Hawt brunette hair impaled on cock

Hawt brunette hair impaled on cock
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Previously: I rearranged myself so I was sitting on my knees and re-wrapped my hand around Daddy's still very hard dick. I leant forward, opening my mouth… 'What the hell do you think you're doing!?' A woman's voice yelled from a few meters behind me. I turned around and saw 2 lifeguards standing there, one a woman, the other a man. 'Oh come on,' the man said to the woman, 'Let them have their have.' 'You sick bastard, there's no way she's over 18.' 'Lucky fucker…' The woman rolled her eyes in disgust.

I stood up and faced them, 'It's okay,' I said, 'he's my D-' 'Katie!' a familiar voice from behind me made me jump and turn around.


'Oh, you're awake!' Daddy was about to stand up when he noticed his dick poking through the air, he quickly pulled up his pants and stood up beside me, staring at the two lifeguards. Looking down I could still tell Daddy had an erection. 'Do you mind!?' Daddy asked. The woman laughed, 'Do WE mind? You were about to get your dick sucked off by your obviously underage skank on a public beach in the middle of the fucking day!

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There are CHILDREN on this beach, you know?' I was furious, I new I wasn't a skank, how dare she accuse me of such a thing! 'Hey you, I am NOT a skank!!

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You're just jealous!' 'Ha! Of what, not having a Sugar Daddy to blow?' I didn't know what she meant by that but Daddy spoke up next, 'Sweetheart, just let me handle this, okay? You go for a swim.' 'Ok Daddy, whatever you say,' I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off toward the water but not before poking my tongue out at the female lifeguard. 'Hold on a minute, is this man your REAL father?' the woman asked.

Before I could answer, Daddy spoke up for me, 'This is love. Nothing more, nothing less. Shouldn't two people be allowed to love each other? We can't help these feelings we have, it's what makes us human.' I was absolutely touched by what he said, so much so that I ran up to him, wrapped my arms tightly around his body and gave him several big kisses all over his face.

Daddy hugged and kissed me back, then looked down into my eyes and said, 'I love you so much baby. Now, could you go for a swim? I just need to talk with these people for a moment.' I nodded and kissed him one more time. As I headed for the water I could hear shouting coming from Daddy and the woman. I looked back and saw that Daddy had lost his erection; the male lifeguard was just standing there, smiling. I bet he just thought it was funny to stop Daddy from being happy.

Grrr I was so mad! I did what I was told though; I walked into the water and swam around for a little bit. At home I liked to just lay on my back but it was a bit hard with all the waves. I looked back at the beach and noticed that the man had gone, it was now only Daddy and the annoying bitch. Wow, I don't normally use such language but I thought I could let it slide in her case. I started thinking about my birthday present and what it could be.

Daddy said I would be milking something… I had no idea what that meant but he said I could play with it, as if it was kind of game. After about 5 minutes, Daddy walked to the edge of the water saying everything was alright now and it was time to go. I swam back to shore and hugged my Daddy as soon as I could, asking if he was alright.

'Yes, hunnie, I'm fine,' he said with a smile. 'Good.' I hugged my Daddy again. We held hands as we walked together up the beach, picked up our towels and headed back to the car. 'What happened to those people you were talking to before, Daddy,' I asked as we got in the car.

'They were just jealous of us, sweetie, that's all,' Daddy said, smiling at me. I smiled back as my heart skipped a beat. My Daddy was so sweet.

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As we drove away, I saw the woman from earlier talking to the Policeman from earlier, he then headed back down the beach to where we were. I wondered what that was all about but before I could ask Daddy to see if he knew, he asked me why his pants where down we he woke up.

'Ohh, umm, I'm sorry Daddy, I was just trying to keep you happy.' 'That's ok, sweetheart, no need to be sorry, I enjoy it when you do that,' Daddy said with a grin on his face. I smiled too, 'I'm glad I make you happy Daddy.

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I would do anything for you.' 'I know you would sweetheart and that's why you're my special little girl and no one will love you as much as I do, no matter what.' 'Okay Daddy. I love you too.' The next day I woke up at 9am and got out of bed almost the second I opened my eyes.

I was so excited about today that I ran down stairs while still in my sheer lace baby doll pajamas that Daddy picked out for me. It felt really nice against my skin and Daddy was always admiring it. I ran down the stairs to find that Daddy was already waiting for me in the Kitchen.

He stood up as soon as he saw me, 'Good morning Birthday girl,' he said as he walked over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the forehead, 'I didn't bother waking you because, well. you know how much of a heavy sleeper you are'. He then took a step back and I felt his eyes running up and down my body, making me giggle and blush. 'My God… 16 years.

My daughter has become a thing of pure beauty,' he stated. This made me giggle and blush even more. 'Do you want your present now, baby?' Daddy asked me. I couldn't wait to see what it was! 'Yeah Daddy, of course I do!' I giggled again. 'Ok sweetie,' he said as he put an arm around me, 'Let's go up into my room.' When we entered Daddy's room, we both sat down on the end of his bed, him to my right. 'I have more than one surprise for you today Katie and one of them you've already seen,' he teased.

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'When? How?' I asked. Daddy smiled and put my hand on his lap. 'Do you feel that, sweetie?' 'Hehe, yes I do Daddy.' 'Good.

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Now, I'm going to teach you how to 'milk' a man.' 'What does that mean, Daddy?' 'You'll see, sweetheart, you'll see,' Daddy had a huge grin on his face, 'the first thing you need to do is take off my pants,' as he said this he stood up and faced me.

I reached out with my hands and grabbed the leg of his shorts, pulling them down slowly. This was the very first time I had seen his dick when it wasn't hard. 'Now what I want you to do,' Daddy said, sitting back down, 'is stroke, rub and just play with it for a while, until you feel it getting harder and bigger.


Same with my balls but whatever you do, don't squeeze them too hard and certainly don't hit them, they are very sensitive.' I giggled and put my hand on Daddy's dick and began stroking it, then I ran two of my fingers up it in leg-like movements, then slid the same fingers back down.

I could feel it begin to twitch a little, I began gently playing with his balls at the same time, then ran both hands slowly up the sides of my Daddy's dick as it got harder.

'Mmmm that's it, good girl,' Daddy whispered, 'You love Daddy's dick, don't you?' 'Yes Daddy, I love your dick,' I said, nodding. Watching as Daddy's dick rose higher and kept getting harder, my fingers would wrap around Daddy's big hard dick and slide up and down. Then, remembering from earlier on the beach, I went to try something new, I leant down and slid my tongue out of my mouth, pushed it up against Daddy's dick and began sliding it up, very slowly.

I could tell my Daddy liked what I was doing because he had a big smile on his face. When I reached the top, I started kissing my Daddy's dick. First the very top, then slowly down the side to the very bottom. 'Ohhhh yes, that's it. Now, suck on Daddy's balls. Softly.' I obeyed without hesitation, opening my mouth and gently sucking one ball at a time, sliding my tongue over them. I was sliding my hands over his legs until they reached his dick again, I ran my hands all over his dick, until I felt something wet on them.

I stopped sucking Daddy's balls and looked to see what it was.


Something white was starting to cover Daddy's dick and my fingers. 'Daddy, what's that?' I asked, pointing to the white stuff. 'Oh, that's Daddy's milk, sweetie. Remember how I said you will be milking me?' 'Ohhh ok then, sorry I've just never seen it before.' 'That's ok, there's a first time for everything.

But this is just the beginning, soon there will be a lot more of it and you'll hear me moaning, maybe loudly but don't worry your pretty little head about it, it just means I'm enjoying myself. When my dick is as hard as it can get, rock hard, that's when you grab it, kinda like a handle bar and start moving your hand up and down. Do you understand?' I nodded quickly, giggling. I kept sliding my fingers up and down Daddy's hard dick until I didn't think it could get any harder.

I then wrapped my fingers around Daddy's dick and started moving it up and down. The more I moved my hand the more Daddy moaned. Some of Daddy's milk was sliding down my hand, making it get a bit slippery but I didn't stop, I wanted to make Daddy happy. 'Mmmm yes, you're such a good girl,' Daddy told me, made me feel very happy, 'Now, put your lips around my cock and suck me.

Don't stop, even when you feel your mouth getting full of my milk, just keep sucking like a good girl.' I did what I was told and slid my lips over Daddy wet hard dick, sliding my mouth down slowly.

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