Blow job makes beauty horny

Blow job makes beauty horny
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THIS IS THE STORY OF MARILYN AND HER SON CODY, AND HOW A TABOO AFFAIR TURNS OUT TO BE THE BEST MEDICUINE FOR BOTH OF THEM CHAPTER ONE. It was a rough go for my mom & I since my dad passed away in the summer of 1990, about a month after I graduated from high school in a northeastern Indiana town.

My dad died of a sudden heart-attack. To make matters worse, I'm the youngest of three with a physical disability. My two oldest are fraternal twins, who are just two years older than me. The good thing about all of this was my dad had a huge life insurance policy, along with a partial pension that my mom would now be collecting. Therefore, all of the outstanding bills, loans and the house mortgage would be paid off.

The rest would go into savings and retirement. Now I'm not saying my mom was the stingy type, but that money wasn't always gonna last forever. Luckily my mom got a job as a school secretary a few years before my dad died. But the real issue was me. Since it'll be a while before I could get into college, I still need to figure out what I'm gonna do in the meantime for the upcoming fall.

One night at the dinner table, me, my mom and my two older siblings(Darren and Dana) worked out a plan. "What's gonna happen to Cody mom?" asked Dana "Well, it won't be until after the holidays before I get the accommodations and living arrangements as far as college goes." I said.

Then I added, "In the meantime, I'll be taking a couple of vocational classes come fall." "Well with you going back to work at that same time, is there anything that Dana or I can do to help you and Cody?" asked Darren.

"Well, I do appreciate you twins helping your brother and I out." replied mom.

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"But I think we'll manage. And plus, your aunt Deena will be checking up on Cody for the time being. Don't let something like this interfere or jeopardize your college futures. After all, I think your father would've want all of us to move on with our lives." And my mom was right, dad would've wanted it to be like this. I did appreciate my siblings bringing this whole thing up, because there were lot's of concern regarding my college future.

But a bigger issue exists, my mom being home all by herself. In just a couple of years it was a house of five to now two and possibly, just her when it comes time for me to leave.

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The rest of the summer wasn't any easier, having to cope with the loss of my dad was emotional and tragic. But all of our friends and family members reached out and helped us deal with the loss. But now it's Labor Day, and I know the real suffering was about to sink in.

Darren and Dana left to go back to college the week before and finally, it was just me and my mom. But one night a week after school started up, I happen to assist mom in a way nobody ever though would even dare to help. Now, my mom at this point was in her early forties, but was still considered a knock-out for her age. She was a slender,nicely tanned, athletic woman who stood about 5' 7" tall and weighed about close to 145. In addition, she had all-natural 34C cups.

And did I mention she was a natural blond beauty?? She is what you would call a classic, classy lady who could STILL turn a lot of heads if she wanted to. So back to the issue at hand: One Friday night in the early morning hours, I happened to get up to go to the bathroom. As I got finished, I heard a whimpering sound. It sounded like a crying out coming from my mom's bedroom.

At this point, I was thinking 'Is my mom crying?' This made me more curious and not to mention, more worried. So I decided to slowly peak in and check up on hear. Sure enough, she was crying softly. At this point, I was feeling very emotional for her too.

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After all, we've all lost a very important man in our lives. Me, Darren and Dana lost a loving father. Mom losing a very loving, passionate and caring man- her husband of 21 years. I too began to sob a little. As I got closer to the bedroom door, I could hear my mom cry out saying., "Oh Peter, why did you have to go so soon??

"Why?" Peter was my dad's name. So I slowly came into her bedroom as she was just laying there still crying a little, when she finally saw me. "Cody, honey," she said. "Come sit next to me son, please???" "Sure mom." I said, as I slowly climbed into bed next to her.

At this point, she was still sobbing a little. "Mom, please don't be sad for me." I said. Then I continued to comfort her by saying, "Baby's here, everything will be alright." Then my mom said, "Well now, here's a switch.

When you kids were little babies, your father and I would tend to all of you in the middle of the night for whatever reason." Then my mom said, "And everytime I picked you up, I would always say that mommy's here and I would always made things all better." "Well, I guess it's my turn to comfort mommy I guess." I said. "Why don't you put your head on my shoulder mom, and I'll give you a nice back rub." "On, thank you sweetheart." my mom said. "You've always been such a good son to me, like your brother and sister have." "Anything to comfort my sweet mother.' I replied.

I then noticed as I was hugging her and giving her a big rub, that her tits began to harden. This began to turn me on a little. After a few minutes she asked, "Cody honey." "Yes, mom." I answered. "What is it?" "I want you to give me a kiss on the lips please." she requested. And so I did, and not just on the lips either. She closed her eyes at me as we kissed open-mouthed, like we were husband and wife.

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I have never done this before, until now. After a couple of smooches I said, "Wow! That was the first time any woman has done that with me. I sure as hell wasn't expecting this!!" At this point, my heart was racing a little, knowing that I just kissed the most amazingly, beautiful woman in the world. I never thought my very first open-mouth kiss would be with my mother. Then incredibly and unbelievably, My mom then took my hand and placed it on her nightgown, and placed my hand on her pussy.

I felt that she wasn't wearing any panties, and her pussy was already getting wet.


By this time, my cock was getting rock-hard. So I was able to feel her wet pussy for a couple of minutes when she finally asks, "So how does my pussy feel there, baby?" "Mom, your pussy feels so nice and wet." I replied. Then I continued by saying, "It's giving me a massive hard-on, and it's also making me feel real horny." "Really baby?" she asked.

"Yes, very horny. "I said. "I want to show you how to eat a woman's pussy baby." she said. And so my mom lifted up her nightgown and took it off her, revealing her now hard 34C breasts.


She then tells me to position my face in between her legs so I could see her trimmed, bushy patch and slit." "I want you to lick my cunt sweetie." she said. "Go slow though, honey." And so I did. As I'm tasting her clit and pussy for the first time, she begins to moan a little.

At first, I teased her clit a little. Then after a few minutes, she told me to pick up the pace a little.

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She started to moan a little louder, I must really be getting her aroused. She continues, "Oh, oh, oh, OHH!!!!" Then after a few minutes, she said. "I-I think I-I'm gonna cum. Don't stop!!" Then, I tasted something that squirted all over my mouth. Mom just had what I found out was an orgasm. Her love juices tasted so sweet. After my mom emptied out her pussy love juices, she then asks me to give her another open-mouth kiss.

I think she wanted to tasted her own pussy juices. then after all that, she asked "So how was it?? Did you enjoy that baby??" "Wow!!" I said. "That was the first time I ever ate pussy and taste the love juices you shot in my mouth." Then my mom makes a startling request, "Cody, I want you to fuck me baby.

Please??" "Are you serious mom?" I asked. "Yes, baby." she said. Then she made an additional request, " I don't want you to stop either. Instead, I want you to cum in my pussy please." So with that, she had me lay in my back and she got on top of me. She helped me position my cock so I can gently place it deep inside of her. "One more thing," she said, "Please go slow on me at first.

Because you're much bigger than your father was and also, It's been a long time since your father & I had made love. So can you be easy for me please?" "Sure, I'll be gentle mom." I said. And so I was able to position my 10-inch cock at the entrance of her pussy.

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I teased it a little at first, then I slowly began to slowly re-enter her. I put the head of my cock in her, she began to moan and sigh a little. "Oh, go deeper baby." mom moaned. And so I slowly pushed my cock in a little more until most of my shaft was buried inside of her pussy.

My cock wasn't even all the way in, when I hit what felt like her cervix. She began to moan with pleasure a little more. She then lifted up a little to ease a little sigh, and then she slowly sat back on my cock, riding my shaft with soft, slow strokes. But not long after, the pace started to pick up a little. She was right, It has been a while since her and dad fucked because she was still tight.

Then it wasn't long before mom has reached her climax again. "Oh, oh, oh, OHH!. I-I'm gonna come again!!" she said. My cock then began to feel the walls of my mom's pussy clamped around my cock, and then she had another orgasm. She came all over my cock as I was still poundibg her sweet pussy at a much faster pace now. Then I felt my balls begin to churn and my shaft began to swell up in her pussy. I then said out loud, "I-I'm gonna cum mom!!" "Cum inside me baby!!" She said. "Fill your mommy up with your sweet baby seed!!' No sooner after she said that, I let out the biggest grunt and started to shoot up in her.

I must've shot endless ropes of cum deep inside her fertile womb. I just wouldn't stop as continuous shots spewed up in her. After my balls were milked and emptied in her pussy, she collapse on to me. I gave her the most passionate kiss, then I said "Now, who's your baby??" And so, I figured out a way to comfort my widowed mom in ways that wouldn't've been possible. That night, we would make sweet love a couple of times more before morning.

And all through that night, we held each other tight. Then my mom said, "I don't want you to tell anyone about us, understand Cody??" "Yes mom." I answered. From then on, I kept my mouth shut. But there's something that dawned on me after that night of love making with my mom with a couple of ?'s One: Was my mom on the pill at that time? & Two; Was she fixed? I guess we would find out soon enough. CHAPTER TWO COMING SOON!!!!!