Un rico trio con la amiga de mi esposa

Un rico trio con la amiga de mi esposa
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When I became 13 my dick is to get hard a lot and wonder why that happen, I had wet dreams that I was having sex with one of my neighbors, now when I became 17 I was horny and always wanted to know more about sex and women's body, boobs, and pussy, I had an auntie and her name is Jhuma, she was close to me, 5'2'' and small boobs and she's 27.

That time she had one kid and living with her husband. We were living in the same building and could go to their room anytime since we are related. We talked almost anything. So, one day I was asking telling her that I have a sex story book and she said she want to read that. I asked her are you sure, she says "yes". So, next day she was saying she's still reading and I asked her how is that book. She smiles and told me I will let u know later. I was nervous because I don't know what she might tell me.

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After I came from school I went to her room and asked her can she tell me now. She says that get her horny a lot and considered my eyes, I just touched her thigh and I could tell she was thinking the same I was and I left her room for later to become dark.

Once it became dark I wanted to talk to her to see how's everything, she was looking at me shy. She says she have some that wrote on a paper and she gave that letter to me, I read what she wrote. That made me jerk off the right way. She wanted to have sex with me when we will get a chance. I never thought she would be that easy and thought the same I was thinking. So, we both been waited till we try to sneak.

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Finally, when she went to take a bath I was waiting inside the bathroom, when she came in and saw me she kind of scream and said 'oh what u doing, if anyone see us together we will be going to be big trouble" I said "don't worry just lock the door "and she did lock the door.

She looked at me with lust and I kissed her passionately for a long time. Kissed her neck and let me felt her boobs for a long time. I sucked her nipples and she was breathing hard. When I tried to go down, she says' I want you to wait for the later" I thought I did something wrong because it was my first time kissing and feeling a woman.

We continued to sneak and kissing each other on and off almost every day and I was happy even though we never had sex yet.

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She kept on saying just wait till I'm ready, I wondered what she meant. Anyway, after waited six months the moment came that I would never forget. My mom and dad had to leave to attend one of my relative's marriage ceremony and I couldn't go because of the exam. My mom told jhuma to look after me since they won't be back till next day. I was in heaven when they told me. I just acted normal but inside I was happy as she was.

When it became midnight, she was knocking at my door and I opened and I let her in. I know what we gonna do. She set on my bed and we start talking, I was too nervous and shaking. She asked me if I'm alright I said hell yea.

Then we came near considering each other eyes. I saw pure lust and we start kissing passionately and in the meantime, I took her top off. She had her bra on. I lay her on my bed and my pillow under her head so she can feel comfortable. Even though she had small boobs I still love sucking and touching them, I start kissing all the way down.

I helped her take off her panty. That's the first time I saw her pussy, well shaved and, she's hot and wet. I touched her clit and pussy and she was breathing hard and moan by my touch.


Her pussy was tight even she had one child that time. I start fingering her, I learn some technics watching porn and kissed her puffy pussy lips. She said her husband never did kiss her down there. I told her don't worry from now on I will eat u and make u happy. Once I sucked and tongue fucked her she had an orgasm. I never saw women orgasm in my life and that was the first time and I saw she was smiling and that made me happy. Now she told me to lay down so I did, she starts touching my dick and put some baby oil on my dick.

I was her tongue touched my dick and took all my 6-inch penis in her mouth and start sucking me. Damn, that was best feelings than jerking off by myself by hand, her wet mouth and the way she was sucking me made me lose control and without warning, I started shot my load into her mouth.

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I told her I'm sorry for not letting her know. My dick became rock hard. I asked her what's next. She simply said the final moment of your virginity. By saying her she said she want to be on top of me.

I said OK. I laid there and I saw she climbed in between my leg and slowly impaled herself slowly, I was her glistening pussy lips and my dick head was entering, that feelings I will never forget. I saw my dick disappear once she set on it. I told her seat like that for a moment because I wanted to keep that moment for a while. She bends over and kissed me. I don't know what happen because I was automatically thrusting into her tight pussy. Her pussy clamped me and the tight feelings were so amazing, I know I won't last long, we both kept moaning and I was thrusting in and out faster.

I asked her where do u want me to come inside or out. she said to do it inside since it was my first time. I only lasted 15 times and she said that was good because of some people only last not more than few minutes. I knew she was risking herself to be pregnant. And something happened to me and I came inside her, the ropes of cum I came inside her and I was still thrusting her. We both were breathing heavy, and my dick was still inside her.

Once I recover I took my dick out and I saw my cum mixing was coming out, I kissed her. She was telling me, that was her best sex she ever had and she liked it more because I didn't use any condom.

That night we had sex two more times before we got tired and I lasted long like 40-45 minutes each, I never thought I would perform well like that. We fall asleep and when I woke up I didn't found her on my bed so I started looking for her, I was still naked because nobody was at home.

I saw her at kitchen making breakfast for me. She saw me and we smile.


She was wearing her robe. I could see her nipples already hard which made my dick twisted and became hard again. I didn't waste any time and went near her and start kissing again, sine we were both horny I pick her up and set her on the kitchen table and fucked her again and came inside. I loved the feelings and I wanted to feel of having sex. I loved her body because it was soft even though she had a skinny body.

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We kept on having sex whenever we got a chance before we move to another house. Even though I moved to our house I visited her house occasionally and had sex. Hope you enjoyed