Amara Romani bends over for a sizzling doggy anal fuck

Amara Romani bends over for a sizzling doggy anal fuck
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Lifting my short navy skirt, I'm standing in front of him rubbing my soft, smooth little pussy through my white panties, watching his bulge grow in his jeans.


I pull my panties aside and flash my hot little pussy to him, pulling my lips open a little, just enough for him to see how wet his little niece is, then I cover it up again quickly. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I don't really realise what a dangerous game I'm playing, teasing him like this. Besides, I find it exciting, though I'm not quite sure why! His breathing has deepened and he can't tear his eyes away from between my legs.

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I know I'm being a very bad little girl but I just love my Uncle Tony so much and I know how he loves looking at my young body, and it makes me very hot between my legs when I know he's looking at me. I'm watching him, now openly rubbing his bulge through his jeans as he starts to whisper to me.

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He tells me how he really should make me stop, but he's dreamed about my little pussy for so long. We can hear mummy and my auntie in the kitchen and we both know what would happen if they walked in here now! Uncle Tony makes a half hearted attempt to tell me to stop, just as he starts to unzip his jeans!

Holding my skirt up, tucking it under my chin, I slide my hands down to my panties, slip my fingers in the waistband and very slowly looking into his eyes, I push my little white cotton panties down around my thighs, just far enough, so he can see my little wet snatch and the moan that escapes his lips makes my hard little clit start to throb.


He has his big cock right out now, big, hard and throbbing in his hand. The fact we can still hear them in the kitchen just intensifies the atmosphere, and not able to hold back anymore he whispers, "Come here baby" as he reaches for my hand and pulls me closer.


My exposed little pussy is inches from his face as he leans forward on the sofa. I'm so excited, I've never done anything like this before and I'm looking down at my uncle between my legs, watching his hand move slowly toward my naked pussy. I gasp loudly as his finger makes contact with my sensitive pussy, but neither of us could move now, no matter who walked in.

Looking down at him slowly wanking his big cock as he gently runs his fingertips up n down my very wet slit, is making my legs tremble, but it feels amazing and I realise that I'm trying to press against his hand and I've started moaning very softly. Uncle Tony knows we can't have much longer before someone comes in, so he quickly stands up and pushes me down onto the sofa.

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He slides my panties down my legs to my ankles and he kneels down between them, pushing me backwards so I'm lying back which lifts my bottom, tilting my pussy up to him. I can see the little drips on the end of his big bell end and as he whispers that he's never seen a prettier little pussy and that I'm such a good little girl for showing it to him, he leans forward and rubs his wet tip over my smooth pussy lips.

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The heat, wetness and electric shock type feeling that shoots through us both makes us gasp. I bite my lip to stop from crying out. Uncle Tony looks to the door but doesn't even attempt to move from between my legs.

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He reaches down and parts my pussy lips exposing my hard little clit and he rubs the head of his big stiff cock over it sending tingles through my whole body. As he starts to wank off he's rubbing the length of his hot shaft over my clit and whispering naughty things he wants to do to me, next time we're alone. I'm watching his face, fascinated at the effect a little girl like me has on my big strong uncle, his breathing is erratic and shallow, his hand is moving faster on his cock and he's starting to talk dirty to his little niece.

He's telling me how he wants to fuck my tight little cunt so bad, how he wants to push his tongue inside me and taste my baby pussy while I open my mouth nice n wide and take every inch of my uncles fat cock in my mouth and suck it like a little cum slut. I have a funny feeling in my lil cunny, spreading up through my tummy, my nipples are rock hard and without even realising it, I'm bucking and thrusting my hips up to Uncle Tony, my hands gripping the sofa as the new sensations intensify.

He can see I'm a little scared by my body's reactions and as he pumps his cock hard he tells me, "relax babygirl, just let it go.

That's it, be a good little girl for Uncle Tony and let it go, cum for me baby" I bit down hard on my lip, arched my back and threw my head back as my first ever orgasm erupted and my uncle's cock exploded, shooting load after load of hot thick spunk all over my virgin cunt.

As my first orgasm subsided I looked down and watched my uncle empty every single drop from his big heavy balls onto me, rubbing it all in with his cock.

We heard voices get a little closer, so he stuffed his cock away quickly and at the same time pulled me to my feet, yanking my panties up my legs, patting the front of them, giving me a quick rub of my cum soaked pussy as he told me, "You're gonna be late for school little girl, keep my cum in your panties till you get home tonight, thinking about my cum all over your little pussy will keep me hard all day!".Just then my auntie poked her head round the door and said, "Come on slowcoach, everyone else is in the car already." I picked up my schoolbag, reached up to kiss my uncle goodbye and skipped out the door to school.

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