Sweet blonde Riley Evans gets anal hardcore

Sweet blonde Riley Evans gets anal hardcore
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A Story about my experience how I became a woman…… It was 1998 I turned 16 and my world was opening up for me. I felt excited about the future and in love with life. I was always known to be cute but this year I was really changing.my breast were getting bigger (36B), my hips seemed curvier, my legs longer (I was 5"4"), my body becoming firmer since I started cheerleading and running after school every day and boys were lining up to ask me out on a date even the older boys were starting to notice me.

I felt good. Alive! Every day I would walk home after school. There was this one house I enjoyed walking past because there was a really great looking man who lived there. O I knew he was too old but boy was he so cute!

And nice as well. He usually was outside working on his lawn or washing his car when I walked by and we would always say hi. It just thrilled me he noticed me!

Occasionally I would ask him a question or he would ask me how I was doing in school. I secretly hoped he would notice how sexy I was becoming.

Every now and then I could have sworn I saw him look at me up and down with a twinkle in his eyes. I felt so incredible afterwards. God, I wish I were older! It's crazy to think that a man like that would really ever notice me or even consider me sexy but I liked my fantasy.

O don't misunderstand me, at this point I was just a silly 16 who knew nothing about sex. I just had feelings I didn't know how to explain but I didn't go any further than that.

I was an innocent and naïve not at all aware what was on the mind of a man his age. One day when I was walking past his house, he was outside washing his car and called me over. So I walked up his drive thrilled he called out to me. He had such a wonderful deep voice. I loved listening to him talk. He asked"Hey princess, how ya doing? I was wondering if you could do a really big favor for me?" "Sure", I responded rather eagerly.

"Well, you see I am going away for the weekend and have no one to feed my cat while I'm gone. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing that for me?" "Sure.

When are you leaving?" I asked. "Friday morning. So, I thought maybe after school on Thursday you could come by and I'll show you where her food is and give you the key to the house." "Thursday? Well, I have cheerleading practice after school so it will be a little later than usual. Is that ok?" "Yeah", he said, "no problem. I'll be home.

Thanks. I really appreciate it. You're a sweetheart." "No problem, Mr. Saunders. I'm happy to do it for you." "Please, Jennifer, call me Rick.

You make me sound so much older than you. Besides, we're friends right?" "Yeah, sure&hellip.Rick&hellip.we are. Well, I better get going. I'll see you tomorrow!" "Ok, Jen, see you then." Awesome! I get to see inside his house! And he asked me&hellip.ME! O my god, I can't believe it!" I walked home that day feeling on top of the world. I couldn't wait for Thursday to get here! Sure enough, Thursday arrived and cheerleading practice seemed to drag on but finally it was done and I was walking home to Rick's house.

As I walked toward it I noticed another car in the driveway. He must have a friend over, I thought. I walked up to the door and rang his doorbell. A few seconds later (it seemed like eons), Rick opened the door. "Hi, sweetheart! How are you? You look fantastic! (I was still in my cheerleading uniform)" I beamed, "Thank you. Hope I'm not intruding. I see you have a friend over." "No.

Not at all. In fact I'd love for him to meet you. Come over into the living room." As we walked into the living room, Rick put his hand on my back and guided me in. There before me was another stunning looking man. I felt awkward and nervous as though all of a sudden all my flaws had a spotlight beaming on them. Rick introduced us and we shook hands. He had nice hands and they were warm. He looked at me like he was very pleased and was enjoying a good joke.

I felt warm all over. We stood there close together the three of us while we asked each other questions about ourselves. All the while, Rick kept his hand on the small of my back. It made me nervous and warm all at the same time.


Occasionally, Ed's eyes would dart to my breast which I am sure was heaving because I was having difficulty breathing evenly with these two men so close to me and all alone in Rick's house.

"What?" I was brought back from my wandering thoughts by Ed's question. "I said. A girl like you must have a lot of boyfriends after her" "Who me?

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Ah, well, I have a few who ask me out." "You are beautiful, don't you know that?" he asked. "Who me? Well, I think I'm cute but beautiful is not a word I would use to describe myself." Ed was insistent. You are beautiful and you're body is gorgeous!" He brushed the back of his hand against the side of my breast.

I instantly stepped back but Rick's hand was there and he pushed me forward so that I couldn't step away! Ed's hand kept brushing against my breast now he was roaming kind of all over still using just the back of his hand. I felt trapped between these two men's hands.

I was intrigued and scared all at the same time. My fear must have shown on my face because Ed spoke very soothingly and told me not to be afraid that woman who are as beautiful as me with a body like mine really know how to please men. I thought, wow I'm really wanted! And yet I was scared I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I wanted him to keep touching me and I wanted him to stop.

I felt Rick softly hold my arms at my side while Ed mesmerized me with his stroking of my breast. Every now and then he would rub his thumb across my nipple or squeeze them gently. Ed's eyes were heavy looking and seemed glued to my breast. He kept saying how beautiful I was and asking me if I like what he was doing? I don't even know if I answered. I just let him touch me.

His stroking got rougher and he squeezed me harder.

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He also began to pinch my nipples through my uniform using both his hands pulling at them as though he wanted to pull them out right through my top. I was heaving and leaning back. I noticed that Rick had pulled my arms back and forced my hands to cup his crotch. One hand holding my hands there and the other holding my wrists. I was beginning to panic and I tried to pull away and wiggle away, but Rick just firmly held me there whispering how good I was making him feel and how good I was going to feel.

I told them I don't think we should be doing this and that Im scared could they stop and let me go. "No baby. You are going to love this. I promise. Just let us show you how to please us. It'll make you feel like a goddess!" Ed adds in his sultry deep voice, "Yeah, that's right, baby, c'mon let us make u feel real good.

Your body is so awesome. So beautiful, baby." C'mon lets sit down on the sofa over here. Take a little break. Ok?" So, Rick lets go of one of my arms and Ed takes the other guiding me over to the sofa as though I needed help walking. We sit on the edge and I take a much needed deep breath. "Whew. That's better. I'm nervous, guys. I've never had a boy, let alone a man, touch me like you are touching me." Rick and Ed place their hands on each of my bare thighs and told me how great I am doing and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

They won't hurt me. They were sliding their hands all over my thighs and I was getting those nervous butterflies in my stomach again. "You like that, don't u baby?" Rick asks me. I look into his eyes and told him I liked him touching me. He smiled his big beautiful smile and said, "then would you lift your shirt up for us?

Let's see those beautiful breasts of yours." "No, Rick, I can't. It's not right." "Aw, c'mon sweetheart. Since I first saw you I have been wondering what they look like. I imagined what they felt like under my hand. I've wanted to touch you for so long. You are so beautiful baby." He began to reach for my top and pulling it up. "No, Rick. Ed. Stop please. I don't want to continue. Just stop please. Yes it feels good but it's not right. I've got to go. Let me go." I tried to stand up but Ed held my arm and would not let me leave.

Rick reached again for my top and began to pull it up. I squirmed and wriggled trying to stand up and keep my shirt from being pulled up, but they slipped it up over my breasts and pulled my breasts out of my bra.

I felt humiliated. "Please don't. I'm asking you please stop." But they ignored me and they each fondled by breasts telling me what beautiful tits I had. Then they lowered their faces and started sucking them and squeezing them and kissing my mouth and my neck&hellip.O my God&hellip. Please stop. Please don't do this. Im scared." I kept wriggling away as best I could but they held me firmly.

It was then that my body began to betray me. There I was with a man on each breast sucking. Feelings started surfacing I never knew I had. My vagina was getting this weird pulsing feeling and horrors of horrors I wandered if one of them would touch me there! No sooner had I thought it I felt Ed's hand slip up my skirt and touch me there. O god&hellip.I opened my legs a little wider! Ed slipped his fingers under my panties and began rubbing me all over down there.

He whispered in my ear how fucking wet I was and …"See didn't I tell you you were going to love this?" "That's it my dear spread those legs wider. Because in a moment I am going to kneel in front of you and take those panties off and lick that beautiful tight wet pussy of yours." O god that sounded delicious. I think I was whimpering by now. "Please.

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Please don't stop. I don't &hellip.under&hellip.stand…what&hellip.I…am…feeling&hellip.but o&hellip.it &hellip.feeelssss&hellip.sssooooo…&hellip.goood&hellip.Rick? Rick? O god your mouth on my tits&hellip.don't stop&hellip.pleaseeeee&hellip.

Ed stood up and knelt before me and pulled my panties off. He spread my legs wider because believe it or not now that the moment was here I was scared and I put up a little resistence. He spread them apart and his head lowered to my vagina. Omg! So good. He was licking me there! I can't believe it anyone would want to do that but he seemed to really be enjoying himself.

And I was glad he was. O it felt so good that consistent licking up and up again just like he was licking ice cream off a cone. Rick all of a sudden stood up and unsnapped his jeans and pulled something out of them&hellip.omg it was his thing~ and it was huge! There it was sticking out like a rod pointing straight at my face.

"Suck me, darling. C'mon. It'll make me feel so bloody good." I shook my head.

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"No, Rick, I've never done that." Rick put one hand around his thing and the other behind my head and forced it into my mouth. Then he pulled it out a little and shoved it back in.

He did this back and forth motion forcing the back of my head so I had to suck him. I had to breathe out of my nose because he wasn't giving me any chance to take a breath. While he was forcing me back and forth he said "Yeah, baby, suck that cock. Ohhh it feels so good. You are so good, Jen. God you make me feel so fucking good.

That's it baby suck faster. Faster. Suck my cock, bitch!" With what Ed was doing to me down there and sucking Rick's cock I went crazy. I felt something building but didn't know what was going to happen.

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I all of a sudden felt like I was going to pee. They both told me it was okay to let it happen. "Let it happen baby!

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Let it go!" I had no choice it was so intense I screamed as best as I could with Rick's cock still in my mouth and then liquid squirted out of me. I was so embarrassed.

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Ed was lapping it all up though. I was astonished. I was told later that I experienced my first climax and that it wasn't pee but cum. Wow that felt awesome!

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I thought it was all done but that wasn't all they had in mind. Ed stood up and took his pants and underwear off. He sat back down against the coffee table and told me to suck his dick just like I did with Rick.

I crawled over to him and began to suck his cock like I did to Rick. Then I felt Rick grab my butt and feel around my vagina and the next thing I know he was pressing his cock into my vagina hole. "Ouch, that hurts a little Rick! What are u doing?" "it's okay baby it might hurt for a moment but It'll be quick. Just let me slide in, darling.

It'll be over quick. There. One… Two &hellip.Three" and on three he thrust himself into me until he couldn't go any further.

Oww…I whimpered. I wanted to say tell him to stop and take it out, but Ed had a hold on my head and wouldn't let go. I felt Rick caress my back and butt and say "It's okay baby. It'll be ok. Just be still for a moment. Keep sucking Ed. Like I had a choice! Ed reached up with one of his hands and fondled my hanging tits pinching my nipples which drove me crazy. Meanwhile, Rick is caressing my back and buttmoving back and forth inside me and started to fondling my vagina.

It was actually starting to feeling good.


Ed kept grabbing and pinching my tits and Rick's movement became stronger thrusting himself into me faster and faster. I became frantic for something again and I couldn't suck Ed's cock hard enough or fast enough.

Ed grabbed my head with both hands now and forced me to go faster and faster. Rick was rubbing me fast and hard now and thrusting harder in me and yelling he was cumming.

Just then I felt I was cumming with him and wanted to scream, but couldn't. "Damn!" Rick yelled and with that one final thrust I felt hot deep liquid inside of me. I looked up at Ed and he looked in pain but kept thrusting himself into my mouth. "Ok baby here it comes. You're going to get a nice big drink!!" And with those words out came a thick liquid from Ed's cock.

Right into my mouth! I gagged and he held my mouth over his cock and yelled for me to swallow it. I had no choice. I swallowed.

Then Ed slowly pulled himself out of my mouth. Whoa! I sat back on my knees wiped the sticky liquid from my lips and realized I just lost my virginity and I just graduated into womanhood.