Enge assed Süssen erste anal

Enge assed Süssen erste anal
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It has been six months since I had Sarah modified, modified to my specifications that is. The whore was mine and anyone I chose could play with her. I am a rich bastard you can say what you are thinking, I won't hold it against you. Sarah is not my only whore but she is the only one who works for me at the office. She is the only one who was directly under me (excuse the pun) all day long doing everything I wanted no matter how much she hated it. No matter how much or how little she begged for me or others not to.

I walk into the office, their she is in an almost sheer dress inpaled on my latest present to her. An 11" black dildo welded to a metal desk chair. The bitch was chained to the chair so no matter how much she wants to, she can not get up from the chair without me. As I have the only key to the padlock that keeps her there. Seeing her like this makes me horny. I'd have the whore naked if office etiquetted allowed which it sadly did not. My father had said he had expected me to treat her with more respect than I was, I laughed and said why would I treat a whore with respect.

She carries your children you should be more respectful than you are. Not that I want the whore in that way or her children for that matter. They would go to an orphange if I had any say in the matter.

Though I suspect my mother the bitch will have something to say about that. If I didn't want them and I sure as hell was not letting my whore keep them that would mean she wouldn't be working here any longer. No orphanage or mother I don't care which but the whore will not be getting her filthy cunting hands on them.

Sarah whimpers as I pass her, she is uncomfortable, twins are a pain in the ass at the best of times but with the way I have her seated on the most uncomfortable chair on the planet with a monster inbeded in her with no way of getting it out on her own. She was made to sit there all day every day doing paper work for me or just writing lines for my entertainment. I didn't need her for paperwork and she knew that, but I wasn't going to fire the whore.

She is five months pregnant, her stomach is big. it protudes obscenely in front of her when she walks. When she is allowed to walk freely that is.

Which is not often, if she is with me in meetings she is by my feet or riding my cock either way that stomach is on display.

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The horny cunt can't get enough when she is allowed to cum, which is not often. I will not allow her that pleasure often, it makes her orgasms all the more pleasurable and painful when she experiences them. Of course I know just how to bring a whore to the edge then stop all stimulation. It took her a while to realise the stupid cunt that she is, that I could turn off the vibrators if I so choose.

Of course I wanted it this way, who wants a remote control cum whore who can come on demand if you can't just turn it off and make it hard for her to come at all. Someone so used to that vibrator up her cunt would become dependant on it like the whore that she is.

So now if I want to make sure she doesn't cum then I turn the damn thing off and turn the whore off while I am at it. Did I mention I love my life. Of course I walk to the office and wait for an hour before I turn the vibrator on, set it to one of its highest settings as she can take them all. Them say into the little mic that I have the wore whore.

I hear the screams from the office next door, I know the desired effect that that word with have on my whore.

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I also know how much she hates it when I use it at the higher settings. I have timed it just right for Janice my fathers young, far to young for that old bastard he thought to himself secretary. Busty and blonde, the tits couldn't be real they were far to firm for that. The bitch had yet to be touched by anyone in the firm, my father wouldn't he loved his wife to much. My mother the whore who fucked anything that moved, he loved her while she made full use of that cunt of hers. Used her cunt as it was intended to be used.

I think you might see why I don't care what I do to my property and trust me when I say that Sarah is my property. "Did you bring the files my father wanted me to check over?" I ask as she enters the room. "Yes sir." She says to me. "Good don't shut the door behind you." I say to her as she turns to do just that.

Instead she walks to my desk and places the files in front of me. I glance down at them before holding up a key for her. "Be a kind whore and release my whore in the outer office." I say to her. She blushes and blusters. "Don't make me repeat that order whore, I told you to do something, unlike my father who will let you do what you want. When I tell you to do something, you fucking doing it." I snarl at her.

"Please. he promised." She cries at me. "He pwomrised?" I mock her she whimpers. "I am not my father whore." I scream at her, I love that she is crying. I am so hard for her right now I could almost come in my pants. "I will not tell you again, go release my whore from her chair." I snarl at her. She swallows as she takes the key and leaves the room, I know that she is really hating that she has no choice in the matter. She is eighteen and I doubt that she has ever been used by anybody.

But my father should not be making promises he knows he will never be able to keep. I can have any one of the bitches in this firm, up to and including my sister and mother if I so choose. I do not choose but that is not the point. I have ridden every bitch in this firm at some point or other and I would continue to do so.

That was my right, fuck what they think or want.

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I was born for this new world and you had best remember that. I fucked my way through high school and then college, fuck the wait until marriage larky that my parents had tried to get me to agree to. I wanted every pussy I could lay my hands on and shove my cock into. The kinks came later thats the way that I think of it anyway. I hear a gasp and I know that she has been released from her bonds and stood up for the first time in a couple of hours.

My whore and her mate come back into the room, the whore one step behind the secretary and looking warily at me. "Shut the door behind you whore." I say laughing when she doubles over and screams out with pleasure.

Every word I say of that sort is going to set her pussy on fire. I know it and she knows it and so does the other whore in the room. "This bitch is misbehaving." I say and she screams from the pain erupting from the cunt.

"I want her the bitch to see how bitches are treated when bitches misbehave as she is doing." I explain, by the end of it my whore is on the floor in the foetal position screaming in agony and the woman in question who has annoyed me, is begging me to stop hurting Sarah.

I look at her disdainfully. "Whore's are to be controlled and used by men as they see fit bitch. We are in control of your bodies not you, if I want you to be pain that is how you will be.

If I want you so incoherent and in sheer bliss that is how I will have you. If I want you to feel nothing at all I will have that.

You see I control everything about her, I can give her the most mind blowing orgasms or I can make sure she feels like she has been tortured for months. The bastards in her stomach mean nothing to me, she will carry them or she will not. If she wanted a different life, she should have been born male." I say laughing at her.

Sarah is on her knees, knees wide apart and fingering her pussy as I know she would be. As much as it beguiles her, to be the way that she is right now, she is nothing more than a horny whore and we both know it. I grab Janice by the waist and turn her so she is facing Sarah and I make sure she can see what has become of the screaming bitch. Sarah is in her own little world at the moment, probably preying that she can get off before I turn off the vibrator.

Her wants and needs are surplus to requirements and she knows it. "You beg me to stop and now you see what happens when I do." I say to her using my free hand to push her legs wide apart. "Look at the whore Janice, she loves her life. She cannot help herself, she is a creature of need and right now she needs to cum so badly." I say into her ear.

I know that Janice is transfixed on Sarah and what she is doing to herself right now. "Look at her and tell me she is not happy with her lot in life." I say to her.

"Tut tut tut, you are wearing underwear." I say to her. A thong, that is not allowed another thing my father has allowed her to get away with. "Bitch look at what this bitch is wearing." I say to Sarah she is screaming again and I am rock hard my cock pressing into Janice's ass through my trousers. "No underwear in the work place includes you Janice and now that I have decided to keep you on as my whore, I think we shall lose these.

So we are clear when I am done with you Janice you will be just like Sarah here. A slave to my every word, if you do wrong I shall punish her and if she does wrong you will be punished. I think it is only fair. Now you dirty great cunt, get that thong away from my pussy." I snarl in her ear. "Yes my pussy, you belong to me and you will do well to remember that. My father may not want you, but that does not mean that other men in this office and firm do not want you.

Now do I have to make her scream in agony again or will you do as I have asked the second time of asking. I promise that if I have to ask a third time she will know pain the likes of which she will only ever experience again when she gives birth to my children." I sneer at her. I can feel her wet and I know its because of the pills that she is made to take daily like all whores in the world.

But I do not care how she came to be wet, all I care about is the fact that she is wet and that will make it easier for me in the long run. Janice removes her thong, she is crying from humiliation of it all whether she likes it or not that makes me want her more. When it hits the ground I make her pick it up and give it to me.

Then I hold it under her nose, "Breath it in, look how wet you are for me whore." I say to her. Sarah is crying out with pleasure on the floor but she is forgotten, ignored by us both.

"Open your mouth wide slut." I say to Janice and she does so. I stuff the wet thong in her mouth and then tell her to leave it there.

"Suck on it, taste your own juices, taste how it feels to be ready for a real man." I say to her. My hand moves to her exposed pussy. I am pleased that she is shaved, I hate hairy snatches, can't stand a woman who does not look after herself down there. And she is as smooth as the day she was born down there. This pleases me as I spread her cunt lips and with my fingers flicking her clit with my thumb she doubles over.

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I experiment with her pussy and know that as I suspected she is a virgin. She lets out little cries when I push a finger a little way in, I do not want to break her just yet. That will happen when I enter her with my cock and she screams as I know she will. "Sarah come and say hello to your new play mate." I say to Sarah who is on the floor three fingers inbedded in her pussy.

She looks up at me glassy eyed and inches forward until her face is inches from Janice's pussy. "Say hello to her properly." I say to Sarah as I lift Janice's dress up past her hips exposing her fully to Sarah who licks her lips. "If she doesn't do it right, feel free to use any term you like to encourage her." I say to her.

She cries out as Sarah's tongue finds her pussy and I laugh as I ease her breasts out of her dress glad to see that she had no bra on. That was at least acceptable to me. I thought as I squeeze and pinch her nipples. I turn her head towards me and kiss her deeply, she isn't expecting it nor is she expecting the tongue entering her pussy. I laugh as I see her eyes roll up into the back of her head then have to slap her to make sure she doesn't faint.

I know that she is close to doing just that, but I also know that there is no fun in that either. This isn't going to end with a faint no, this is going to end with my cock exploding into her tight cunt. Deflowering her and making her mine, once she had a feel of my cock in her pussy, she would forever be mine like every girl I had ever wanted in my life.

I slap her again when to get her focusing on her pussy. "Focus on that feel, it will be a long time before you get this kind of pleasure from someone again without my permission." I say to her with a grin. "If you had a boyfriend you don't now, you are mine cunt to do with as I please." I say to her as I let go of her and slip my hands to my trousers undoing the zip. I am wearing designer underwear of course, when do I not but that is not the point.

I push my boxer briefs down under my ample cock and balls. My cock is already rock hard and pointing up at her pussy. Not that she knows this of course. I know that Sarah can see my cock and is probably wishing that I was about to fuck her. But this is not about her and its not about Janice, this is about me getting my rocks off and nothing else, I don't care if they come or not.

If they think they do then they are fools for thinking that. I line my cock up so that it is touching her pussy lips. "Sarah make sure she does not move." I say to my secretary come whore come anything I damn well please.

Sarah grips her thighs and I know that the girl wants to bolt from me. She knows what I am about to do and so does Sarah.

I remove the gag and she begs me not to, not that I care about her pleas for mercy. No I want to hear her scream, I want the whole fucking office to know what I am doing in here. I play with her a little, I want her to think that I am having trouble finding her whole. Not because I am but because I can. Then when I am suitably pleased with her begging I take a hold of my rigid cock then tell Sarah to seat the bitch down hard on my cock.

Sarah from her position can't do much so she has to stand and uses her hands to push her down on my cock. She scream as I rip through her hymen forever broken and forever will she be a slave to my needs. My cock is like a drug and every body knows it.

Girls in the office always want me, most of them never get more than one fuck from me. "Get the poppers from my desk whore." I say to Sarah who cries out but obeys. I know she is close and she knows I know but she isn't coming today. This was never about her, I just wanted her to think that she might be allowed to come. She cannot come without my permission and she is a good girl she never does. She hands me the little blue bottle with the power ball in the bottom of it.

Its new and it takes a minute for me to undoing the wrapping. I then shake it thoroughly all the while the whore is sat unmoving on my cock and thats fine.

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This is going to make her feel amazing and not care I know it but she doesn't at least not yet. I undo the cap inhale deeply closing my eyes and loving the high that it gives me, I hand the bottle to Sarah. "Get her to inhale in both nostrils." I say to her she nods at me and holds it under her nose.

Janice does as she is told, she knows fighting is useless, at least she has given into the wants of the man in the room. About fucking time, I think to myself.

She moans loudly as she rises, forgetting herself or maybe not caring any more I don't know. I wait until just the tip of my cock is in her pussy before thrusting up into her making her squeal and her legs buckle as I sit back down again her momentum means that she falls back down onto my cock and moans even louder. "That's it ride me whore. Massage my cock with your pussy walls. Oh yeah, roll your hips baby." I say. Feeling her inner walls massaging my cock is amazing, they will never know how much pleasure it gives us.

They could never know, I never cared for how much pleasure it was giving them.

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Why would I, they are pieces of meat for me to use nothing more nothing less. Breeding whores one and all. if you are to old for breeding then you were off no use to me or any other man for that matter. "Come for me." I whisper in her ears. her movements getting more frantic, I know she must be close.

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"Not you bitch." I snarl at Sarah who screams, I wait for it to finish before I turn her vibrator off. "Get your cunt black on that black cock, if you are not there when I am done with this whore.you will know what true pain is." I snarl at her then watch her hurry out of the room.


I hold the poppers under Janice's nose then my own, she knows what to do now even without having to be told. "Please can I come?" She begs. "Yes." I say to her. So close to my own orgasm, I hold her so her pussy just barely touches my cock then thrust into her and continue to do so he moans, cries, screams her way to orgasm as I feel my balls tighten and I know I am about to explode I sit down on the table then bring her pussy down to meet the base of my cock and come.

I yell out as I come loud and proud, my cum exploding out of my cock head into her deep, deeper than she would have imagined possible. Breeding her cunt as she slumps against me I rub her stomach and keep her there for a minute. Then I remove her from my cock and place her on the table. I tell her to stay with her legs ellevated and back flush against the desk itself.

I retrieve a buttplug from the desk bottom draw then push it into her cunt.

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It has a little loop in its bottom which I hook a chain to. The chain goes all the way around her waist almost and I connect the two ends with a padlock. She isn't taking that out before the end of the day and that is just the way I want it. "Please take it out, it hurts." She begs. "No I want my cum to remain inside of you. Come and see me at the end of the day." I say to her. "I will remove it then." I say to her.

I hand her the padlock she had given me. "Make sure the whore is chained in before you leave." I say to her. "Can I have my panties back?" She asks. "No."I say laughing as I slap her ass. "You are to bring whatever underwear you own with you to work tomorrow from now on you are to wear none.


I want you accessible to all male staff at all times." I say to her. "I will have you booked in for the same procedures as Sarah sometime next week." I tell her she has tears in her eyes as I say this. "Do not think I will not mark you just because I am your first and only bitch now get that cunt out of my sight before I decide to go for round two and take your ass as well." I snap at her she is out of the room faster than she came in.

I laugh as I look out at my secretary and see she is desperately trying to look like not coming has fazed her. A week of denial and it would be at least that long again before I even thought about letting her have her release. The bitch was now nothing more than a play thing to me. I couldn't have sex with it, without worrying about damaging the children in her belly and I wasn't that big on anal so that was it out as well.