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Alexis Golden can ride my dick any day
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Jax VS Luciantmon -Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T Comissioned by Keaton the Black Jackal, she asked more of a sex than plot based. So don't expect anything, expect an excuse for a sex. I hope, nay, I pray she likes this. Part 0: The fight to determine the future.

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Jax descended quickly from the skies, landing softly on the icy ground below him. He looked ahead and scanned the frozen plains around him, with his eyes, while listening closely for any signs of Luciantmon. He still could not believe how the cocky dragon, had threatened to kill all Jax cared for, if he'd not face him in a duel.

"So, you came up afterall. It's been boring, waiting for you in here middle of nothing." Luciantmon's voice suddenly spoke to Jax. He turned quickly, towards the noise and saying "You.". He gritted his teeth, and clenched his fists tightly, looking at the demonic dragon. "Why did you choose this terrain for our battle?" Luciantmon questioned him. "It's cold. Much different from the place you will be going to soon." Jax replied, giving a forced grin.

"To show off, that I am infact a fair man. I'll let you have the first blow." Luciantmon mocked him. "I don't trust you, at all." Jax spat, as he bent his knees slightly, and moved his arms into a fighting stance.

Luciantmon shifted his leg position and took a fighting stance, without taking the cocky grin off his face even for a second.

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Jax gritted his teeth even more, as he looked at Luciantmon closely. His mind began to build with heavy anger. "Hah, is the most you can do is seem angry? I bet even Keaton could do better.Which reminds me, I may aswell pay her a little visit, after I'm done with you." Luciantmon told to Jax. "You bastard!" he screamed, as he ran forward, and took a powerful swing with his right fist towards the side of Luciantmon's head. Luciantmon was suprised how much the anger had actually fueled the warrior.

The sudden blow landed straight at it's target. A lesser man, would have been decapitated from the sheer power of the blow. But not Luciantmon. Jax placed both of his feet firmly on the ground to balance himself again, and to prepare for a counter, as he pulled his left arm back to prepare for another strike.

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This time, Luciantmon blocked with his open palm, and took hold of the hand, sinking his nail sharp claws into Jax's arm during the progress. Jax began to bleed slightly. He grabbed Luciantmon's hand with his other arm, and pulled trying to knock him off balance.

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The two wrestled for awhile. It came painfully obvious to Jax at this point, that he did not match Lucianmon's brute strength and he'd have to come up with something else instead. Jax pulled his arms back and jumped off with his feet into the air, and flew upwards.

"You think you can evade me in there?" Luciantmon laughed. Just then, Luciantmon's wings came to sight. The humongous black wings took few flaps, sending some snow from near Luciantmon flying away. Jax was slightly shocked to see the wings, even though he half expected them. Jax looked down, and held out his hands, palms open, and two fireballs materialized in his hands.

Luciantmon suddenly flew up towards Jax. Despite his size, Luciantmon moved scaringly fast and closer towards Jax. Jax moved his hands in front of him and the fire shot forwards likeout of a flamethrower.

The flames engulfed Luciantmon, as he howled in pain.


The blaze slowly began to die in Jax's palms, as he watched Luciantmon carefully, readying himself. As the smoke left, Luciantmon was in the exact same spot where the fire shot had hit him. Though he seemed to be somewhat burning, it didn't seem to bother him in the least. Jax wasn't at all surprised, he had come to expect alot from Luciantmon.

He hovered there for a moment, watching him closely. Just then Luciantmon flew at high speed at Jax and pummeled against him hard. Jax felt intense pain, but before he could do anything Luciantmon turned him and speeded straight into the ice bellow with him first and letting go just before impact. Jax went through the solid ice into the breezing cold water. Fortunately for him, Jax had managed to get a fairly good breathe before going underwater, so he was able to swim down a little bit deeper.

Luciantmon slowly decreased lower, trying to find Jax. And just then, Jax broke through the surface of the ice and grabbed onto Luciantmon's leg, trying to pull him down into the water with him Luciantmon had obviously had enough as he rolled his tail behind to Jax and sank it into his back, rasing him high up into air, before punching Jax so hard that he flew straight through an ice mountain. And then, everything went black in the eyes of Jax… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: Bad wake up Jax painfully opened his eyes.

He was still alive. Just then, he realized two things. For starters, he was in lair of Luciantmon, who was sitting on his throne. And second, he was in somekind of male servant costume. "Ah, you are finally awake." Luciantmon spoke to him. "What's the meaning of this??!" Jax exclaimed. "You now belong to me. If you disobey even one single command of mine or get in my way, every single being you've ever cared or will care about, will die a slow and painful death." Luciantmon growled.

Jax shook his head a little and gazed down at the floor. "No…Don't&hellip.I…I&hellip.I'll do what you want." he said. "Excellent my little slave. First of all, come forward." Luciantmon said. Jax did as he was told. And then, he gasped in horror, as he saw Luciantmon, rubbing the tip of his cock. Jax remembered, how he had been forced to do lots of things, during his slave period, including giving oral to men, but&hellip.

That thing was already even as a soft, as big as many dicks were as hard. "I know your record. You know what to do." Lucianmont mumbled. "But, it's way too big for me to handle. I'd choke into it immediately." Jax protested. "I didn't ask you." Luciantmon growled, as he took hold of Jax from his wings, pulling him closer. Jax at first thought of fighting back, but then realized, that he'd only doom everyone he cared for, with any possible rash actions. He decided, now would not be the time yet.

Trying not to think what he was gonna do, Jax reached his hand and gently massaged Luciantmon's balls, giving them a stroke. At the sametime, he leaned a bit lower and kissed, and licked the tip of the penis. The foreskin of the penis, was dark blue, much like the rest of Luciantmon, but the head itself, was somewhat dark red. Jax began to dance his tongue, on top of the cock, making more of the penis come out, from the pouch of Luciantmon.

The huge Digimon gave a small growl, but it was more of a passionate, than threatening one. Jax moved his hand to stroke the cock's length, which didn't seem to stop from growing. Finally, it got to it's 11 inch size. Jax really didn't know how to handle this enourmous sized penis, so he just rubbed along the length, while licking and sucking the tip of it.

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He gently massaged Luciantmon's balls, hoping he'd cum soon and end this nightmare. Suddenly, something Jax had not expected happened.

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Luciantmon pushed Jax slightly away from him. "What?" he asked, trying not to piss the mighty Digimon. "Get on all fours." Luciantmon ordered him, with a stern voice. Jax gave a loud gulp. He knew what Luciantmon had in his mind. "N-no… I've never done it there…" he protested, with shocked expression.

"We all have our first time." Luciantmon laughed, making some steam blow, from his nosetrils. "Please be gentle." Jax silently said, in near whimpering kind of voice. Those words turned Luciantmon on more, than either of them would have thought. As Jax leaned against the floor, while sticking his virgin bum into the air, Luciantmon grapped him from the sides and just before entering in, rubbed the huge member against the hole few times.

Jax bit his teeth together, as he tried to bear the first few inches in his butt, knowing that it'd just be the beginning. "It's too much.

It's too much!!" he groaned, with tears falling from his eyes. Luciantmon, did not listen. He forced few more inches in, making Jax yelp out in pain. Luciantmon realized, that Jax was way too tense, and he should make him relax first. Althought Luciantmon could just rape the servant, he wanted to rather turn Jax into something he'd hate himself for. Luciantmon, gently moved his webbed hand to rub on the penis of Jax, throughout the maid outfit. Jax was suprised, not from what Luciantmon did, but rather, how his body reacted.

Jax could feel, his penis getting erect, from the sweet touches. This made Jax extremely embarassed. He had hated being forced into sex with males before, how could he possibly enjoy this time? Suddenly, Luciantmon cut the groin area of the outfit open, making the erection of Jax pop into the sight.

Taking hold of it gently, Luciantmon began to stroke it, gently, yet hard. All the time, he was slowly pushing more and more of himself into Jax. Soon, he was all the way in, althought he had not believed it to be possible at first. Jax hated to admit it, but he was slowly beginning to enjoy the feeling. Luciantmon began to thrust into Jax's hot anus, while continuing to stroke his dick, with his other hand.

With the other hand, he pulled Jax from his hips more towards the cock, with each thrust. After each thrust, Luciantmon increased the tempo just a little bit, so little, that Jax could hardly notice it.

Luciantmon sat on his butt, while moving Jax on top of his cock, into a riding position. Jax was ashamed, but he felt himself moving up and down the member. He could have taken it slow, but for some reason, he was already doing it just as fast, as he had always been doing it. The idea how he had changed the little one, aroused Luciantmon. "Mmmm&hellip.So…Tight…" Luciantmon groaned. Jax knew, that Luciantmon would come soon. So, he moved his hand to stroke his own cock, just like Luciantmon was doing, so he too could get off.

Luciantmon gave a grunt and a small howl, as he shot a huge load into Jax's ass. And an another one.


And an another. The almost never ending flow of sperm, filled Jax's once virgin ass, some of it drippling down back along Luciantmon's cock and balls. Jax had just about had enough. He groaned and shot his load, making the cum fly in the air, before it landed on the floor. The End…?