Ameila Slut POV Fucking Threesome

Ameila Slut POV Fucking Threesome
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It was on a hot summer day and I remember I had to mow the lawn. Because it was so hot, I took of my shirt before I started mowing. I had to do the front lawn and it would take some time so I started. I think it was after half an hour that someone was shouting my name. Hey, you're William right? I turned around and saw the guy from across the street coming towards me.

Hi, I saw you were mowing your lawn and I was wondering if you could do mine too. You will get paid if you want to.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that he was talking to me. I always thought he was very handsome, even though he was 30 and I was 16. I looked at his strong body and at his nicely muscled arms. I looked at his manly, strong jaw. It seemed like he forgot to shave himself this morning 'cause his face was covered with stubbles. William? ; he asked again.

Are you ok? I got back into reality and said; Oh, sorry I was thinking about something, what was your question again? If you could mow my lawn too. I didn't take too much time for me to make a choice so I said yes. Great, you can come over after you've finished here. You can come through my backdoor. He walked back at his house and I followed him with my eyed until I couldn't see him anymore.

I mentioned he got a nice ass too. After I finished I went to Dereks house (that's his name btw) and entered the backdoor. There you are, you can start in my backyard. It's becoming a jungle so don't miss any spots; he said with a lovely smile on his face.

I started mowing and when I turned with the lawnmower I saw Derek watching me through the window. A shock went through my body, but it was a nice one though. I just went on mowing when 5 minutes later Derek asked me if I wanted something to drink. Oh uhm, okay. Is a coke ok; he asked. Yes great. He went back in a few minutes later he came out with a can of coke for me, and a can of beer for himself. We sat down and talked about school and stuff. After I finished my can I went back to the lawnmower.

He followed me and when I turned myself at him, he suddenly kissed me on the lips. Shocked by this pleasant surprise I looked at him with a face like I got punched. Sorry, I shouldn't have done that. It was stupid; he said, an he walked quickly into the house.

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I was still on the same spot with the same look on my face. Slowly my look changed into a little smile. I went into the house to talk to Derek. Derek was hanging over the sink watering his face. When he saw me standing in the door, he looked very guilty.

I said that it was ok, what he did. It didn't bother me. And with a blush on my face I tried to walk out. Suddenly Derek grabbed me by my arm and turned me at him. He kissed me full on my lips and slowly I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. I started kissing him back. He started caressing me and I got my arms around him.

We kept kissing and slowly I felt his hand moving towards my private part.

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My cock had grown his full 8 inch and was ready for him. When his hand was on my cock he stopped kissing and asked if it was okay what he was doing. I said that he could keep go on. He unzipped my pants and got my cock out. He started kissing my chest and slowly went lower and lower. When he got at my cock he took it gently into his mouth. I felt the warmth cover my cock and I started to moan a little.

He started caressing my balls and he was licking my top gently. It was the hottest thing ever and I couldn't stop moaning. I placed my hands on the top of his head and started to facefuck him a little.

Suddenly he stopped and he got himself out of his own clothes. He had a nice sixpack with a great muscular chest. I got myself out of my own clothes too and he asked me if I wanted to give him a blowjob. I got so excited that I got down right away.

I saw his 10 inch cock and I tried to put in my mouth. With his hand on the back of my head I started to go up and down. I licked around his cock and sucked a little. He moaned and I got more excited.

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I kept going on and I liked the precum coming out of his cock. It got wilder and wilder and Derek asked if I wanted to try 69. We got in the 69 position and started to suck each others cock hard.

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I got so horny I wanted to scream. Someone was blowing me and at the same time I had a cock in my own mouth. After a while I stopped and he asked why I stopped. With a blush on my face I asked if I could fuck him. The idea of fucking a grown man and have the dominating part has always turned me on. He got a big smile on his face and immediately said yes.

He went quickly to the kitchen and took a bottle of lube out of the kitchen drawer and gave it to me. We went to the living room and he got on his hand and knees so I could fuck him easily. I started rubbing my cock full with lube and got even hornier of the idea of fucking Derek. I pushed the head of my cock into his ass and slowly it went in.


I started going in and out and so on. Derek was moaning and was saying; Oh yeah, go on, that's Great!


I started heating up the speed and went in and out, in and out. We were both moaning like hell. I got my cock out and Derek turned around, lying on his back with his legs around my body. I got my cock back in and we went on where we left.

While fucking Derek I kissed him and took his cock into my hand. I started jerking him off while fucking him and we both moaned like hell. After a while I took his hip in my hands again and pushed it harder and harder onto my cock. I saw Derek was jerking himself off and after a while he moaned that he was cumming. Suddenly a big squirt of cum came out of his cock.

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It got followed by another squirt and another. A few seconds later it was my turn and I got my cock out and squirted all over him. After we both came we were so exhausted that we fell asleep, me lying on his chest. A few hours later we woke up. I got myself cleaned and got my clothes back on. Derek and I said goodbye and agreed that I should come back to mow the rest of the lawn a week later.

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I went home and went straight to my room. It was the day of my life and thank God it wouldn't be the only one.