Babysitter with perky tits masturbate in my kitchen

Babysitter with perky tits masturbate in my kitchen
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PROLOGUE: Eighteen year old Tim is something of and anomaly. A spindly thin lad standing only five foot seven, he none the less is endowed with an eleven inch penis. As his father had recently passed away, in order to make ends meet his mother would show older women pictures of his massive organ and entice them to meet and fuck her young son for large sums of money. Our story picks up at school where Tim's girl friend corners him after standing her up the night before.

To say the least she's not a happy camper. "Hi, Tim, I missed you last night." "Oh, uh, hi Krista," Tim replied a little sheepishly." "How's it goin'?" "How's it goin'?" she asked a little angrily. "We were supposed to meet at the library but you didn't show up!" "I'm sorry," he replied without looking her in the eye.

"Something just came up, it couldn't be helped." "Yeah, I'm sure that it did," she shot back evenly. "Tell me the truth," she demanded.

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"Your mother had you "meet" one of her friends didn't she?" "Look, Kris," he replied, "I gotta help out when I can." "Since dad passed away it's been kinda rough." "I understand that," came her quick reply.

"But I can't help being jealous thinking about you having sex with those old women." When he finally looked into her eyes, he could see that they were filling up with tears. "Follow me," he said while taking her by the arm. "We've still got twenty minutes 'til our next class." "I've got an idea." "Are you crazy!?!" th eighteen year old blonde gasped as he closed the door behind them and then kissed her deeply on the lips.

"Crazy for you!" he replied while opening up the front of his dungarees. "Please, no&hellip.," she said weakly. "What if we get caught?" "Don't worry, nobody's gonna catch us," he whispered. "Now tell me, what are you gonna do with this?!?" Krista didn't want to look, because she knew that the second she saw it her resolve would melt like chocolate on a hot day.

"Come on," he chided softly. "It's already getting hard!" Almost furtively she glanced down between her boyfriend's legs only to find his magnificent erection standing tall and ready for action.

"It never gets this hard for those old hags," he said while kissing her ear. "Ohhhhhhh, Timmy!" she sighed while slipping slowly to her knees before him. "You know I can't resist it…&hellip." "I know," he chuckled as her mouth descended over his velvety head.

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" I know it for sure&hellip." The slightly built young man with the monster cock leaned against the wall while his pretty little girl friend paid oral homage to his incredible member. As his balls tightened in his scrotum, Krista began fisting her little hand up and down his thick shaft.


"Jesus, Kris!" he gasped. "You are a fucking wonder!" A low groan gurgled up in her throat as she desperately tried to urge his load into her eager mouth. As both of them were now being whipped into a sexual frenzy, neither one of them noticed that the classroom door had swung quietly open. A curious thirty something woman wearing black horn rimmed glasses and her hair in a tight bun stepped into the room and for a moment was stunned into silence.

When she finally regain her wits, she cleared her throat and in a very authoritative voice questioned, "And what exactly is going on here!?!" Both Tim and Krista nearly had heart attacks as the unidentified voice echoed loudly around the empty classroom.

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Instinctively Tim turned to see where the voice was coming from, which as it turned out was a big mistake since his cock was standing straight up in all its glory. Both student and teacher recognized each other at the same second, but it was the teacher who was now standing there speechless! "I'm sorry, Miss Madison!" Tim said quickly.

"We were just, you know, we were just foolin' around!" Still a little stunned to see such a massive erection only a few feet from her, Sarah Madison leaned against the door frame to help her keep her balance. It was then she realized that someone was hiding behind the frightened boy. "Who's standing in back of you?" the teacher asked.

"Uh, it's just me," came a small voice. "Who's me?" Sarah Madison demanded. "Step out and let me so you!" With her head hung down a very red face Krista shuffled out from behind Tim.

"I-I don't believe it!" Sarah stammered. "What on earth were you doing?!?" If Krista could have been anyplace else on the face of the earth she wished she could have been there instead of where she was.

"Well, um, you see I was just……," she mumbled. With her foot now tapping incessantly on the highly buffed terrazzo floor Sarah Madison was just figuring out the whole sordid story.

"I think I get the picture," Sarah said acidly. "And since you want to play, don't let me interrupt you, resume your positions!" Both Tim and Krista glanced nervously at each other before Tim offered, "That's okay, Miss Madison, we were just about finished anyway!" He was about to shove his meat back into his pants when Sarah Madison snapped, "If you don't want to explain yourselves to the principal you'll do as you're told!" "Now get on your knees and get busy!" Krista shivered at the mere thought of performing such an intimate act in front of another person, but knowing the trouble she'd be in if she didn't comply, she dropped to her knees and gingerly took Tim's now semi hard pecker into her warm teenage mouth.

With her eyes now growing to the size of saucers Sarah Madison watched with rapt fascination as the pretty little blonde sucked Tim's enormous penis to a stunning orgasm. For several seconds after Tim's load had been safely deposited down his girl friend's throat, was the soft slurping sounds of Krista's tongue cleaning every last bit of cum off of his smooth wonderful cock head.

By this time Sarah's pussy was literally drenching her cotton panties as it became bloated and engorged with desire. "T-that's enough," Sarah stammered. "Now it's my turn!" Both youngsters looked over at the older woman and gasped when they saw her sitting on the edge of a desk with her dress hiked up, her panties off, and her legs splayed wide apart exposing an extremely hairy pussy. Krista and Tim looked at each other helplessly, but seeing there was no other way out, Krista took Tim by the hand and led him over to the distraught teacher.

Seeing that Miss Madison was on the verge of a sexual breakdown Krista took Tim's cock in her hand and carefully guided it until its head was pressing against her gaping opening. "Are you sure you want it?" Krista whispered. "It might tear you apart!" With her eyes now completely glazed over Sarah Madison could only manage a nod, but that's all that was needed because Tim immediately pushed his slim hips forward, driving his thick spike halfway into her needy cunt. Even though he was only halfway home a long low guttural moan gurgled up from deep in Sarah Madison's throat.

Her breathing was becoming increasingly labored as she realized that she was about to get the fucking of her life! "Are you sure?" Krista asked again.

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"Y-yessssssss!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhh, yes!" Krista leaned over and gave Tim a deep kiss on the mouth before whispering, "Okay, baby, fuck her hard!" Even though she knew that it was going to be brutal, Sarah had no way of knowing that her pussy was about to be assaulted by what amounted to a small baseball bat!

For added traction Tim grasped her by the legs, and after giving Krista one last look, lunged forward, driving all eleven inches deep inside of her unsuspecting cunt! Realizing what was about to happen from past experience, Krista instinctively covered the shocked teacher's mouth with her hand to keep her from screaming out loud at the top of her lungs! Sarah Madison's eyes literally rolled back into her head as the slim hipped teenager powered his massive penis in and out of her defenseless pussy with almost brutal ferocity!

Krista had never seen Tim fucking another woman, but incredibly instead of revulsion, her own pussy was being whipped into and absolute frenzy at the mere sight of his thickness violating such a tight little pussy.

What happened next is something Tim will never forget as long as he lived!


Without any warning what so ever, his cute little girl friend shoved Miss Madison down on her back. Then as he watched in stunned silence she climbed up on top of the desk and lowered her sopping wet pussy onto the shell shocked teacher's mouth.

Seeing all this was such a turn on that Tim threw his hips into overdrive! His cock was now like a trip hammer as it pounded in and out of the helpless pussy while he watched Krista grinding her mound into Sarah's open mouth. "J-jesus that looks nice!" he gasped as the young blonde's cunt began to shudder in a massive climax.

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"Oh my god!" he gasped. "I'm fucking cumming!!!" Sarah Madison had no idea what was going to occur when she entered the darkened classroom, but now as her mouth was being ridden to orgasm by the cute little teen, a much more basic need was being satisfied! Her own pussy was now convulsing wildly around the most incredible erection she could have ever imagined! For the first time in her life she was finding out that size certainly did matter! When she finally began cumming, it was as if she was falling off a tall building without ever hitting the ground!

Over and over her pussy exploded in a series of orgasms that left her lying on the desk in a state of stunned satisfaction! Tim must have pumped a ton of jism into the teacher's pussy while the Krista reveled in her own just complete cum.

"Wow!" Krista said weakly. "That was really something!" She rolled off the still shaking older woman, and then as an afterthought leaned over and kissed the poor woman hard on the lips. From the time that they had entered the room until now had only covered fifteen minutes!

Tim quickly slipped his cock back inside his jeans before helping Krista off of the desk top.

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When they were sure that they were presentable they opened the door and headed off to their next class. "Do you think she'll say anything?" Tim asked a little bit nervously. "Are you kidding!?!" Krista laughed.


"It's two to one she'll be waiting for us tomorrow!!!" THE END