Sultry Seduction Brook amp_ James

Sultry Seduction Brook amp_ James
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Coed (Hannah hooked up with Jesse, black ex-football player. They went to the forest preserve washroom where things took a bad turn.) Jesse let go of one thigh and slapped her breasts back and forth.

"Nice hangers bitch." He laughed as he watched them jiggle. "Tell me you want it harder." "Oh no Please." "Smaaack." "Wrong fucking answer." "Jesse held his hand up again." "Yes harder, harder." Cried Hannah.

He grabbed her hair pulling her face close to his. "Kiss me bitch, show me how much you like a hard fucking by a black thug." Jesse kissed her hard, fucking her frantically. Hannah could feel him throbbing inside her as he unloaded into the condom.

Jesse held his throbbing cock inside her brutally pushing her against the sink. Jesse couldn't help thinking back to Morgan. Hannah was going to be even better then that Blonde bitch.

Everything was a fight with that whore. What did she think, hitch hiking at night. She got what she had coming. Yea, this bitch was his fourth but you always remember your first. Morgan was a nice piece of ass. Hannah fell to the floor, completely traumatized. Her face was beet red from the brutal fucking.

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Jesse stood over her. "Get on your knees bitch." "No Jesse, not that, No." "Get up fucking slut Now or I'll get you up." Hannah crawled to her knees. "Suck on it with that trash mouth.

If you want to leave alive, be careful." Hannah took his cock with the condom still on sucking on her own juices. "Suck it clean, swallow it all." Jesse pulled his dick out and took off the condom.

He pulled up on her hair. "Suck it real good, we need it real hard again." Hannah took his cum coated cock in her mouth. "Like the taste, suck it all down." "Look at me pig." Hannah looked up to see Jesse squeezing out the condom over her face.

"Cum face whore, keep sucking." He squeezed all the cum out watching it drip down her face. Jesse laughed as he looked down at the cum faced white piece of trash sucking on his cock. He laid the condom over the ridge of her nose while she sucked his cock. She is not going to like what is next he thought. He spit down on her face adding to the mess.

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Jesse was hard as a rock ready for some more. " Look up at me Bitch." "Open your fucking eyes." Hannah struggled to open her eyes with cum splattered across her face. Blinking, with the cum hanging on her eye lids, the pathetic looking coed looked up at Jesse. He held her head with his hand and pulled his hard dick form her mouth, cock slapping her face. "Ready for some ass fucking whore." 'No NO NO" Hannah tried to pull away but Jesse grabbed her around the neck with his massive hand.

"You remember what I told you about snapping your neck!" He pulled her up and pushed facing against the sink. "Wrap hour hands around the front of the sink." "NOW" "Spread your legs.


Lean forward more." "Jesse, don't do this, I can take care of you, but not this, please." "Shut the fuck up. Move it or ." Hannah was leaning forward over the sink, her ass sticking out, legs spread. Jesse reached around, sticking his fingers in her mouth. "Get them nice and wet." "HA HA" here we go. "AHHHHH God no no." Hannah screamed as Jesse pushed a finger in her ass. He pulled it and slapped her bitch ass. Her ass meat shook back and forth as he slapped her ass back and forth watching turn a nice red.

The bitch was sobbing, holding on to the sink, too afraid to move.

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He ran his had over her fine teen ass. Gonna be nice fucking this.

"How bout it Hannah, had any black cock up your ass." "He reaming her ass with one and then two fingers." Hannah was so terrified she could only sob, clutching the sink, leaned over legs spread on the floor. "Don't you fucking move." Jesse walked around to Hannah's side. "Look at me. Look at me." Hannah turned toward Jesse, crying.

"Tell me you want it up the ass." Jesse laughed. "HA, you will find out." Hannah's body quivered when Jesse ran his hands over her butt and slapped her ass. He slid his dick across her butt hole, beginning to nudge the head inside her. Hannah let go of the tub, starting to turn around. Jesse reached over and grabbed her by the neck. "Are you fucking stupid, what did I tell you, I'll snap your stupid neck and then fuck your dead ass anyway." Bawling her eyes out Hannah grabbed the sink, lowering her head.

Jesse grabbed her hard around the hips and in three heavy thrusts sunk his fully inside her ass, up to the hilt. "AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hannah screamed. "Fuck YA, scream your head off bitch." Hannah's legs buckled, her arms let go of the sink. Jesse pushed her hips against the sink holding her tight as he continued to ass fuck the helpless bitch.

Hannah lay semi-conscious on the bathroom floor curled up, not knowing Jesse had gone out to his car. The ass fucking had been brutal. She had take a beating as well as the fucking. He whole body ached. She thought she woud die from the pounding when he shot his load inside her. Jesse returned with a back pack. He pulled out a rope and tied Hannah's hands behind her back. He took another rope and tied it around her neck. "Get your ASS UP." He screamed at Hannah. He pulled her up to her feet and led her naked out the bathroom into the dark.

This was Jesse's fourth and everyone was good. He couldn't understand why guys would just snuff a bitch after one fuck. What a waste. Morgan was his favorite, his first, but they were all good. Jesse pulled the naked slut along the trail, dragging her by the neck. "Where are we going? Where are you taking me?" cried Hannah as he led through the dark.

"Shut the Fuck UP." "Ah my feet, I need shoes." "Keep moving Bitch." Jesse pulled, pushed and prodded the naked coed through the brush. Hannah tripped and fell, sprawled on the ground. "I can't go on." "Please no more." "Get up." "Get Up." But Hanna didn't move. Jesse pushed her with his foot and then kicked her. "Get Fucking moving." Hannah stumble to her feet walking along the path. Jesse pulled and shoved her until they came to a little clearing.

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Jesse flashed his light over her. "You are one beat up piece of Fuck Meat.


Look up. Look up." Cock out, Jesse let out a stream of yellow over the helpless Coed.

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"Keep Your Fucking head up" "Clean you up a little, dirty fucking whore." Finally they reached a small clearing. Hannah dropped to the ground, totally exhausted. Jesse sat down on a rock for a smoke.

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The bitch lay on the ground crying, sobbing. Jesse ran his light over Hannah. He smiled watching her shaking body listening to her pathetic sobs. To Be Continued