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Strand Sex Amateur 103
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Chapter 31 HER BROTHER, PART THREE Inside her head, Laura still had a pathetic hope that her brother would save her. He would get to her house, see what a horrible degrading nightmare it was, and realise she couldn't possibly be doing all this of her own free will.

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He would pay off her debt, he would tell the police, he would move her and Erica to a new house and hold her and tell her everything would be all right.

She thought all this even as she was masturbating in public, in the passenger seat of a moving car, completely naked (just like her girlfriend), and the only reaction it was provoking in her brother was an erection. Erica stopped the car in the driveway of their house. From the outside it didn't look too bad, although there was the clear view into the girls' bedroom through the large glass curtain-less window.

It looked like a hamster cage or something. It was clear to Daniel that if the girls were to be naked or lez off in that bedroom - as indeed occurred most of the time they were at home - it would be a theatre for the entire street. Something was different as the naked girls approached the front door though. There was a little sign on their front door, which said, in happy pink feminine letters, "Lesbian Slut Cage". There was a paper note stuck to the door underneath.

It read, "Did some decorating while you were out. Much more appropriate for you now. Enjoy!" It was signed, "Amy." Laura opened the door with trepidation, and led Erica and Daniel inside. There were new pictures on the walls inside. Large and artfully displayed, they appeared on every wall of the house, and they all depicted Laura and Erica, taken from a mix of surveillance cameras and staged photographs.

A large photo depicted Laura naked, spreadeagled, semen visibly leaking from her cunt after being fucked by Roy at the Mayim Clinic. Another showed Laura pushing a condom of semen up Erica's pussy.

There was Laura pissing in the backyard. There was Erica being raped by Michael. There were pictures of Laura's face covered in cum and Erica's face covered in urine. Pride of place above the TV were two matched close-ups of Laura's and Erica's gaping pussies, pools of cum in each, and facing them behind the couch were close-ups of their tits bearing visible bruises - Laura's from being beaten at the Mayim Clinic and Erica's from being beaten by Laura.

It was clear to anyone whose cunts and tits these were because they had little nameplates underneath reading "Laura" and "Erica". Daniel took in the room, saw the photos, saw the dildos on all the seats. "God, Laura," he said. "Is this how you *live* now?" "Yes," Laura answered quietly. "It suits me perfectly, don't you think?" Daniel said nothing for long moments.

This is it, Laura thought. This is when he saves me. This is when he realises it's all wrong, that I'm not a slut, that I'm being abused, that. But what Daniel did instead was step forward. push Laura to the ground. lie on top of her, and slide his cock into her cunt. Laura froze in shock. Her brother's dick was in her pussy. Her brother was fucking her. Her brother was *raping* her. And he was. He was pumping his cock rhythmically in and out of her, leaking pre-cum into her twat as he casually raped his sister.

He said nothing, but he leant down and kissed her - almost like he cared about her, but with a kind of distance that made it clear he was just using her mouth for his pleasure. He was going to cum inside her, she knew. He was going to get her pregnant. And then she would have to blackmail him, make him stay, be raped by him again and again for the rest of her life. She wanted to struggle, and she actually bucked a bit for a few moments, before she remembered her rules.

She had to encourage him. She had to permit him. If she broke the rules she would do worse than lose the bet - she would make her blackmailer angry. He could see her right now, on the surveillance. So she moaned happily as her brother raped her. She fucked back against his cock.

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She spasmed her pussy tightly around his dick and stuck her tongue into his mouth. It was the hardest thing she had ever had to do, but she did it. She encouraged her brother to rape her harder and more degradingly. She welcomed his cock inside her and tried her best to make it happy as it penetrated her cunt. Erica just watched during all of this, submissive and vacant. Laura wasn't even sure if she knew where she was or if she was spacing out.

Laura didn't really care. Her traitor body orgasmed, of course. Three times, actually, and each time it provoked Daniel to fuck her harder than before. The third time was the most humiliating of all, because it was triggered by the thing that most horrified her - the warm, wet sticky feeling of her brother ejaculating inside her.

He grunted, and spurted his semen up into her womb - almost certainly impregnating her - and then went limp and rolled off her. Like a good slut, she automatically licked his dick clean, and then said, "Thank you for raping me, Daniel. Thank you for treating me like the slut I am." He pushed his cock back into her mouth and held her face there, enjoying the warmth of her mouth on his softening cock.

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"Thank you for transforming yourself into such a fuck toy, Laura," he said as she sucked. "It's clear you really want this - to be nothing much than a cum rag - and I don't think I could have brought myself to fuck my sister if you hadn't degraded yourself quite so thoroughly. And I know you've obviously wanted me to screw you like that since you turned up to the hotel - I'm sorry it took me so long to really get over my inhibitions and use you like the sex object you are now." His dick stiffened as he spoke - degrading Laura was making him hard again.

He motioned Erica over to lick Laura's pussy clean. Erica obediently lapped up the cum between Laura's legs as Laura sucked her brother's cock, but Laura instinctively knew it was too late - she would be pregnant by her brother. Erica would be too. They were both impregnated with Daniel's babies. Laura sucked Daniel to a full erection, and then he used it to fuck her cunt again.

This time he bent her over the couch and fucked her from behind while instructing Erica to tongue his anus. Laura moaned encouragingly as her brother raped her, and then orgasmed again when she felt another load of his sperm squirt up into her. This time afterwards he had her dig the cum from her pussy with her hands and transfer it to her mouth, feeding herself his cum while he filmed her on his phone.

And after that, he put his cock back into her mouth, but this time to piss in it. Laura drank it down obediently. The second orgasm temporarily satisfied Daniel, and Laura knew she needed to broach a difficult subject now. Well, what she wanted to do was cry, and never stop crying. She was pregnant by her brother and needed now to invite her brother to rape her three times a week for the rest of the year. It was too much - she couldn't process it - so she shut it out. Her hand dipped to her pussy and began to play with it, as she did more and more often now to cope with her situation.

"Daniel," she said, "You need to live here, in this town, now." "What do you mean?" he asked. "I need you to rape me like this every week," Laura said. "Three times a week. I need it more than anything." His dick twitched at this, but he said, "I have work, Laura. I can't do that. I have to go home." "Please," Laura said again. "If you don't - I'll tell them that you raped me.

That you raped Erica." She would do no such thing, of course. His eyes narrowed. "You told me it was okay to rape Erica.

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And you sure didn't sound like you were being raped." "I don't want to," Laura said, almost crying, "but I need you to stay and rape me all the time. Please. You know even an accusation would hurt you - I don't want that, you don't want that." "Laura, I'd lose money," he said.

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"I might be able to get my company to place me here but it would be the end of my chances for promotion." She was silent. She had said her piece. He thought.

"You're serious about this?" he asked. He wasn't quite as angry as she had thought he might be. Clearly right now the thought of unlimited sexual access to his sister and her girlfriend was intriguing him.

"Yes," she said. "Sluts like you and your girlfriend could make a lot of money doing your degraded shit in front of a camera. Suppose I made you the stars of your own porn site, and took all the profits to make up what I'm losing by staying. Does that sound okay to you?" It did not. But Laura needed him to stay. "That's fine," she said. "Laura Sucks Cock dot com?" he suggested. She nodded. "Laura Drinks Piss dot com?" She nodded again.

"Laura the Fake Lesbian?" he smiled. She couldn't say anything now. She was starting to cry. He moved forward and encircled her in a big brotherly hug. "There there," he said. He kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. He pulled her closer against him. And then he stuck his cock into her pussy, and he raped her again, and she thanked him for it. After he had filled her full of his sperm again, she showed him around her new house. She showed him the bedroom, where he got her and Erica to 69 each other to orgasm in front of the big window to the street.

She showed him how she and Erica pissed and showered outside now. Daniel met the girls' neighbour Ranjit, and the two chatted casually as they watched the naked lesbians urinate onto the grass while masturbating and then shower themselves. Laura showed how she couldn't use the toilet now or sit on seats without a dildo.

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Daniel made her try anyway, just to see what would happen, and was fascinated and aroused when he saw her double over in pain as the implants in her pussy and breasts painfully shocked her. Lastly she showed off her TV. She sat on the couch dildo and let a conditioning tape run on the screen. Surely, she thought, Daniel would have questions about who made these tapes and whether she was watching them willingly.

But he just sat and watched as Laura stared at the tape and bounced vacantly on the dildo, moaning as her implants and collar occasionally shocked her. The program was teaching her to like having men stare at her tits and cunt.


Bimbos in various states of dress paraded on screen, and when the nearby men openly drooled at their giant boobs or exposed twats the vibrator hummed pleasantly in Laura's pussy, and when they looked the girls in the eye or treated them like people Laura got a painful little shock in her cunt and her fuckbags. It was only right.

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Of course men should stare at Laura's tits. They were so big and slutty. She massaged her melons idly as the conditioning tape brought her to two happy orgasms. Following all that, Daniel fucked Laura again. He fucked her in a way that was completely different from how he had treated girlfriends in the past, where he had negotiated consent, explored ways of finding mutual pleasure, been keen to have a shared experience.

There was none of that here. He fucked Laura like she was a human Fleshlight - a hole to pleasure his dick in. If she made more sound than he wanted he put his hand over her mouth. Occasionally he would squeeze her tits painfully hard, or slap them, entirely for his pleasure.

Laura didn't mind so much - she was coming to view this as just how sex was, and just how she should be used. She knew she was being raped, but it still made her orgasm.

He spent most of the rest of the afternoon making the arrangements to stay in town. By dinner he had negotiated a permanent posting near to where Laura lived. The company would pay for his hotel for another three weeks while he found a house.

He had thought about moving in with Laura but Laura's house wasn't suitable for people anymore, only fake-lesbian sluts.

Laura drinking piss seemed to fascinate Daniel - and arouse him. When dinner came, he had Erica piss on hers and Laura's meals again - steak this time - and had the girls eat their dinner on all fours on the floor.

He himself filled two small glasses with his own urine, and then had the girls drink from the glasses. He found refrigerated condoms full of cum in the fridge from Erica's work, and he gave one to each girl to lick clean for "dessert". Laura was surprised how well she was adjusting to having so much piss and cum in her stomach all the time - and by how much she craved more.

She didn't like the taste of piss, as such, but she associated it with men approving of her, and more and more now having men approve of her was a huge motivator for her. When Daniel pissed in her mouth and then said "good girl", it made her almost orgasm with happiness. After dinner, all Daniel wanted to do was fuck Laura again and again. He didn't even have a use for Erica, so he walked Laura's girlfriend naked to the house next door and had her knock on the door.


Laura's neighbour Ranjit answered the door, and was delighted when Daniel informed him he could borrow Erica for the night and fuck her as often and hard as he wanted. He left the frightened Erica there and then came back to Laura, laid her on the lounge room floor, and once again enthusiastically raped her pussy.

He fucked her all that night, cumming in her again and again. He didn't seem to lose his appetite for raping his sister at any point. It took him longer and longer to reach each orgasm but he didn't care.

He had Laura talk about her transformation into a slut, and by the time morning came Laura had told him everything that had happened to her - an edited version in which she had asked for all these things to happen to her, but otherwise accurate. She felt his dick twitch inside at her at each fresh humiliation, and felt just how much he enjoyed the stories of her abuse, degradation, humiliation and rape.

By morning she understood that it wasn't that he *didn't* know none of this was consensual - it was that he didn't *want* to know. And she knew in her gut that even if he did know, he wouldn't lift a finger to stop it, and that he would happily keep raping her as she cried.

(To be continued.)