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Chubby Hot Brunette Dress Tease
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There isn't one of you out there that hasn't fantasized about being able to use your mind to control individuals, your love life or just having some fun. In the past I had looked up the topic, which often took me to "brainwashing", but that topic for me. . brought a true negative vibe. So I researched it further. Part of my motivation was of course my young daughter who just turned 16. Any father out there knows, the wonderful body changes that take place as a young girl begins to grow up.

My daughter Bella was no exception, but taking after her mother, her breasts were still somewhat small, although they were almost perfect in shape. I have to admit, I had looked at them in the flesh, especially during the summer months, (having to wait until after she was asleep at night to do my viewing).

If you have ever tried it, depending upon the sleepwear. . pulling the fabric back and taking in the image of a new tittie, without her waking up was taking quite a risk. Talking her into wearing pajamas with buttons on the front turned out to be the best solution.

Thankfully she has always enjoyed sleeping on her back, which has made my sometimes nightly voyeuristic visits very productive. I have a wonderful 16 GB Data Stick, with a series of shots of her little breast development over the years. At first they were truly the size of beestings but gradually they have worked their way up to their current half lemon sized titties. But it is the nipples that have excited me the most.

Although embarrassing to her, when she is either cold or excited, and not wearing a bra those buds can grow to almost a ½" in size. Which brings us to today. My wife has decided to visit her sister in Georgia. Bella is an only child and as a result, sometimes there are differences of opinion as to how to raise our daughter. Boys have become a debatable topic and my wife is very strict on her beliefs; that there will be no dating until she gets into high school.

Of course Bella, who is a very attractive long blonde haired blue eyed beauty, wanted very badly to begin to play date with boys. She and I had a secret plan that she could have Ian over once her mom had left. And today was that day. But something else was going to happen today as well. I was going to practice what I was talking about in paragraph one above, that I have finally perfected. There would be no magic ring or hypnotism or other props that have been included in other stories.

No today I knew I could totally influence what was going to take place between my daughter and her new friend Ian. My wife Emily didn't know it, but Ian was older than my daughter.

Part of my motivation in this effort was to get inside his head and see what his motives were for going out, so to speak, with someone much younger than his group of friends. Ian had told his parents that he would be spending the afternoon at a friend's house watching football on television. They let him borrow their older car for that purpose and he was to arrive around noon for lunch with my daughter.

My plans began by "helping her" select what she was going to wear. She had no idea I was inside her thoughts as she looked through her closet for the "right" outfit to impress Ian. She had just gotten out of the shower and she was dressed in just a dainty bra and pair of bikini panties. As she looked at herself in the mirror on the door, I "helped" her decide that wearing a bra today, would be counterproductive.

Since this boy was almost a senior in high school, she would need to wear something that would grab his attention, immediately. As a result, she unhooked her bra in the front and put it in her underwear drawer.

She paused for a moment and looked at her bare titties as she was about to select some type of a top. This is when I decided to move into her thoughts. "Honey, I know you just got of the shower, so I will not come in.

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. . but I did some shopping last night and I bought a new top that you might want to consider wearing today on your date with Ian. Let me put it inside the door, and if you think it might work, go ahead and wear it," I said.

"Daddy. . it's not a date. . he is just going to come over and see me for a while. But thanks for the top. . I'll try it on and see if it might work. I can't believe your timing. . I was just about to select something from my closet." I quickly opened her door and placed the bag inside with the top in it.

I went back into the living room and began sensing her thoughts. Bella opened the bag and inside she found a girl's camisole white cotton undershirt tank tee top. She quickly took off the tags, and plastic covering and slipped it over her head and smoothed it out over her chest.

My thought to her was that it was perfect. She looked at herself in the mirror, noticed how her titties poked out the front of the thin fabric and after blushing about how her Mom would have thought it was inappropriate and watching her nipples become stiff, she knew her Daddy probably would let her wear it and decided this would be just right for today.

She debated upon a skirt or jeans, and elected to go with a short skirt that showed off her still tanned legs from laying out during the summer. It was about this time that I heard a car drive up in the driveway. I tried to sense what was in Ian's mind and what his attraction was to my daughter. After he put the car in park, he began to fantasize about her body, and how he longed to get his hands over those small tits and maybe persuading her to hold or rub his cock for him. I thought that was pretty typical, but then he thought about his younger sister at home and how Bella reminded him of her.

And then he smiled at how he had blackmailed her into only wearing her panties around the house when their parents were out. Oh yes, and the time he had her quickly lick his cock for him. Knowing those thoughts helped me plan what activities I was going to allow Bella and Ian do for my benefit and theirs. When I opened the door after he rang the bell, I welcomed him in. There was always those opening awkward moments meeting parents, but I was pushing the thought the I would be very cooperative in his efforts to seduce my daughter.

Bella came down stairs and we both began to get erections after looking over what she was wearing. The top I bought her could not have been more revealing and accompanying that was her short skirt that added to her truly foxy appearance. She also wore her sneakers and little white socks that covered her feet. Her hair was put up into two ponytails, brushed till it shined in the afternoon sun, but that wasn't all. There was something else.

Something subtle.

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It took me a few seconds to realize she was wearing just a trace of pale pink lipstick. As soon as they saw each other, I sent the message she should go over and kiss the boy. When their lips finally parted she looked up at him with sparkling eyes. "Ummmmm, I missed you." She said and kissed him again. He could taste a hint of strawberries from her lipstick.

I let go of the moment and they both were embarrassed at what just took place. "Daddy. . this is Ian. He goes to Central and we are going to hang out together today." I walked over and introduced myself, again forcing the thought that I was happy to have him over and whatever he wanted to do with my daughter, would be fine.

Ian elected to hug her so close for a few seconds she could hardly breathe. "I missed you too Bella. You look different today," he said backing away and focusing on her now two stiff nipples, poking out the front of her new top which I also inspected closely, allowing my cock to enjoy the show as well as it poked outwards in front of me.

I again placed thoughts in both of their minds. Ian picked her up and carried her the few steps to the couch. He sat down with her sitting crosswise on his lap, her left arm around his shoulder. On the cocktail table in front of the couch was a tray with two glasses of previously poured Cokes, laced with a couple of shots of run and a plate with some sandwiches I made on them.

"I fixed us a little treat," I mentioned. "Rather than taking time to fix lunch, I wanted you two to go ahead with your thoughts and get busy. Why don't you try some of the Coke though?

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I added a little flavoring that I think you will both learn to enjoy." Ian slid her off his lap and they talked for a few minutes while they polished off both the drinks and the sandwiches. I then replenished their glasses with more rum and Coke. Bella excused herself for a second and went to the first floor powder room. We both looked up to see her enter back in the room a few minutes later. Something looked different. Ian sat up and pushed back slightly as Bella plopped back down on his lap.

As soon as the heat of her body made contact with his bare legs, Ian knew it had been a mistake for him to wear those shorts. He also knew what was different about Bella. She had taken off her skirt, and now she was only wearing her camisole white cotton undershirt and matching white bikini panties. Everything else was left in the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a little peck on the lips. "Let's go sit on the recliner over there.

When you kick it back, it's got more room than this old couch," she said. Ian put one arm under her legs and the other around her back and stood up. He carried her, giggling, across the room and sat back down on the recliner. "Don't you want to fix it like you usually do?" Bella asked wiggling her ass against the lump growing in Ian's shorts. When she said, 'like you usually do' it would appear they had been together somewhere before.

"Fix what?" Ian asked, looking innocent. "Your thingy . your . " Could she really say that word to Ian? " Ah. . .your cock." She finally said, blushing a dark pink. "You usually fix it where it's pointing straight up." She finished, not meeting his eyes. "You don't miss much do you?" he said. Bella didn't answer. She just gave him a shy smile and blushed some more. Ian smiled back at her. "I guess maybe I'd better." She slid off his lap and watched closely while he changed the position of the long bulge from angling off to one side to pointing straight up, the end of it coming almost to the elastic waistband of his shorts.

The blush was almost gone and the shy smile had been replaced by one that looked quite different.

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He had obviously seen this smile on several other occasions. Usually just before she bumped things up a notch Ian thought to himself. Although his shaft was hidden under his shorts, I had to think one of the attractions she found in this older boy.

. .was the length of his cock. That was an exciting thought. Bella hiked up her T-shirt the same way she usually did her skirt and climbed back on his lap, her legs straddling his.

This made her panties very tight and her pubis much more visible under the silk material. They hugged her body snugly and when she spread her legs to put one on either side of his, Ian could see the bulge with a shallow groove down the middle made by the lips of her pussy.


"I want a back rub," she stated playfully as she sat her warm butt back down on his bare legs. Ian eased both hands under the loose fitting T-shirt and up and down her smooth, bare back a couple of times. Then he cupped a firm cheek of her ass in each hand and pulled her closer.

Bella leaned her head on his shoulder and purred softly into his ear as his hands caressed her back and the hard tube of his cock inside his shorts pressed into her crotch. I wondered how far I should let them go. I knew Ian was getting very aroused, and my daughter wasn't too far behind. The exciting part of all this, is that my close presence was not detected by them. Right now my sexy and beautiful young daughter was perched on top of him wearing nothing but a T-shirt and panties.

After a few minutes of her back rub, Bella's hips started a slow undulation to rub herself on Ian's cock. She raised her head off of his shoulder and leaned in to kiss him. Bella was a quick learner, so after just a couple of times she already knew exactly how to make the long, hard bulge in Ian's pants put just the right amount pressure on the little button at the top of her slit to send delicious tingles of pleasure through her young body. As she continued her playtime, her kisses were slowly becoming more impassioned, her hips starting to move a little quicker and her breath was getting shorter when things took an unexpected turn.

Ian had gone back to caressing her back and sides, letting Bella set the pace for her own pleasure. Now, when she had begun to get really worked up, as his hands slid softly up her sides he spread the thumbs on each hand. When his hands neared her shoulders his thumbs rubbed over the hard little cones of her small breasts. "AHHH!" Bella gasped. Her eyes flew open and she jammed her pussy even harder against him as she leaned back to look at him.

Ian slid his hands back down to her waist and then up again. "AHHH!" She gasped again when his thumbs flicked across her nipples. Her hips jerked involuntarily against him. "Is this OK?" Ian asked. What a polite young fella, huh? I knew what his ultimate goal was, so he was slowly working on his seduction. With her eyes wide and her face reflecting her pleasure, Bella only nodded.

Ian's fingers found her breasts again. His thumbs and forefingers gently squeezed and tugged at the little nubs. "AHHHHHHHH!!" Bella moaned and her hips ground even harder against him. MMmmmmmm . Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I knew Bella had just learned how to give herself orgasms and that talking to friends she learned they would get better with more practice. But she had never realized they meant EVERYTHING would get better.

Her moans became louder and more passionate as the sensations from her pussy combined with this unexpected pleasure radiating throughout her whole body from Ian's fingers on her breasts that brought her so close to orgasm. From what seemed like far away and through a haze, she could hear Ian speaking softly and lovingly to her.

"Cum for me good-looking! Let me see my precious little lover cum." Ohhhhhhhhh! Even his voice, especially these words he was using for the first time with her, increased the intensity of the jolts that shot through her inexperienced young body like heavenly little electrical shocks. She wanted the delectable feeling of orgasm she was learning to love but at the same time she wanted this to go on forever. Her inexperience won out and she leaned down and plastered her lips to his for one last passionate kiss just as her orgasm washed over her.

"Ummmmmm. .UMMMmmmm .UMMMMM . AGHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" She moaned into his mouth and her hips jerked uncontrollably a couple of times. Bella's body seemed to go completely boneless as she relaxed totally and laid her head on Ian's shoulder.

He could feel her hot breath on his neck. He removed his hands from where they had been toying with her nipples and resumed the soft caressing of her back. When her short, panting breaths slowed and started to become more normal Ian turned on the recliner and laid Bella down on her back on the couch. He disengaged her arms from around his neck and knelt beside the couch leaning over her.

It was time to see if she was going to be multi-orgasmic like he hoped or if once was going to be enough. Bella lay on her back with her knees raised and close together resting against the back of the couch. She complained slightly by trying to keep her arms around him and making little "Un Unnnnn" noises when he first moved but soon hushed when he started softly kissing her damp forehead, then her closed eyelids, nose and lips.

Now, instead of rubbing her back, Jim started to softly caress her warm, firm tummy under her new shirt. It only took a couple of minutes until she was making the soft purring sounds that indicated her pleasure at what she was feeling.

Ian put one hand on her knee and gently put pressure on it. Bella gave no resistance and let her outer knee fall over until it lay on the seat of the couch. She now lay in front of him with one leg propped on the back of the couch and the other on the seat.

Ian's hands began to take in more of her smooth body as they roamed from her tummy down to her thighs. He would trail his fingertips, barely touching her flesh from just below her panties almost to her knee and back again, up over her tummy and down the other leg, never actually touching between her legs. He wanted to tease her so when her breathing started to become audible again he kissed the tender area where her neck and shoulder joined.

He heard a, "Sssssssssssssssssss! Um hummmmmmmmmm." and felt her body start to move again. This time when his hand slid under her T-shirt it continued upward to gently rub over her breast again. Bella twisted her upper body trying to get more contact but by then his hand was gone again back down over her tummy, down her thigh, back up over her tummy to softly caress her other breast.

She lay with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open enjoying the feeling of Ian's hands on her. It only took a few minutes of this before her body was moving along with every stroke of his hand. Each time Ian's hand stroked upward he had pushed the hem of her T-shirt a little higher until now it was bunched just below her breasts. He put his hand on it and asked, "Is it OK if I pull this up some more?" Bella didn't open her eyes or answer. She just nodded her head "yes".

Ian pushed the T-shirt up and got his first look at the delicious goodies it had been hiding. Sure enough, her breasts were outstanding to look at. The young mounds were about the diameter of a large lemon but maybe, just maybe, a half-inch high. The nipples weren't quite as big as pencil erasers but looked even harder, at least for the moment. The most fabulous sight of all though were the aureoles.

A light, pinkish brown, they formed a little cone on top of each breast, a little more than a half inch wide at the base and almost as high. All in all, the most beautiful sight to ever grace his eyes. "You have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen." He whispered. My daughter still didn't open her eyes but that little smile came back to her lips. "Is it alright if I kiss them?" She opened her eyes now. She gave him one of those "Why on earth would you want to do something like that?" looks but only nodded her head again.

Bella closed her eyes again when Ian leaned down and softly kissed her lips. He caressed her tummy a few more times before he slid his hand slowly down and between her legs, giving her plenty of time to stop him if she wanted.

She didn't. He felt the crotch of her panties was soaking wet again. Through the tight fabric he could feel the groove that separated the lips of her pussy. He put a gentle pressure on her pussy, rotating his fingertips slightly, at the same time he moved down, put his mouth over one of those beautiful puffy nipples and flicked it with his tongue. "Ummmmm Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Bella gasped. Her eyes flew open in surprise and her whole body went rigid, bowing her back off the couch.

Ian stopped what he was doing and put another loving kiss on her partially open mouth. He smiled at the startled look on her face and gave her a wink. In the meantime, he moved his fingers to the top of her slit where he knew her clit had to be hiding under those wet panties. When his mouth moved back down to nibble her other budding breast he applied a soft pressure with his fingertip and flicked it from side to side.

Bella exploded in orgasm as soon as his mouth and finger touched her most sensitive parts. Her body went rigid again as she wrapped her arms around his neck in a death grip, holding his mouth against her breast while she moaned and bucked her hips against his hand. As she started to calm down a little, her small hand reached down and grabbed his wrist pulling it upward. "Oops, must have gone too far that time," said Jim. The thought was fleeting though because instead of wanting him to quit she pushed his hand inside her panties.

"Please don't stop," she said in a small voice. It would have been very easy for me to just have this guy, ram his cock into that opening, but I wanted her to feel what it was like to be made love to. . and what he was doing was what I wanted to happen. Almost as if it were me using my hands. Ian's cock lurched and pre-cum oozed steadily from the tip causing a stain to appear on the front of his shorts when his hand slid down over the incredibly smooth, soft flesh of her mound and on down until his fingertips encountered her bare pussy for the first time.

His first thought was to take these obstructing panties off so he could see what his fingers were feeling. But if Bella had wanted them off, he had no doubt she would have let him know it, so he contented himself with exploring her with his fingers. "Oh Yes!!" Ian said under his breath when his middle finger slipped between the juicy, wet lips and came into contact with her virgin opening.

There was a quick intake of breath from Bella and a little gush of warm fluid bathed the tip of his finger when she felt it rub over her hole but she remained very still, careful not to move while his finger made her feel things totally new and wonderful.

"Should I try sliding the finger inside her? NO! Just play with her clit today; don't rush things, Ian thought." He moved his finger up and down between the slick lips several times getting it good and wet. Ian felt light headed and the temptation grew to put his finger up inside her each time it came into contact with the small opening that seemed to produce an unending flow of warm juice. Then his nostrils caught a whiff of the same aroma he had smelled on her panties earlier and his temptation shifted focus from feeling this fabulous little pussy to tasting it.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Calm down boy." He thought. "Take your time. Let her show you when she's ready." Ian ran his finger around the little hole once more before he moved it up to find a small, but very erect, little bud at the top of her slit. His fingertip began making small circular motions on the little button while his mouth and tongue went back to teasing her breasts. Bella had kind of wanted him to push his finger inside her.

For some reason she didn't understand yet her body seemed to be urging her to put something inside the tingling and throbbing hole down there between her legs, but she was also a little bit afraid. She had tried it with her own finger but found something obstructing its passage. Being the adventurous, little girl she was, she had pushed it in anyway and felt a sharp sting when it slid deeper inside. That was as far as her explorations had taken her so far.

Ian 's finger was bigger than hers and she was feeling too wonderful right now to take a chance on something hurting and spoiling it. Ian 's finger on her clit was causing the usually nice and pleasurable little jolts that flowed through her body to become almost unbearably wonderful.

Almost, but not quite! This was nothing at all like what she felt alone in her own bed with her own finger. This was something altogether new and she abandoned herself completely to it.

She knew she could trust Ian so she just lay back and let him transport her to where she had never been before. Bella's passion built quickly toward a third orgasm. Ian 's lips and tongue on her tiny, but unexpectedly sensitive nipples, was an almost constant source of stimulation as he moved lovingly from one to the other.

Her hips jerked each time his finger put pressure on her clit sending exquisitely delicious pleasure coursing all through her young body. There were no little purring sounds now. Her breathing quickened and there was a short moan each time she exhaled.

As she writhed around on the couch the first contact of her hand on his cock was undoubtedly accidental. The next one definitely was not. When the back of her hand brushed against the hard length of him she groaned slightly and wrapped her hand tightly around him.

She held him like that, her grip tightening as her passion grew. "Ohhhhhh Ian.Ohhhhhh .Iannnnnnnnnnn, that . feels soooo .


goood!" She said between labored breaths. "You're . making me . do it . AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!" Her back arched off the couch and her mouth flew open like she was going to scream but only a soft "unnnggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" escaped her lips as the strongest orgasm to date in her young life held her in it's throes for what seemed like an eternity to Ian. In reality it was only about ten seconds before she slumped back down on the couch, breathing hard.

This was enough for one day Ian decided and took his hand out of her panties. He looked down at those delightful, small breasts once more before tugging her T-shirt down to cover them. He noticed the right one was a bit red from where he had sucked it, maybe too hard, while she was cumming. He would have to be more careful. Ian smoothed out her damp hair and kissed her forehead.

Ashley wrapped one arm around his neck and with the other hand grabbed his shirt and pulled until he finally got the message she wanted him on the couch with her. When he lay down beside her and put his arm around her she tucked her arms in close between them and snuggled against his chest, the top of her head just under his chin.

After about five minutes of lying quietly like this Ian had begun to think Bella had gone to sleep. He was wrong. She had just been recuperating her energy and thinking. One cum while she rubbed her pussy on Jim's cock had been wonderful, but three? And one after the other like that; she hadn't known that was possible.

She couldn't imagine anything feeling better than her last cum. It had left her totally drained but her body kept telling her something was still missing. That urge to have something inside her was getting stronger. Without moving, Bella asked in a small voice, "Did you cum that time?" She was suddenly shy again.

How much did this girl know about boys, I thought.

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This was going to get interesting to watch I thought, looking over them. "Not this time." "Your pants are all wet." she said with a giggle. "Boys make a lubricating fluid just like girls do," Ian explained. "Some girls don't produce as much as others and it helps the guy when he goes inside her.

You got me so excited it was leaking out almost in a stream." He concluded with a short laugh. Bella shivered all over, in both anticipation and fear, at the thought of that long, hard thing she had been holding going inside her tiny, little hole. The fact that she excited Ian that much made her still tingling pussy gush again.

Bella leaned back enough so she could slide her hand down between them. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, which had gone down only slightly and now immediately started to grow back to full erection.

"Can I see it squirt today?" I couldn't wait for his reaction to what she was proposing. Would it be across her face, I wondered. Let's let the boy decide. "If that's what you want." Bella almost pushed him off the couch in her eagerness. Ian knelt in front of her and started to push the waistband of his shorts down.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" he asked one last time. She just nodded her head, never taking her eyes from the spot where the end of his cock was just barely covered by his shorts. Ian pulled the bottom of his shirt up so it wouldn't be in the way and then began pushing his shorts down again. Bella's eyes widened when the head of his cock came into view and got progressively wider as more of the hard shaft and finally his balls was exposed.

Ian smiled at the look on her face as she took in what was, assuredly, the first hard cock she had ever seen. If it had been a few inches longer he believed her eyebrows would have been stretched all the way on top of her head.

"Wow. . that's really long," Bella breathed as she stared at the hard shaft that pointed straight upward, reaching almost to Ian 's naval. The only real penis she had ever seen had been a friend's little brother's when they changed his diapers several years ago.

That one had been smaller than her little finger. She knew this one was big from feeling it but she had never expected anything like this!!

She winced involuntarily at the thought of what that thing would do to her pussy but she reached out tentatively with one hand and wrapped her fingers around it. Ian groaned at the first touch of her hand on his bare cock.

"It feels weird," she said. "All hard inside but soft on the outside and it's so warm. Are they all this big?" "Some are, some aren't. And some," he said almost seductively "are a lot bigger." "Shit," Bella made a disbelieving little snort. "How do you make it squirt?" Ian had been on the edge for a while now. "It's gonna do it all by itself if you keep squeezing it. Do you want to do it or do you want me to?" Bella giggled and jerked her hand back.

"You do it so I can see how you like it. That way I can do it for you next time." Ian groaned again and slowly started to stroke his rigid shaft. A big glob of pre-cum dribbled out of the tip with his first stroke and dripped down onto the edge of the couch.

"Where is it going to squirt?" Bella asked. "All over the place it feels like," Ian said. Bella pulled her T-shirt up to her chin, baring her young breasts again. "Squirt it on me." That was all it took.

Ian groaned and before he could get it aimed right, the first shot went completely over Bella and hit the back of the couch. The second two ropes of cumhit her chest, one of them almost completely covering one puffy aureole, the third made it to her upper arm and the rest just dribbled down over his fingers. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww! It's hot." Bella said in surprise. Her eyes wide again in wonder at this next totally new experience of watching the semen come flying out of his cock to land all over her chest.

"Unnnn Hummmmmm." Was all Ian could say at the moment. That orgasm had felt like it was taking his insides with it he had been so aroused. Now looking at Bella lying there with his cum all over her was making his cock try to get hard again with minimal results.

It felt good but he was spent for the present.

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Bella put one dainty fingertip in the blob of cum on her arm, then rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger. "It's slippery," she said and her hand went to the small breast that had been hit by his second spurt. Her thumb and forefinger teased and twisted the aureole and nipple for several seconds feeling the slippery goo.

Somewhere in those few moments Ian saw that she had gone from experimenting with the feel and texture of his semen to pleasuring herself again. He sat back and watched the girl rub and soon pinch her nipples, now lubricated with his cum. Although he could not believe it, his shaft began to grow as he watched her get aroused. With my help, her nipples were now almost like stiff bullets on her chest. As she pinched and pulled on one bud, she dropped her hand down in between her legs and with her middle finger began to manipulate her clit, just like the boy had done earlier.

And now for the surprise of the afternoon. "I am still horny Ian. . and I know you are spent for now. . but I really want to learn how to suck a boy's cock. Has any girl done that for you before?" "Uh huh," he said, but I sensed he didn't want to tell her it was his sister.

"Do you think you could show me how to do it. . if I found a big, long cock. . right now?" she asked. Where was this going I thought. . and how was this even possible? "Sure.

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. . it's kinda like when I jack off at home in my room. . except instead of using my hand. . I will use your lips, tongue and mouth to bring it off." "When you finally get to that point where you know it is going to come out, do you usually let the girl know about it," she asked, mildly concerned but still wiggling her finger inside her pussy. "Sometimes. But I have found a bunch of girls, really love the feeling of the cock kinda quivering in their mouth.

. and then as the cum drives up from their balls and they fuck the girls face. . when it shoots out, it's almost like them having an orgasm too. Why. . do you want me to teach you?" "Yup, and I want to learn using my Daddy's cock. I have wanted to see it up close and. . BIG. . lots of times, and I am sure since he has been watching us, it won't take too long. What do you want me to do?" she asked. "Okay if you really want to know, start by going over to him, unbuckling his pants and letting them fall to the floor." Almost like a dream, my little girl and her new boyfriend surround me and still naked, she kneels in front of me.

She slowly undoes my pants, unzips the zipper and leisurely pulls down the sides to the floor. Looking back up she seems somewhat shocked because I had elected to not wear any underwear and as a result, my VERY stiff cock was now playfully bouncing right in front of her face. "Wow. . I didn't expect to see it so quickly," said Bella, inspecting my fully erect cock.

"So what do I do next?" she asked Ian. "You still have a bunch of my cum all over your titties and front. Scoop some of it and rub it all over his cock," said Ian watching Bella follow his instructions as she begins to almost paint my cock with Ian's cum. Minutes later, my cock is all shiny with his cum. "Now, here are the steps to a class one blow job: 1) Wrap your hand around his cock at the base, and begin to slowly squeeze and at the same time move your hand up and down.

For now, don't go as high as his purple cock head, or he might shoot off early." I couldn't believe how well he knew my current state of arousal. Young Bella was on her knees and staring at my cock as she began to wank my rod.

She began to moan as I had reached out and cupped her titties and begun to pinch her stiff nipples "Two. . very gently cup his balls and move them around in your fingers. This is where the hot cum is stored, and you want to get it ready for blast off." Bella continued to jerk on my cock and at the same time with her other hand softly rub my balls.

"Good. . now. . stick out your tongue and begin to bath his cock head with your spit, but keep wanking up and down on his slippery cock. Looking great," he said as Ian sat down on the couch in front of me and my daughter. As I looked down I noted that he had his own cock in his hand and he was trying to reignite it as he watched.

"Very good. . you have the tip all slippery with your spit and now it's time to open your mouth and make an "O" with your lips, making sure to cover your teeth with them." We both watched the girl, get ready as the slippery "O" appeared.

"Now, depending upon how recent the guy has shot off, when you complete the next step, he could shoot hot cum right into your mouth within seconds, so you want to be ready for that to happen. Raise up a bit on your knees and slip those pink lips of yours, still pulled back. . over the tip of his cock, and let it go into your mouth a couple of inches. As you do this, apply pressure with your lips and begin to move your head up and down over his cock. This is where the term sucking cock comes from.

He will absolutely love it, if you suck on it like sucking on a straw. Don't forget to keep moving your hand up and down because that helps bring his hot cum up and into your mouth.

So go ahead and practice." Both Ian and I stared down at my daughter, who for the very first time. . was sucking a cock. For it to be mine was especially stimulating. Unfortunately, her teacher taught her too well and in less than a minute I felt my cum rising up the length of my cock. "It's gonna shoot, Bella. . so either get ready to swallow very fast or keep jerking your hand and watch it shoot out all over your face or aim it at your titties if you want." As soon as I had said that, my cock blew its first load.

A teaspoon or so landed in her mouth, but as she pulled it out and backed away, the force of the next several shots of cum where legendary and the first one went four feet in the air followed by a second one that splashed across her face. Since I had not ejaculated in days, the fire hydrant of cum continued to stream and with her guidance, it now shot all over her titties.

I was just about finished when I realized there was a second stream of cum shooting exclusively on her face. Ian had been so aroused by watching his girlfriend suck cock that it was his turn to bath my daughter, once again in his hot juices.

For the next three-five minutes or so, teaspoon after teaspoon of our combined cum drenched my daughter from her tight little pussy to all over her hair. She finally let go and leaned back with our combined deposits almost entirely covering her body. "Now that was simply awesome," she whispered.

"I can't wait for our next date Ian."