Real german fuck orgy with sexy susi

Real german fuck orgy with sexy susi
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After years with a guy that could not satisfy my needs I was so horny that all I could think about is sex. I have a rampent rabbit witch gets used a lot but still not as good as a man. I was in collage one day and a new kid turned up and oh my god I was so wet and horny just from looking at him.

He was perfect blue eyes long blond hair and muscles to die for. For my delight he knew because he sat next to me and said hi you ok. All I could mumble was um yer sure. He put his hand on my leg and started to stoke my leg under my skirt. I was so trying not to moan but it was hard. He put my hand to his huge erect penis.

We were in the middle of class and all I wanted to do was fuck him right there and then. He slid his fingers to my pussy and started to rub.


It was not long before I cum and the teacher looked and us and sent us out for desterbing the class. I did not care we were in the hallway and he pushed me to my knees and I undid his trousers and started to suck his cock slowly and deeply. It felt so good. The bell rang and everyone looked at us I herd oh my god and ha ha but I did not care I went faster and deeper. He was rocking back and forth and moaning. Then I felt it his warm lovely cum sliding down my throat. Then I stood up looked around and even the teacher was smiling.

I was glad as he was sexy as hell to but I did not want to get him into trouble. The next day we were not aloud to sit next to each other. So I asked to go to the toilet and a few seconds later he was walking out of the classroom after me.

I took him to the women's toilet. Put down a set pushed him down took of my thong and sat on his cock. I thought this is was heaven must feel like.

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Up and down up and down I went. Every now and then he slapped my ass. It felt so good. He wastairing at my chest like a lost puppy so I threw of my top and bra and he just grinned and sucked my tits like there was no tomorrow.

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I was moaning so loud that a crowed formed at the door to listen in. I came then instantly came again then again. From his face I could tell he was about to so I got off and put his wet cock deep in my mouth and licked my cum off and moaned for him to cum. And cum he did it was exilerating. Then he pulled up his pants and walked off.

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I looked back and saw a teacher that I fanced looking at me with a huge grin. I called him over. He did reluctantly and pulled him in and closed the door. He bent me over and I felt his fat cock in side my pussy. He said in a slow husky voice your a bad girl and this is to punish you if you make a sound I will punish you more. I groaned and he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. I did not care it helped him be more deeper in side of me.


He said I just have to fuck you hard as is my last day here and I can't bear to leave without punishing you. I was just melting I just had amazing sex and now was having it again. I said quietly to him my tits need punishing as they are so hard and achy. He pulled out spun me around and grabbed my tits and slid his cock between them thusting up and down.

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I put my mouth over it licking as he pushed up. He was shacking all over so I grabbed him to drink his cum, he pulled back and said not yet.

He pulled me up and pushed me against the door lifted me and and shoved his cock in deep. Slip in out in out I swear I was so wet that as he pushed in is made a squelch sound. He pounded me so hard the door broke and we fell to the floor. New kid came back and knelt down and flopped his Dick to my face. I grabbed it in my hand and moved it into my mouth.

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Having one huge cock in my soaking wet pussy and another in my mouth I was having the best time of my life. Then I new feeling came appon me and squert it went all over sexy teacher this made him go harder and faster, witch in turn made me suck new kid harder and faster.

New kid was on all fours now fucking my face real hard. I had lost count on how many times I had cum by then.

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teacher was fucking me and sucking my tits New kid manovered to grab the tit the teacher was sucking. How could I have put up with my boyfriend this is a thousand times better than him.

I did not want it to stop. Then New kid erupted in my mouth and teacher pushed his out of the way to put his cock in my mouth to cum. Yep I was truly satisfied. By then I was so tired and nothing wanted to move.


When I managed to move I saw my boyfriend and he looked descusted so I dumped him. Hell he couldn't satisfy me so I went else where. I told teacher and new kid where I live in hope this would happen again. I slowly walked home exhausted. Sitting in my room for a few hours knock knock.

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I went to the door. Yay there was teacher and new kid. As soon as the door was wide enough for them to get through they were all over me and I just sighed in delight.

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This is so much better than homework. Lucky I have my own flat so no one to desterb. Even though I would not say no to a third guy with a huge cock to join but that is a hole new fantasy that I will masterbate to.