Super sexy and horny guys gay fucking gay porn

Super sexy and horny guys gay fucking gay porn
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Sean had always been prone to talking a little too much, so when Amanda, his a-little-out-of-his-league crush told him that she wanted him to come over to her place and eat her pussy on Friday, it was a rare moment when he was stunned into silence.

"Uh.," he managed to stumble out, "sure thing umm.- "You have done it before haven't you?" she asked, hesitation creeping into her voice "Yeah, of course I have, you just caught me off guard is all" he replied.

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He hadn't. "Ok well. see you Friday" she hung up, leaving a stunned Sean sitting on the other end of the line. He had no clue what he was going to do on Friday. Sure, had seen enough porn to know basic female anatomy and to know that you were meant to pay special attention to the clit, but aside from that he had no idea what he was supposed to do.

He was equal parts over the moon and completely shitting himself. Sean thought about Amanda, incredible, petite, blonde, just turned 18 Amanda, and realized that if he fucked this up, he might lose any chance at having her for real.

He needed to clear his head. He pulled out his cell phone again and dialed up his long time best friend, Ruby. She picked up after one ring.

"What's up?" she answered "Can you come over?", he asked, "I need to talk to you about something" "Say no more" she replied, and abruptly hung up. Within 5 minutes she was at his door, not really that impressive considering she lived 5 doors over. At 5' 7", she was only a few inches shorter than Sean himself. Her curly hair spread from her head down to her shoulders in tight ringlets and her smooth light black skin covered a flawless face. Sean let her in and she quickly made herself at home with the ease and comfort of someone who has been coming to the same house for years.

There had been a small period where Sean's parents had wanted him to date her, but he always thought of her as a friend and told his parents as much.


Not that that helped. Sean's parents still felt the need to prod him about it from time to time. "So. what's up? she prompted "Ahh. tell you in a second,"he said, "first, I got some weed left over from your 18th party, you wanna split a bag?" She laughed knowingly "Your parents aren't home?" she asked.

He shook his head and explained, "They've gone out for the night" he replied "You pothead. OK then." Sean went to go grab the bag from his room, thinking about what he had to say. It was still surprising to him, and he really needed to relax a little before talking about it.

He came back with the pot and his rolling papers set them down on the marble counter, and rolled himself a joint. She gave a small laugh and said, "For someone who smokes weed as often as you do, you would think you would know how to roll a half decent joint" "That's why I'm friends with you" he replied.

In half the time it took for Sean to roll his, Rose rolled a perfectly shaped joint. "That's all I am to you? Just a rolling machine?" she mocked "Pretty much" he deadpanned, and then smiled "Just kidding, of course" he said "I know" she replied.

Sean sparked his lighter and lit the joint hanging from his lips, then set it down on the counter. Taking in a long draw, he held it in for a few seconds before blowing it out in a big puff of smoke. He felt a familiar warm relaxing feeling flow over him and then passed the joint to her so she could do the same.

After a few passes back and forth, the joint was almost finished and she took the final puff of dense smoke, blowing it out through her nose. Sean felt comfortable, relaxed and warm. After a moment of savoring the feeling, she asked "So, what was this thing you wanted to tell me about?" "Um. well you see- "Just spit it out" "Amanda wants me to eat her pussy on Friday" he stuttered She looked at him silently for a few seconds, scanning his face, before bursting into a huge bout of laughter.

"I don't know if it's just the weed, but that truly is hilarious" she said, in between fits of laughter "Why?" he implored "Why? Because you talked yourself up an absolute ton to her before, and now she's going to find out it was all bullshit" she said, grinning.

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Sean groaned and set his head on the counter. "What do I do? She has no idea I've never done it before" "Well, the way I see it you have three options. Option 1, you tell her it was all bullshit, probably never get very far with her again but you save yourself a huge amount of embarrassment. Option 2, You try to do the best you can, probably fuck up and embarrass yourself, but at least you got somewhere with her.

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And option 3, you try to learn how to eat pussy between here and Friday" "How the fuck am I meant to do that?" he asked "Well, you could have someone teach you" she said in a slightly quieter voice "Who is meant to do that?

Nobody else is interested enough in me right now" he said "I could teach you" she said, trying to be casual about it. Sean was totally silent for a few seconds as he raised his eyes to hers.

He took in her facial expressions, slightly hopeful, nervous and trying to be passive.The weed was slowing down his reaction time, but he was seeing Rose in a whole different light. All of a sudden he could see the distinct curve of her breasts against her tank top.

He took in how attractive her face was, how her hips flowed out from her waist. "Ok" he said "Ok what?" she responded "Teach me" he said.

After a few moments,she leaned in and kissed him gently on his mouth.

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He responded by kissing back, savoring how soft her lips were. She opened her mouth and he did the same, before she gradually probed the front of his mouth with her tongue. He replied in kind, passionately making out with her, enjoying how warm and soft her tongue and mouth were.

They backed into the living room, falling on the couch and continuing to passionately kiss her. He slipped his hands around her waist and started to lift up her tank top. Underneath were her two perfectly round, smooth breasts which sat perfectly with her bra holding them in place.

He reached around to her back and undid the clasp on her bra, letting it drop on the couch before stopping to marvel at her perfectly shaped breasts, sitting as perfect globes on top of her chest.

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"Good," she said ,"make her wait in anticipation, it'll only make her want more. Also listen to her feedback to make sure she likes what you're doing" "Okay" he replied. He started on her left breast, slowly sucking at her light brown, slightly erect nipple. He noticed as he did this, the nipple became rapidly hard within his mouth, and she made small noises from her open mouth. He sucked a little more,slowly flicking at it with his tongue before switching breasts and doing the same.

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Before long, both nipples were completely erect, standing out a little from her breasts. Seeing this, he made his way down to pull down her pants when Rose suddenly interrupted "What are you doing?" "Uh. I was going to start eating you out. Did I do something wrong?" "Damn right you did. It's all in the anticipation. Don't just rush down there, take your time. Kiss your way down." Sean came back up and started kissing just below the nipple on the left breast. He slowly worked his way across to the other breast and gave the nipple a quick flick with his tongue before gradually kissing his way across her abdomen, trying to cover every inch.

He kissed her lower stomach and made his way down to her belly button, being rewarded with soft coos and moans.

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He slowly unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, revealing a pair of lacy white panties, which he kissed all around before sliding off.

As she tossed away the panties, he kissed and licked his way past her ankle and up her calf, right up to the dark, shaved, engorged pussy sitting directly in front of him. He made to go for her pussy before swooping upwards to kiss her pubic region. She softly moaned in response.


"Okay. Now, eat my pussy" She murmured "Say please" he replied with a small grin. "Fuck you," she gasped,"Just lick it" "That doesn't sound like please" "PLEASE Sean, lick my pussy" she moaned "All you had to say" he murmured as he dove in licking away at where he thought the clit should be "Whoa, Whoa, stick to the inner lips first, give you something to work up to" she said Sean slid his face a little lower and started licking and kissing a the lips before him, lapping up every drop of fluid oozing out of them.

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She moaned loudly in pleasure, her back arching just a little. The inner lips started to become more engorged and he lapped away at them "Lick it. like. like an ice cream cone" Sean responded to this by licking along the lips in long smooth licks, like licking melting drops off of an ice cream cone.


"Okay, now gently, the clit" Sean noticed that a small nub was poking out of the top of the vagina and began slowly and gently licking it, giving it tender attention. "Mmmmm. that's good, keep going" she moaned He began to softly swipe at it, left and right, up and down, and trace small, tight circles around it with the tip of his tongue. Her breathing became increasingly fast and labored as she moaned loudly. "Fuck yes Sean, lick it" He went faster and faster flicking the now fully engorged nub with the whole of his tongue all the way across her pussy.

"Use a finger!" she cried, and Sean obliged by bringing up his hand to thrust his middle finger deep inside her pussy. He pulled it out and then slid it back in again, gradually building up a rhythm while sucking on and flicking her clit with his tongue. He could fell her body building up to a climax, as well as hearing her gradually ascending moans which built up before yelling out incredibly loudly, grabbing his head and pushing it into her muff.

She kept moaning for about 10 seconds before letting go of his head and relaxing. She lay there for a second or two, and then lazily opened her eyes and smiled at Sean. "Your a fucking good learner" she said with a grin.