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Busty euro amateur doggystyled in sexaudition
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We arrived at George and Norma's place about 10:00 Saturday morning, and Norma took me into the kitchen to meet her mom.

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Norma introduced us. "Mom, this is Darrell, Francine's new husband. Darrell, meet my mom Sara." Sara was wearing a low backed, filmy cotton sundress. She was barefoot. I extended my hand to shake hers, but instead of shaking my hand, Sara threw both arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips.

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Her kiss lingered just a little long for meeting a new relative. "Pleased to welcome you into the family," she announced, then squeezed her whole body tightly against mine.

At age 82 Sara was very fit, tall and slender. "I'm pleased to finally get to meet you," I replied. As Sara and I sat down at the kitchen table, Norma announced, "I need to get us some groceries. Darrell, do you think you can keep Sara company for a couple hours while I drive across town to the supermarket?" "Sure," I answered.

"I'll be glad to get to know her better." Norma looked across at her mom. Sara said, "Take all the time you need at the supermarket, honey. Darrell and won't have any trouble getting better acquainted." Norma's face broke into a wide, knowing grin, and she turned and went out to her car. As Norma backed out of the driveway, Sara reached across the kitchen table and took my hand. "Come sit with me on the living room sofa where it will be more comfortable," she invited me.

The upholstered sofa in Norma's living room was wide enough to sit three people comfortably, but Sara took a seat directly on the center cushion, and then patted the cushion next to her for me to take my place. When I sat down, our hips were touching. "I sure like the way you kiss, Darrell," Sara announced. I didn't need any further encouragement. "I can do better," I told her, as I put both my arms around her shoulders and drew her gently toward me.

"Let's try it again." I put my mouth on hers, and as she kissed me back, I pressed my tongue against her lips.

Her tongue found mine and we began an ardent, wet French kiss for several seconds. Sara took a breath and told me, "Norma has told me you would probably be a good lover." She kissed me again, deeply, and began rubbing the crotch of my jeans.

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Sara turned to face me, kneeling on the floor at my feet. She unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans and boxers off my hips and down below my knees. She took my cock in both her hands and began stroking and sucking it. My body responded immediately. As soon as I was fully erect, Sara got back onto the sofa and straddled my hips, pressing her pussy lips against the head of my prick. She was so moist I slid easily inside her.

She unbuttoned my shirt, lifted the sun dress over her head to reveal her ample breasts to my hands, and begged, "Kiss me again and fuck me hard and fast, Darrell.

I need your cum inside my cunt." I didn't need any further encouragement. My hips thrust upward to meet Sara's and we kissed each other's mouths while I pinched both her nipples. Sara signed loudly as I fucked her for all I was worth. When I felt Sara arching her back, and she pulled her mouth away from our kiss and began to moan, I could see her face and chest flushing.

She pressed her hips hard down into my lap and stopped rocking up and down as I felt her cunt walls tighten around my shaft.


A few seconds later I exploded inside her, giving her an ejaculation which flowed out of her cunt around my cock and balls. "Norma was right, that was an awesome fuck," Sara whispered. "Do you think you could cum in my mouth and in my ass like that before my daughter gets home?" "I'm certainly willing to do my best to give you everything you want," I told her.

"Welcome to the family, darlin'," she responded as she slid back onto her knees in front of me and put her mouth over my cock and resumed sucking.

I had never known an 82 year old woman could enjoy sex that much. Sara gave me a blow job just as good as her daughter had done earlier in the week.

She licked my balls and sucked my cock like there was nothing at all she would rather be doing.

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After a while I grabbed the back of her head and held my dick deep in her throat as I began spewing more hot, sticky semen into her mouth. When I was finished, Sara kept right on sucking and licking me until I was beginning to get hard all over again.

Then she looked up at me, stuck out her tongue to show me her cheeks were full of my semen, and gulped it down in three swallows. Meanwhile, she still had her right hand wrapped around the shaft, stroking me. "You're amazing," she complimented me. Then she pulled me by the arms off the sofa and onto the floor on my knees behind her.

"Squeeze my tits and pump another load like that inside my ass," she insisted. "Then we can go in the bedroom and take a nap." I held my cock in my right hand, and pressed the head firmly against her anus. Sara relaxed in a way that told me this was not her first time being fucked in the bottom, and I slowly slid inside her. She began bucking her butt back into my crotch, slowly at first, then faster and harder, as I squeezed her breasts with both hands.

As our excitement began to mount, Norma entered the kitchen from the garage, carrying a sack of groceries. Neither Sara nor I noticed Norma had arrived home until we heard her call out from the kitchen, "Don't let me spoil your fun, keep right on fucking." Norma giggled.


The sound of Norma's voice made me shoot deep inside Sara's ass. "Oh, God, baby," Sara exclaimed. "You're right, Norma, Darrell really knows how to please a woman!" "Mom," Norma pleaded, "Go shower so you don't leak Darrell's spunk all over the living room carpet.

I will make lunch while Darrell finished his home run by eating you out. Sara and I showered together in the guest bathroom, then she led me to her bedroom where she turned down the covers and lay on her back with her knees spread wide.

I pressed my face between her thighs. She smelled sweetly of sex and Ivory soap. I began lustily lapping at her clit as I slid two fingers inside her pussy and pressed the fingertips upward against her raised area of sensitive nerve endings. "Yes, yes, yes," Sara shouted. "Eat my cunt good!" I could hear Norma's heavy breathing as she watched us from just outside the bedroom door. Then she tossed my jeans and boxers, and her mom's sundress, through the open doorway, and announced, "You two get dressed.

Lunch is served." Sara and I dressed and walked into the kitchen with our arms around each other's waists. Norma was putting the lunch plates on the table. Norma smiled at me. "Darrell," she cooed, "I'm so glad you have enjoyed your time alone with my mother. I spoke with George while I was at the supermarket, and he says Brenda and Marcia are all settled in at your place. George and I agreed I should take you home tomorrow, while he returns here.

I'll clean up after lunch. You can nap while I do, but I hope you will eat me for dessert when I finish up in here, and then fuck me as good as you have fucked Sara before we head back to your house." Sara and I were napping naked on Sara's bed when Norma finished washing up after lunch. I heard Norma tiptoe into the room and watched her wriggle out of her jeans.

She unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra, and then came over and shook me by the shoulder to see if I was awake.


"You were great with mom this morning," she said. Now I want you to eat me out just like you did for her." Norma then woke Sara. "Mom," she said. "you need to watch Darrell eat me out and fuck me, so you can tell George all about it when he gets back. George told me has been fucking his sister Francine while Darrell is here with us." Sara responded "I'm sure he has, George fucks Francine whenever they are together." With that, Norma straddled my shoulders and gently lowered her pussy lips onto my mouth.

Norma began sucking my cock while I pushed my tongue into her cunt, licking her lustily as I sucked her clit between my teeth.

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Sara sat buck naked in the upholstered chair at the foot of the bed, watching us 69 and fingering her own pussy. My mouth gave Norma two orgasms, minutes apart, by the time she decided I was hard enough to give her a good fucking. Norma turned onto her back and lifted both knees over my shoulders. As I pressed the head of my cock against her cunt lips, I heard Sara call out from the foot of the bed, "Fuck my daughter, Darrell, fuck her good and fill her cunt with your delicious spunk.

Show us how you will take care of Brenda and Marcia when you get home." I was amazed to have been blessed with such a family full of lusty and sexy women at my age.

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I was glad the neighbors around the house I lived in with Francine accepted us as a normal, loving family. I pushed my cock inside Norma and started slowly stroking it in and out of her. Sara got out of her chair and came over to the side of the bed, and slapped my bottom hard.

"Fuck her harder, you fool," she commanded. "She deserves it!" I obeyed, lifting Norma's ass off the mattress with both my hands as I rammed my cock inside her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I knew these two women were testing me for what was to come once the school year began at home.

I kept it up until Norma had her third orgasm, letting these two know I was up to the task of playing stud to three horny women day in and day out for nine months. I grabbed Norma's tits and squeezed them both hard as I came deep inside her cunt, directly against her cervix.

"Damn, baby!" Norma exclaimed as I pumped my semen into her. "Remember to fuck me like this whenever we get together." Sara climbed into the bed with us, and pulled the sheet and blanked up over our naked bodies. We slept right there until the sun rose Sunday morning and Norma and I had to load up the car and head back to my house.