True mother and son incest sex fairy taless

True mother and son incest sex fairy taless
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The zone between Mexico and Texas is the perfect place for the aliens to take people to prove. That's what happened to this one young Latina trying to cross to America. She was running across the border and got separated from her group when she was the center of this bright light one second she was on the rocky sandy ground and the next she was in a metal room.

As she stood there scared to death she felt these invisible hands removing her clothes she tried to stop them but there was nothing there to fight and her articles kept getting pulled from her and dropped into a slot in the wall.

The force soon had her naked and then a blue light played slowly up and down her body.

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It took the measure of a five foot two inch female of Spanish descent. She was small framed what would be considered petite. Her hair was softsilky straight falling down her back to the top of her ass and the color of black with tinges of a dark blue.

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Her skin was softsmoothand the color of burnished copper. She had a beautiful face with thin eyebrows with black oval shaped eyesa petite nosefull kissable lipsand petite properly proportioned ears. Her body had nicely rounded b-cup breastsa flat six pack stomachlong toned legsand small dainty feet.

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After being totally stripped the aliens laid her naked body onto a floating metal platform. Her body was examined data gathered about it such as temperature and blood pressureand other stats. Finally they brought out a long thin probe that they slid into her mouth and down her throat where it moved into and out of her throat spraying some liquid at random times.

Once that was done forces manipulated her breasts squeezing, fondling pinchingeven a force that felt like they were being sucked on.

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They had her moaning and her nipples hardened and her blood made them swell. Then two probes came out and entered her vagina and anus. Sliding deep within both her holes they started vibratingspinning and spraying more liquids they soon made her have a powerful orgasm.

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The probes quickly sucked up everything her body produced and left her laying there. After some time had passed a device appeared with a long thin needleit approached her body and the needle was injected deep into both breasts.

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It left both breasts tingly and aroused her nipples were hard and sensitive and this continued for years after this happened. The aliens then put her back still naked where they had picked her up. She managed to make her way out of the desert where a couple found her and dressed herfed herand gave her a little money dropping her off at the local YMCA. The YMCA helped her get settledget her papersand a place to stay.


She started dating but the relationships didn't last past their having sex because all of them assumed she was pregnant since she was lactating. Some of her female friends that had babies would take advantage of her and have her babysit so she could feed them then one weekend she was babysitting a friends two year old twins and her twelve and fourteen year old kids.

After feeding the babies and putting them down to sleep she came back out to the living room. The two young men were staring at her and one asked her are you pregnantblushing she said no.


Then how are you producing milk the other one asked. You won't believe me she repliedjust tell us and we will try to believe what you tell us. Okay I will, about six years ago now I was taken by aliens and ever since then I have not stopped lactating.

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They sat there for a time then one asked if they could taste her milk. She laughed and said I don't think that would be appropriate.

Okay if your afraid and they started to leavewait she said I'm not afraid I'll show you and took off her shirt and moving to the couch she laid down. Unhooking the front of her bra she exposed her breasts to them. Reaching out to one of her breasts one of the boys pinched a nipple squeezing it until milk came outwhile he did this she closed her eyes an moaned which only increased when the other boy took her other nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue over her nipple.

Then the first boy also took her nipple into his mouth. She felt the energy coursing through her groinshe continued to moan and clutched at the couch. The younger of the two slid his hand up under her skirt and slipping under her panties slid four fingers into her already soaking wet pussy. The other boy stripped and climbing up and straddling her head forced his hard dick between her lips and down her throat and started fucking her face making her swallow his cum when he ejaculated.

The young boy moved down to her cunt and began sucking and nipping on her clit. When she came he licked up her fluids and then stripped naked and put his hard dick balls deep into her vagina. She moaned and when he had done it long enough the two of them climaxed together.


The young boys sperm made their way to the girls unprotected fertile eggs and quickly pierced the eggs shell thus impregnating her. Unbeknownst to her one of the things that she had been sprayed with made it so she was constantly able to be impregnated always had an egg in place and fertile and the first sperm finding her egg would easily pierce the shell. This unfortunately made it so she could be impregnated by anything.

It also made it so only devices or not having sex would keep her from having babies.

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She had luckily not had sex for the six years after the aliens had probed her. The boys had taken turns playing with her body for eight hours forcing orgasm after orgasm to run through her body. They finally left her laying on the couch totally exhausted with their cum and hers pouring from her gaping well used pussy and a still running vibrator deep in her anusshe would remove it if she was not so tired.