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Daddy black sugar fuck twink white gay videos Well these studs seem
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Authors note: I tried something a little different this chapter and while overall these stories seem to be well received, I'd welcome any feedback for Tegan's adventures going forward.

Anything you like, don't like, etc., especially if anyone feels like there's too much talking. Still plenty of ideas to work with but if you have anything you'd like to see let me know in the comments and I will see if I can incorporate it. After their chat Brandon left Tegan's bed to go back to his own room and Tegan just lay there for a while contemplating her position.

Some of the things she said to Brandon surprised even herself.

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When she first proposed her offer to the guys she wasn't even sure if they'd accept the offer or how it would play out from there. Her sexual experience was vanilla up to this point so maybe she was out of her depth, but something had definitely awakened in her. There was so much more to sex than she'd thought though admittedly she wasn't the experienced connoisseur of internet porn that Brandon was. Her appetite for sex was voracious.

Even now, with Brandon's semen coagulating inside her warm cunt, she wanted more. Was this nymphomania? She didn't want to self-label herself, since maybe she was just really horny, but what if it ran deeper than that? Still, it was early days. Maybe she should see if she could last the week before jumping to conclusions. At that moment another silhouette obscured the doorway Sam. He entered the room boldly, and somewhat disconcertingly, already nude. His semi-erect cock swayed back and forth and Tegan sat up in bed, swinging her legs off the edge.

"Let me just go freshen up-" she started but Sam pushed her back with a firm hand then grabbed her thighs, pulling her forcefully to the edge of the bed.

"That won't be necessary." "Uh? Are you-" "I saw Brandon leave." Sam started caressing her little tits, idly rubbing his cock across her red public curls above her bare slit. "I want seconds." Tegan lay back, letting Sam have control as he gently pinched and pulled on her nipples. Timidly, she spread her thighs for him, exposing her freshly fucked pussy. Seconds… the phrase sloppy seconds ran through her mind.


To her the phrase always seemed to be used in a derogatory fashion either to denigrate a promiscuous girl, or to mock a guy for mistakenly thinking he was the only one in a sexual relationship with her. It didn't seem like he was being derogatory, despite the fact she had just finished having sex a few minutes ago.

No, he seemed to specifically want to fuck her while she was still 'sloppy', so to speak. She bit her lip with a moan as he entered her, his cock pushing into her sticky hole, arching her back as he began steadily pumping away at her. This wasn't the first time Sam had reacted like this a couple of mornings ago he'd accosted her in the hallway and fucked her against the wall when she was about to clean a fresh coating off her face.

She wondered, was he bi? Was it a cuckold thing? Or some other fetish she hadn't even heard of? As her mind wandered, swimming with curiosity Sam hooked his arms under her knees, lifting her ass off the bed to more easily enter her in his standing position. She let out a startled cry of pleasure as the angle of entry changed and his pace quickened, pinching her own nipples. Brandon had not brought her to orgasm not that she'd expected her to but he'd certainly lit a fire.

Sam was steadily feeding it and she could feel her legs shaking in his grip as he steadily pounded her and she began involuntarily flexing the muscles in her vagina, reaching down between her legs to furiously stroke her clit. Sam lowered Tegan back to the bed and hunched over her, bracing his weight on his arms and slamming downwards into her pelvis, her thighs pressed up against her ribs as he crushed her under his muscular body.

She found herself holding her breath for extended periods as her orgasm surged closer and closer, each inhale accompanied by a high pitched cry, until suddenly her release crashed through her like a wave and her body shook under Sam as he growled in her ear "You were made for taking dick weren't you?" Tegan could only moan in response.

"You love being used." "Yes!" Tegan managed to respond in a desperate cry as he continued to plough her trembling body. "You want my cum." "Please." She pleaded as his steady rhythm kept up the aftershocks of her orgasm, almost too much to bear. "Squeeze those useless little tits together." Sam commanded. Tegan knew he was trying to humiliate her but a small part of her pride couldn't help but he stung by his comment about her breast size. She cupped her breasts at the size and squeezed them together to create as much of a crease of cleavage as she could, her pink nipples pointed towards each other.

"Yeah, just like that." Sam grunted, a little strain in his voice as he seemed to be getting close to the edge now. Finally he pulled out of her sloppy hole and released her legs, clambering on the bed to straddle her waist. She could feel his balls tickling her flat belly as he took his cock in his right hand, pressed the tip of his cock against the underside of her improvised cleavage and let loose with a satisfied groan, squirting his hot load in the shallow crevice between her tits.

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When he seemed to be finished he moved her hands away so her tits settled back into their relatively flat state to enjoy the sight of the mess he'd made. "Well you might not have enough tit to fuck, but they still look great." For all the vulgarity she'd been exposed to the last few days, she was not used to having her appearance mocked and self consciously covered her breasts with her hands, turning her head to the side.

"Hey, don't pout. They're lovely tits. Just small is all." "Well they're not getting any bigger." Tegan responded, sulkily. "I wouldn't want them to." Sam smirked. "Hey, I know what'll make you feel better, let's go get you cleaned up. Ok?" Tegan smiled a little and sat up, her brief cloudy mood passing as Sam offered his hand to pull her to her feet and led her to the bathroom, where he held her step into the tub under the shower.

He picked up the detachable shower head and gestured down at the tub. "Why don't you lie back and relax, and I'll rinse you off?" Tegan complied, gingerly sitting back in the cold tub, running her hands under her hair to dangle it over the end of the tub so it wouldn't get wet, then settled back looking up at Sam who suddenly had a grin on his face. She suddenly realized he was holding his cock and had it pointed at her and it dawned on her exactly how he intended to 'rinse' her.

"You don't mind do you? First thing in the morning, nature calls and all that." Tegan said nothing for a long moment. She really wasn't expecting something like this, but in retrospect maybe she should have been suspicious of Sam's behavior and now she didn't know how to react.

However, even she felt tears of shame pricking at the backs of her eyes she heard her own voice respond to Sam with a simple "ok" as she turned her head to hide her face. Immediately a hot torrent of urine splashed against her chest and ran down her stomach and between her legs. Christ! She hadn't even thought about it getting on her pussy. She was so overwhelmed she hadn't thought it through.

Urine trivia ran through her mind. It was supposed to be clean right? Well, sterile at least. It couldn't be that much worse than letting him shoot his cum all over her, surely? At least it didn't smell too strongly, a sure sign of kidney health.


She felt the stream travel back and cross her chest, obviously he wanted to make sure he pissed directly on both of her tits, then it travelled downwards. As it got to her navel he commended "spread your legs" and she did without a second thought. The stream travelled down soaking her trimmed ginger curls and then with seemingly pinpoint accuracy found her slit and picked up pressure as he forced out the last of it, like he was trying to powerwash a gutter.

Tegan had never felt so revolted or unclean, but she sat there silently in her pool of humiliation, seemingly unsure what she should do about it. She turned her head back and looked up at him, finding he was watching her as he shook the droplets off his dick, seemingly expecting something. When she refused to say anything he gestured at her with the showerhead in his hand.

"What about you?" Tegan almost asked for clarification out of defiant habit but she knew full well what he meant and wasn't sure she was in the mood to play word games with him.

He wanted to watch her do it now. That she had less of a problem with but wasn't exactly keen while lying in a bathtub. Still, her stubborn streak bubbled up inside her. He was trying to humiliate her. She didn't know why but whatever game he was playing she wasn't going to let him win it. Left then right foot she hung her ankles over the edges of the tub and spread her legs as wide as the tub would allow.

Using her fingers she spread her pussy flaps and expose her clit and the opening of her urethra. Sam watched in rapt attention.

It took her a moment to overcome her innate bladder shyness, but she managed it. Slowly at first, a small amount of pee squirted into the tub, followed by a more steady stream.

She watched Sam's face as he started at her crotch, apparently fascinated with it. So apparently Sam was just a freak. He liked to try and degrade and humiliate women, got off on fucking them right after someone else, and now he had a watersports thing. So far this made him the biggest mystery out of the three men, as she assumed he would be the most wholesome, clean cut and vanilla of the three.

She wondered what else he was hiding behind that ruggedly handsome face. Soon her stream became a trickle and stopped, so she lay back in the tub as it trickled towards the drain to follow Sam's. With a smile he pointed the showerhead at the drain and turned on the water, testing the temperature with his hand before turning the warm spray on her.

She lay back as he rinsed her off from neck to toes then chased any traces of yellow down the drain, then he gestured for her to stand up. She stood and let him shower her, as he used one hand to lather her body thoroughly with her shower gel (perhaps giving certain areas a little more attention than they needed) and using the shower head to rinse the soap off again.

As she slowly rotated to let him access all sides of her she remained silent, though she was burning with curiosity. Eventually they were done and she stood in the tub shivering as he handed her a towel. Once she had the towel wrapped around her perhaps because it provided her with a notional barrier between them she blurted out: "why?" "Can you be more specific?" "Why… did you piss on me?" "I thought it would be sexy." "Was it?" "Kinda.

I would've liked it more if you were more into it." "Sorry to disappoint you." Tegan said with an edge of sarcasm. "Oh, no biggie. Maybe next time?" "Next time? What makes you think there'll be a next time?" Sam just tilted his head curiously, almost like a puppy.


"When I offered myself to the three of you, I thought I was pretty clear that I meant fucking." Sam thought about it "Yes, I think that was the deal." "So what made you think it was ok to lay me down in the bath and piss on me?" "You didn't stop me." "You…" Tegan stammered, as she realized that was actually true.

"…tricked me! You didn't give me a choice." "If you'd said no, the toilet's literally right there. It would have been fine. But I asked and you said ok." Tegan felt her stomach flip flop as she realized technically he was right. Maybe she had gotten so used to the standing consent of all the sex she'd had over the last few days that she'd forgotten how to say no. She didn't have a problem with Angus sneaking into her room and waking her up with surprise anal, or requiring her to wear a buttplug all day.

She realized the reason she was angry was because she had consented, not because she hadn't. Suddenly her condemnations of Sam were turned back on her. Some part of her saw that he wanted to use her as a urinal and decided to let it happen. "Can you please give me some space to think?" "Sure. I have to get ready for work now anyway." He hung up the showerhead and turned towards the door, pausing to look back at her.

"I just want you to know, I didn't mean to cause any real offence." She was aware this apology could still be part of his game, that he could be manipulating her emotions to salvage the situation and the thought made her afraid but she was prepared to consider he was being completely genuine. She would proceed with caution. "Let's talk about it tonight." Sam offered a small smile then left the room, leaving Tegan to finish drying off where she returned to her room to find Angus waiting.

Tegan entered her room, not directly addressing Angus for the moment as she continued to towel herself off and pretended he wasn't there. She could see him watching her, and wondered what his thoughts were watching her go about her business, trying not to act self-consciously or pose. He was only wearing his bowers he presumably slept in, but her indirect glances didn't tell her whether he had a hard-on waiting for her.

Once she was tried off she hung up her towel on the hook on the back of her door and turned to face him putting her hand on her hip, regarding him with a cool silence.

For his part, Angus appeared to be nonplussed by her casual dismissal. He seemed perfectly content to sit her bed and look at her naked body, his eyes scanning up and down, lingering on her breasts and crotch, mostly her crotch. Eventually it was Tegan that broke the prolonged silence. "Can I help you or are you just browsing?" "C'mere." Angus said jovially, patting the mattress beside him. Tegan settled in next to him, her hands folded in her lap.

"How're ye feeling this morning?" "A little sore, if I'm honest." "Ah like honest." There was a long silence. "Is tha' all?" Angus prodded.

"What do you want me to say?" "Ah thought ye might have more tae share. Thoughts, feelings.

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Et cet'ra." "Shoving your cock up my ass every day isn't enough, you want to get inside my head now too?" She said it playfully but even she had to admit there was an edge of something else in her voice. "Aye." "Angus, if I am being honest, it's been a kinda weird…" she glanced at her alarm clock "…nine hours for me emotionally. I don't mean any offence but I don't really get what you want from me right now, so maybe we could get straight to the point." With that she reached over and gripped his cock through his boxers, which she was stunned to find was only slightly hard.

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Angus gently took her by the wrist and moved her hand away. "Not right now, maybe." He said gently. "Why? Are you tired of me already?" She tried to glare at him accusingly but she knew there were tears welling in her eyes and she wasn't really sure why. "No, lass." Angus put his arm around her shoulder and lay back, pulling her down him and pulling his legs onto the bed. Tegan compliantly moved along with him until he was spooning her, his arms around her and hands clasped over her belly.

She could vaguely his bulge pressed against her butt through the thin material of his shorts, but he didn't seem to have any lewd intention to it. There was another prolonged silence. She could hear movement outside that was probably Sam and Brandon leaving for work and college, respectively.

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She estimated Angus needed to leave in around an hour based on his usual routine, assuming he planned to go to work today. "Angus, this is kinda making my morning weirder." "Is this all too much for ye?" Tegan hesitated then answered sincerely. "Probably." "What do ye want to do about it?" Tegan thought about it again for a moment.

"Nothing." "Nothing?" "Nothing. It's possible this entire thing was a huge mistake. I don't feel very good about it right now, but I'm learning a lot and I want to keep going." "You're sure 'bout that." "I am. But it actually helps me a lot that you asked." "Well not tae get all sappy an' emotional but ye cannae play wit' broken toys." Tegan laughed a little, then there was another long silence. "Angus?" "Hmm?" "Do you think I have a good body?" "Aye." "My tits aren't too small?" "No such thing in my opinion.

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Or too big. Ah like 'em all the same." "You don't have any preference?" "As long as tae nipples are in proportion, it's all good." There was another long silence before Tegan spoke again. "Don't go easy on me." "What d'ye mean?" "I mean… you know what you want and you take it. I don't want this conversation to make you think I can't handle it, make you act different with me." "Ye sure about that?" Tegan nodded.

"Aye, ok then. On one condition." "What's that?" "If ye ever worry ye might be breaking, tell me." "Alright." "Now we need to talk about your punishment." "For what?" "You forgot something." Angus reached behind him and picked up the buttplug off the nightstand, holding it in front of her face. "Oops." "Aye, oops is right." Angus slid his other arm out from under her and rolled off the other side of the bed. "On your hands and knees, ass in the air." He scooped up a fresh bottle of lube and popped the cap, squirting a little on the plug and smearing it around as she got into position, her ass up in the air and pointed at him.

He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on each cheek before using his lubed fingers to grease up her little star, using the tip of one finger to gently test the resistance of the hole. "Now because ah thought maybe ah didn't explain tae rules properly, ye get off light this time." He gently pressed the narrow tip of the plug to her asshole and gave it a steady push, watching up close as her anus was stretched open to accept it, enjoying Tegan's gentle moan as it reached the widest point then disappeared inside her.

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"Any time ah catch ye without yeh plug, ye earn a spanking. First time is five, an' it increases by five every time. Understood?" "Yes Sir." "Good. Now if we get to twenty spankings, ah'm going tae be very concerned about your memory, and I might take drastic measures. Ye understand?" "Yes Sir. What kind of measures?" "Good question. First, ah think a bigger plug might be warranted.

Does that seem fair?" Tegan involuntarily clenched her butthole at the idea of something even thicker than Angus' cock being forced through it. "Only if I forget four more times, right?" "Aye, that's what I said." "Yes Sir, understood." "Do you think yeh're likely to forget more than four times, slut?" "No Sir." "Good girl." He slapped her lightly on her upraised ass and tossed the lube onto the pillow next to her head.

"Tha's for you tae keep handy. Any questions?" "Um… what if the others want to… you know?" "Fuck yer arse?" "Yeah." "Guess ye'll have to let them.

Just put tae plug back in after." Angus gently cupped her pussy with his hand and parted her slit with a finger before slipping it inside her. "One more rule." "Sir?" "No solo orgasms today. Keep it in your pants until one o' the lads, or myself, assists ye. Understood?" "Yes Sir. Sir?" "Aye?" "You're not going to… use me right now?" "Och no lass, ah'm going to be late for work if I dally around here much longer." He plunged his finger into her a couple more times than wiped his fingers dry on her pubic patch, giving her clit one lsat lingering stroke on the way.

"Well, I best be going." With that, he abruptly left the room where she was. She slowly lowered her hips and rolled onto her side, pressing her legs together.

Her mood was massively improved, apparently all she needed was a few kind words and something in her ass and she was on fire again. Now she just had to wait until once of the guys got home. It was going to be a long day.