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The hornyboy new fucking with oil
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For the first time when I wanted to appoint a personal secretary I put an advt and called unmarried smart and experienced girls, many girls turned up and I started interviewing the girls asking them all about work and the girls I like I also enquire if they have a boyfriend, if they can stay late, and then after clearing the other girls I have selected some six girls whom I again interview, this time I ask more personal questions like if they have had any sexual experience and finally if they will agree to show me their bodyout of the six four agree and of these two are virgins.

My real interview begins now the first one whose name is Sharon is quite experienced and though she has a regular boyfriend who fucks her quite often she also gets screwed by other guys whenever she finds a nice guy and she was screwing her previous boss, I now ask her to show me her boobs and her cunt, she comes near me asks me undress her myself, I first open her shirt and then her bra, her breasts are quite big and sagging a bit I squeeze them and then I lift her skirt she is wearing a small lace panty which I pull down and see her pussy I start feeling it and then I put my fingers in it, its really dripping and also quite big which is clear sign that it has been screwed quite often.

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I call the second girl who was a virgin, I asked her about her sexual experiences and she said that she had not screwed but had sucked her cousins cock and even had her cunt fingered and also masturbated regularly but had not screwed as she did not get the right guy and also an opportunity, she went on to say that she liked and was about to say something but stoppedI think she was going to say that she would love to get fucked by me.

I then asked her to undress, she quite readily removed her shirt and her bra and showed me her boobs -which were not very big but firm exactly the type I liked, she then was about to pull down her jeans but asked me if I could show her my cockI agreed and she pulled down my trousers and removed my tool and held it then removed her jeans and then her panty, her cunt looked nice I felt it and put my fingers in itit was really hot and juicy but quite tight as she was a virgin, I then asked her to masturbate in front of me, she said she could if I could tell her some sexy story.

I then started to tell her how I would screw her in the open air on a beach, as I started she sat on the table in front of me and brought both her hands in front of her cunt and started fingering it, it got me really excited and I also put my fingers in her cunt to help her and continued the story of how I would strip her on the beach and make her suck me and how I would spread her legs and lick her cunt, where other passerbys could see her getting screwed, as I told her how I would put my cock in her cunt she screamed and came, she saw that I was excited and asked me to fuck her but I said some other time and asked her to suck me instead, she got down to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and though she was not experienced she was very good.

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I started fondling her breasts and she sucked even faster and made me ejaculate violently, she willingly sucked all my juices and said that she always wanted to do this as she had seen it in a blue film at one of her girlfriends place. I now called the third girl who was not a virgin but had been fucked only twice recently by her cousin, I asked her the details and she said that she had been to her cousins place to sleep as her parents were away and as there was no other room she had to sleep in the same room, as she was used to sleeping only in her bra and panty she removed her clothes and got into bedher cousin said that he normally slept in the nude and if she mindedshe got a little excited and said noso he stripped and she saw him nude and then as they were not feeling sleepy she asked him for some book so he gave her some horny book with explicit photos which made her horny and she started masturbating then she asked him about his girlfriends and he started telling her of how he called his girlfriends to his room and stripped them and fucked them and at one time by chance two of his girlfriends had landed at the same time and he had screwed them together.

as he was talking all this he got excited and came near her and seeing her hands in her cunt he got even more and horny and wanted to fuck hershe resisted but he would not listen and started to first suck her cunt and then inspite of her half hearted resistance he entered her cunt, initially it hurt her a little but once his cock was inside her cunt she just could not stop screaming and had came and was much better than her masturbatingafter this fuck she was always eager to fuck and next fuck was with a neighbour who was married but when she knew that his wife was away in the evening she went to his house in a sexy dress with out any bra, seeing her he got excited and started a blue film and they screwed right in front of the TV on the floor.

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while she was telling me all this I had stripped her and even fingered her cunt which was full of juices and by the time she had finished her story I had made her come and even sucked her juice and her boobs. The last girl was again a virgin but was really sexy, I started asking her why she remained a virgin and she said she had just passed out of a girls college and all girls were very horny but as they could not get any guy they remained horny virginsthey all saw blue films porno magazines and also played with each other, I then asked if she would undress herself , she requested me to remove her clothes as she wanted to strip me and see my cock, I agreed and removed her shirt and then her Braher boobs sprang out and I could not resist holding and sucking themthen I pulled down her jeans and her panty and made her lie on my table as I wanted to see and admire her bodyby this time she had completely undressed me.

I had laid her on the table and started with squeezing her sucking her boobs and then licking her stomach I came down to her cunt, in the meantime she was holding my cock and excited as she was seeing and touching a real cock for the first time and I taught her how to play with it.

I now spread her legs and opened her cunt wide and started licking it and sucking her juice which was flowing she said that though she had been licked by girls many times but this was just superb and she said that she wanted to lick my cock, I got up and lied down on the table and made her to start licking my cock she knew little as she had seen in the films and her eagerness to suck made it very exciting, she licked for some time and as I was about to come I stopped her I then asked her if she wanted me to finger her cunt of suck it and make her come but she pleaded me that she wanted to get fucked and preferably in a proper bed as it would be her first fuck, so I called the other girls and said that I would appoint two of the four girls and I would decide after a few days and let them know, I presented each of them with a blue film and some sexy books and sent them home.

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Now I took this girl to a hotel where I had taken other girls, the receptionist gave me a knowing smile as she knew what I was upto, and after the girl was away she asked me when she could come to my room for a fuck, I had always wanted to fuck this girl so I told her that after I screw this girl I would call her. I took my new secretary to the room and told her that now as she was my secretary she would have to obey my orders and she said would eagerly obey, I sat on the bed and asked to stand in front and start stripping she removed her shirt then her bra and then slid her jeans down and very slowly and sexily brought down her panties.

I then told her to first rub and squeeze her breasts as she was doing this and enjoying it I asked her bring down her hands to her cunt and finger it this excited her and she immediately started to finger it and it was obvious that she was used to this but she said that this was more exciting because she was doing it in front of me, by this time I was really excited and went near her and asked her to remove my clothes, she stripped me immediately and without my telling started to suck my cock, and after a few minutes I forcefully removed her head from my cock and took her to the bed and started sucking her, suddenly the door of our room opened and the receptionist was standing there and apologetically said that she was so excited that she could not resist and requested that if we did not mind she would sit and watch us fuck.

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I asked my sec she said she did not mind and infact it would make it more exciting so I got down to lick her cunt and then as I noticed that she was really excited I spread her legs and entered her cunt, she was so excited that she shouted with pain and pleasure, as we were fucking the receptionist had lifted her skirt and was fingering her cunt openly, we fucked for some time and both came together I then removed my cock full of her juices and lay on the bed, at this the receptionist came and asked my sec if she could suck my cock as she always liked to suck cocks full of juices, my sec nodded and this girl got down to suck and suddenly as this girl was sucking my cock my sec got behind her and started to lick her cunt, seeing this I was excited and my cock was hard again now my sec took charge, made this girl lie on the bed opened her legs and took hold of my cock and pushed it into her cunt and made me fuck her