Stevie Shae fucked in the car

Stevie Shae fucked in the car
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Note to Readers: This is my first story. If you don't like the story please don't tell me how badly it sucked! If you like the story you're free to comment as much as you want.

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I love feedback, but only if it will make me happy and/or better at writing my stories. Thanks! Also very important!!!!!! This story is just something I'm trying out.

When I post the second part it might not have sex, and this part doesn't have very much in it either. It's just a fun story I wanted to write. So if you're looking for a story with lots of sex in it then you should probably stop right now. Alien Sightings Walking to her car around midnight, Vanessa saw her silver Audi in sight when she heard something behind her. Stopping she turned around slowly, but she didn't see anyone.

Living in the city was always tough, and Vanessa really didn't like living in the cities. Just the fact that her dream job was here kept her from moving elsewhere. At twenty years old she practically would never work a day in her life. She was an assistant editor, or I guess in actual terms an intern with Benn's Publishing.

It was a good sized publishing firm, but they had the right amount of people, and everyone was pretty nice there. Her boss was okay, but sometimes she needed to relax. With good intentions always comes the part where maybe they were too good. The city had been good to Vanessa so far, but she didn't like the fact that it was a city.

It was easy to get lost if you didn't know where you were going, and people were rude. Just plain rude. Nights were hard too. Working late nights there was always that fear of walking out to your car alone. Tonight was one of those nights. Walking toward her car she managed to get across the road before she heard foot steps behind her. Not wanting to turn around she fished for her keys.

Her purse was big, and it was a pain to have to go through everything in it for just one little thing. "Did you lose something?" Vanessa jumped at the sound of a male voice, and nearly had a heart attack right there. Turning around she faced the man only to find that he was not only attractive, but insanely hot.

" they were just buried deep." Pulling her hand out of her bag the man watched as she jiggled her keys letting him see that she had in fact found them. She regretted her choice of words immediately. "You have a lot of stuff in your bag. I haven't figure out if you're thinking I'm a rapist or stalker." He joked running a hand through his hair.

"Actually I was going for more of the rapist thing." She blushed when his eyes went wide with amusement, and saw them dip downwards not bothering to hide the fact that he was checking her out. "I guess that's only fair since its midnight," He said checking his watch, "and you're out here alone by yourself." "Working late.


I love my job, but like all others it has its downfalls." She noticed the way his eyes turn a silverish-blue as his eyes came back up. Seconds ago they had been a light brown.

"My names Brandon by the way." He stuck out his hand, and she took his carefully. "Vanessa." "Well Vanessa, how about you and I go find something to eat." He checked his watch again.

"It's only ten after midnight. Coffee Shop might be open." Vanessa looked to her car, and then at Brandon before deciding he was nice enough. One coffee wouldn't hurt, and he seem like he wouldn't cause any problems.

What was she thinking? She didn't do this kind of stuff. She didn't know this guy, and who know who he is. She'd never seen him around, but she found herself accepting. "Sure." She agreed pushing her hair out of her face. "Great. How about I follow you to your apartment so that you can drop your car off, and when we're done I can just give you a ride home." He said pointing to a silver Mercedes-Benzes.

"I can just meet you there. I don't mind driving." She didn't want to have no escape routine if things went wrong.

She needed some way out. "Oh come on. I swear I'm not going to attack you, or anything crazy like that. I'm just an honest guy." The look he gave her was enough to cave her in. Nodding she agreed to drop her car off, and then just take his car to the Coffee Shop. The Coffee Shop was quiet, and the only other person there was the cashier.

She looked bored, and exhausted flipping through a book. Maybe math. Maybe science. He ordered the coffee, and for the next hour she had a nice time with Brandon.

They talked about all kinds of stuff, and she enjoyed talking with him. He listened when she spoke, and didn't interrupt her when most guys would. When they both were done they walked out to his car, and he helped her get in.

On the way back he drove talking about how incredible it was living in the cities. She didn't bother to tell him how much she hated it. Coming to a stop Vanessa thought it was her house he was stopping at, but it didn't have the blue shutters, or the pink rose out front.

"Where are we?" She asked looking at the tall building. There didn't seem to be any signs of life, and in fact looked a little dead. "I want to show you something, but before you argue I promise it will be well worth it. I don't show many people because I don't meet a lot of people like you." He said taking her hand in his.

"It's not a resident building so I swear I don't have a bed to take advantage of you with." "Well I don't have to work tomorrow so I can take a quick look around." Vanessa wanted to get home. She was tired, and just wanted to jump in bed, but she was curious. Riding the elevator up the she wondered if it was such a good idea after all.

She had never done this kind of thing before. They went all the way up to the ninth floor. He stopped in front of room 539 pulling out a gold credit card looking key. "I think you'll really like this." He opened the door, and moved aside beckoning for her to go first. "So this is your place." She asked as she stepped in. Right as foot hit the carpet inside someone came up behind shoving her down. Falling to her knees she scrambled around just as the door shut closed locking with a loud click.

"Brandon? What the hell?" The room was dark, no lights, and Brandon had disappeared. Vanessa was scared and she had no idea what to do. Brandon was gone, and someone had shoved her causing her to fall. It was completely dark in the apartment, and she couldn't see a thing.

What was worse though was that she couldn't hear anything either. "Brandon?" Silence. "Brandon?" Vanessa slowly rose, and slowly did a 360 trying to find something that could help her find a way to a light. But there were no lights in sight. Wait! There was a green light, barely there, but enough that she could see it spilling out from behind, hopefully, a door.

Walking carefully over to the light she put her hand out until she came into contact with a cool surface. The wall. But why was it so cold?

Moving her hand, she slid it down further until it hit something. A door knob! When she tried to turn the knob it wouldn't turn though. She was getting really nervous now. Click. Gasping Vanessa whirled around, but she couldn't see anything. Whatever was behind her she couldn't see it. She was starting to panic now. "Who's there?" She demanded backing up against the door. Closing her eyes she put her hands over her face.

Why were they doing this to her? Suddenly the door behind her opened up, and she fell backwards onto a cold floor. The door closed almost immediately cutting off any escape.

Blinking she waited for her eyes to adjust. When she was able to see she couldn't believe what she was seeing. White everywhere. A big machine sat in one corner, and right in the middle of the room sat a big metal table. Otherwise the room was completely empty. "Do you like it?" Vanessa jump and turned toward where the voice came from.

The man stood leaning against the wall, and he was holding some rope in his hands. "What is this place?" Vanessa coward back not quiet believing her eyes. "Does it matter?" He broke off the wall, and started walking toward her unwrapping the rope never taking his eyes off of her. "What are you going to do with me? What's that rope for?" Was he going to tie her up? What was going to happen to her? He didn't say anything as he came to a stop right in front of her. With no warning his hands flew out catching hers.

Vanessa screamed trying to yank her hands from his, but before she could stop him he had her turned around.

There were two pieces of rope in his hands, and he started yanking her to the table. Not so gently he tied each of her hands to either sides of the table so that her arms were stretch out above her head.

"Stop please! Don't do this!" Vanessa was screaming for him to stop, but he continued finishing tying her wrist only stopping when he was done. "You know, I knew you were a screamer.

I really like screamers." When he finished he stepped back to admire his working sliding off his jacket. "Why are you doing this to me? I've done nothing to you." She said her chest going up and down breathing heavy. "Well, when I saw you I couldn't resist, and as it turns out you're not too careful about meeting strangers.

One quick coffee break, and I knew you'd do as I wanted." He grinned walking around her in circles. "You were watching me?" "I've been watching you for a little while now. I can't just pick anyone you know." He stopped at the foot at the table, and climb up between her legs. "I need a woman to fill all my&hellip.sexual needs." "Get off me! Get the fuck off me!" Vanessa knew what he was going to do.

She couldn't believe how stupid she had been, and now she was going to be raped. "Language, language." With one swift move his shirt was off revealing a perfect tan, sexy six-pack.

"You're not a virgin." He snickered rubbing her between her legs. "Get off me!" Vanessa kicked at him trying to get him off of her, but he refused to move. "Now why you gotta be like that?" He pinned down her legs, and stopped. "Maybe I'll leave those untied." Letting go he unbuttoned his jeans standing on the table so that he could take them off. "Please let me go! Don't do this!" Vanessa was truly terrified as she tried to fight him off, but he blocked every attempt getting back down on his knees.

Kneeling on his knees he looked down at her smiling like he was having the best time of his life watching her fight for her life. Because in the end that was what she was fighting for. Her life. If she didn't meet his standards there was no reason to keep her alive. She was only a nuisance then.

"Why don't I make you a deal?" At the sound of a possible compromise she stopped kicking, and stared at him with wild eyes.

He wanted to see those eyes more often. He may be a bit savage with what he does, but it was worth it. Woman were predictable as is, and the fact that most women, if not almost all, liked it rough wasn't enough the way they looked fighting for their lives was priceless. It made him horny at the fact that she was his, and no one else would touch her the way he did.

She was his now. "What deal? You'll let me go?" She asked her eyes never leaving his. Her legs now were motionless at his hips. "I'll let you live, but when I fuck you I want you to call yourself my little slut." He grinned at the last part.

It was too hard not too. "You're a sick man! Go fuck yourself!" She screamed and started kicking at him once more. "You can fight all you want, and I'll enjoy every minute of it. What makes you think that I'm human? You call me a sick man, but I'm not a man." She stopped and stare this time her eyes were filled with terror, and her lip was quivering with fear.

"You're an animal." Was all she could come up with, and she hated herself for saying it. It was obvious he wasn't human now.

All the strength he seemed to have, and this place where ever the hell she was. "I'm hungry and you've just been designated to dessert." With that he ripped off his boxers revealing a hard 11 inches of pure cock pointing straight out. "No!" She shrieked as he ripped open her jeans yanking her panties off.

In seconds she was naked from the waist down, and soon to be completely naked. Then surprising her with gentleness he carefully unbuttoned her shirt one button at a time right before ripping it off, and tearing her bra throwing it behind him against the wall. Completely naked, cold, and scared out of her mind she lay there while he scan her body with his eyes having stopping at her breast.

"I'm guessing 36B? Am I right?" He asked running his hands over them caressing them gently. "Go to hell!" She hissed turning her face away. She would not cry, and show this thing fear that she was sure he could already see.

"I'll get there at my own pace." He murmured as he brought his mouth down on her right nipple sucking it gently. She didn't want to feel this way, but she was only human and before she knew it she was moaning. Moaning like there was no tomorrow as his hand found its way down to her soaking pussy. He was gentle as he inserted one finger in moving it in a circular direction causing her to pant as if she was out of breath. Perhaps maybe she was.

What he was doing to her was driving her nuts, and she couldn't take much more before she would explode. "I'm going make you my personal sex slave. You'll do as I say when I say it." He whispered in her ear while he pulled his fingers out of her soaking pussy only to move down between her legs lips touching down on her stomach.

She jumped in surprise at the speed, and cried out as he reinserted his fingers this time adding another making it three fingers in her hot, soaked pussy moving in a circular direction.

His tongue flickered out, and soon he was licking, starting from her belly button, a direct line all the way up between her breasts only to kiss her positioning himself so that she could feel his cock at the entrance of her pussy. "No.No.Don't. Please." Her words were barely a whisper as he continued to kiss her, tracing her jaw with sweet little kisses. She was worried, yes, but her body was telling her what she feared it would tell her.

She wanted him badly. So very badly, and the fact that he had her tied up aroused her so much that she might go crazy. He was doing all of this on purpose using her weakness against her knowing that she would simply because she was human.

Stupid humans. She'd give anything not to be human at those few seconds before he would take her completely. His cock was bigger than anything she had experience, and her body begged to know what it felt like pushing in and out of her already dripping hotness.

It was going to hurt, and there was no way around it. "It'll hurt only for a few seconds." He whispered right before he plunged his cock into her waiting pussy. She screamed as she struggled to make room for his massive cock. He didn't wait for her to get adjusted, and started pounded into her and her hips came up to meet every single thrust.

She started to cry as he thrust into her faster and faster, and she felt like her body wasn't hers. His hands where on either side of her head, and were the only thing holding him up as he leaned down capturing his mouth with hers taking over her mouth with his tongue. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass while he continued to take her. She moaned as he pulled away just enough to run his tongue up the side of her neck then going to nibbling on her earlobe.

She could hear him panting, but he never slowed while he fucked her on the cold, metal table. One of his hands came down, and took hold of her left breast squeezing hard not bothering to be gentle this time. All she could do was moan because at this time she was gone from the world. The only thing that was really keeping her in touch with reality was the constant pounding she was receiving from him.

Her legs had moved and where now wrapped around his waist tight.


Dipping down he took her breast in his mouth nibbling on the tip. They were hard and extra sensitive already so when his teeth bit down harder, and harder she couldn't take it anymore and exploded. Her head came off the table, and her feet feel to the table. Her hips thrusted upwards the whole time coming back down slowly when she finally finished.

The whole time he kept thrusting never letting up because he was so close, and he wanted to cum inside her. Wanted her for himself, and he wouldn't accept anything else. Running a hand through her hair he picked up speed.

He needed her, wanted her, and he was going to have her. His cock seconds away from exploding inside her, and he pushed and pushed until he finally came inside her. She had wrapped her legs around him once more, and her legs tightened as he came deep inside of her. Pulling his head down, she kissed him until ever last drop had been released. Because she needed him just as much as he needed her.

When he was done he pulled out of her straightening so that he was looking down at her. He didn't say anything, and Vanessa didn't care. Her body was in pure bliss right now. It didn't mattered that he had just taken advantage of her, or the fact that she was covered in him. Yes, the spot between her legs hurt, but it didn't mattered. She watched as he got off the table.

"Get up on your hands and knees and face the machine." He demanded after he untied her wrists letting her sit up. Vanessa didn't argue as she turned over up on her knees. Her strength was fading, but something kept her up as she felt him mount her from behind. He took his cock in his hand, and pressed it in her now cum-filled pussy.

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She gasped when his hand came down hard on her left cheek causing her to cry out in pain. Without any warning he plunged into her while his hand came down on her cheek again.

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Bending down, starting at the spot he had hit moments ago, he began a long leisure trip up her back all the way to her neck with his tongue. When he got to the top he kissed behind her earlobe, and she moaned in response.

He liked the way her body curved, and stopped pumping long enough to pull her lips to his for a quick kiss. Then he started back up again hard, and more demanding. But then something came across his scanner. Something had just enter Earth's atmosphere. A signature just like his.

Stopping abruptly he pulled out of her leaving her on the table where she fell onto her stomach in exhaustion. "We'll have to continue this at a later time." Vanessa watched as he pulled his clothes back on, and left her leaving through the door she had been pushed through. Vanessa was able to move after finally catching her breath fifteen minutes later.

Her body ached, and she had no idea if he was coming back. Her mind was still in la la land. Pulling on her clothes she made her way to the door, but not before looking back at the room she had just been subjected to rape. Her mind was all confused, and jumbled thoughts ran free as she tried to gain a sense of what had just happen.

Yeah, she had enjoyed it, but that didn't stop the fact that he had raped her. Not to mention that he had said he wasn't human.

She had just been fucked by an alien, and she had liked it. But aliens?? This was huge for Earth, but she couldn't just go around telling people she had just met an alien, and that he had fucked her neither the less. They would just think she was crazy, and lock her up in a mental hospital. She had to just forget about it. She had to get out of here, and when she said here she meant out of this city.

Brandon or I guess whoever was going to come back, and she didn't want to be his sex slave for the rest of her life. This was crazy. The whole idea that an alien had raped her was crazy. People would think she was crazy, but where would she go? She had no home to go back to, and even if she didn't she wasn't going to let him trace her back to her family.

Vanessa had managed she get out of the room, down the elevator, and was finally walking out of the creepy building. Calling a cab she got home safely tipping the cab driver. She didn't stop running until she was safely inside her house locking the door.

Vanessa waited for her breathing to slow down, and then she bent down pulling her shoes off. She wished that tonight had never happened, and what was worse was that she couldn't tell anyone. They'd all think she was crazy.

Sighing she walked slowly upstairs to her bedroom, and fell back onto it closing her eyes immediately falling asleep.

Vanessa woke up to the bright sun peeking through her window. She rolled over groaning as she struggled to the shower. All her energy had been simply gone. The water felt good running down her body, and when she stepped out she caught her reflection in the mirror. Last night would have been a disaster looking into, but today her eyes just looked a little red. She noticed her skin was a shade lighter. How that was possible she didn't know. Maybe she just need some food. She was feeling a bit hungry.

Finding some clothes and hoping into a cab she made her way downtown to the nearest Starbucks. Coffee was your friend, or so she had learned her first year of college. Right now she wasn't attending any classes until the fall. It would be her second year, but she was worried about that man last night. What if he came back? She could let him do that to her again. Something also was worrying her. No matter how much she didn't want to admit it she had liked it.

As crazy as it sounded she had liked when he had fucked her. When he had taken advantage of her, and some might even say it had been her fantasy. But that was just crazy talking. She had to get her thoughts straight, and get him out of her head. "Here's your check miss." The waiter returned pulling her from her deep thoughts. "Thanks." She mumbled shrinking back when his hands got a little close while he took her place. He noticed but didn't say anything as he left disappearing behind the door leading to the kitchen.

Great. Now she was never going to be able to date thanks to him. Too jumpy. What was she going to do now? No guy would want to date a freak. Paying for her breakfast she left walking toward the mall she had been going to since she was ten years old. It also was where she met her first boyfriend, and where he had dumped her. He had seemed perfect at the age of fifteen, but he had turned out to be another loser three years later. Abusive and overprotective they never stood a chance.

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The good news was that it never stopped her from going to clubs, and having a good time with total strangers. She had even took a few home. None of them had been as good as Brandon had been, but they just needed a little help in the fuck department. Wait, what was she doing? Stop thinking about him she told herself firmly.

She needed to get him out of her head, and maybe a club was what she needed. Plenty of guys and plenty of options to help her forget about last night. Going back home she looked in the back of her closet for the little black dress that was a size to short. It did wonders for her when she had still been with Paul her abusive boyfriend, but now it would have to do wonders for another lucky man.

She also found her red five inch pumps. Tonight though she didn't want to just get laid. She wanted to get fuck. Hard. Straightening her hair, and applying light make-up she completed her look with bright red lipstick. She had to admit looking in the mirror now she was a complete goddess. Now all that was left was the lucky man. A few days ago she had heard about this new club that had opened up. It was downtown a few blocks from the mall. Her friend had already gotten to go, and had absolutely loved it.

It was as good as any place to start. After she had all night. Hunting down a cab she arrived a thirteen minutes later at the front doors of the new club. Endless was what it was called. The only way you could tell it was a club was by the blue neon light reading Endless, and the three big bouncers with a line of people dragging all the way down to the next block.


She was never going to get in. "Vanessa!" Oh no. That voice. It would be the death of her. Slowly turning around she came face to face with Paul. "What are you doing here" She asked trying to pull her jacket over her chest.

The dress left nothing to the imagination. "Well seeming as I own the place I would drop by once and awhile." He said smirking as he watched her fidget underneath his gaze. "You own this club?" Even she could feel her eyes bulging out of her eye sockets. "Well, I share owner ship with this new guy that just arrived. He's the real owner. I just find the dancers, bartender, and bouncers." Crossing his arms over his chest his eyes fell down to rest on her chest. "You look good, Vanessa." "Thank you.

Well, have fun at your new club." She needed to get out of there now. Seeing Paul was making her nauseas. "You're leaving? You haven't even gone in to check it out." He accused smiling his ass off. "Yeah, well, the line is so long, and I'm not going to wait hours just to get into the club for two hours." She tried to turn around to get another cab, but Paul wasn't buying it. He knew her too well. "Nonsense. Let's go party." He said grabbing her around her waist pulling her tight against his side.

Together they walked straight to the door, and the bouncers stepped aside letting them through. Vanessa knew she was in trouble now. Paul was always forcing her to do things she didn't want to, and that had been one of the reason they had broken up. She didn't think he was over the fact that he got dumped. The music was on full blast, and the walls vibrated with sound as he pull her down a set of stairs to the dance floor.

Before she could protest he started grinding against her. She didn't want to do this, but making a scene never turned out well either. The last time she did that she had ended up with a broken rib, and bruises to sky high. So Vanessa danced. Paul grinned knowing, thinking the same thing as she was. Someday he would pay for what he did to her, but it wasn't going to be today.

His hands reached out grabbing her waist, and pulled her against him hard grinding his hips against hers. Then before she could stop him he leaned down crushing his lips with hers. The thing about Paul, he was a good kisser. Great kisser. But that was it.

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He was too rough ibed, and never knew when to chill out with his hands. She felt bad for any girl that got trapped in his arms when she left him. She knew she wasn't the only one he had abused. Pulling back for air she left his lips slide down to her throat as his hands found the edge of her dress.

Very slowly he started pushing dress up inch by inch. "No!" She shouted shoving him away. A few people had managed to hear her, and gave her looks. Help! Why couldn't they see what she saw? "Why not?" His eyes had narrowed, and he reached out again dragging her up against him. "Not here. Please." Her anger. She needed to stop. Either she let him do what he wanted, or she'd pay the price. "Is there somewhere private we can go?" She asked running her hand up his chest.

Grinning he pulled her through the crowd, past the dj, and up the stairs to a long narrow hallway. As they went past door after door all she could hear was moans coming from every single one.

Her stomach felt sick. He was going to do this. After the fact that she had told him that they were done he was going to do this. "Vanessa?" Vanessa turned around to face Brandon. The man that had raped her the night before. He stood looking very handsome in a black t-shirt with tight black pants. "Brandon." Paul tightened his grip on Vanessa, and she realized that Paul didn't like Brandon.

"I thought you said you wouldn't be here tonight. How do you know Vanessa?" "I'm Vanessa's boyfriend." Brandon didn't look happy, and ignore the first part of his question. "What? She never mentioned anything about having a boyfriend." Paul said looking kind of nervous, but he didn't remove his arm, and tightened even more around my waist.

It was getting hard to breathe. "It's complicated." Was his only reply. "Brandon will you take me home?" Vanessa didn't want to go with either of them, but if she stayed here she would regret it even more. Paul was suffocating her, and Brandon looked like he wanted to punch someone. Brandon nodded slowly, and with a little bit of tugging I escaped Paul's grasp jumping into Brandon's.

At least he didn't treat me like I was shit on a stick. Besides I could still get away. This club was huge, and there were so many witnesses. "Vanessa?" "Oh my god. You made it finally!" I heard a squeal, and turned around just in time to see my two best friends collide into me almost knocking me over.

"Isn't this place great?" Chelsey looked stunning in a red halter top with a black mini skirt, and Danny in a black strapless dress. It had a low cut in the front revealing a lot of tanned flesh. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked as they checked out Brandon grinning from ear to ear. "Well this place is awesome, and they have really hot guys here." Danny said eyeing Brandon before winking at me. "Who's your friend?" "I'm Brandon.

Vanessa and I met yesterday." My breath hitched at the words. The memories flashing back to me as I struggled to say something. "Really? That's awesome! We're actually just leaving. We've been here since like seven." Chelsey flipped her hair back before narrowing her eyes at something behind me. "Is that Paul? What the fuck is he doing here?" So they got drinks and sat down at a table near the dance floor, and she told them what had happened.

Brandon had disappeared, but returned right as she had finished. During Vanessa's troubles with Paul, Danny and Chelsey had been there through it all, and when things ended badly between Paul and her, they had said a few words to him telling him to back off. After that she never saw Paul again, and soon realized there were better guys out there.

"We should get going." Brandon said appearing beside Vanessa. "Actually I think I'm going to go home with Chelsey and Danny tonight." Both of them looked at her, and she silently begged them to just go with it. "I really want to catch up with them. I have so much to tell them." At the last part his pretty face curled in an upside down smile crossing his arms.

"Is that okay with you?" Vanessa asked giving him her best innocent face. "Yeah. I'll catch you later then." He stood there for a few seconds too many, and then turned leaving. Vanessa could feel the disappointment that her body felt as she watched him leave the club, but she didn't run after him. How could she actually like him? What was wrong with her? Didn't she realized that he had raped her, and now Paul was back in her life? What was she going to do?

She had to stay away from both of them. Moving sounded like a pretty good idea right about now, but how would she explain it to her friends? All they see is ex-boyfriend, and a hot guy that was definitely not an alien. There was nothing wrong as far as they knew. "You have a lot of explaining to do." Danny said pulling Vanessa out from her thoughts. "I can't tell you here." She didn't know how her friends would react to him, and to her. They were her best friends, but she wasn't sure about this.