Busty whores in police uniforms fucked hard outdoor by a black guy they arrested

Busty whores in police uniforms fucked hard outdoor by a black guy they arrested
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I walked right by her noticing she had looked my way. I saw her outfit, how tight it was. The material clung to her full frame like second skin and that made me peek her way a second time. She continued her conversation playfully licking her lips and glancing my way. I pretended not to see her as her hair swept her shoulder while her head nodded. I don't have time for any more hook-ups I thought heading to my seat.

I just wanted to eat dinner in peace and contemplate this last hookup. I am so tired of men leaving me, I swear if I had a dollar for every breakup. I leafed through my menu as the soft tone of Barry White filled the restaurant's atmosphere. "From the lady in the blue," the waiter said placing a glass of red wine and card down in front of me.

Umm this lady is really persistent. I put down the menu, raised the glass in her direction, and smiled. When I looked down at the card it read: Let me taste you. Now, I'm not one to have relationships with woman but the way this lady looked at me was different. I stared into her eyes as she mouthed that her date had left.


She reached over and picked up a piece of ice out of the champagne bucket. She slowly guided the ice around her lips and down her chin all while looking at me. It was the two of us in that section of the restaurant, alone, she had my full attention. She trailed the ice down her chest and cleavage licking out her tongue, then back up to her mouth. She played with the ice in her fingers with her tongue, flicking and sucking on it. Watching her made the temperature rise between my thighs. I started to imagine her tongue caressing my pearl, moving in and out of my wetness.

My face was still but under the table my juices had already started to flow. She watched me and made every inclination that she wanted to be inside me.

I couldn't believe no one around us saw her; honestly I don't even care because I wanted to feel her. She started to make her way over to my booth, walking slow and sexy.

" I told my date to leave," she said in a smooth sexy voice that made the inside of my thighs shake. She scooted in closer to me in the booth and whispered in my ear, " I told him to leave so I can taste you." I squeezed my insides tight, contracting my muscles. Holding the menu up in front of her she started to ease her tongue in my mouth. I exhaled loudly as her tongue traced a line down my neck.

She kissed down my neck and to my shoulder nibbling softly as she went down. " If you don't want me to taste you tell me" she said looking into my eyes now. I kept my eyes diverted because half of me couldn't believe what was going on. " Okay I will," she smiled lowering her fingers under the table.

I let out a moan as her fingers found their way between my thighs. " Nice and wet" she moaned leaning into me " That's how I love it." Pulling my panties to the side she started to finger me with slow strokes.

I put my head back and closed my eyes enjoying every moment of pleasure. Her two fingers parted me to let one massage my essence. I started to shake and she slowed down the pace.


"Not yet" she whispered, lowering her fingers to insert me. In and out she probed inside me then stopped. The waiter was at our table smiling. I don't know if he knew what was going on, I think he just liked to see two beautiful ladies. "So, what would you two beautiful ladies like for this evening?" He asked looking at our faces. "Mmm," She started " I'd like something nice, juicy, succulent, and sweet." The waiter looked from my face to hers and started to blush.

She scooted closer to him and eased her hand on his leg, " $50 to keep this area empty" she looked from his face to her purse. Pulling out a crisp fifty dollar bill and putting it into his pocket pressing down on the print in his black slacks.

He let out a small moan revealing his pleasure as she began to lightly stroke him from the outside of his pants. She ran her hand down his leg and he agreed. " So now that we're alone," she started " let me taste how sweet you are." She eased her body under the table, pulled my panties off, and spread my legs apart. Then she started to kiss from the side of my knee up to my spot. She ran circles around my jewel, slowly brining me into her mouth.

She kissed my vertical lips and ran her tongue around my spot. It felt so good that I grabbed her head and began to stroke her hair.

I ran my fingers through her hair as she started to finger me under the table. She played with my clit just as she did the ice with her tongue. My eyes rolled to the back of my head when she pressed down on my g-spot with her finger, while licking up my honey.

She got back in her seat and started to feel on my breast. " You taste so good," she said exposing my breast. Taking my nipple into her mouth she sucked passionately.

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Running a trail from my nipple back up to my mouth she French kissed me. I put my breast back in, from fear of someone seeing me. It would be more acceptable to see women kissing than women having sex in the open.

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" I don't want to stay here, follow me home, " she suggested while taking up her purse. She waited for me to follow but I hesitated. Then without another word I grabbed my purse and followed her out the door. Back at her place she introduced herself as Karen.

I thought it was strange for her to sexually taste me, and then tell me her name but hey; it wasn't my rules I was going with the flow. Karen led me to her bedroom and I got an eyeful. She had decorated her walls deep blue; her floors were plush and black. The bed matched the black and blue in the room with big fluffy pillows and satin sheets.

Walking into the room she started to take her clothes off and instructed me to do the same thing. I took in her naked body, my eyes roaming from top to bottom. Her breast were full and sexy, thick thighs, nice plump ass, and pretty feet. This girl was so sexy, I know she could have any man she wanted but she wants me."Leave on your panties and bra, I want to take them off" she told me walking over to me as I undressed.

I exposed my matching red bra and panty set, her eyes widen at the sight of my body. She came up behind me and started to kiss my neck and down my shoulder, pulling one bra strap down.

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Then she kissed the other side pulling both straps down. She uncovered my hardened nipples and continued to kiss down my body. She got down on her knees and licked her way down the center of my back. I stepped out of my panties and faced her.

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I couldn't explain what had gotten over me but what I was going through with her felt so right. Backing me into her dresser she stayed on her knees and draped my legs behind her shoulders.

She took me into her mouth once more licking deeper this time, with more passion. She licked down my thighs and to my belly button and I enjoyed it.

She flicked my engorged clit with her tongue while she stroked my nipples with her fingers. My body started crashing with moan after moan as she sucked my jewel. She began to finger me; in and out her fingers explored my insides.

She took her two fingers and licked my juices off and stuck them back in soaking her fingers once more. Grinding my body on her mouth and fingers I started to come. She held my body close to her as I eased away from her. The feeling was so powerful I couldn't control how hard I had come. My chest heaved and I uncontrollably knocked her perfumes off her dresser top. I searched for something to grab as my knees buckled around her head; but she continued to stoke my g-spot and suck on me.

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I grabbed a lock of her hair as I started to come down from my orgasm. I lay limp on top of her dresser as she licked the rim of her lips staring in my eyes. When my breathing stabilized I spread her body on the floor and started to kiss her."No, I just wanted to taste you tonight." She said blocking my kisses from her lips." If you don't want me to taste you, tell me to stop." I looked at her. She never answered so I used my tongue to explore her body.

I listened for her moans and continued. I licked my way down to her thighs and her legs parted.

I smelled her sweetness and closed my eyes and returned the favor. When I woke up in the morning she wasn't beside me. She had been on the sofa watching TV. " Did you sleep well?" She asked me, standing to let me out. I told her that we had to get together another time; we agreed. I walked out of her house knowing that she's gotten the best taste of all, me.