One Guy Bangs Two Mature Bitches

One Guy Bangs Two Mature Bitches
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The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost.

She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window. Only one candle, Thank God, she's gone, she thought as she stood quietly waiting for his invitation.

Minutes passed and still she stood, patiently waiting. He knew of her presence, was merely drawing out her anticipation. The temperature continued to drop, raising tiny goose bumps on her body. Without glancing away from the window with the pinpoint of orange light, she allowed her thoughts to run free. She wondered if He would care for the scrapes on her bottom, acquired when she hurriedly swung her body over the short stone wall that surrounded His property. Most men would not notice such a small injury, but He would.

He noticed everything, especially if it was something that displeased Him. Would it displease Him that she'd marred her porcelain skin? She had no idea. It was becoming increasingly difficult to gauge His moods, decipher His thoughts. After what seemed an interminably long time, that single candle became three pulses of fire. Looking over each shoulder, she prayed no one would be about on this normally deserted street.

Completely unclothed, she cautiously made her way across the road to the relative seclusion of His fenced in yard. As she passed the large front door, she once again felt a secret smile on her lips. No, she wasn't allowed to ring THAT door bell, but she knew more of Him than all those that did enter through that route.

Reaching her destination she lightly knocked at the smaller back door. How appropriate that she enter through the servant's quarters. Though not immediately, it was not long before He swung the door open and pointed to the floor at His feet.


With unconscious grace, she stepped over the threshold and knelt beside His long legs, head bowed; the secret smile now tremulous with anxiety. Fully clothed, He turned and walked away. Breathing heavily, she did not move a muscle, knowing He would return eventually.

The silence could only mean one thing: the bitch had angered Him again. Sighing softly so as not to be heard, she wondered briefly what her life would have been like if her mother had not been such a cold-hearted bitch. She heard the TV in the den come on and settled back onto her heels. So that is how it is to be this night.

Mother must be out for the weekend. Once again, allowing her thoughts free reign. She thought back to the night, so many years ago, when she was but 16. She'd heard the normal argument begin in her mother's room. She cringed inwardly at the derogatory tone her mother always used when arguing with her new step-father. Still young and filled with so many romantic dreams, she could not understand why her step-father had married someone who so obviously hated him. She knew the arguments were about sex; she was old enough to understand that, but other meanings eluded her.

Words like depraved and perversions fell from her mother's lips at top volume, but they may as well have fallen on deaf ears, for she had no idea what they meant…before that night.

As so often happened, she heard her mother's car tear out of the garage next to their home. Gingerly placing one bare foot on the cold wooden floor, she'd slowly gotten out of bed. As was her habit, she would sneak down the hall to their room and listen at the door.

Too often, she heard nothing, but on rare occasions, she would overhear Him calling her mother all forms of vile names, ranting and raging at the absent shrew he'd married.

Crushingly shy and too afraid to defy her mother openly, she gained some small thrill from hearing her thoughts of her mother voiced aloud in that rough, masculine baritone. As she stood there in the long hallway, ear as close to the door as she dared, she was completely unnerved when said door swung viciously inward, leaving her facing her obviously furious step-father.

Mouth hanging open, she stared openly at His taut body. Every muscle screamed fury. From the open stance of His bare feet and long legs, to the straining of His biceps, it was obvious He wanted to hurt someone. Fear…cold, clawing fear rose in her throat. Her eyes flew to His only to have the small puff of remaining air punched from her lungs.

Bleak, black pools of bottomless wrath had taken the place of normally soft golden eyes. As each stood staring at the other, one in fear and one in surprise, the atmosphere in the frigid house changed. Something electric passed over her chilled skin. He stepped closer, invading her personal space, and waited to see her reaction.

A sharp intake of breath and dilation of her pupils fueled His sexual frustration. Reaching forward, He closed his larger hand firmly over her small one and pulled her deliberately down the hall toward her own room. Startled back to the present by the sudden absence of background noise, she rose back up on her knees and waited to see where this night would lead.

She no longer feared Him. He had shown her time and again, that He would not truly hurt her. No, she no longer feared Him, but she would not underestimate Him either.

He was capable of cruelty if He thought she'd spurned Him in the slightest way. Though He was the Master and she the slave, He needed so much more from her than she did from Him. Hearing His footsteps approach, she tensed, anxiety seeping into her bones.

"Follow me, sarah." She rose to her feet, immediately fearing that He wished her to crawl, but when no rebuke was uttered she strode forward upright. Following slowly behind Him, she took the time to admire his beautiful body.

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Time had treated Him well. Now 22, she had been His for 6 years and in all that time He never seemed to change. Maybe a little more silver at His temples, a few more wrinkles near His eyes, but those were minor things that only added to His appeal.

Her spirits lifted when He stopped in front of the library. Not so angry then, she thought. She waited as he turned on the stereo, soft classical music wafting up from the speakers hidden around the large room.

Still she waited as he pulled things from a large picnic basket she had not noticed earlier. Fruit, wine, cheese, and glasses were placed neatly around the large fur rug in front of the fireplace in which an already raging fire burned.

So He wants romance tonight, does he? Standing slowly He turned to look at her, speaking at length. "sarah, did you not think I would know? Did you truly think I wouldn't find out?" Ah God, the fear again rises up to nearly smother her.

Wracking her befuddled brain, she is unable to comprehend His words.

"Master, I have done nothing that would displease you. I." His raised hand stops her defensive words immediately. He is beside her in a few long strides. Grabbing her right arm in a grip that is firm but not painful, his gaze travels down to her buttock.

Eyes narrowed, He raises his gaze to hers and lifts His brows sarcastically. "Master," she begins softly, "I knew you would notice the injury, but I did not do this on purpose. It was an accident. I merely scraped the flesh as I crossed the wall." "So it was not your haste to get here and whore yourself for me that caused my property to be damaged?" He counters cruelly.

Suddenly, without warning and with lightening speed, He brutally shoves two long fingers into her waiting cunt. Fiery, all-consuming lust streaks upward from her leaking hole and weakens her to the point of falling. "The slickness of you and you're immediate readying for my intrusion tell me that you're a bitch in heat, lusting for a hound." Mind reeling, she asks herself why does my body react to Him this way?

Her inner voice offers no answer, or is ignored for the overwhelming desire that shatters through her. Removing His fingers from her as quickly as He had entered, He jerks her unclad body roughly against His clothed one.

Staring into His eyes, she knows immediately that tonight she will suffer. The small part of her that her grown cautiously confident over the years straightens her spine and pushes her to ask, "Shall You at least inform me of my infraction; for I know You would not be so angry over a mere scratch." If possible, His eyes darken to a deeper black. Her near-defiance has aroused Him, but to what end, she can't guess. Caressing the skin of her bare back, He watches her eyes as she struggled to stave off the arousal His every touch caused within her.

Softly, He begins to speak, His breath fanning lightly across the sensitive skin of her jaw line and collarbone. "You are no longer afraid of me then? You would question my righteousness in punishing you?" He lowers his mouth to suckle at her throat, and then raises it to gaze into her clouding eyes.

Still whispering, "Hmm? Sarah, have you no answers now?" Struggling to comprehend his words, she tries desperately to pull her body back from this place where intellect was nothing and sensation was all. His every stroke, every taste, every word promises ecstasies unknown and evokes memories of blissful surrenders already experienced.

This is what you came for they tease. Just let go and taste of things forbidden. No one will blame you; no one will know how this excites you. And so she gives up the ghost and falls headlong into that dark void where one needs nothing but their five senses to navigate through the maze of depravity. He knows the moment she surrenders, sees the struggle within her cease, and knows she is still His. At the thought of her young beau, He grows angry once more. Inside His head, the images of her tight, tiny body fueling the lust of this boy torture Him.

Imagination was the enemy in this case, leading His mind down roads that were better left not taken. Unwilling to give her a chance to gather her wits, He continues to taste and touch. He runs His tongue across each tiny, erect nipple, causing her to shudder in His hands. His large hands easily mold her ass cheeks, kneading and separating them. Lifting her to stand on tiptoes, He slides one hand between her legs and brushes her clit, pleased with the fluids dripping from her cunt.

As she arches to meet each brush of His mouth and fingers, He growls, "Is this how Mark touches you? Can he make you ache for his cock the way I can? " His touch becomes rougher, more demanding. His teeth tug on her already aching nipples. He lifts His head to once again look into her eyes knowing that in her current state she is unable to formulate the thoughts necessary to lie.

"Tell me sarah, can Mark drive you to such wanton surrender? Does he touch you in ways that bring out the slut hidden deep under that icy exterior?" When no answer eases His tortured mind, He abruptly turns away from her, unconcerned that she sways on her feet, barely able to stand.

Fighting for calm, and some semblance of control, sarah inhales deeply, trying to steady her charged nerve endings. Eyes that are heavy lidded and still clouded with desire follow His every step. When He turns back to her, she gasps at the pain she sees there. With a sinking heart she realizes that tonight will be both wondrous and terrible; for He is never physically abusive in His cruelty, but her heart usually lies bleeding and broken when He takes these moods out on her.

As He points to a spot just outside the perimeter of the cozy setting He'd created only minutes before, sarah steps forward and kneels on the indicated destination. "Assume the position, sarah. You know the drill." Settling her buttocks back on her heels, sarah spreads her knees as far apart as possible; she brings her wrists together at the small of her back, pushing her breasts forward and stretching her labia apart.

He makes quick work of the cuffs that will bind her wrists together and tether her to a tiny eye bolt in the floor, holding her virtually motionless. A wide leather collar is placed around sarah's thin graceful neck; a short leash will be attached to the same eye bolt, the length such to keep her posture slightly arched, breasts thrust invitingly forward.

She wondered if he would use the spreader bar tonight. A cold metal bar specially made by some sadist somewhere and designed with the express purpose of keeping the legs spread maniacally far apart.

Sarah knew that He didn't care for the bar; it impeded his view of her openings, but on nights when he was feeling especially cruel, he would leave it in place for hours. She watches as He comes to stand directly in front of her, squatting before her so their eyes are level.

"Tonight sarah, I intend to show you the kind of man Mark really is. You WILL watch, and you WILL NOT make a sound. " He reaches forward to lightly stroke the inner lips of her open cunt, spreading the wetness quickly gathering there.

Just as her head begins to fall back on her neck and her eyelids slide slowly closed, she hears a soft knock on the library door. Jerking forward, straining the delicate bond that holds her still, she opens her mouth in a silent question. He rises to tower over her small form, stopping briefly to lift her face, stare into her eyes, and wink maliciously.

Turning, He quickly strides to the closed door and opens it. From across the large room, sarah stares in disbelief as first one man, then three more, enters the room. Each one glances only briefly in sarah's direction. Handshakes are shared, drinks are poured, and conversations are carried on in low hushed tones. With tiny tremors wracking her frame, sarah frantically tries to assess the situation.

Never before has He alerted anyone to their relationship. Oh, her mother knew, sarah thought, but would deny it if ever confronted about that knowledge. Sarah did not believe that He cared whether or not her mother knew, and for herself, sarah secretly drew enormous satisfaction from being able to satiate His needs where the bitch could not, or would not.

This, though, this was different. There…in the same room with her nakedness…was Mr. Lowell the banker, Mr. Bryant the grocer, Todd the gas station attendant, and Mr. Masters the mayor. She shook her head slowly. These men were powerful men, the type of men who could make her stepfather's life miserable if they wanted to (Todd, though a lowly attendant, was the son of the richest man in the town).

As she watches closely, she realizes the only tension in the room is emanating from her own tight muscles. "Gentlemen, I'm sure you all know my stepdaughter sarah," He announces as He again moves in her direction. Coming to stand behind her, He once again drops to a squatting position, fitting Himself to her back and dropping His hands over her shoulders. "What you may not know is this…sarah is an insatiable little slut who has been satisfying my EVERY sexual need since she was sixteen years old.

She is overly sensitive to all things sexual, and can be coaxed into doing anything. I have even brought her to orgasm without ever having laid a finger on her." As He is announcing her depravity to an apparently captivated audience, He begins lightly circling her erect nipples, barely brushing them with calloused fingertips. Her body reacts as it always does, with a fierce onslaught of arousal.

Arching into His hands without thought or shame, her body shows none of the hesitation and doubt that are now waging war with her earlier surrender. His hands continuing their merciless teasing, He begins to whisper softly in her ear, "Open your eyes, sarah. See the effect that your hunger is having on our guests. See how they want to feed you…satisfy you…USE you. Do you see the bulges in the front of every last trouser leg?

That is for you, slut. Now that you have made them want you, will you deny them their pleasures? Will you deny them YOURS? THIS is what you were made for sarah, to be a fucktoy for anyone who has the desire to take you. Open your legs for them, slave.

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Let them see that you are making yourself ready for them all." His hypnotic whispers slowly quiet the raging voices in her mind, taking her to that place again…that place where pleasures unnamed await her. She moans her capitulation and opens herself to them all. Dropping His hands to the insides of her thighs, He opens her further. Feeling the cool breeze on her moist lips, sarah groans her surrender for all to hear. He stands suddenly, leaving her twisting in her bonds, desperate for his mind-numbing touch.

"Come gentlemen. Entertain yourself with her for now. The main attraction should be here momentarily. I will ask for complete silence, as the star will be unaware of an audience during the first part of the show." As if on cue, there is another knock on the library door.

Sarah's view of the door is suddenly blocked by the four guests. As her eyes are drawn to them, she wonders briefly when they'd shed their clothing. The thought is fleeting though, as they advance on her nude body; eyes filled with lust, loins surging with need.

The tremors wracking her body are no longer small and no longer born of fear. The unconcealed arousal of her male counterparts has set off something deep inside her own body; something that will not be denied or suppressed. The first cool hand touches her overheated skin and she is lost. Her eyes drift slowly closed, her head falls back on her shoulders, long hair trailing the floor, and a tiny gush of fluid leaks from her cunt.

Why should I resist taking my own pleasure as they take theirs? As the moans reverberate in her mind, sarah has no need to concentrate on keeping silent. He has trained her well; no sound will leave her lips until He asks for it. Her thoughts immobilized, her brain can now concentrate on every sensation bombarding her. The gentle tug on erect nipples; the moist trail left by a tongue sipping softly from her lips; the hot breath that signals a close visual inspection of her hungry vagina; and the frantic massage of her round bottom.

Oh that one is quite anxious to use us. The inner slut has arrived to the party, and the ice queen and the dutiful step-daughter can exit stage left. Sarah's eyes open to stare directly into the face of the mayor. As her lips slowly spread into a feline smile, he seems momentarily taken aback by her boldness. However, it takes only a second for him to adjust before he returns her smile and begins ravaging her mouth.

Sarah is the one who slants her mouth beneath his, and it is sarah's tongue that lunges first, eagerly tasting of his desire. She yields to the hands on her buttocks and those on her thighs as they quest to raise her fully to her knees. The tether at her neck is unnecessary as she thrusts her breasts forward toward seeking lips and drops her head even further toward the floor. Awash in raging sensation, sarah silently revels in the orgasm that always accompanies her complete surrender.

From the center of the room, He watches, his eyes taking in every detail of her wanton behavior. Her body is bent nearly in half as she grinds her leaking cunt into the gas attendant's face. Her breasts are tight and heaving as the banker and the grocer drink their fill of them. And her lips, dear God those full, luscious lips, wrapped tightly around the mayor's rigid member as he slowly fucks her delicate throat. The sight of her unrestrained participation in the depravity should repulse Him.

After all, if He were honest with Himself, He would concede that it was jealousy and his own insecurity that brought them here tonight. In direct contrast to what should be, the sight only serves to increase the arousal surging through His body. As his eyes drop to the face currently buried in his own groin, and His cockhead trails across the tongue of its owner, He wonders silently why the thought of sarah giving herself to this one enraged Him as it did.

In response to the anger, He places a hand on the back of Mark's blindfolded head and pulls his mouth forward until He can feel Mark's throat muscles contract around His glans. Holding him there, He flexes his cock to ensure maximum discomfort for the young man. Mark, though, is the consummate sub, and merely struggles to hold still and relax his throat muscles to ease his Master's entry.

From experience, He knows mark will not move until he loses consciousness. Easing His cock from its tight nest, He returns to slowly fucking his males slave's mouth. Enjoying the sensation immensely, but wanting to prolong the night, He lets His mind take over.

Sarah and mark, as far as He knew, were unaware of each other's respective roles in His life. Sarah is oblivious to so many things, He thinks.

She is still blissfully unaware of the devil's deal He'd made with her mother. He'd wanted sarah since she was 14, but being a new doctor in a small town put Him in the position of having to forcefully repress those wants. Her mother, the perceptive bitch, had noticed how He watched sarah, and offered Him a deal, a deal that, to this very day, He had no regrets about making. Sarah's mother wanted to be free of her responsibilities to sarah, and to the local bill collectors. If He married her, He could have sarah and the town would be none the wiser, as long as He could keep sarah from telling tales.

Unable to resist the thought of life with sarah under His roof and His rule, He'd agreed, and while the bitch had kept her side of the bargain, her jealousy of her own daughter had, more often than not, made their lives a living hell. Sensing his Master's distraction, mark waits until His cock begins to retreat from his throat and swallows, knowing the suction created by contracting muscles will draw His attention back from wherever it is.

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Unable to see around the blindfold covering his face, mark is suffering pangs of insecurity. The inability to watch His facial expressions for signs of disapproval is hampering mark's ability to participate fully in this erotic dance. Mark once again wonders what he's done to displease Him, if He is, in fact, displeased. Feeling those tight throat muscles contract around Him, He smiles wickedly.

So, my pet, you are feeling a little insecure? Is the silence, coupled with your lack of sight, getting to you, slave? He'd known mark would react this way. Always eager to please, mark's biggest thrill comes from the tiny words or gestures that convey praise and approval. Unlike sarah, mark needs his Master's feedback to completely enjoy the game. Sarah, on the other hand, needs only the lust of others to send her into the abyss.

From the first time He'd taken her, He'd known that, to have her, He need only to show her His lust, tell her of His need, and she would bend to His will. That very first night, when He'd taken her hand and led her back down the hall to her room, His lust had been overpowering.

Even at 16, she'd been able to discern what the fire in His eyes and the roughness of His touch had meant. On her very first foray into sexual pleasures, she'd allowed herself to be taken in unspeakable ways.

He'd had every orifice on that first night, in every imaginable position, and she'd reveled in it. He still replayed that night in His mind, wondering how one so young and untouched could have derived such pleasure from being used so thoroughly. Over the years, He'd used her often.and well…and each time it seemed she derived some new satisfaction from the debasement. He'd never considered sharing sarah; she was HIS.

Recently though, she'd been growing bolder, actively seeking His displeasure. As she'd learned of His distaste for physically harming her, she'd gained confidence in the idea that He was unable to hurt her. Her recent liaison with mark had brought home to Him the fact that she needed to be reigned in, stripped of her imagined power.

The idea of sharing her with others had been distasteful at first, but as He now watches her body being used to satisfy His cohort's lust, He realizes it should have been done long ago…for both of their sakes. He gently removes His cock from mark's seeking mouth, and kneels at his side. "Ssshh, pet, don't despair. I'm well-pleased with you, and now I will show you. Assume the position for me, slave. I will have you now." The need for silence now gone, His voice booms through the silent room.

He stands and crosses the room to sarah. Appraising her appearance, He once more experiences a fierce rush of desire. Head thrown back in complete ecstasy, body flushed with satisfaction and arousal at the same time, she is beautiful.

The semen leaking from her every hole tells Him that His guests do not possess the same degree of control that He does. Looking around at the glistening, limp cocks displayed by 3 of His 4 comrades, He realizes that Todd will have to do. "I believe I have something more to your liking over there," He gestures to mark's upturned ass, glistening in the firelight. Looking over his shoulder, Todd is quickly drawn away from sarah's sucking and moves to the center of the room.

"Wait for us, Todd." He requests as He moves behind sarah to disengage her leash. Standing again, He leads her, on hands and knees, over to center stage. Through a sexual haze, sarah struggles to understand the scene before her.

Mark, her step-father's assistant at the clinic, is kneeling, face down on the floor and ass up in the air, in His favorite submissive position.

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Todd, the youngest son of the richest man they know, kneels behind mark, obviously ready to ravage Mark's proffered orifice. Following His unspoken directions, she comes to a stop in the spot that places her own round ass directly above Mark's bowed head.

Struggling to break free of the maelstrom of sensation that has rendered her mindless, sarah drops her head forward to hang between her outstretched arms. Taking deep, cleansing breaths, she is unprepared for the new assault that comes when He places a hand on each buttock and separates them. Gasping for breath, she is further disarmed by the quick, sharp swipe of a tongue across her leaking asshole.

Quickly assessing the situation, sarah is aware of the moment Todd enters mark's tight man-cunt. Mark's sensual groan sends tantalizing vibrations over the skin of her cheeks.

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In her peripheral vision, she sees Him round her body to kneel in front of her. Eagerly she opens her mouth to receive his cock. From the taste of Him, wine and salt from the cheese, she can assume mark's mouth was here first. Watching sarah from His position above her, He is able to discern mark's progress on her rim job simply by watching the muscles in her ass and lower back contract and release, as if moving in time with some unheard song.

His hands on each side of her head, He slowly but viciously fucks her hot mouth. Seeing her unbridled enjoyment of the attention mark is giving her, He is once again assailed by doubts.

In a flash of grim hindsight He realizes He may have created a monster this night, but doggedly He persists in showing sarah that she is nothing more than a fuck toy with which He plays. Sliding His engorged, throbbing cock from her, now, humming mouth, He lies back on the rug where He'd used her so many times before.

Looking pointedly at her, He silently commands her to mount Him. Scrambling to comply with His unspoken command, and to assuage the aching need in her sodden cunt, sarah rises to straddle his waist, then lowers herself down on his massive member. Despite having 3 loads of cum leaking from her used orifices, the entry is not completely smooth. Once He is embedded deep within her tunnel, she rises from her squat to lift herself slowly up and almost off, of his shaft, before dropping her weight back down.

From His reclined position, He can see the slight protrusion of her inner lips as she rises, and the sight is quite erotic.


He places a hand on each of her inner thighs and parts them further, both to open her for his viewing pleasure and to increase the toll this fucking position will take on her muscular thighs. He watches hungrily as His cock pushes the previously spent juices from His slave's cunt. Over and over, sarah slowly fucks her cunt up and down on his cock, until she feels the muscles of her legs and ass begin to tremble in fatigue. She knows He is deliberately restraining His own orgasm in order to push her to her limits.

As she tires, her strokes become shorter. No longer able to lift herself completely to the end of His cock, or to ease her weight down slowly, He is buried deeper within her each time. At last, she can rise no more, and she looks apologetically into His eyes. Grasping a nipple in between each thumb and forefinger, He tugs her forward to lie on His chest. Snapping His fingers to get mark's attention, He speaks softly, "mark, you will crawl over here and place your cock in sarah's wet asshole.

Todd, you are welcome to follow mark and continue with fucking him as well." Gasping, sarah stares into His eyes, searching for the reasons behind this sudden widening of their debasing horizons.

Within seconds, though, His reasons no longer matter. Mark has arrived and his cock is pushing gently at the ring of her asshole. Fleetingly, sarah wonders if she will be able to accommodate both large cocks, but as mark slowly pushes past the feeble resistance of her sphincter, she is transported once again to the place where nothing but sensation is attended to.

Flexing her inner muscles, she tries to help ease his entry, groaning with the sensations now erupting from the depths of her body. Never has she been so full. Never has she felt so tight. She can sense the pressure of each shaft on the thin membrane that separates them, and the thought of it sends her into yet another shattering orgasm.

As He feels her vaginal muscles tighten around His dick, He commands mark, "Enter her fully, NOW", and is rewarded with the sensation of someone running a firm thumb over the underside of his shaft, from its base to the head.

As He knew it would, this quick entry serves to prolong and heighten sarah's clenching orgasm. As it should be, He lies back and prepares to enjoy all the sensations coursing through their entwined bodies, refusing to participate.

Running His hands over sarah's naked body, He allows his mind to categorize each new touch, each stroke as it arrives. Mark's obvious enjoyment of this particular show deduced from his low growls and ever-faster thrusting.

Todd's furious pounding adding depth to each of mark's strokes. Sarah's mindless surrender signaled by the quick panting breaths that stir the air around Him, as well as the frequently incomprehensible sex speak falling from her full lips. The low, drawn out moan that tells him Todd has just filled mark's ass with a load of hot cum.

The quick moment of stillness before the furious pounding of mark, into sarah, resumes. So many sensations coming at Him, each one serving to bring Him closer to His own cataclysmic end.

After only a few minutes, He discerns a lengthening of mark's cock, and a new jerkiness to his otherwise fluid strokes. "Talk to mark, sarah. He's very close now. Tell him how you want it." And with those words, all of the sound that sarah has been holding onto leaves her in a rush of moans, groans, and vulgarities. "Oh, God, mark, fuck me hard. Bury your cock in my ass. Agghhh. Yes, mark, cum for me. Fill my asshole up with your cum.

Please, mark, please. Yes…fucking harder&hellip.deeper. Uhnnnn&hellip. Pleaaassse, cum NOW." She is now bucking wildly between the two mean. He can feel her inner muscles working hard on the cocks, squeezing and clenching, working towards her own climax. Mark finishes with a final deep thrust that ends somewhere deep in her bowels, his cock twitching with each jet of hot cum being forced inside her. Caught in the throes of her strongest orgasm yet, sarah arches up and away from His body, gripping His biceps tightly, and undulating her hips against mark's groin.

Giving each of them a moment to recover, He watches for any sign of affection between them. Finding none, He questions what he's been led to believe.

Sarah is now lying limply on His chest, mark's limp cock recently slipping from her asshole. As her breathing returns to normal, she lifts her head to stare into His face.

Clenching her vaginal muscles, she asks "Will you not be satisfied this night?" He widens his lips into a calculating grin, and replies, "I'm only giving you a moment's respite, sarah. You and mark will now finish me off with your lying mouths." Without so much as a grimace over being called a liar, sarah raises herself off of His still rigid cock and turns to begin cleaning her juices from His cock. Mark, not to be outdone, takes first one, then the other of his Master's balls into his mouth, suckling and licking them.

Knowing His preference for vibration over suction, mark begins to softly hum around His balls. The vibrations travel up from His nuts to tickle the head of His cock now buried in sarah's throat.

Knowing He won't last much longer, He forces His hips from the floor, trying to force His entire cock up into sarah's suckling mouth. He feels the familiar tightening of His sac and the boiling of cum in his balls, and prepares to shower them both with His semen. Dropping His hips back to the rug, He keeps sarah's mouth from following Him down with a hand twisted in her long hair. With His free hand wrapped tightly around His cock, He jerks Himself to completion, His first spurt hitting sarah's still open mouth.

Had He not been lost in His ecstasy, He would have smiled at the quickness of her tongue darting out to catch His seed. His second jet arches up and falls softly into mark's tangled hair.

Reaching the end of the orgasm, semen now merely spills from the tip of His cock to slide slowly down the shaft until one waiting tongue, or the other, laps it up. Having finally satisfied His needs, sarah curls up at His feet, waiting. She knows that she has received her pleasures for this night, and is now waiting for the pain. She realizes distractedly that mark has the same apprehensive look in his green eyes.

What have you done to displease Him, then, she wonders briefly. Without rising from His relaxed position, He motions His guests toward the door, "Show's over folks. Glad you could drop by, but it's time for you to go." Sarah is once again apprehensive about the repercussions her stepfather will have to deal with when this night is done. She watches anxiously as the men dress, and amble to the door. They do not seem to be upset with Him, but one can never be sure in a small town.

After the last man exits the room and there is naught but the sound of His slaves' breathing, He pulls Himself into a sitting position to stare thoughtfully at one then the other. His thoughts have cleared, and suddenly He knows the answer to the emotional dilemma He has been dealing with.

Rising to His feet, He silently bids them to their knees. "So you two have been fucking each other behind my back?

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You will be punished thoroughly for this attempt at subterfuge, but first, I am going to tell you about your new lives. Two weeks from today, you two will be married. We will hold the ceremony here at the house.

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You will move in here, explaining this away by saying that mark is still in school and the two of you cannot afford to live on your own right now. You will appear to all the world like a happily married newlywed couple. In this house, however, you will continue to be my fuck toys…only giving yourselves to me.

Sarah from this day on, you will cease taking any precautions to prevent pregnancy. Mark you will only be allowed to fuck sarah's ass. You see, sarah, you will get pregnant, but it won't be mark's child you carry…it will be mine." With these words, so viciously spoken, He jerks sarah to her feet, and forces her, face first over the back of the couch. Erect once more, He violently enters her leaking cunt, and proceeds to pound out all of His doubts, all of His jealousy, and all of His anger.

Sarah is stunned, both by His words, and by the force of the fucking she was currently receiving. Mark sits passively on the floor and watches in confusion. Thoughts of denial swirling in his brain as he watches his Master fuck sarah as He'd never fucked Him before. For in truth, mark and sarah knew each other only in passing, but if it got him under his Master's roof full time, he would admit to all forms of depravity with her.