Hahn akquiriert fondled gut

Hahn akquiriert fondled gut
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Jen's Story Chapter Four Grandpa's friend spent quite a few hours with Grandpa and my uncle taking it in turns to put their peepee's into my cunny or my mouth. I had a hard job swallowing all of my uncle's juice, and when some dribbled out of my mouth, he said that I was a bad girl and needed to be punished as I knew that I had to swallow it all.

Grandpa's friend said "ohh wow do we get to punish her too" and my uncle agreed. I was forced onto the footstool on my back with my head hanging down the side My uncle started by putting his peepee into my mouth and thrusting hard I went to put my hands up to slow him down, but they were grabbed and put to the side.

He continued pushing down and I was gagging really hard. Crying and sobbing so hard I could hardly see.

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Then I felt the most incredible pain as either Grandpa or his friend slapped my bare cunny. Then my legs were pushed apart and I was slapped again a scream tried to exit my mouth but it was too full of my uncles peepee so it came out as a gurgle.

He asked them to do it again as whatever they did make my throat convulse around his cock and he liked it. I now knew that his peepee was called a cock. I was slapped again twice in quick succession, and I tried to lift myself off the footstool as my cunny was being battered. I could hear the men laughing as my poor cunny was slapped and fingered over and over.

I never meant to get wet, I knew my Grandpa loved it when I did, but I never knew how not to get wet. I felt something on my tiny titties, it was one of them with something that snapped onto them, again I gasped in pain as one, and then the other were pulled by whatever was onto them. My uncle continued to push his cock into my mouth and finally he stopped, just as a jet of his warm juice flooded my mouth.

I quickly swallowed over and over as I didn't want to keep getting punished. I was pulled up by my hair and for the first time I could see my titties they had metal pegs attached to them and Grandpas friend was pulling them so that my nipples were being stretched… I was panting in pain as Grandpa continued to play with my cunny. Grandpa's friend pulled the pegs off one and as the blood rushed in the pain trebled, and then when he bit it was finally when I saw black and passed out.

I woke some time later to find my legs over my shoulder and Grandpa was pushing his cock into my bottom. He liked to do this, but it hurt to begin with. Grandpa's friend came round in front of me and slapped his cock across my mouth two or three times. I opened up my mouth, knowing that was what he wanted, and I started to suck, knowing that the men liked it when I did that. Grandpa was really pushing his cock hard into my bottom and was grunting hard and fast… I knew it wouldn't be long before he would fill me with his juices too.

With a loud roar, Grandpa stilled, his cock deep inside my bottom as I felt his hot juices pour inside me. When he took his cock out of me my legs fell down with a bang. Grandpas friend asked again if he could fuck my arse, but Grandpa said that only he was going to fuck that, so he lined up his cock and pushed it straight into my cunny.

He pushed me so hard that I was being pushed up the sofa until my head was hitting the side.


Again my cunny was soon filled with his hot juices. I just laid there exhausted too tired to move. A few hours went by, my naked body just laying on the sofa, the three men occasionally playing with my titties, or pushing a finger or two inside my cunny, and most of the time just left me be as they continued to watch sport on the TV. Grandpas friend asked if he was allowed to fuck me with things, and Grandpa asked him "like what". Grandpas friend said whatever he could find. My uncle said he liked the idea of this and they both went out of the lounge to see what they could find.

Grandpa came over to the sofa and pulled me onto his lap and with one hand brushed his hand over my titties, and the other hand was stroking my hair. He kept telling me how I was his good girl, and how proud he was of me.

I loved it when Grandpa and I had cuddles like this. I knew he loved me. My uncle and Grandpas friend came back into the lounge with their arms full of various items. I tried to back away but Grandpa kept me tight. I started to sob, as I just knew that my cunny was going to hurt after this. Already every now and then my cunny hurt when I went for a peepee after Grandpa had pushed a tiny thin steel rod inside my peepee hole.

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My uncle came over first, with a bottle of beer. He took a big sip, then pushed the bottle into my cunny.

He then asked the other two to lift me up. I thought I would be standing on my feet, but they tipped me up so I was nearly on my head my hands flapping down onto the ground. Each of the had one of my legs in their hand and I felt them pull my legs apart. Something cold, very cold was gushing inside me and the bubbles felt so funny inside me. My belly soon started to hurt and I moaned in pain. My uncle I think kept pushing the bottle into my cunny in and out and in and out.

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Then he took it out and his mouth latched onto my cunny. I screamed in pain as he had all of my puffy lips inside his mouth and bit down. Something happened inside my belly, it felt SO weird like hundreds of butterflies moving about.


My legs locked out and I started to shake all over. My uncle shouted out that I was having my first orgasm. I didn't know what he meant, but each of them took it in turns to have a suck on my cunny, my beer soaked cunny.

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Grandpas friend again bit down hard on my cunny as I felt the shakes started up again. Grandpa told them that he had a pain slut on his hands and he was going to have fun with me, I didn't know what he was talking about who was the pain slut?

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