Novinha loira chupando a buceta da ninfeta morena uma mais gostosa que a outra

Novinha loira chupando a buceta da ninfeta morena uma mais gostosa que a outra
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Marina found me very intriguing when we met two months ago, a self made billionaire and physically imposing over her. Marina is 5' 9" tall and I'm 6' 5". I rarely give interviews and wield power from the shadows. She has never dated or had a relationship with a man twenty years older than her. She has never had a man that is so sexual driven and is a dominant lover.

Marina thought her ex-husband was wealthy until she met me, I introduced her to extreme luxury and the finer things of life. I introduced her to a wealth management advisor to invest her money. I created the Malone Charitable Foundation to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations that work to preserve and protect wildlife habitat and improve water systems. I have donated more than one million dollars to the environmental non-profit organization Riverkeeper.

I purchased Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico. I donateD a conservation easement totaling approximately 90,000 acres in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains bordering the San Luis Valley in Colorado.


This easement will provide the foundation for the proposed new Sangre de Cristo Conservation Area. I own the Trinchera Blanca Ranch located in the San Luis Valley. The Trinchera section of the ranch is currently protected by an easement administered by Colorado Open Lands. The new conservation easement Bacon intends to donate is to protect Blanca thus protecting all 172,000 acres of land.

In addition to my work in Colorado, I haVE helped preserve and protect environmentally sensitive land in New York, North Carolina, and the Bahamas. MY key conservation projects include: Robins Island, Long Island, NY: After purchasing the "Jewel of the Peconic." I secured the permanent protection of the land through a conservation easement and set about restoring a natural habitat that had been deteriorating for 300 years. Cow Neck Farm, Long Island, NY: My Cow Neck Preserve, LLC purchased the farm and donated a 540-acre conservation easement to the Peconic Land Trust, thus preventing development and ensuring the protection of the area's habitat.

I purchased the Trinchera Ranch in Costilla County, Colorado. I purchased the Orton Plantation in North Carolina. The longer I'm with Marina the more I love her. She is a independent complicated woman, a concert pianoist and independently wealthy from her divorce after a five year marriage. She has waited all afternoon in feverish anticipation. It has been much too long since since she had seen me, I'm the only man who can reduce her to jelly with a kiss.

Showered, shaved, and silky with perfumed lotion, she paces the floor, her long sheer dress swishing around her ankles. Her small breasts aching, confined in the white lacy bra, the low cut of the cups barely containing the pale pink tips. The matching panties are damp already. Finally she hears a car in the drive.

I came to the door in a dark suit, white shirt, and tie, looking like a million bucks. I smile at her, sending her nerves tingling. " Hello darling'," She said as we smiled at the cliché. I slide my arms around her and kiss her, a deep passionate kiss with plenty of tongue that turns her on so much.

When we finally came up for air she led me to the bedroom and shut the door. She can't resist another kiss, this time pulling me to her and grinding against me. I caressed her ass with increasing roughness. " Hurry," She said; " I need to feel you against me." I took off my coat, hanging it neatly on the door hook.

Next came the tie, and then, taking my time, my shirt. She slides her dress off her shoulders and lets it fall in a puddle on the floor. She steps to me and pulls my head down to kiss me again. I bent to untie my shoes, leaning over to tease her nipple with my tongue.

I chuckled at her sounds, then finished removing my shoes and socks. Finally, I slide my trousers down. She licked her lips as she stared at the dark cotton bikinis stretched over my butt. Her hands stretched out to touch me, my cheeks nicely filling her hands. I took my time hanging up my trousers, enjoying her fondling. I turn slowly, reaching for her again. I slide my hands down the back of her panties.

In a hot rush, my lips met hers, devouring her in another kiss. My hands stroked her ass, my body pressing against hers. Slipping one hand between us, I work my fingers into her bra. Flicking her nipple with my fingers, the bud quickly hardened. Her breathing grew ragged, every nerve in her body responding to my touch.

Losing her battle for self-control, she had to taste me. Falling to her knees, she pulled me to her. My cock is straining at the constriction of the tight fabric. She nuzzled the hard bulge. I moan and thread my hands into her hair to pull her closer.

She licked my balls through my briefs, feeling my cock twitch as she did. The cloth dampened as she sucked and nibbled, oblivious to everything but her desire.

She slides my briefs down, freeing me to bob up against her cheek. Holding my shaft in her hand, she rubs the mushroom head against her face, purring in her throat at the thought of the pleasure awaiting us. Stretching her tongue out, she caught a drop of my clear fluid. She had to have me now; she engulfed my cock into her mouth and throat, nestling her nose into the curly hair at the base.

Her tongue dancing along the sides of my hard shaft as she ran her hands over my ass cheeks and balls. She slowly slides her mouth back up, stopping at the quivering head. Her tongue circling, dipping ever so slightly into the slit at the end. It is not enough; she sucks hard, pulling me fully into her mouth again. " Damn seems like you're hungry" I grinned. " Starving," She replied, talking around her hard mouthful, meeting my eyes with hers.

Taking her chin in my hand, I pull her away. She rose reluctantly. Suddenly I reach around her back, struggling with the hooks of her bra, in a rush to free her breasts, stepping out of my briefs at the same time. Dropping her lacy bra, she held my head to her chest as I sucked, nipping the hardened nipples with my teeth. Feeling the need for more, she pulls me down onto the bed with her.

She fitted her body to mine, relishing the feel of my hairy chest on her breasts.

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She licked and kissed my neck and ears, and made her way back to my mouth. Once again my kiss feeds her arousal, as my hands found their way to her breasts, fondling and squeezing, pinching her nipples lightly. " I want to suck those tits," I said as I eased my way down her body. She held my head against her as I attack her with a fervor that fans the heat inside to greater heights.

Sliding lower, I kiss her belly, making my way down, dragging her panties down, pulling them quickly off her ankles. Kissing her bald pussy, I lick her outer lips, catching the fluids dripping.

My tongue sharpens as it slides between the lips to circle her pussy, dipping in at times to sample more of her sweet nectar. I slide a finger in her, finger fucking her slowly. One finger became two, then three.

Finally all four fingers stretching her, my finger fucking becoming faster, the tip of my tongue reaching to lash at her clit. She groans with the exquisite pleasure of feeling my hands and my mouth on her at the same time.

She caressed my head between her legs, looking down and thrilling to see my face covered with her juices. I pull the lips open wide, exposing her clit to my view. " I'm gonna eat that pussy till you scream" I growled as I dove in with my tongue. I flick the sensitive button with the tip of my tongue, making her tremble with each touch.

Suddenly I suck hard on her clit, darting my tongue around it as I pull it into my mouth. " Oh god that feels so good, don't stop, keep sucking my clit, please don't stop" She begs.

" I'm gonna come so hard, I'm gonna fuck your face with my hot cunt oh god I'm cumming!" She can't hold back; She cries out and ground her hips into my face. I didn't let up for a second, clinging to her like I would never let go.

Wave after wave of intense orgasms swept over her, each one stronger than the last, the tips of her toes tingling. The waves crested and diminished, and still I did not free my mouth. Her body shaking as she clutched my head tightly, She came again and again, the last so strong she can't help but scream out my name. Finally she lay limp on the bed as I softly kiss her between her legs. Gently I ease up on the bed to lie on top of her, propping my body on my elbows to look into her face.

" You drive me crazy" I whisper as I bent my mouth to hers. " Hurry; I need to feel your cock going deep in my pussy. I want to cum on your hard cock." Her words are all it took for me to push her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. My hand slides under her ass, pulling her ass towards me, pulling her dripping wet pussy closer and higher. Preparing to impale her, I position my cock at her slit.

Pushing in slowly, I hear " Oh God" as her hand flies to her pussy, trying to pull out my hard cock. My hand pulled her hand to her clit. " Rub your clit, it will make it easier to take me. You will get used to me, I will give you time to adjust." Marina involuntarily squeezes the head of my cock like a vice. " Fuck, don't do that or I am going to lose control." I'm now gritting my teeth, trying to push my way through her tight glove. Marina is being ripped apart, she tries to pull away from my cock.

She can't really believe my cock, is so big. This is the third time she had that monster penetrate her. She feel the smooth texture of the head trying to enter her, she is afraid that I will rip her apart. She feels herself being stretched in width more than she ever has been in her life, I feel like I'm as as thick as a coke can.

I kept pushing into her, her screams muffled by my hand over her mouth. Unable to help herself, she continues to milk the tip of my cock. She can't help the spasm as she came again, her wetness flowing over my entering cock.

I'm not even a third of the way in and she has already came again. As I push into her, she raised her legs up to take me in as deep as she can. Every time my shaft slides into her, she feels the intense friction.

The new rush of fluid and her muffled scream is my undoing. Maybe it is the constant milking of my strangled cock head, but I cannot hold back anymore. I slam into her the rest of the way the position will allow, not quite all the way, but enough for satisfaction. I pull out almost completely, taking a bit of her insides out with me.

I push back into her again, trying to bottom out, but unable to. Lifting her leg a bit, I'm able to go deeper. Slamming into her, I slide in and out faster.

Her whimpers are becoming higher pitched and I knew she is cumming again. I pull out all the way for a moment, letting her squirt her orgasm onto me, turning me on even further. Pushing back into her, I quickly bottom out.

Pistoning in and out of her, I quicken my pace as I feel my desire coming to a head. Her extra juices made the sound of my groin slapping against her ass amplified, her pussy is squishing loudly with each stroke. I came hard inside of her, deep inside of her. I push so hard, I feel my cock head slam her cervix. Moments after my cum started to flood inside of her and my cock jerked, Marina came one last time.

Though this orgasm is different, especially with my huge cock stretching every inch of her. She feels like she is going to explode with all the cum inside of her and nowhere for it to go. She pushes against me, relieved when a long stream of ooze slides out of her, more relief when my softening cock followed.

Marina then passed out, with ecstasy and exhaustion. Marina awoke to the sun beaming in through the slit in the curtain, she realized immediately that she is naked. When she tightened the blanket around her, she noticed the soft sheets were not the same texture she had went to bed in. Looking down, she is wrapped in a beautiful blanket. There is some noise coming from the bathroom, but, there is no one else in sight.

She is not sure who it was in there, but she is really hoping it is me. The night before flooded back in such detail it made her flush and turn a crimson pink. She was overwhelmed which does not happen very often.

What in the world is she going to do now? She can never live this down. " Finally up huh? Was wondering how long you were going to sleep." Marina turns towards my voice and smiles a bit shyly at me.

I'm dressed in some khaki slacks and a white button down shirt, still tucked in. The color made my tan pop and she had to admit, I was quite handsome, especially with that easy smile. After a few moments she looks away, unable to hold my hungry gaze. Marina smiled sheepishly. " Last night was hot." Marina is mortified. Even though she had tried so hard to resist, one moment of weakness ruined it all.

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She touched her pussy lips slightly, feeling the soreness. A slight furrow crossed her brow with the pain. " Did I hurt you?


I didn't mean to, you were just so fucking tight I went a bit crazy." I walked towards her, sitting down beside her on the bed, inadvertently tugging her blanket down to her waist. I cannot help but take the nearest breast into my mouth, nipping gently on the hardened nipple. I hear her gasp and watch her eyes close to the pleasure.

Climbing over her, I nudged her down onto her back. She did not put up much of a fight and is already breathing heavier. Straddling her body I pull the blanket and sheet the rest of the way off of her.

Stopping to digest every inch of her body with my eyes, I then kiss her fully on her mouth. Our third passionate kiss. Our tongues dancing together in each other's mouths, my hand is running slowly up and down her side, brushing ever so softly over her breast. My clothed chest crushing her under my weight, pinning her where she could not move, even if she wanted to.

My tongue starts to move with my hands slowly trailing down her body. Leaving goose bumps in its wake.

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I spent considerable time on her breast, giving neither one more attention. I feel my blood rushing to my cock, but I knew I had to make her ready this time. Especially since she will be so sore from last night's fucking. Moving lower down her body, stopping at her navel, making circles wider and wider then I'm inching down to her mound.

Her hips are rising up unconsciously, bidding me to venture where she wanted to feel my tongue the most. She needed my tongue the most on her pussy. I chuckled a bit, drawing out the anticipation. I had now moved and was laying between her legs. I pull a pillow from my side and after lifting up her hips, scooted the pillow underneath her hips and buttocks.

Opening her legs wide as if ready for a feast, I gently open up her slightly red flower. I can tell the lips are tender from my abuse, so I start licking her ever so softly. The feel of my tongue on her heated pussy lips sent an electric shock through her.

Unable to stop herself, she found her hands curling in my hair, pushing me down hard. She is quickly riding my face from below, urging me to finish her.


She is so close, but unable to go over the cusp. Desperate for something, she keeps murmuring please, unsure of what it is she actually sought. I hear her pleas and shove my thick finger inside of her as I continue to suck on her small nub. Crying out, she came. In my mouth, on my face and halfway up one arm. It is more than she can take and she screams with the violent release.

I did not stop licking her, though I did give her a moment to finish squirting, before I bent back down in between her legs. Embarrassed and even more sensitive than before, Marina begs me to stop. She pushes against my large body, but to no avail. I made her come several more times with my mouth and fingers, before I'm satisfied.

Sitting up and wiping my face, I look to see Marina's eyes closed and her chest rapidly rising and falling. I shirked my clothes off quickly, kneeling to remove the pillow.

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Marina's eyes open wide when she sees my rock hard cock in front of her. Grasping it firmly in her hand, she strokes it several times to my pleasure. I'm also sensitive from last night and all I wanted to do is be back where I was, inside of her hot tight pussy. " It's huge, I can't believe that was inside of me last night." Not knowing what else to say, Marina silently strokes my large cock with small hands, barely able to wrap her fingers all the way around it.

" It is about to be inside of you again." Marina released my cock as she watches me move between her legs. My cock seems grotesquely large against her small body. It looks as though it is long enough to skewer her, wide enough to split her in half.

Though she knew she can take it, she had a moment of real fear as she watches me shove my cock into her slowly. We both watch in amazement as inch after inch disappears into her. She can't help but squeeze me every few seconds, the action pulling me in deeper. " Fuck me doggy style," She doesn't ask so much as demand!

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Her wish is my command. Turning her over, dirty thoughts fill my mind as her perfect ass is in front of me. Those taboo desires will be fulfilled later, unbeknownst to her now. So I line up my cock with her upturned slit.

That's when she feels my hands around her waist and my hot body against her back, It seems fairly obvious now what I'm about to do, she feels my cock against her pussy and she knew right away I'm about to make her my bitch. Marina went back to panicking again, I have it pressing into her but before I can push it inside her myself, she jerks backwards in an attempt to get loose.and impales herself on my big cock.

She screams but that is all the invitation I needed to start slamming in and out of her. She got dizzy, she went blank, All she can think is " so good, so good." It didn't matter that it is her second time or how much it hurt at the same time, I'm giving her exactly what she wanted and needed at that moment and she didn't even realize it. She gives up fighting and in between my powerful thrusts, she pulls her head up and put her hands flat on the floor. Pushing her ass back into me completely surrendering to my lust and accepting her role as my bitch.

With her head free she notices blood seeping out of her, For some reason that just made her hornier, Wave after wave of her orgasms hit her as I slam my massive cock inside her and she is loving every minute of it, she has about half a second to wonder why I stopped before she feels me blow a huge load inside her.

Her head is reeling as my knot grew bigger and bigger stretching her to her limit. All we can do is stay still in that position panting in unison like two lovers that hadn't seen each other in weeks, Savoring the moment.

After what seems like an eternity of sheer bliss, she feels my knot slide out with a loud wet sound, she knew it is loud because she barely heard it over herself moaning as it came out.

" I feel like you just made love inside of me." Marina whispers. She attempted to stand with her Jello-O legs, she fell a few times but made it to the shower.again. knowing from that point on this would become very regular for her.