All holes in my ass

All holes in my ass
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From now on, this is all b/b guys. Please don't expect otherwise. Thanks to Carolyn, I had morphed literally overnight into a superstud. Three months into my sixteenth year, I had fucked three different girls besides Carolyn. I liked the sex, and I liked girls more than before, but I had that feeling we all get sooner or later that sex wasn't all I wanted.

I was still lonely, and I think screwing girls made it worse because each time it was a new girl, I cared for her a little less. I still looked at boys, and in my heart of hearts, I had that vague loneliness a gay boy feels growing up. I wanted to find another boy like me, a boy I could love. Then Jason showed up at our house with Tyler, and the moment I saw him with my brother, my fantasy became that the "boy like me" would be a boy like Tyler.

Not that he acted gay. He didn't. He seemed straight as any boy that age, but he was far too cute to not dream about. Tyler had thick chestnut hair and steel blue eyes. Not as tall as me, he was slimmer. Even at fourteen, he had a swimmer's build -- the wide shoulders, narrow hips. That first time I saw him, I was on a stool at the kitchen island watching a Yankee's game on TV when the two of them came in for a soda. Tyler's eyes met mine, and he grinned -- a wonderful grin, the grin of a guy who was naturally happy.

I saw those white teeth and that boyish grin, and my stomach knotted. "Tyler, meet the elder sibling," Jason cracked, opening the fridge. "See if you can get him to talk." Tyler flashed me another grin like he didn't buy in to my brother's characterization.

"You swim?" Tyler asked. "I sink," I told him. "Like a rock." "We all sink, bro," Jason said, handing Tyler a soda. "It only takes a little coordination to swim. You just ain't got none." "I can swim," I told Tyler.

"But I'm not fast." "You're tall," Tyler told me, leaning onto the kitchen island beside me. "You should give it another try. It's mostly technique." I shrugged. Damn, his eyes were dazzling. "Yeah, right," Jason said, leaning onto the island on the other side of Tyler. "Stick to sports you're good at, Brock. Don't let him talk you into drowning." "What are you good at?" Tyler asked, sounding genuinely interested.

The tops if his eyebrows were lined in reddish-gold from the sun. There was more reddish-gold at his temples. I managed another shrug. "Baseball, I guess. And football, basketball, track." Tyler's eyebrows rose, like he was impressed.

"Girls," Jason added. He leaned close behind Tyler. "Brock just became 'sexually active.'" He laughed. "Oh," Tyler said. Did a little of the smile go out of his eyes? Did I imagine that? Was Tyler unimpressed with a jock whose goal in life was to bang girls?

I could have kicked my little brother because I wasn't one of them." "Brock's good at sports," Jason said, "because he doesn't know when to quit. He never gives up. He doesn't know how to give up.

He's got a brain like his body strong-willed and stubborn as an ox. Nobody can get more hard-headed about something than Brock." Jason grinned and winked at me. "But being determined won't keep you from drowning." He poked Tyler in the ribs. "C'mon," Jason said, turning to leave the kitchen.

"Let's go up to my room." Tyler backed toward the door. "Good meeting you," he said, and gave me a small, parting smile. "Yeah," I called after him. I hoped I didn't look as achy as I felt in my gut. For the first time in my life, I had an instant crush. As far as I was concerned, I was gay all over again, more gay than ever. That night, I jacked off thinking of Tyler and his smile.

I pictured him naked. I imagined him gay instead of straight. I imagined he liked me and that we made out. Actually, Tyler did seem to like me, maybe as instantly as I liked him.

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But then, straight guys do get bro-crushes and, like I said, Tyler didn't act gay. Jason wouldn't hang out with him if he did. And Jason did hang out with him. Tyler was over every day that week, and it looked like he and Jason had become instant good friends like guys can be sometimes. Having Tyler around only made things worse for me, however.

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It was a struggle to keep my eyes off him, and the more I knew I couldn't have him, the more I wanted him. I liked everything about him. I didn't just want him. I wanted him to be my friend, too, like he was Jason's. I became what my grandma used to call, lovesick. Literally. After an afternoon of him around and me hiding endless erections, I felt feverish, restive. Tyler for his part always talked with me when he came over.

He made sure that he and Jason included me in stuff they did. Jason didn't seem to mind. In spite of the way he liked to prod me, Jason and I got along okay, especially with two game controllers in our hands.

I was in the living room reading, Friday afternoon when Jason and Tyler came through on their way to our backyard pool. "Dude," Jason paused to ask, "how come you've been hanging out around the house so much this week?" I looked up, saw them in their Speedos, and my brain turned to mush.

This was before guys wore jammers, and the two of them were in low-riding swim briefs with towels tossed over their shoulders. It was the first time I saw Tyler without shirt and shorts.


His legs were well-formed, not with the definition of a runner, but with the shapeliness of a swimmer. He was as hairless as me and his skin had the glow of a warm tan. His limbs were long, his belly flat, and the inguinal creases of his pelvis dove like a V into the front of his briefs and into his well-packed pouch.

I realized I was staring and quickly looked away. "You okay, Brock?" Jason asked. "What? Yeah?" I shot Tyler a glance. He locked his fingers behind his neck and stretched. Oh, god! I quickly looked away. "Why don't you come out and swim with us?" Jason asked. "You gonna do laps?" I asked, hoping to sound reluctant.

I didn't want to appear too anxious to accept. "Nah, we're just gonna grab a couple of Dad's beers and chill." "I could help you with your swimming," Tyler offered.

"Good luck with that," Jason murmured. "I'll be right out," I told them -- I needed to wait for my boner to go down.

They turned to go out, and I watched Tyler walk away. He had a muscular little butt. His butt cheeks dimpled as he walked. I don't think any girl getting ready for a prom put more effort into deciding on a dress than I did on a swimsuit.

Not that I had many. The problem was that if I wore my swim briefs, I might get hard being around Tyler and give myself away. If I wore board shorts, I might not look as good; that is, my package wouldn't show as much, and I considered it my main redeeming feature. I still considered myself too tall and too gangly. Hot guys looked like Tyler.

I thought to myself that if there was even just one gay bone in Tyler's body, I wanted him to like what he saw when I came out. And then I chuckled, thinking one gay bone would be awesome. Yeah, but not a chance. Why torture myself even dreaming about it? I pulled my black Speedos on, pulling my balls up and out front and laying my dick out to the left.

I hoped like hell I wouldn't spring a boner. Throwing a towel over my shoulder, I headed out to the pool. The two of them were having a super-soaker fight. I came to the edge of the pool, and Tyler paused to look up at me. He covered his eyes from the sun, but beneath his hand, he seemed to look me over. I told myself that didn't mean anything. Guys check each other out.

I wasn't about to assume anything stupid.

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Jason, turned his super soaker on me, aiming at my balls which were well exposed, thanks to my positioning. "Umph!" I muttured, and covered them with my hands.

Tyler shot me in the left nipple with his. I jumped in after him. The water was only waist deep at that spot, and though he tried backing away, holding his super-soaker I was able to close in.

I caught him, got one arm under his legs and one under his back, lifted him to my chest, and dove under with him. He struggled, casting away the super-soaker and trying to get out of my clutches, but I held on. I got to my feet again, dove again, got to my feet again with Tyler wriggling. He pushed against my shoulders and chest, but I had him firmly.

Lifting him higher, I tossed him out from me. He got to his feet, sputtering and wiping wet hair from his eyes. "Damn, you're strong!" he shouted, backing from me. "Remember that the next time you try to super-soak me in the tit," I growled good naturedly following him -- but I didn't want to catch him. Beneath the water, my dick had grown hard. I always had that problem whenever I wrestled other guys, and I had given up a struggle more than once in order to stay on my stomach and hide a boner.

This time, the water hid my condition. So when he let me catch him, I thought all I had to do was get Tyler up on my arms again and keep him away from my erection.

I got him by the wrists and he struggled while my brother Jason tried to super-soak me in the ear. I pulled on Tyler, intending to get him up on my arms again, but he tried twisting away, and in the process, backed his butt right onto my erection which popped it out of my Speedos. Before I could shove him away, he had pressed against my erection for at least a full second.

I managed to shove him off in a way that seemed part of the play, and I hurriedly tucked my dick back in as best as I could. Tyler turned at me with a sort of lopsided grin and unsure look.

Jason shot at my ear again, so I wheeled on him with a growl and he dodged away. "Yeah, you better run," I teased, while backing from both of them. "I can handle the two of you at one time and you know it." I realized instantly that it was the wrong threat to make.

Now they'd both come after me and my dick hadn't had a chance to get soft. They came from two different angles. I squared off against Tyler, determined to keep him from bumping into my erection again. They closed. Jason jumped onto my back.

Tyler dove under like he was going after my legs -- or trying to see underwater if what he thought he felt was what he felt. I backed and twisted trying to toss Jason off and get away from Tyler, but Jason hung on, nearly choking me and Tyler kept coming. I reached underwater to catch Tyler before he could reach my legs.

I tried pulling him up and his face ran right into my crotch, pressed my erection, and popped it out of my Speedo again. I was frantic to push him away now. It was going to be impossible to pretend he hadn't run smack into a boner. Tyler struggled and seemingly on purpose, turned and backed his butt into my lap -- AGAIN! And this time, it wasn't for only one second. Tyler had both my arms pulled in front of him like he was trying to pull me up and over his back, and his butt ground back against my hard-on.

My erection was well out of my Speedos, and I kept thinking, "Why didn't I wear the board shorts!

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Why didn't I wear the board shorts!" At the same time, another part of my brain registered how great Tyler's firm, wiry body felt against my chest and lap. Jason bounced on my back like a jockey, while Tyler held my arms pinned to his chest under his own, wiggling his butt into my lap as he tried to get leverage. The exposed end of my dick was on his spine.


I managed to free a hand and reach between our bodies to try to tuck back in, but that made it like trying to fight with one arm behind my back -- only it wasn't my arm that I wished was tied behind my back. I tried going under, but Jason hung on, pulling me backward as we went under. Tyler, still gripping my arm, came with us. In all the twisting and near-drowning, Tyler grabbed my exposed cock. There was absolutely no pretending now. He knew for sure. I managed to get free, first from Tyler, then from Jason, and I swam hard for the side of the pool.

Before they could react, I had pulled myself up from the water, my back to them, of course, and I dove onto my stomach onto a lounge chair.

"Alright!" I called out, without looking back at them. "You can have the pool!" Would Tyler tell Jason what happened? Would he tell everybody? I couldn't bear to look back. "What?" Jason cried out. "You giving up already?" "Yeah, you jabbed your knee into my butt, you asshole. You bruised me." I rubbed my butt for effect. "You, whimp!" Jason called out. I heard him coming closer. I heard the smirk in his voice as he asked, "You want Tyler to kiss your butt for you and make it well." "Yeah, right." Actually, yes I did, but Tyler was probably never going to talk to me again unless it was to call me a faggot!

NOW my dick was growing soft, finally! It was amazing what a little humiliation can do to an erection. I was wrong about Tyler, though. "Did we really hurt you?" he asked coming to the side of the pool. "As if Jason could," I snorted.

I buried my face in my arms. "I'm gonna tan a while." They returned to super-soaking each other, and I returned to quiet mortification. It would be a miracle if Tyler didn't say anything. Maybe he had accidently gotten hard wrestling a guy before, himself. It happens to guys that age. I could hope that he chalked it up to something like that. Yeah, right. I groaned quietly, thinking that once my dick shriveled completely, I'd slink away to my room and decide whether not committing suicide was even an option.

The more I contemplated the demise of my reputation, the quicker my dick got soft. Satisfied that I'd gotten soft enough, I sat up, thinking that the time for slinking away had come. That's when the phone rang. We heard it on the poolside extension.

A moment later, Rachael, my dad's current girlfriend came out from the house. "Jason," she called, "phone's for you." This, by the way, was when cell phones were still clunky and we weren't using ours much yet. Jason climbed from the pool and went over to get the pool extension. "Hey," Tyler said, coming up to the side of the pool beside me, "want me to help you with your swim stroke?" I looked at him skeptically.

Did he mean it? Or was he going to try to get me hard again so he could have more to tell his buddies. "You sure you want to do that?" I asked. "You bet," he said with that dazzling grin of his. "C'mon." So I jumped into the water beside him. After having been so embarrassed before, I wasn't worried about springing a new boner. "Let me see you swim a few strokes," Jason said. I swam across the pool and back. "Not bad," he told me when I stood again beside him. We were in water at mid-chest level.

"Here, turn around. I'll show you something to do with your arms." I turned and Tyler laid his hands on my shoulder and arm, turning me. "Dude," he said, pressing my shoulder and squeezing my arm, "you have hard muscles.

It's no wonder you sink.

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I noticed earlier. Your muscles feel like steel." His left hand slid onto the left side of my neck and with his right, he urged my right arm upward. "Stretch for the catch," he said. "Like you're swimming." I reached up high over my head.

Tyler's hand slid up the length of my arm and his body pressed the side of mine as he reached toward my fingertips. Was I imagining it? Did I feel something hard against the side of my butt? We both glanced at Jason, over at the pool house, still talking on the phone. It sounded like it must be one of his buddies.

Tyler pressed his erection against my butt cheek. "It's like taking an armfull of water," he said beside my ear. "Keep your elbow high. That means, keep your elbow higher than your forearm like this." He showed me with his arm alongside mine. "And keep it that way as you pull." He pulled my arm down with a hand on my wrist. "You're powerful," Tyler said quietly as our arms came down. "I can feel it in your arm." His left hand squeezed the side of my neck.

"And in your shoulders." His body pressed mine and beneath the water, the inside of his leg rubbed on the outside of mine. "And your body," he almost whispered. He cleared his throat quietly. "Let's do that again." I reached above my head. His arm followed. He pulled my arm down again. As he did, Jason, on the phone, turned away. This time, when our hands came down to our sides, I reached behind me to clasp Tyler by the butt and pull him firmly against the side of my butt.

Beneath the water, his hand grasped my forearm tightly, and he ground his cock against me. I felt his lips on the back of my shoulder. Jason turned back toward us and Tyler backed from me. "So," Tyler asked. "That give you a better handle on things?" I glanced at him. He had sort of that achy look I felt I'd had. I swallowed hard and nodded.

Tyler grinned, and it was like the sun coming out. In that instant, I was incredibly happy. I grabbed Tyler as if to playfully wrestle, but when I took him under, it was pull us belly to belly and press my erection against his. Quickly, very quickly, I kissed him on the lips, my first kiss with a boy. Tyler, holding me by the shoulders kissed back. I groped him. His cock felt thick. He groped me. We came up, parting, tucking away again.

It sounded like Jason's conversation was ending. Tyler and I flashed grins at one another. Finally! Finally I had found a boy like me and it WAS Tyler. I'd never felt lighter in my life. Jason said something about a more buddies coming over after supper, but I didn't really hear him until he said they'd probably sleepover and could Tyler?

Tyler shrugged. "Sure. I'll call my mom." He flashed me another grin as Jason jumped into the pool. We horsed around in the pool some more, and I didn't worry about Tyler "discovering" my erection.

We only needed to keep Jason from discovering it, or Tyler's.

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Between Tyler and me, there were plenty of playful grabs that Jason didn't know about. I didn't think I'd ever get soft again. When our cook, Alexander, called us in for supper, I thought about letting Jason and Tyler go on ahead so I could jack off, but after I saw Tyler get out and skillfully hide his erection from Jason while wrapping a towel around himself, I figured I could do the same.

They dressed for supper in Jason's room. I dressed in mine. This time, I resisted the urge to jerk off. It wasn't like I thought anything would happen between Tyler and me any time soon, but I liked the sexual tension now that I knew Tyler felt it, too. I was excited and I didn't want to rush it. I hurried down to supper quickly since Tyler would be there. I'd wait until evening to jack off, when I could take it long and slow.

At supper, Rachael told us she was going downtown to meet my dad and that they wouldn't be in until late. After supper, Jewel, the housekeeper, cleared the table, and the three of us guys went to our billiard room. Two of Jason's buddies, Brandon and David, arrived and we played pool and ping pong for a while. After that, we moved to the upstairs den to watch Alien on DVD. Brandon and David grabbed the side couches while Jason put on the movie and dimmed the lights.

I grabbed the couch on the rear wall, farthest back from the TV. Tyler took the other end of my couch and stretched out his legs behind my legs. Jason grabbed a couple of pillows and took to the floor in front of the TV.

Rachael had put throw blankets everywhere in the den.

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I grabbed the biggest one and tossed it over Tyler and me. From his chest to my chest our legs were covered. The movie started, and while the others watched it, Tyler's bare toes worked their way up inside the right leg of my shorts and my bare toes worked up the left leg of his.

His toes touched my scrotum, just inside my leg. When my toes got twisted in the fabric of his shorts, I pulled my foot out from his shorts leg and rested my sole against his erection through his shorts. Beneath the throw, Tyler pulled his shorts down and the sole of my foot rested directly on his bare cock.

It's amazing how sensitive your toes and the bottom of your foot become when all your attention goes there. I'd never felt another boy's erection directly except briefly, when Tyler and I grabbed each other in the pool.

Now I had time, and using my foot, the sensations robbed me of my breath -- the soft warm skin, the turgid thickness, the length, the faint moistness. I paused, my foot resting on his dick, because I started trembling, just like I had with Carolyn. Tyler felt it and glanced at me. He may have thought I was coming, but then saw that I was only shaking a little. I smiled apologetically. Under the throw, his hand gave my foot a reassuring squeeze.

Holding my foot against the underside of his dick, he pulled his foot from inside my shorts leg, and rested the sole on the front of my shorts. Like him, I pulled down my shorts and underwear, and when he pushed up my dick with the sole of his foot, I grabbed his foot the way he had grabbed mine. We held one another's sole against the undersides of our dicks.

For several minutes our feet explored cocks and warm moist scrotums; our hands explored and caressed feet.


I forced myself to calm down when I realized how loudly I was breathing. Beyond the sexual stimulation was the excitement of finally having another gay boy, and doing what we were doing under everyone's nose. Holding the underside of my foot to the underside of his cock, Tyler quietly humped my sole. His movements were barely perceptible beneath the cover, but the sensations were awesome.

The soles of my feet are sensitive. Clasping his foot to the underside of my dick, I did the same to him. I pinned Tyler's dick up against his belly and rubbed it with my foot as he humped. As I did, his hands explored up my feet and calves. I did the same to him. When the movie grew louder, we humped more firmly. Knowing I would come soon, I pulled my shirt up out of the way and prepared to catch my cum with Rachael's throw.

I tried to let Tyler see what I was doing, and he seemed to get the idea, which was good, because he came first. Suddenly gripping my leg between his, and hanging on to my foot with both hands, he pumped his hips hard.

I heard a faint whimper, his shaft pulsing, and then liquid between my toes. The liquid did it for me; that, and the thought that I had made another boy come. My balls tightened and I held Tyler's foot tightly on my dick. I backed my butt to squirt his toes, and my body racked with my orgasm. As I calmed, Tyler spred his cum over my foot and in my toes.

I did the same to him with my cum until it began to dry, we cleaned up with the throw. Then we rested, each with a bare foot on warm soft equipment. That is, until the movie neared the end and we pulled our shorts back up. It was different, sharing orgasms with another boy. Different from with girls. Emotionally different. As everyone got up to get one of my dad's beers, Tyler whispered in my ear.

"I'm in love with your foot, dude." I chuckled and quickly whispered back. "There's more of me." He chuckled aloud. "Well, yeah!

I'm in love with that too!"