving gay porn image Josh Holden comebacks this week in a

Best moving gay porn image Josh Holden comebacks this week in a
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It was during the spring of 2006, and I had gone to the beach with a few of my college buddies for spring break. It was very cold at the beach so we didn't do much but just chill in the hotel and walk on the beach looking for chicks. By the third night I was there I was getting kind of bored with the regular routine and I decided to go out on the beach by myself at around 3am in the morning.

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After walking along the beach for about a mile I spotted some other spring breakers all obviously drunk and walking along the beach with a video camera and generally screwing around. As I walked up to the group one of the guys offered me a beer, so I gladly accepted and joined them in talking about random nonsense.

It was about an hour after I met the group that someone come along on the beach and told us that the cops were out on the beach because someone had reported a large group drinking and yelling on the beach.

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Hearing the news we all broke up and started to head back to our respective hotel rooms, after a few minutes only two of us were left on the beach, myself and the guy who had offered me the beer earlier, whom I now knew as Josh.

Josh asked me if I would like to join him in his hotel room for another beer and I gladly accepted, as I had nothing better to do that night. Josh and I walked along the beach back towards his hotel and I asked him if he had a girlfriend back at his school, he sort of evaded the question and said he had recently broken up with his flame. We arrived at his hotel and I followed him up to his room, which was on the third floor, ocean front.

He told me to have a seat on the couch, and he would grab us a couple of beers. I took a seat and looked over at the clock, and it was now around 4:30 am and I had a nice buzz going. Josh came in the room from the kitchen area, and sat down next to me on the couch handing me a beer.

We both opened our drinks and sort of relaxed and started drinking. After a couple of minutes Josh turned to me and said: "I'm sorry I kind of evaded your question earlier about my girlfriend, but I am actually gay, and I didn't want to frighten you off, because you seem like a good guy and I would still want to be your friend." This came as a shock to me, but I had been drinking and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable, so I told him not to worry about it, I have a couple of gay friends back at school and it didn't bother me at all.

I could tell he relaxed a bit, and he asked me if I had a girlfriend back at school. I had actually just broken up with my girlfriend a little before spring break so I did not have a girlfriend, and was actually just looking for a girl to rebound on here at the beach.

I told him that I did not have a girlfriend at the moment, and I was just taking it easy for now. Josh seemed to smile a bit and asked me if I had been looking for someone to hook up with while I was here at the beach. I told him that I had but all the girls seemed to have brought their boyfriends this year.

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Josh told me that he had been looking to find someone too while at the beach but he was having similar problems. Josh put his hand on my leg up near my thigh and asked me if maybe we could help each other out.


At this point I had been drinking a bit, and while I would normally never think of having sex with another man I found myself being turned on by Josh, and I told him that we just might be able to help each other out. I grinned at him and I saw him smiling his charming smile back, and I really took him in for the first time.


Josh was a good looking guy, he was tall and athletic 6'1" with a short dark hair, soft brown eyes and lips that at that very moment just seemed so kissable, I leaned over and pressing my lips to his, kissed him. Our first kiss was brief, and we both leaned back for a second, surprised at how quickly the mood had changed, but forgetting all awkwardness, we leaned back towards each other and threw ourselves into a long and fiercely intimate kiss that screamed of pure passion.

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After breaking our kiss Josh looked right into my eyes then he slowly reached for the top of my shorts, then crawling off the couch and onto his knees in front of me, he slid my shorts off of me. Next leaning forward he kissed my now hard dick through my boxers, and slowly started to remove my boxers as he ran his tongue from the tip of my dick slowly down to my shaved balls.

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Pulling my boxers completely off of me he told me what a nice surprise it was to find I shaved. I spread my legs apart and shifted down on the couch, giving Josh complete access to my virgin asshole.

He began to run his tongue on me again this time starting at the base of my balls and going to the tip of my cock, then in one swift expert move he deepthroated my entire 7" length and I could feel his throat around this tip of my cock, it felt absolutely amazing and I only wanted more. Josh started moving up and down on my cock, almost taking me out of his mouth only to deepthroat me again.

After a few minutes of this treatment I was ready to explode into his mouth, but I held off as best I could just wanting this feeling to last as long as possible.

Josh stopped for a second to wet his finger then as he continued to suck me I felt him start to slide his finger into my exposed asshole. While I found this slightly uncomfortable I was also very turned on and I didn't want him to stop. As he slid his finger in me I could not take it anymore, and I yelled "I'm going to fucking cum." Josh just continued sucking and I unloaded into his mouth, cumming the hardest I had in very long time.

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Josh then swallowed my entire load, as I sat back breathless on the couch. I told him just how amazing that felt and he just smiled back at me and asked if I would care to return the favor. I removed what was left of my clothes as he did the same, then switching positions I tentatively stuck my tongue out and tasted my first cock.

It didn't taste weird as I had half expected it to but it was actually just a little salty, and felt just right in my mouth. I began to suck his cock as he had done mine, trying to bring him all of the pleasure he was able to bring me. His cock was about 6" but even still I could only get about 3/4ths of it into my mouth before my gag reflex kicked in. I licked my way from his balls up to the tip of his cock then began to tease the underside of his cock with my tongue wiggling my tongue back and forth as he had done to me.

I also teased his asshole with the tip of my finger, and continued to suck his beautiful cock.

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After teasing his ass for a little while I decided to go for it, and I stopped sucking his cock and buried my tongue in his cute little asshole, I heard him moan, so I continued my attack on his ass with my tongue moving it all around his cute ass and in and out of his hole. I could feel my cock start to get hard again and I knew that I just had to have his ass, I began to stroke my cock getting it to rigid attention again in record time.

Josh motioned to the side table which I opened to find a tube of KY in. I squeezed out a bit onto my cock and also put some on his ass which I began rubbing all around and in and out to get him completely ready.

I then stood up and placing the tip of my cock on his ass I began to slowly push forward into him, he was so tight and it felt so good, I pulled back a bit then pushed into him again this time going a little further.

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Pretty soon I had most of my cock in his hot tight little ass. Josh started stroking his dick and I began a steady rhythm pushing most of the way into him then pulling out and starting over again. I slow fucked him for a couple of minutes then I started to pound away on his ass, pulling out then pushing back into him until my cock was completely buried in his ass.

Josh was constantly moaning now, and he told me he was about to cum, I looked down and he started to cum all over himself shooting jets of cum all over his stomach. This was to much for me and I came the second time of the night with my dick buried deep in his ass. After I came I pulled out of his ass, and dropped down to my knees, and began to lick his cum off of his stomach and chest, swallowing every drop of it. Josh lay there for a second then said that he needed a shower, and some sleep.

I decided that that was a great idea. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If people like this (comments and rating) I might try writing another.

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