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Parti sex black big cock
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Chapter 9 What Went Wrong? Looking back on that Friday in my bedroom with Carol, after all these years, I do not know for sure what went wrong. I know that she enjoyed what I did to her. I have reviewed those events so many times they are seared in my mind. I kissed every inch of her from head to pussy. Once I arrived at her pussy, I found she was flowing with the sweetest female nectar I have ever tasted.

I savored it as I lapped at everywhere my tongue could reach. I inserted two fingers into her moist opening, stroking the in and out. I attempted to give her as much pleasure as she could take.

She loudly moaned out her pleasure. Most of her words of praise for my pussy eating were incoherent. She did not grip my head or pull me into her like the last time, instead she grabbed at the bedding and pushed her pussy up at me. She was definitely enjoying what I was doing. The longer I administered to her, the more violent her movements became. If however, by those movements, she shook me away from her pussy, and especially her clit, her movements calmed so I could return to lap up her juice and lick her clit.

After enjoying several orgasms, she reached a point where she could take no more.

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First, she called out, "Enough, enough." That did not stop me, so she gripped my head between her thighs and squeezed. This did not stop me because my tongue could continue to lap at her clit.

Suddenly she pushed me away with her hands. As I raised up, she pushed me further with her feet. Both of her feet struck my chest, pushing me over backwards. I nearly fell off the bed. I righted myself and stood at the side of the bed, looking down at her as she continued to thrash around. It appeared, she was still trying to push and kick me away. I did not know what to do for her, so I just stood listening to her moans and watching as she slowly calmed down.

Suddenly I realized, I had to pee and pee bad. I rushed to the bathroom to do so and upon my return I found Carol had returned to my mother's room. Still naked I went to mother's room to find that Carol was getting dressed. Seeing me she commanded, "Get dressed! Take me home!" I did just that. She did not speak a word on the ride home. She would not answer me when I asked for an explanation. She sat as far from me as she could, pressed against the passenger door.

She opened that door as I stopped the car at the curb in front of her house. She was out and running before I had a chance to say or do anything.

When I picked up mother at work she asked, "How'd it go?" "Okay, I guess," I said. "What does that mean?" she asked. "I don't really want to talk about it," I snapped back at her. "Then it didn't go well," she said. I said nothing further even after she asked me to tell her what happened.

I knew that if I answered her question, "Did you two have a fight?" I would wind-up telling her everything and would in all probability, be crying like a baby. I kept silent all the way home. Mother let me be until we were finished eating dinner. She at last said, "You know I can't help you if you don't tell me what happened." I looked directly into her eyes, telling myself not to look away and I said nothing.

Then she said, "You know a wound has to be washed clean before it can heal." I looked away. "Mom, please," I begged. Feeling I wanted to run but knowing there was nowhere to run to. "Johnny, don't let it fester. Just tell me what went wrong," she said. I knew she was right, so I surrendered.

"That's the thing. I don't know what went wrong," I responded. "Tell me what the two of you did. Maybe I can figure out what went wrong." I decided she was not about to give up and if she could help me understand, why not let her? "Remember how you taught me to eat pussy? You said I should keep eating until the girl was satisfied." "Yes, and did you satisfy her?" "I thought I did." "And then what?" she asked. "Then nothing. She pushed me.she kicked me.she ran away.she dressed and told me to take her home," I said.

I was on the verge of bursting into tears. I knew that if I did cry, I would be mother's little boy again. I had to be a man and not cry. I had to! "Did you ask her what was wrong?" she pressed.

"Yes, mom! I asked her what was wrong, and she would not answer me," I said. In my attempt to not cry, I was beginning to get agree. I was angry at mother, myself, and Carol. "Do you want me to talk to her or her other?" "mom for heaven's sake, just let it be! Don't do anything, please!" I pleaded.

"It looks like Carol is the only one who can tell you what went wrong. Give her a call but don't start out apologizing," mother concluded. Adding, "Never apologize until you know what you." Her words trailed off as she stood and left the room. I called her the next morning. Her mother answered and told me Carol was not feeling well. I told her to tell Carol I hoped she felt better soon. I called again mid-morning on Sunday. Her mother said Carol was about the same.

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I asked if I could come by to see Carol. She told me that was not a good idea adding. "Her father is here." I did not know why she said that, but it seemed to be a warning and I had yet to meet him and did not relish meeting him under these circumstances. In the afternoon on Sunday, fresh off her period, mother decided it would be safe for me to fuck her without a rubber.

"You have never entered me without a rubber. You will like it and it is safe right after a period. Besides, you need to get your mind off that girl." When she said, "that girl" instead of using her name, I felt irritated. I tried not to show any interest, but the thought of sticking my dick in a pussy without a rubber caused an instant hardon. "Come on Johnny, I can see you want to," mother added as she took my hand, trying to pull me toward her room.

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I resisted for a few moments. I gave up, following her. In her room she said, "Get out of those clothes." As I did, she turned away from me and removed her house coat. It was then I saw she was wearing the same sheer blue negligee that Carol had worn to my room. As she turned to face me, she said, "Found this nighty under your bed." "Carol wore it," I said as I looked at mother and compared what I saw with my memory of Carol.

Mother was slightly wider in the hips and had bigger tits. Otherwise they compared quite nicely. Also, I noted that mother's blond hair above her pussy did not show through the sheer fabric like Carol's darker nuff had done. "Do you like me in it?" she asked. "It is nice. It is so see-through that you are all but naked. It hides nothing." I said all that because I knew how mother always fished for complements.

Before she asked, I added, "Your tits and hips are larger but you both look lovely in that gown." Pulling the blanket and spread down mother lay down on the top sheet with her head on her pillow.

"Take me like a lover," she said. I moved half over her and kissed her on the lips. Her tongue entered my mouth first. With my eyes closed I could easily imagine I was with a lover and not my mother. Within moments I was atop her and she was guiding my unclad dick into her deepest recess. It was immediately obvious to me that fucking without a rubber was much, much better.

I slowed down to enjoy the increased sensation. "That is it.slow and easy," mother encouraged with a far away, dreamy look in her eyes. For a time I forgot everything except the feelings I was experiencing. It was easy to imagine I was nothing more than a dick moving slowly in and slowly out, and in and out, in and out,

She hugged me tight as I emptied my load into her. I relaxed and felt all the built-up tension drain from me. I drifted off to sleep. I dreamed I was in bed with Carol.

My dick was buried deep within her pussy. I was fucking her and without a rubber. This was making everything right. I awoke to find that I was emptying a second load into my mother's pussy. I was sure that if I did not give up my dream would come true.

I spent the rest of the day thinking of what I would like to do with Carol and then seeing how it felt to do it with mother. After a break to fix and eat dinner I asked mother, "Can we fuck all evening?" "I should say no, but the truth is that I enjoy fucking just as much as you do.

I will fuck as long as you want, but you do have to go to school and I have to go to work in the morning." Sometime in the evening I fell asleep and dreamed of picnics, long talks, and long walks with Carol. Then I dreamed of one of Carol's hand jobs. I awoke and there was my mother taking a load in her mouth. At school the next day, I looked for Carol at her locker, but she did not show. I was nearly late for my first class.

At lunch time I skipped out and walked, almost ran, to Carol's house. Mrs. Martin answered the door.


Upon seeing me she stepped outside, closing the door behind her. Speaking barely above a whisper she asked, "What are you doing here?" I told her I wanted to talk to Carol. "You can't. She doesn't want to see you." "Has she told you what happened?" I asked. "No. First she said it was none of my business. Then after her dad asked if you screwed her she claimed up.

Did you screw her?" "No I did not!" I replied. "Well all I know is Carol thinks you did something wrong," she said. I protested that I had done nothing wrong but if Carol would not talk to me.

"How can I make things right between us?" Brenda Martin did not answer for a few moments, then said, "Tell you go over to that side of the house. Stand by my car until I come out.

It may be a few minutes." I did as she said. Her pink Mustang was sitting in front of a closed garage door.

Mr. Martin's car was not there. I looked at my watch and told myself that I had now missed my first afternoon class. Less than five minutes later Brenda came out. She invited me to get in her car. She told me to duck down so Carol could not see me as we drove away. While ducked down I noted that she was wearing pink high heels, pink sheer nylons, and a pink short skirt.

The skirt was pulled up just enough to show the thicker band at the top of her nylons. After we were out of sight of her house I sat up and saw her pink tank top holding her breast but she obviously had on no bra because her nipples were showing through the fabric.

Her hair was the same pink it had been before. The only jewelery she wore were two rings on her left hand. Brenda began by saying, "I want to help you so be honest with me, what did you do to Carol?" I insisted that I had done nothing wrong.

She insisted that I tell her what I had done so she could be the judge of whether it was right or wrong. I did not want to tell her because what Carol and I had done was between us. I said, "I don't think it is right for me to tell you. If Carol wants to tell you, that is okay but I can't." "Come on John.

You can talk to me. I can't help you if you don't tell me." "No, only Carol can tell you," I insisted. "She says you two did not have intercourse.

That was the first thing her father asked about and she insisted you had not. Is that right John?" "Right, we have not had intercourse," I confirmed.

"You know I could go through a list of at least twenty things you could have done. It would be easier if you just tell me what it was that upset her." At this point I noted she was turning onto the new highway north so I asked, "Where are we going?" "It doesn't matter but we are going until you tell me." "I'm not telling you a thing," I said.

"Then you will have a long walk home. I have a full tank of gas," she informed me. We continued north for nearly an hour in silence. Ahead I saw one of the new interchanges and said, "Turn around up here and head back and I will tell you." She must have believed me because in a few minutes we were headed back to the south. "If I tell you, you won't get mad at Carol," I insisted. "I won't," she said. I had difficulty getting started.

I stammered, "I was. She was. We were. She told me. It was.When.Oh!" "It is okay John. Tell me what you were doing," Brenda said in a motherly tone. "I was eating her out," I blurted out. I looked to Brenda's face. She was staring expressionless down the road but I noted that she became red faced. "I had done it before and she wanted it again but this time she kicked me off, got dressed, and insisted I take her home. She would not tell me what I had done wrong." I decided to say nothing more.

I kept glancing at Brenda's face and noted she turned pale and then flush red again. She asked a series of questions all of which I answered no.

They included: "Did you bite her?" "Did you force your hand in her?" "Did you mess with her butt hole?" "Did you pinch her?" "Did you slap her?" "Did you stick an object in her?" "Did you smoke anything?" "Did you drink anything?" "Did you take any pills?" Once she exhausted all the questions she could come up with, she began driving faster. Soon she was passing one car after another. She asked, "What time does your mother get home from work." "Usually about five fifteen," I responded.

"Does she ever get home early?" "Not early, sometimes late," I informed her. Just as we pulled off the highway into our town she said, "You will have to give me directions to your house." I assumed she was intending to drop me off at home, so I gave her directions.

When we arrived there, she parked at the curb, turned off the engine and said, "I am coming in to see where this happened." I tried to object and even told her my mother would not approve. She continued to insist. Finally, I led the way in through the front door. The house was still neat and clean from the previous week of clean-up. There were a few dishes in the sink. Mother's door was open and her bed was a mess but we did not go in there. My bed had not been slept in so it was neatly made.

"Here in my room, right there on my bed," I said. "Where was Carol when you ate her?" Brenda asked. "In the middle of the bed with her head on the pillow," I told her.

"How was she dressed? "She had nothing on." "Nothing?" she questioned. "She was naked." "Were you naked?" "No, I had a night shirt on." I answered this wondering what difference all this made and wondering why I continued to expose myself to this woman.

"We will re-enact this. You get in your night shirt," she said. "What?" I could not believe what I had just heard. "I will be Carol. You will eat me like you did her." she said as she lowered her short skirt. "You want me to eat you?" I asked. my dick did give a jerk in my pants but I was thinking this is ridiculous.

"Don't you think I'll be tasty?" She asked as she laid her skirt on the chair. Seeing her pink, almost skin colored panties and the memory of the taste of pussy caused my dick to grow rock hard. "You are Carol's mother. What about Mr. Robertson? How can you.? What.?" I was so confused I could not think. She sat on the edge of the bed, removed her shoes, and started rolling her stockings down. "Come on now, get into your night shirt." "You really want me to eat your pussy like I did Carol's?" I asked as I took off my shirt.

"Yes, the same as you did her," she said as she stood and began slowly lowering her pink panties. Watching her and remembering eating Carol's pussy removed all reason from my mind. "You will never tell her we did this?" As I looked at her muff of dark hair above her pussy, the thing I noticed was it was not pink.

I thought I might enjoy this if she reassures me Carol would never find out. "Of course not, we are going to find out what went wrong.

We want to get you two back together not split you up forever. No one else will ever know. This is between you and me and that is all, okay?" "I did do more than eat her. I started by kissing her all over, her tits and everything, and then I went to her pussy?" I informed her as I lowered my trousers. "That means I have to take off my top. Oh well, a mother's sacrifice," she said as she began sliding her pink tank top up over her breasts.

I noted the tent in my under shorts. I turned my back to her and slipped on my night shirt and lowered my shorts.

The night shirt was tented out but at this point I remembered Carol saying I should be proud of my hard dick. I turned around and there was Brenda laying naked on my bed.

She appeared to be inspecting her breasts which although they seemed slightly deflated, were somewhat larger that Carol's.

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They were even a little larger than my mother's. She had a flat tummy, wide shapely hips, and long slender legs. Her skin was amazingly pink everywhere, much pinker than Carol's.

"I don't quite remember but at some time I lost the night shirt," I said. "Take it off then," she said as she stared at my tent. I whipped it off and watched her dark brown eyes follow my dick as it waved from side to side. There was a smile on her pink lips.

"Okay, let's get started. Try to do exactly what you did with Carol no more no less." "To start with.I ah.I kind of laid on her and we kissed," I said as I put one knee up on the bed.

"Don't talk about it. Do it!" she commanded. I laid on her, feeling one of her breasts in the middle of my chest. Our lips met. I touched her lips with my tongue and her tongue shot into my mouth. With my eyes closed I could almost imagine she was Carol.

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I began kissing away from her mouth as I had done with Carol. I could not help spending more time on her tits, but there was more to kiss. Eventually I did reach her pussy. It was not as moist but just as tasty as her daughter's. Maybe even tastier; salty, sweet, and a hint of tangy taste.

I could not remember if I had inserted any fingers in Carol, but I could not resist doing so with Brenda. All four of my fingers went in to stroke around inside her. My tongue concentrated on her clit. She began to move about. She put her hands on my head. I remembered Carol had not used her hands the last time.

I pulled away from her clit and said, "No hands." She questioned what I meant. I explained, "Carol did not put her hands on my head. She arched up and pushed her pussy into my face." Brenda did as I explained and asked, "Like this?" I said, "Uh huh," as I dove into her pussy as I once again licked everywhere I could get my tongue in and about her pussy. I went back to licking her clit with the fingers of one hand stroking rapidly in and out.

I could not remember if this was the same, but this is what I wanted to do with Brenda. She was moaning and expressing her pleasure even getting a little loud like I remembered Carol doing. She never got to the point where she squeezed my head with her thighs.

I was beginning to tire and I knew we did not have all night, so I started sucking and nibbling on her clit while quickly moving my fingers in and out. This brought more and louder response from her but no pushing or kicking. She went through several orgasm like Carol had but there was no violence on her part. I stopped to check the time. It was four 'o clock. That was about the time Carol had asked me to stop, but I had continued.

I told myself I was not too tired to continue. What I really wanted to do is fuck her. I had not cum since I had cum in my mother that morning.

As I strummed her clit with my tongue, I wondered what Brenda would do if I slid up and inserted my dick in her pussy. "Okay John, it seems we are not finding the answer here today. You can stop now before I get sore," she said. "No, I have to keep going," I said before diving back in, trying to do anything and everything I possibly could.

"I have been up and farther up, nearly to heaven, but nothing that was upsetting. Please stop!" she said.


The tone of her voice caused me to think, now we are getting somewhere. I kept working her and she told me to stop again. Then she began pushing me but I continued to stay with her. Then she shouted, "God damn it John, fuck me now." I kept licking and she grabbed me by the ears, pulling me up over her. She shouted, "Did you hear me? I said fuck me right now!" I moved as she pulled me up and almost instantly my dick slid in her pussy with her able assistance.

I started pumping in and out when I thought of a rubber. I asked her if I needed a rubber for protection. "Hell no! Hell no!" she shouted. "Fuck! Fuck!

Don't you fucking stop for anything!" Her legs wrapped around me, drawing me deeper into her, immediately before I emptied a huge load of cum deep into her pussy.

After I had finished and began to relax, she continued to hold me with her arms and legs. She whispered in my ear, "I think we have found it." She released me, and I rolled off to lay beside her. As I caught my breath and relaxed some more, she said, "I think Carol's problem is she thinks her body betrayed her.

You did such a good job of pussy licking that she had to push you away or fuck you. That is what happened to me. I had not intended we fuck, but that is what my body wanted. Now she is afraid to see you because all she can think of is fucking you." She turned and kissed me on the cheek. I raised up and we began kissing again with lots of tongue action.

Suddenly she stopped and pushed me away. "That's enough. We found the answer and the way I feel at this moment I could fuck you until your mother came home and found us fucking. We don't want that." At that, I thought of all my little sperm swimming around in her womb. I asked, "Did we need protection?

You could get pregnant." "No my hubby, Big Dick had me fixed when Carol was born. He said he wanted to screw me morning and night without the worry of more kids. Now I am lucky if I get screwed twice a week. Golf and work seem to be more important. Maybe I should tell Carol that you can screw me until she is ready." "You said you will not tell her," I protested.

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She had a way of causing me to worry that Carol would find out what her mother and I had done. "No, I won't, but if you ever want to lick my pussy again, I am sure we can arrange it without Dick or Carol knowing. Now I'll get dressed and get out of here. It would be a shame if your mother caught us now." I was amazed how quickly she put on her stockings and panties. Her skirt took almost no time but her tank top, being so tight took a little more time as she squeezed her tits into it.

"I think this is Carol's top," she said. "What are we doing about Carol?" I asked. "We will let her calm down and reason this out for herself.

I'll keep her father away from her, and maybe she will decide to let you fuck her. That would solve all the problems, right?" Chapter 10 is on its way.