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Slurping a giant and horny male rod hardcore blowjob
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**Re-Uploaded just as before, no changes at all besides a few words and the title for the site's sake.** **This takes place BEFORE the Stepsister chapter.** --- Welcome to a new section of Tale of 2 Nerds - School Days! Since I had no new ideas for sexual situations (and since the two are teenagers, after all,) I figured that at some point, they would eventually have to go back to school.

The next few chapters might be school, or possibly not - I don't know yet. Instead of just giving chapter numbers, I'll start giving them names from now on. I like that more. Since a comment in one of the past chapters made a good point, there's something I need to tell you, readers. Although it's very bad of me make you wait so long, I do need to tell you what the characters look like.

Originally, my idea was to just let you use your imagination, but I know some people don't like doing that all that much. Jeremy is somewhat tall, with dark brown hair. His glasses are black and not too thick. As for his clothing, that's something you can picture yourself unless I say something. His eyes are green. As for his man junk, that's up to your filthy minds to decide. Julie's hair is the same color as Jeremy's, and it goes down her back, ending slightly above her ass.

Her eyes are blue, and her chest is a C-cup, as for specific size, you can picture that yourself. I know before I said she had big-B or small-C, but I changed it I guess.

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Her glasses are black as well and a bit thicker than Jeremy's She really has the nerd look. I know I should've said this back in chapter one, but like I said, I assumed people would just imagine.

I hope this helps out, and so you'll know, I've considered giving Julie a few changes in the future, but I'm not sure when (or if) that will happen. This one has no sex at all, the worst you'll get here is making out. Trust me, sex in this one would be a bit awkward, but this hasn't lost it's perverted roots - The two will be screwing again shortly.

I understand if the lack of sex pisses some off, but this is erotic literature, not a total sex story. I'm allowed to have chapters without sex. - - - "Good morning, brother." Julie barged into my room as she usually did, talking way too cheerfully for someone who had to wake up this early. I neglected to mention that the past events with her had happened during summer vacation, and today was the day most people my age feared School was starting up again.

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This was our senior year in high school, so at least it's only one more year of this shit. "Come on, get your lazy ass up or we'll miss the bus." Julie said, kicking my bed.

I didn't move, although her entrance woke me up. "Don't care. School sucks. Sleep time." I muttered, turning around and snuggling against my pillow. Doesn't your bed always feel the coziest whenever you're forced to leave it? "Get up or I'll make you get up." Julie commanded. I smirked at this, giving her a sly look She stepped back a little, realizing how she sounded.

"I didn't mean that kind of get up, you fucking pervert! Come on, we only have twenty minutes!" With that, she left my room, slamming the door behind her. "Goddamn it …" I yawned, sitting up and stretching my arms. I wasn't a fan of school, but at this age, who was? Just because I seemed nerdy didn't mean I'd bust a nut every time someone mentioned the Math Club. As a matter of fact, I didn't join it or any after-school crap. I have more important things to do, like sit on my ass all evening.

After putting on a pair of jeans, I walked over to my closet and started looking through shirts I had got a few new ones, and for some reason, even for guys, it seemed like on the first day of a new school year, it kind of mattered as to what you wore. I decided on a black shirt with the Mario mushroom on it, and quickly made my way downstairs, grabbing my book bag and following Julie, who was just beginning to step outside.

She turned, motioning for me to hurry up. She had on blue jeans and a purple hoodie with a black Hello Kitty on the front of it. For some reason, her breasts stuck out a little, which was odd since any kind of coat usually hid them completely. I guess this one wasn't as baggy as it used to be. She had her long hair in a ponytail ending halfway down her back.

Luckily enough, we got outside just as the bus pulled up. Most people in our grade drove to school every morning, but neither of us had a car, and Mom had to use hers to get to work. I plopped down in a random seat, expecting a quiet ride to hell in the form of a government establishment Instead, I got a rather odd surprise. Julie plopped down right next to me, rubbing against my shoulder. "… What are you doing?" I asked, looking at her. She looked confused, looking as though this was an everyday thing, which it actually was But during the summer only.

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This would be our first (and possibly only) school year of having a relationship. "I'm sleepy, can't I rest on you?" She smiled at me, slowly closing her eyes. Looking around, I saw that quite a few people were staring at us. Usually, Julie sat in the back with a few friends and I sat somewhere in the middle with my Mp3 player. Besides that, we never really hung out together at school that much, only when we were in the same class, which was rare. I didn't bother trying to explain what was going on now; I knew people would believe whatever they wanted anyway.


I sighed, looking at the sleeping girl's head on my shoulder. "This is gonna be a long day …" I muttered. After the bus arrived and everyone headed inside, class schedules were passed out, and we all headed for our homerooms.

I had no idea what Julie was doing this year, as we usually didn't discuss it until we got home after the first day. Just as I turned down the hallway leading to my homeroom, I felt someone grab my hand I turned, seeing Julie giving me a grin.

"You're holding my hand in a hallway full of people we know." I said, looking at her. "Do you really want your friends knowing?" Julie's grin didn't leave when I asked this. "We're in love, big brother." She replied.

I wasn't the older one, and neither was she, so I have no idea what made her call me that, but it was extremely cute for some odd reason. I blushed, forgetting that we were holding hands until one of my friends popped up behind me. "Jeremy! What's going on dude?" It was my friend David. "What are you doing this year?" He paused, seeing Julie's grip on my hand. "… What's Julie doing to you?" He asked.

Julie smiled at him. "G'morning, nitwit." Julie wasn't really a fan of David She thought he was an idiot. "I'm just giving the love of my life a little goodbye before we have to part for so long …" She added a dramatic tone to those last few words. David looked a little disturbed, and I didn't blame him.

"… Jeremy, what the fuck is she talkin' about?" He asked me. I was silent; my face completely red - I don't think I'd ever been more embarrassed than I was at that moment. Julie saw this, giving me a sly grin as she pulled me close, pressing her lips to mine and kissing me deeply.

David's eyes got wide as he saw the kiss end. "Dude, you're boning your sister now?" "That's right, you little dipshit. Jeremy and I are together now; you got a problem with it?" Julie clenched her fist, glaring at David. Although David was a somewhat big guy, he knew Julie could kick his ass with one hand tied behind her back.

He quickly shook his head. "Nah, I'm good … I'll see ya later, Jeremy." With that, David made his way down the hall, heading into a room on the left side. I glared at Julie, now very pissed off. "What the fuck was that?!" I asked. She stuck her tongue out, winking at me. "You actually want people to know about this?

We could lose all of our friends!" "I don't really care if you lose those fucktards you hang out with, and if my friends don't approve, they can go fuck themselves." Julie replied, kissing my cheek.

"I just can't wait to see Allen's face when he finds out …" Allen was her ex-boyfriend, the guy she had broken up with shortly before she and I became a "couple." "So you're using me as a way to get revenge?" I asked.

She shook her head, trying to play innocent. "Of course not, Jeremy … I love you." She said, giving me the best puppy-dog eyes she could. Deep down, I knew she'd never use me for something like that, and as usual, that look worked. "… Let me leave, we're gonna be late for Homeroom." I said, trying to get around her Instead, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the doorway behind us.

Don't tell me we have homeroom together this year … "Surprise …" She said, leaning in and whispering into my ear. "I had mine changed at the last minute." I didn't know what to say I couldn't say anything and risk someone hearing me. Lucky for her (and unlucky for me,) we didn't have assigned seats (we weren't kids, after all,) so it didn't take her long at all to sit next to me and push her desk as close as possible.

"Aren't you taking this a little far?" I asked, talking as low as I could. Secrecy apparently wasn't an issue with her, as she didn't attempt to hide her voice at all. "Nah, I gotta make sure no one goes after my big brother." She said, snuggling against my shoulder.

I sighed, looking around the room; we were in the back, out of sight of practically everyone, which was probably a good thing in this case. Shortly after this, the teacher came in and took attendance, gave us the "welcome back" speech, and all that crap.

The bell rang, and the room emptied. My first class of the morning was Science. The teacher was a laid-back kinda guy, so I knew this wouldn't be that boring, at least that's what I'd heard.

After dodging random people and making my way down two or three more halls, I made my way into the room. I didn't see anyone yet, which meant I had my pick of the seats Awesome. I grabbed one in the back, placing my binder down in front of me. "Hey there, Loverboy." … Son of a bitch.

I turned around, seeing that Julie had somehow appeared behind me. "What the hell are you doing here? Don't tell me you changed all of your classes too!" I said. "Of course not, I'd never do something like that … Okay yeah, I did." She replied, trying to look innocent again. She winked at me, kissing my cheek as she sat down next to me.

Shouldn't I be enjoying this? I mean, didn't I want all of this attention way back when this whole thing started? When more people came in, they didn't really pay any mind to the two of us Something that wouldn't last long. Apparently, David decided to run his trap and tell someone what he saw. I didn't hear very much, but the words "incest" and "fucking freaks" were definitely mumbled among the people around us. "Okay people, I don't really feel like doing much shit today.

I'm tired." The teacher entered the room, giving us all a nod. "All we're gonna do today is I'm giving you your books, and then we're gonna do something that I don't usually do." We all had to step forward and grab a textbook, which didn't take long at all. As the last person sat down, the teacher stood from his desk. "What I meant before was that usually when we do group stuff, I'd let you guys pick whoever you wanted to work with.

But for some reason this pissed some teachers off so I've been told to assign someone in the beginning of the year. I don't care who you pick, as long as you work and get along. I'm not putting up with your bullshit." He said.

"You start." He pointed to the guy in front of him, which happened to be David Small world, ain't it? "I think I'll go with Jeremy." He said, turning to point at me.

Just as the teacher was about to write that down, something interrupted him, or shall I say someone. "You might wanna re-think that one, dipstick." Julie stood up, pointing at David and giving him a very menacing glare. "Jeremy's already spoken for." Dear God, why the hell was Julie being this embarrassing; this wasn't like her at all. She usually didn't give a fuck what I did, why was she being so controlling?! It was cute at first, but now it's getting kind of annoying She's getting clingy and obsessive now.


There's not much I can do If I protest now, I'll have to put up with it at home. I mouthed "I'm sorry" to David, who nodded at me, understanding it. "Okay … I suppose 'boy in the back' is working with 'pissed-off girl in the back.'" The teacher said, writing something down in the book he held. "I'm sure it'll be a fascinating partnership." Julie looked content with this, nuzzling my shoulder. Once again, mumbles of conversation occurred between the people around us, now full of "weirdos" and "that's messed up!" I don't need to say much around the next class, as you could probably guess Julie had it with me too, and made sure to sit as close to me as possible.

At least I knew Math would keep her occupied; she was nerdy in the actual sense She loved working out hard equations. Lunch time, however, was a different story entirely. Not a good one, either. I never ate lunch from school, as it sickened me - I always had a lunchbox, and so did Julie.

She sat next to me at a round table This was normal, as sometimes we would eat together when other tables were full. I took this time to figure out what the hell her major malfunction was. "I told you, I just wanted to make sure no one else takes you." Julie said between gulps of food, giving me a smile. "Is that so bad?" "Not really." I replied as I ate as well.

"But you're getting embarrassing, and you're freaking out both my friends and yours. People know we're together now, and thanks to you bragging to David, they know we're incest too. You know how fucked up and awkward this year is gonna be?" I said, looking at her. "What the hell's the problem? If someone doesn't like it, that's their own fault." She said, putting her sandwich down and looking at me a bit more serious now.

"I love you, Jeremy. I don't care who knows, and I don't care what others think. Nothing will ever change between us." "I … I guess, okay." I blushed, taking a sip from my soda can. "I mean, I love you too and all …" Julie smiled at this. "So, here's the fucking incest freaks." We both looked up, seeing Allen Like I said, this is Julie's ex-boyfriend.

He seemed to have gotten a lot bigger and a bit buff during the summer. This could be bad. "What do you want, asshole?" Julie asked, glaring at him. Allen laughed, flicking her on the nose. "I heard you're fuckin' your brother now, I didn't think you'd drop that low. I figured you'd be wantin' these guns back, I know Mandy loves 'em." He said, snickering at his own words.

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Prick. "I don't give a shit what your slut of a girlfriend wants." Julie said, throwing a cube of Jell-O at him, hitting him in the eye. "I have someone that I'm perfectly happy with." Allen put his hand to his eye, rubbing it a little.

"That stung, bitch!" He said, looking at her. He glared at us both for a moment before walking off without saying another word. Julie and I exchanged glances, closing our lunchboxes and making our way out of the lunchroom. "We're so fucking dead." I said, looking at her. She shook her head.

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"He won't do anything, the little pussy." She said. "He's on the football team now because he got buff, but according to my friend Samantha, he's on steroids because he sucks at sports." I sighed, leaning against the wall. We were outside the building now, back where we couldn't be seen. Julie walked close to me, leaning in and kissing my lips for a few seconds, rubbing against me.

I accepted the kiss, our tongues meeting and rubbing together. After a minute or so, we parted, smiling at each other.

"Wanna do it?" She smirked, sticking her tongue out. "We're at school, genius." I said, flicking her forehead. "I'd rather not get expelled." She winked at me. "At home, then?" She asked, moving closer once again. "Of course." I said, the two of us kissing once more. The day went pretty much normal after this, besides the fact that Julie actually was in every one of my classes. She didn't really have any more outbursts … At least, not on that day.

We've had a lot of weird 'adventures' at school, but those will be told another day.


- - - That, and I'm short on ideas now. I apologize for the lack of sex. I know the ending was way too soon and horrible, but see it as a possible arc of sorts Every once in a while, the two might be at school. As for having sex at school It just might happen, I don't know yet. No, Jeremy's friend will not join in, and no, Julie's friends will not join in. Only the two of them will have sex with one another, so don't bother suggesting it.

I think school was a nice change of pace, and I believe you'll like what's to come.