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Bu cat cho ck iu
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He doesn't care where they come from or who they were. They drop off a male body, and the client's order with half of the agreed sum in silver bars.

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Then the doctor gets to work, no names, no questions. The doctor was excited; it had been a while since he had a surgery this challenging. Despite the small room the doctor had to work with, the equipment in the room was easily worth more than the entire apartment complex the makeshift operation room was held in. The doctor looked for non-existing seams on the final piece of the artificial skin on her forehead.

This was one of the more unique type of skins used, a type of organic flesh colored silicon, giving the look and feel of a doll.

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This type of skin supported twice the amount of nerve endings of normal human skin. Under the skin, there were extra sebaceous glands to secrete oil onto the skin when pheromones are picked up to provide an oiled latex look for extra sex appeal.

All of the patient's skin had been painstakingly replaced section by section, as removing all of it at once would prove to be fatal. Her closed eyes twinkled like the night sky, the doctor's hands brushed against her painted eyelids, the dark, cosmic silver undisturbed from his touch.

He had blended the powder of various metals and alloys into the delicate skin of the eyelids until the color was just right. His fingers stroked her black, feathery eyelashes, naturally full and curved as if mascara had just been applied. The doctor gently forced an eye open, revealing a shimmering, emerald blue iris.


He allowed himself to admire his work before inspecting the ebony lines tattooed around the edges of her eye. His fingers followed the shape of the feminine face to her delicious red lips.

The doctor's blue latex glove met with her rubber lips, always plump, always glossy, its scarlet hue unyielding. Everything was permanent, good. [img]http://cs10950.userapi.com/u4926666/91896979/z_27780ef2.jpg[/img] The doctor moved to the breasts to examine their progress. He massaged the DD sized breast, working his way from the firm elastic breast to the pink nipple he spent days crafting.

He touched the growing nipple gently, admiring just how much was going on underneath the hypersensitive clump of artificial flesh. The doctor's call of duty was sensitive breasts, but he liked to push himself further. He especially liked the orders where there were no upper limits for him; he could truly express his creativity applying a mix of science and art.

This was one of those orders.

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He pinched the grippy nipples as the remainder of his fingers felt the modified milk glands inside her breasts. The doctor was pleased that the nipple was solid and addictive to play with, but he still was still not satisfied. The replacement of all the milk glands with Skene's allowed her to cum through her breasts. The doctor felt a slight throbbing in between his fingers, and knew that he had succeeded. The nipple ejected cum, soiling the doctor's blue surgical gloves.

The doctor had a triumphant smile knowing that the weeks of messy nerve rewiring had paid off. Though she had lost the ability to breastfeed, her breasts had the potential to create more cum than a normal vagina on an average woman. Her breasts were wired to produce cum indefinitely in the replaced milk glands, signals imitating the ones sent after childbirth. The cum would likely swell her breasts to an E cup before spilling from her nipples.

From the doctor's calculations, she would have to make her breasts cum every day or so to prevent an overflow. The doctor cleaned the spillage around her breast, and to his pleasant surprise had to clean the second untouched nipple as well. The doctor scribbled with excitement in his notes before continuing his examination. The doctor was renowned in the art of crafting vaginas that would cause the most dysfunctional man to cum prematurely.

But what the doctor was about to make even impressed himself, despite all of the breathtaking pieces he had created before. Rumour has it that one of his pieces has been known to cause blackouts and possible cardiac arrest should the user have a weak heart.

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The woman disappeared shortly afterwards, though there had been an increasing amounts of powerful figures succumbing to heart attacks. The skin for the vagina was the sum of his experiments with hypersensitive skin, optimized through years of extermination on hundreds of specimens. The doctor had found the optimal zone in between pain and pleasure. Everything in her new sex had been expertly crafted by the doctor, save the ovaries; she would only become pregnant only if her master desired it.

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She would have periods, and could even grow a baby inside her womb should a fertilized egg be inserted within her. Her vagina looks perfectly normal on the outside, but the inside was the doctor's Sistine chapel. He was very gifted in his art, but after so many years of innovation, he was left with little room to improve. This order had him flustered as he could easily implement one of the many designs which has made him famous, but they were old and stale to him.

He was going to implement a lot of the perfected classic designs, but he needed something new to make this one unique. It was rare that he was allowed to freely create, and he did not wish to waste this opportunity by photocopying his previous pieces.

The doctor wondered if he was if he was losing his creative spark, or if he was just getting old or maybe both. He was desperate, but he couldn't do anything but feel helpless flipping through late night TV shows on his couch. That was until the shark week special gave him the inspiration he needed. He would make multiple g-spots in the shape of a shark's gills out of cartilage, ten total, five on each side of the vaginal wall. The doctor beamed while he attacked his notepad.

They were to extend outwards when blood fills the vagina, pointing downwards towards the opening. They were to bring extreme pleasure to the user, and possibly cause a meltdown in mind of the vagina's owner.

The doctor brought himself back to the task at hand, his fingers spread her moist labia. The doctor breached her modified hymen, made to grow back within twelve hours. He swirled his fingers around the area just before the array of g-spots, the brain activity monitor rapidly scaled out to accommodate the huge spikes it had to display.

The doctor became excited as he continued to his masterpiece, he could feel the Gills (named for G-spot gills) erect. The doctor continued to push, until the Gill inversed, point into her womb, causing her unconscious body to instantly come to an orgasm. He continued his finger through the remaining four sets of gills, the new brain activity levels made the previous look like a flat line. If the doctor didn't apply the anesthetic himself, he would not have believed that this girl was under from the way she was convulsing from the intense orgasm.

The doctor removed his finger swiftly, causing all of the Gills to revert to their original position, the sudden removal of his digits stimulated all the Gills, causing another eruption of fluids. Her body stayed in a strained arch for several seconds twitching, before slowly lowering back onto the steel table.

The tightness and the way the gills held onto his finger turned the doctor on, he could only imagine how a penis would just melt inside his masterpiece.

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The doctor was tempted to give it a test run, to satisfy his raging manhood, but this was the hardest part of his job. Even though he knew the hymen would grow back, and there was no evidence, he had to remain a professional.


He had always thought of making one for himself, but he realized that he would continuously discard them when he came up with new techniques for his art. The doctor sighed at his predicament, and went on to test her clitoris.

The sixteen thousand nerve endings in her clitoris were expertly coiled and weaved amplifying sensations to inconceivable levels. The doctor pressed on her clitoris like an elevator button, turning her aftershocks into another full blown orgasm. The doctor was pleased.

Regretfully, the doctor's examination was coming to an end. He began the preparations for her recovery. The doctor inserted a shiny black latex catheter, into the newly formed urine duct. He knew that she will be kept under until she was completely healed. The latex tube hung out of her vagina like a slim tail.

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The doctor picked up the tube inflated the balloon inside her bladder with a special tool, securing the catheter until he decides to release it. The doctor pulled the red latex outlet plug from the end of the tube, and attached the catheter to a tube leading to a urine bag. The doctor unpacked the fresh pink lingerie; the seductive sound of sliding the thin panties up her soft legs aroused the doctor beyond the limits of a normal man.

The catheter came out from the side of the pink panties. Next, he took the bra, wrapping it around her unconscious body, tucking heavy breasts into its cups was always a pleasure for the doctor. He took her hands, with a silver manicure, placing them over her pierced navel- a subtle tracking device, anchored to her womb; removal would prove quite painful.

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Finally, he slipped her dainty feet into a pair of platform heels. Perfect. [img]http://cs421125.userapi.com/v421125666/bbc/u3FaOPwYF0I.jpg[/img] The doctor turned off the lights, but did not leave the room. He admired the outline of her face that he crafted for her.

The curves, long slender legsher ample bust, his prefect gifts to her. The doctor had not felt a connection like this to his creations for a long time now. He went up to her and kissed her on the cheek in the dark. He made sure the full body mirror positioned correctly next to the bed, he wanted his patient to admire his work when she awoke. "Sleep tight, my daughter."