High def legal age teenager porn

High def legal age teenager porn
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Friday afternoon that same week has me sitting in my predestined spot waiting.


I know there is a meeting going on inside the main office of Apex Lumber and Distribution and with Ben feeding me updates as Mrs. Montgomery's situation and the reactions I'm all smiles when I get my green light and step out of the limo and casually walk up to the front to meet Mr.

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Weisner for the first time. At all of 5'9" and some form of blonde hair replacement and a little extra pounds I am all smiles on the inside but all business as I approach. "Mr. Weisner come with me please," I tell him trying to guide him by the arm. "Excuse me I need to get somewhere," He says trying to brush me off. "Like to the company car that is no longer yours so that you can go back to the company house you've been living at that is on company land and you no longer have claim to," I ask and watch him freeze," You have two options Mr.

Weisner, one attempt to retrieve your meager possessions or get in the car." I leave him with the choice and enter the back of the limo to wait. It isn't even a minute later that the driver ushers him into the back of the car with me and now we're facing each other as he looks around like he's never been in a limo before.

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"Mr. Weisner the people I represent need someone who can build up a business to cut apart competition. You were selected for your skills in what would have been a tremendous take down of Apex Lumber but now with that idea scrapped I'm here to present you with a job," I state as he listens.

"What kind of job," he asks and I smile. "One that will be somewhere the US won't come looking for you for the charges you now face," I explain and watch him start to panic. "I won't face any charges," He wants to put me off but I have more than enough and simply smile. "We know the money laundering, the low balling and money handoffs.

All of those are white collar and carry simple sentences but you lose your money," I explain simply," The deal my people are offering is one time only and what you put in to the extraction comes back when you complete the goal they set." I hand him an envelope with basics in it, account number, terms of contract and most importantly the price he'll be paying.

"Fifty thousand dollars," He exclaims and I wait for him to blow over before speaking.


"This entitles you to a guaranteed get out of jail and the country in the next hour to a new home in a land where the women speak very little English and you won't need them to," I smile my predator smile," Now if you want to leave I recommend you note the new arrivals to your old employer." I watch his gaze turn to the front of Apex Lumber and his face goes slack and pale as a black SUV pulls up and two people, a man and a woman exit the SUV.

They head inside the building and I watch as Mr.

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Weisner turns his attention back to me. "I need a cell phone to authorize payment," He says weakly and I cue up the blue tooth calling in the limo. I let him give his numbers and I have the call routed to Jun who doing the work while Lilly plays account manager.

We get the green light tell the driver to get us to the airfield.


"So I'm where am I going," Mr. Weisner asks as I pour him a stiff drink from the limo's bar. "Honestly I don't know that, I know that you will still have the bulk of your money when you land and there will be documentation waiting there along with a handler," I inform him and watch his face go puzzled as he takes the drink," A local who knows the area and will help you settle in." "And you don't know what I'm supposed to be doing other than go build up a business to destroy a rival business," Mr.

Weisner asks and I nod. "We are very compartmentalized here. Granted I wasn't paid this well when I started but I'm out of asset liquidation and into recruiting and extraction which allows me some creature comforts," I explain taking out a 9mm silenced Glock and Mr.

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Weisner's eyes widen," Oh no sir this isn't for you. I'm waiting to see if someone tries to get between you and the plane you're getting on. In the event that it happens you run, I don't care what they say you just run. I'll handle the rest." I watch him remain tense as we pull into the airport and drive straight through to the private hangar I have waiting.

The jet he's going to be flying on has been prepped and I exit the limo as Mr. Weisner follows follows me and gree "Where is the asshole," Jun's old running buddy Hideo asks in his nice black suit and very business styled hair.

"He's the plane taking off, I was hoping we could do the whole you two shooting me thing for him to see before he left but it took you guys too long to catch us," I explain turning to Hideo's partner, Vicki. "Well we saw Ben and had to say hello," Vicki informs me in a snug black suit of her own and her longer hair than she had in our high school days. "He need some more support, how's Pennsylvania," I ask as the plane takes off.

"Nice save for the assholes but that comes with any city, besides the advertising business allows me good vacation and my inspiration here," Jun tells me pulling Vicki close with an arm around her waist," loves to get out." "Honestly Guy we're happy to help," Vicki says and I smile," So where is he going?" "I told him that he'd be somewhere that the US government wouldn't find him and the women spoke no English because they didn't need to," I explain and they both stare at me confused as I smile," Mr.

Weisner is on his way to somewhere Masha picked it out for me since she has family there that could use a good laugh. They're going to have him 'invest' in their business and let him see what his actual skills worth." "So we got a cabin to ourselves for a whole two weeks, thanks for letting us take over the rental car in your name," Vicki says as they get back inside.

I watch my old friends leave and smile, advertising executive and his live in lover. Not the drug running girl and A/V club nerd I knew but according to my wives I have had a changing affect on people. I am back in my car and send the all clear to Ben who lets me know that he's back with Claire and packing up equipment now, of all my people Ben is the only one that is on the job as long as I am. He's the eyes and ears and I need him at all times.

I return to Claire Montgomery's home and as soon as I'm in the front door I see the equipment boxed up and Claire is talking quietly with Ben. "I'm just not sure about me," Ben tells her as I listen in.

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"No you're afraid, my late husband was scared of the whole responsibility thing but he stepped up and died loving our boys. Do yourself a favor and think of your wife and what she wants," Claire tells him and I step out of the hall and grabbing a box load up the van.

We load up the van and I send Ben packing back to the hotel but he says he's going home to his wife and I smile as I watch tail lights head down the road. I step back inside when I get a call from Jun.

"Boss good news and some news, good news is we're getting paid and I took the bonus and put it down where you asked," Jun says happily and I smile before I hear his voice go from happy to serious," And I got you a refundable ticket to go visit your old friend, what's your plan?" "Honestly I think I'll keep it simple, just tell the husband that we were hired to do what we did because he was an asshole and give him some proof so they can have a nice blow up over it," I tell Jun as I turn and see Claire standing in her living room with a shocked expression," Jun I'm going to have to call you back." "You're going to go hurt her," Claire asks shocked.