Beautiful young dyke fingerfucked by her gf

Beautiful young dyke fingerfucked by her gf
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Mom and Dad fucked a couple times a week and my pussy always got dripping wet each time I lay in bed listening to them and anticipating what would happen next. We live in a lower middle class neighborhood in an older 2 bedroom, one bath home. Not bad but not anything fancy either. The bedrooms are next to each other and the wall is thin and Mom is a loud fuck so I can clearly hear everything that is going on in their bedroom. I could hear the bed squeak and sometimes the headboard would pound against the wall.

I could hear Mom saying things like, "Oh fuck yes, your big cock feels so good in my cunt.

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Give it to me. Fill me with your sweet cum. I love you and I need it so bad." Once in a while I might hear, "Oh Scott, pound my ass. Shove that big dick all the way up my shitter. Fuck it hard. Cum deep in my ass." When Mom would cum, she almost screamed.


It was usually something like, "Oh fuuuck, I'm gonna cum. Give it to me deep. Yessssss." Dad seldom said anything. This is what I would hear as I lay in my bed rubbing my clit and fingerfucking myself. Then I would hear Dad go down the hall and take a long shower before going back to bed. The first time anything happened with me and Dad was when, one night while they were fucking, I had to take a piss.

Well they finished while I was in the bathroom, naked and on the toilet. I had my eyes closed as I pissed and rubbed my clit at the same time. When I heard a little noise I opened my eyes. There was Dad standing in front of me, also naked and with his half hard prick hanging in front of him. I was not a virgin.

I had had sex with a couple of my boyfriends from school and had also watched some porn so I could tell that Dad was hung bigger than most, a lot bigger than the boys that I had been with. We both just starred at each other for a minute. Dad turned on the shower. I don't know why I did it but I got up and walked over, standing close in front of my father. He reached out and took my high, firm C-cup tits in his hands, pinching and twisting my erect nipples gently.

After playing with my tits for a minute, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed down. I knew what he wanted and I dropped to my knees. I took his slime covered manhood in my hand and stroked it. "Open your mouth." Dad put his hand behind my head and pulled it to his crotch. I opened wide and sucked his cockhead into my mouth. I could taste the mixture of his and Mom's cum that covered his prick.

Remembering what I had seen in the fuck movies, I sucked till my cheeks were pulled in and rubbed my tongue over the bottom side of his cockhead making him moan. It was almost like I was in a trance as I did just as he wanted. As I sucked, he started moving back and forth, gently fucking my mouth. Soon, he started to harden.


My lips were stretching to get all the way around his big cockhead and to take couple inches of his prick in my mouth. My hand was around his shaft and it made the soft, loose outer skin slide up and down the hard inner shaft as he moved in and out of my mouth.

He kept this up for several minutes. All the time, the shower was running so Mom could hear it. My jaw was starting to ache. Then, without saying a word, he exploded his big load of baby seed into my mouth.

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I gagged slightly and coughed and most of it came back out and ran down my chin and hung there in long dangling strings but I did swallow one time without intending to. A little bit of it had even come out my nose. He reached down with two fingers, scooped up the cum strings and put his now cum covered fingers in my mouth. I sucked them clean. I had never let my boyfriends cum in my mouth but Dad caught me by surprise and never warned me.

His cum was warm, thick and salty but didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. Dad pulled away and stepped into the shower and I quickly washed my face and went to my bed. After a very short shower, he went back to his and Mom's bed but on his way back to his room he came into mine and gave me a little kiss on the forehead.

Neither one of us ever said a word while this was happening except when he told me to open my mouth.

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When he got back into his bed, I heard Mom say to him, "You sure took a long shower tonight." Now, every time Mom and Dad fuck, I wait for them to finish and for him to come to my room. First he turns on the shower and then he comes to my room, stands next to my bed while I suck him clean. Usually it's quick and that is all that happens, but sometimes he get hard again and those times he stays long enough for me to finish him with my mouth.

I've learned to love the taste of his slimy cock and especially the mouthfuls of cum he gives me when I do him to completion.

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I don't spill a drop anymore. I can always tell the different taste after he has fucked Mom in the ass, but he still wants me to suck him clean and it's okay with me. Seldom is a word spoken between us. I just hear him moan each time he blasts a load of spunk into my eagerly sucking mouth.

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After he leaves, I rub myself to a satisfying completion then go to sleep thinking how much I love my father. The other night he looked down at me after we had finished.


"Darlin', your Mom is going to see Grandma this weekend. Have you ever had your pussy eaten?" 312