Leche latin masseuse with a happy ending

Leche latin masseuse with a happy ending
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Chapter 5 I asked for about the hundredth time. "Are you sure we've interpreted the curse correctly? I mean do you really think making love to a dog will return me to normal." She responded. "I don't think we have any other choice, unless you are willing to wait until tomorrow morning to see what happens." "I'm convinced the curse is real.

Every time I go to the bathroom or forget and sit on my tail, I'm rudely reminded of just how real." I sighed. Paige picked up the dogs herself at the airport. They were flown in on First Class airfare, their two large crates sitting in the floor in the larger space between rows in the First Class section of the jetliner.

While getting the dogs and crates loaded into her Toyota RAV4, she had a difficult time keeping them separated. Hank could obviously tell Tina was in heat, and was very persistent in his attempts to get to her. Once home, we locked Hank in Paige's garage, where he couldn't do any damage.

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They were both out of Soviet/Russian bloodlines, like Schultz, and also, like Schultz, were absolutely beautiful, strongly built, and extremely intelligent dogs. We were sitting in the living room with Tina walking around the room sniffing the furniture.

Not knowing how to proceed I wondered aloud. "Now what?" Paige grinned. "Maybe you should whisper sweet nothings in her ear?" "Very funny." I growled. Tina seemed to resolve the issue for us. She started smelling my furry leg and then quickly worked her way to my crotch, which she started licking.

She must have gotten confused because she started to hump my leg.

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I bent over to gently push her off and she started licking my face. Once I placed her back on all fours she turned her tail towards me displaying her vagina. "Was that foreplay?" I asked with a crooked grin. "It seems Tina knows what she wants. Why don't you go ahead and give it to her?

I can see you're ready." Since even sweatpants were uncomfortable now I was wearing only a T-shirt around the apartment. My pink pointed cock was now emerging from my sheath and was plainly visible, and my knot was just beginning to grow enough to be noticed as a lump in my sheath, about halfway between the tip and my balls.

The surges of desire had been steadily increasing all day, but hadn't reached the same level as last night yet. "Paige, I don't know if I can do this. I mean she's a dog for god's sake." "Scott, from the waist down, so are you. She is obviously receptive to you. Just let those urges you keeping talking about take control." Tina backed up and started rubbing her flanks against my legs.

As I bent down and tentatively grasped Tina's hips the curse stepped up a notch. I leaned over and aimed my growing pink cock at her opening. Tina looked back over my shoulder at me, and I could very distinctly see a look of approval and desire in her eyes. I started slowly inserting my throbbing dick into her canine cunt, hoping that she would be able to take me, since my cock was much larger than a normal German Shepherd's.

I found that I had to insert it at an upwards angle of about 45 degrees and then once about two or three inches were in, her vaginal passage turned and leveled out, parallel with and just below her spine. By hunching my hips forward, and upwards, the tip of my cock 'turned the corner', and I could insert more of it.

Amazingly, she was able to take all of me, but my cock wasn't nearly grown to its full length and girth yet.

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The feeling was fantastic: very hot, tight, and velvety smooth inside. As soon as I was inside her, she held completely still. I started to slowly thrust in and out. However, my control quickly evaporated and I soon found myself plunging my knot deep into Tina. She accepted it easily, since it wasn't nearly full grown. And she even pushed back to me, impaling herself deeper onto my swelling cock.

My pelvis suddenly got a mind of its own and started pumping as quickly as possible. I grasped her tightly in front of her hips and pulled her back tight against my pelvis as I hammered into her, rapid-fire. I could feel my knot and cock driving deeper into her and growing larger and larger, and her burning-hot cunt tightening down on my straining cock. My orgasm quickly built and I flooded Tina with a massive load of my human/canine semen.

As I had expected, I was firmly tied to Tina, and if past experience was any indication, I was going to be stuck for about 10-15 minutes. Tina looked back towards me and twisted her body around enough that she was able to reach back and lick me softly on my cheek as I was hunched over her back catching my breath. The sweet look in her eyes and gentleness of her licks touched my heart.

I was very surprised and confused by the emotions I was feeling. Then she merely stood still as if she knew we were locked together. I felt down between us, and was amazed to find that the back of my knot was buried a couple of inches inside her opening.

"Holy Shit!" I thought. That means that she has at least 14 inches of my cock buried inside her. My thoughts slowly returned to the issue at hand. "Well, when should I change back?" Paige had been quietly watching the whole time, which in retrospect I found a little embarrassing. It almost felt like I was cheating on her and right in front of her too. She shrugged. "I don't know. I thought it would happen immediately. Perhaps we have to wait until you are untied." Just then I was struck with a horrible, searing, blinding headache.

I doubled over Tina's back and held onto her to keep from falling out on the floor. She was strong and was able to steady me and hold me up. When the pain finally subsided a little, after what was probably only 15 seconds (but seemed like minutes), and I could get one eye open, I saw Paige with her hands over her mouth and her eyes very wide. "What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" I whimpered.

The pain was spreading into my face, and I watched in horror as my nose and mouth started stretching away from my face.

My teeth ached with the same pain shooting into my head like I had just drunk something super cold. My nose started feeling damp like it was going to start running badly. My eyes started watering as I inhaled some very strong aromas.

Once the newness of the smells died down a little, I realized I was smelling things I had never smelled before. I could smell my own body odors. I could smell hundreds of strong fragrances from Tina and Paige. Some seemed to convey a sense of eroticism, calmness, contentment, and hunger. Somehow I could even smell the Doritos bag I threw in the trashcan two nights ago. I couldn't name the odor but I could actually smell fear flowing in waves from Paige.

As this occurred my ears started aching and then popped. It was if my ears had been plugged and now were open. I could hear all sorts of noises from inside the apartment and out.

Hank rummaging around in the garage. A fly buzzing around in the bedroom and people walking by the apartment on the sidewalk outside. Paige's breathing. I looked over at her with my heart racing. "Help me Paige. Please do something." My voice had turned gravelly and husky. I tried to clear my throat and I produced a very dog-like whimper. "I don't know what to do." Paige said from the couch, plaintively, with distress and trembling in her voice. She sat hugging her knees to her chest.

I pulled hard to get my cock out of Tina causing her to yelp, so I stopped. Incredibly my cock was still erect. Apparently overwhelming fear and pain didn't affect it. I tried to blank my mind out: to totally withdraw into myself, Zen style. Tina was standing totally motionless also, and even seemed to be trying to be completely quiet by minimizing her panting.

After a few more minutes of silence and stillness, I felt my cock loosening up inside of Tina's vagina. I couldn't tell if it was my knot shrinking or her vagina relaxing, or both, but it began to slide out of her, pushed by the pressure of my voluminous load of semen in her.

My cock popped out of her, followed by a gush of cum. Tina lay down on the floor and started licking herself as only a dog can do. She didn't appear to be hurt in any way by the huge size of my cock. The pain in my head and face had stopped and it took a minute for me to register that the changes had stopped. I did a quick survey and realized I was not completely changed. I was still standing upright. I was covered in fur everywhere now except for the palms of my hands, which were still mainly human.

My fingernails were half way between human and claws. I took my T-shirt off, but besides the new fur coat, my chest, arms, neck, and upper abdomen were unchanged. With my toenails clicking on the tiled floor I walked to the mirror in the bathroom and, despite knowing my face had changed, I was still shocked to see a dog's head on my shoulders looking back at me with my eyes.

My ears felt very flexible as I stretched and flexed a previously unknown muscle, sort of like clenching my jaws but further back and higher on my head.

I lifted them from their currently flat position to erect. However, that didn't fit my mood somehow, and when I relaxed that muscle, they dropped down to give me the look of a scolded dog.

Upon looking closer, I realized that I still had a few human characteristics left in my face, but on casual inspection my head could easily be mistaken for a German Shepherd. I had beautiful, shiny, black fur up my back and neck. It extended around the sides of my ribs and over the tops of my shoulders also. My new muzzle was black, fading back to tan on my cheeks.

I had a cool looking black mask around my eyes with a couple of swatches of tan above each eye for eyebrow accents. There was black fur covering the back of my head, across my forehead, and an Eddie Munster style point of black fur that extended down to the bridge of my nose, between my eyes.

Right on top of my head, between my ears, were two lighter patches of tan/gray fur, with a narrow stripe of black fur down the middle that connected the black fur on my forehead with the black fur on the back of my head.

There was a very distinct and fairly straight border between the black fur and the tan fur on my head that extended from the back corners of my eyes, back to the lower corners of my ears, with black above and tan below. The overall effect was strikingly handsome. The tan fur on my cheeks extended downward, came together below and behind my muzzle and covered the front of my neck, my chest, insides of my upper arms and all of my lower arms and backs of my hands.

And there was now a moist black dog-nose on the end of my new muzzle. Chapter 6 I saw Paige appear in the mirror behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and rested her head on my fur covered back. I turned away from my image in the mirror and hugged her. She was my center of normalcy.

We hugged for a long time. Her gentle stroking down my back had a wonderful calming effect. I got a strange stuffy feeling in my mouth. When I opened my muzzle a wonderful cooling sensation spread through my body. Before I knew it I was panting. An eternity later, once I had regained my control, I let go of her and went back into the living room. I was careful not to sit directly on my tail as I sat on the couch.

Paige went to the refrigerator and poured each of us a glass of lemonade. "Here." She handed me a glass of lemonade. I brought it up to my mouth, which seemed to be a mile in front of my face.

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I put the glass to my lips. The smell of the lemons was almost overpowering as my snout entered the glass. I tilted the glass up to take a drink. As I let the lemonade enter my mouth, I tried to swallow. Instead my tongue jutted out of my mouth and nearly to the bottom of the glass lapping up the lemonade. I put the glass down discouraged. Paige started giggling. "What do you find funny?" I growled.

I must have sounded meaner than I intended because Paige started producing that scared scent again and she immediately stopped giggling. "I'm sorry." She meekly replied. My anger quickly evaporated and to break the tension I decided to joke around with her. I wrinkled my nose and lifted my lips showing my teeth.

I followed this with, to my surprise, a very convincing growl. Unfortunately Paige didn't see the joke. She pulled her knees up to her chin and started crying. She was shaking and the smell of terror was streaming from her pores. My indestructible rock of stability was crying. I felt terrible. I reached over and put my hand on her head. She mumbled into her knees. "Please don't hurt me." "Paige, I'm the one who's sorry. I would never hurt you.

I didn't even mean to scare you. It was supposed to be a joke. Obviously not a very good one." She looked up at me. Tears had left little streams down her cheeks. I tried to imagine how a dog would look apologizing or a way to look non-intimidating. As soon as I thought of it, my body, of its own will, got down on the floor and rolled over onto my back displaying my belly. I added some whimpering and the best apologetic eyes I could muster. The fear smell disappeared and she started to giggle.


"You bad little puppy." She reached down and scratched my belly. My right leg started pounding the ground. Paige started laughing. I was surprised and a little embarrassed. I had not intended for my leg to do that, but I wasn't going to tell her that. Playing along, I sat up and put my head in her lap.

She started stroking my head and scratching behind my ears. It felt so good, that I started to doze. I imagined this wonderful fragrance. As it grew stronger, it became more and more sensual.

I opened my eyes when I realized that it was Paige's scents that were turning me on. I stood up and walked to the other side of the room with my cock proudly erect. "Paige, you've got to keep away from me. My new nose is making all smells very powerful. Your aroma is turning me on and it's becoming hard to resist. There isn't that much human left in me. If we make love again, I'm afraid the curse will finish the process and turn me completely into a dog." Tina had been curled up in the corner dozing.

I had forgotten about her, but as I got closer to her, she woke up and walked over to me. She rubbed her side against my legs. Being in season, her erotic scent was even stronger than Paige's and I was starting to think it wouldn't be so bad to be a dog.

"Paige, take Tina back into the bedroom before I loose control. Hurry." Paige got up and, watching me warily, she took Tina by the collar. Tina didn't want to leave me and resisted, but Paige managed to get her into the bedroom. I cracked open a window and stuck my snout outside to clear my head. The variety of scents and their nuances amazed me. It was great. I couldn't identify more than 10% of the smells, but I could tell old from new, near from far, and a lot of them communicated emotional tones.

It suddenly hit me: I loved this… I loved my new senses, I loved the feeling of being connected to nature, of being able to smell and to feel the true emotions that other humans and animals are feeling. I loved my fur.

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I loved the intense feeling of exuberant life that was filling me more as the curse progressed. I really liked how I looked… In fact, I liked my new canine appearance better than my old human one. And, I had to admit, I had always fantasized about having a larger cock, and now that I had a much larger one, with its uniquely canine attributes, I really loved it and the terrifically ecstatic pleasure that it brought me. But that was shallow thinking. My mind went back to what brought lasting happiness in life… Friends: I had some good ones…but would they accept me as a dog?

Family: I didn't really have any that I was close to, except possibly my Mom, but I wanted a family that would love me for me. Unconditional love, like a dog's love. I wanted to run and romp, play and cavort with Paige, Tina, Schultz, and Hank.

I wanted to live life with exuberance and abandon. God, I would love to try to live life as a dog.


But would I have crushing regrets?… My mind was torn… Could I do it and not be a burden and not be totally dependent on someone else? And, as silly as it seemed on the surface, not having opposable thumbs would be a tremendous obstacle to overcome on the road to independence. If I could retain my human intelligence, I could do this. But, one of the most important questions I had was: if I could retain my human intelligence, could I use it to support myself, and my family?

Surely there was a way. In fact, I felt in my heart that there was a way. But hell, even if my intelligence deteriorated to that of a normal dog, I wouldn't know any better anyway, and I'd still be happy, IF I had a good master.

And think of the opportunity to travel a path in life that possibly no one had ever traveled. It all hinged on whether or not my best friends in life would support my decision and be willing to help me get started down this path…&hellip.

My mind continued to churn madly&hellip. It all depends on Paige. I already knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. And I believe that she feels the same way about me. But does that include me as a dog? She is the only one that I can bare my soul to. I trust her implicitly. Do I have the right to even ask her to consider sticking with me through this awesome experiment?… I trust her implicitly…… God, I love her…and, God, I want to try this.

But, am I out of my mind??? "Are you okay?" Paige asked from the kitchen doorway. I couldn't bring myself to talk about what was really on my mind. I still had my snout out the window, and was staring blankly into the yard. "Yah, I seem to have control again.

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You would be amazed at the odors I can smell. Both your and Tina's scent are still present but they aren't overwhelming anymore. I must have developed some canine instincts that I can't completely control. Unless the curse is picking up speed." "So now what? The curse evidently requires a male's seed. Are you willing to try it with Hank? Do you want to do it now?" Against my will I started to whine.

"Oh Paige, why is this happening to me? Why me?!" My whining words degenerated into a pitiful whimpering sound. Hearing the canine sound, oddly enough, made me angry at my weakness in front of Paige. Then I felt her hands on my shoulders.

She turned me around towards her and I melted into her arms. "I don't know if I can do it, Paige. What if we are wrong and Hank only completes the curse? What if it's all just a sadistic joke and there isn't a way to reverse the transformation?" I tried to gently push away from her, but she held me tight. Then she grasped my muzzle with one hand and pulled it up in front of her face, almost nose-to-nose with her, and she looked me square in the eyes.

"Scott, Honey, I love you," she said in the sweetest and most reassuring voice I had ever heard issue from her lips. "And I'll love you whether the transformation reverses or not." The tension started to melt out of me.

"I loved you as a human, and I'll love you as a dog." "Oh Paige. You are an answer to my prayers…," I spoke truthfully, my voice breaking. I tried to regain my composure and then, just above a whisper, I choked out THE question: "What if I choose to remain a dog?

To complete the transformation?" "Then I still want to be with you, always," she whispered with tenderness, her beautiful blue eyes never wavering from mine. "I've been thinking about what an utterly fantastic opportunity this could be. But you know that there are things that could happen that would cause me to end up as your Master.

Could you handle that? And, if we're not careful, you could end up in some government lab. But, I would sacrifice my life to keep that from happening to you. But, still, are you prepared to accept that possibility?" I thanked God in my heart for allowing this wonderful, intelligent, thinking, understanding, and yet, VERY sexy, woman to be a part of my life. My throat tightened and I could just barely speak, with my voice quaking. "Yes… and yes. With you beside me. I can face anything…" Ordinarily, tears of joy would be welling up in my eyes, but apparently my tear ducts were changed now, and I could no longer cry as before.

I buried my head in her chest. She hugged me tight, stroked my neck and back a few times, and then pulled my muzzle back up. The distinct smell of her desire started to invade my senses. Her bright blue eyes were dancing with love and joy, and a wry grin filled her face as she said, "I've also got to admit to you, that I've always been secretly turned on by big, sexy-looking, male dogs.

Now, to find one like this…and it's you&hellip. This is just my ultimate fantasy come true!" My heart leapt and did cartwheels of joy around in my chest. I started panting and my tail started wagging rapidly. My ears were standing up right on top of my head. I couldn't help it, and was wiggling with anticipation, like a dog excited about getting to go for a walk or ride in the car.

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She gripped both of my shoulders and stepped back a step, her eyes locked into mine again. Her expression changed to one of concern. "But first… Are you totally and completely SURE this is what you want to do?" My heart, my gut feelings, and every fiber of my body were pouring feelings of affirmation into my mind, which amazingly agreed with what I already felt in the logical, analytical side of my brain. I almost barked with joy, "Yes! Absolutely!" "And no regrets?

No matter what happens?", she continued, still with concern, but mixed with deep love. "No regrets. No matter what." I said, unfaltering, looking deep into her eyes, trying to touch her soul… Struggling to keep my rising desires and emotions under control.

She stared back into my eyes, unblinking. I felt her soul touch mine. Our eyes were locked and our souls mingled for several seconds of eternity. Joy, mirth, the wry grin, and something lusty, yet sensual, returned to her face, and her smell.

She pulled me to her, hugging me, and planted a deep kiss on the end of my muzzle. Our tongues did a dance of love in our mouths, and both plunged in deeply, exploring and mingling. I tried to be careful not to gag her with mine, but kissed her as deeply as I dared, bringing us both new feelings we had never experienced. She sucked and nibbled on my tongue, intermittently, nearly driving me wild. The smell of her love and her lust flooded my being, and I was on the verge of losing control again.

Suddenly, she broke our kiss, took hold of my hands, and locked eyes with me again. "Then let's get to it. Rover!", and started backing down the hall pulling me with her.