Japanische Büro bdsm und Sex Unterwerfung Chef DOMs der Sekretär

Japanische Büro bdsm und Sex Unterwerfung Chef DOMs der Sekretär
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It turns out a father can't playfully pet his teenage daughter without it ending badly. Who would've guessed? But seriously. My father is a drunk. He's also a show off, especially when his poker buddies are around. I mean, it didn't bother me. Not really. Not for years. Sure, I used to be upset about his drinking and I used to get really upset about the gambling until he got control of the impulse. When I was 7 or so he started gambling with pennies and quarters rather than the larger sums of money he used to play with.

I figured a playful pat on the rump here and there wasn't such a bad price to pay for his relative control in the money department. Maybe I'm being too easy on myself.


Maybe I'm painting him as a bigger monster than he really is. The petting didn't start out of nowhere, after all, but it did start small. When my body started to develop beyond the body of a child, around 12, he would call attention to it in front of his friends at the Saturday poker game at our house. "Hey Johnny," or Billy, or Tommy, or Shane, whoever the the card player sitting next to him was. He'd take a long pull on his beer and say, "Look at this." He'd grab me around the waist and turn my backside to his neighbor.

He would run his hand over my bottom and let it linger just a bit too long on the underside. "She's gonna have a nice ass, huh?" Johnny--or whoever--would leer approvingly and I'd--of course--be mortified. Well, I was embarrassed the first few times. Then, like anything else, I started to get used to it. After a while I would swat his hand away and tell him to keep his mits to himself.

By then I was 14. When he saw my embarrassment was fading--cause I think that was the primary reason he was doing it--just to be an ass and embarrass me--he upped the ante. Instead of the lingering hand on my bottom he would call attention to my breasts.

I was wearing typical clothing, nothing overly showy, but when I leaned over to fill one of his friends' glasses he would reach out a hand and cup one of them. "In a couple of years," he said nudging the guys next to him, "these are going to be fantastic. You know darling," he would say, turning his attention to me as he ran a finger over my nipple.

I felt my face flush crimson. I hadn't been that embarrassed in a very long time, "I'm going to be very jealous when you bring home your first boyfriend." Yeah right.

Like I would ever bring a guy home for him to meet. The last thing I wanted to do was be molested by my father in front of my boyfriend. How humiliating.


By 16 I was pretty even keel about all the middle aged guys patting my ass and "accidentally" grabbing my boobs every Saturday night. I was still grateful dad managed to keep the house no matter how many quarters he lost to his friends every weekend. That's not to say that the guys weren't pushing it, especially when my father was out of the room. While he was there they would grab my ass or run a couple fingers up my thigh. A lot of shoulders to the boob, which, quite frankly, was kind of pathetic.

Alright, all of it was pathetic, but I knew I was a distraction to these guys. My father lost less when I was there than when I wasn't. Anyway, when my father left, to go to the bathroom or make a store run, the guys would get a little out of control. Once, when I was making a pitcher of margaritas in the kitchen, Johnny came up behind me and mashed me against the island with his hips.

The way his hips cradled my ass was frightening. I could feel his penis hard against me. He reached under my shirt and put his meaty hands on my boobs, twisting my nipples between his fingers.

With his other hand he reached under my skirt and pulled it up and my panties down in almost the same motion. "God, Tina," his breath was hot in my ear, "I've wanted to stick my cock in you for years. Well," he said while audibly unzipping his jeans behind me, "I'm not going to have to wait any longer." "No," I whispered. I was still a virgin and I was frightened because I couldn't move without making a lot of noise.

Noise would only draw the others attention to us, and as much as I distrusted Johnny, I didn't trust the rest of them much more. "No, Johnny, please. Don't do this," I begged. "It's better this way," he said. I could feel him pulling his dick from his pants behind me.

He started to rub his penis along my ass crack. "You wouldn't have liked what I had planned. You wouldn't have liked that at all. This is better. This is just you and me." His fingers played with my nipple and lifted my shirt above my breasts. I was more naked than covered at this point. Everything that mattered was out in plain view for anybody walking by to see.

I could hear the guys in the other room and I was worried because I didn't want to be caught in this position, especially not by any of them, so I kept my voice low when I said, "Dad's going to be back any minute. He could catch you. You would never be let back here again." "Oh, I don't care about that." I felt him place his dick at my entrance and I felt him very gingerly enter me.

Not all the way. Not even close. Just the very tip of his penis was inside me. "All I care about is fucking you. All I want is to stick my dick in you, fuck you silly, and then cum inside your lilly white pussy." His breath was hot on my neck and his breath smelled like old beer.

"Charlie! It's about damn time. What the hell took you so long?" I think it was Tommy calling to my father from the other room but with an old guy's dick tickling at my entrance and a large hand on my breast, and my very compromising position bent over the island, I couldn't be sure.

I was just so happy to hear that my father was home that I almost laughed. My boob fell free of his hot hand and a zipper quickly covered Johnny's erection. I put myself back to rights just in time for my father to walk into the room with his bag of groceries. "A couple bowls of each of these on the table, please," he said to me and patted my bottom in that lingering way of his.

He made a contented noise at the back of his throat when he touched me there. "You would be in so much trouble if you weren't my daughter," he said, and winked at Johnny. Johnny looked at me and said in his husky voice, "She might be in trouble anyway." Charlie laughed as if he was kidding and I tried to smile as if nothing was wrong, but I knew from then on I would have to avoid being alone with Johnny.

I did a good job of it, too. It wasn't until I was 17 that he finally had his way with me. Putting his "plan" into action, I suppose. I had no idea my virginity would be taken the was it was. There was no way I could have seen something like that coming. Well, maybe I could have. Maybe I was just naive. Maybe losing one's virginity this way is more common than I ever would have believed.

Maybe. Well, I set out to tell this story, and I WILL tell it. But sometimes it's still hard to think about. It all started on a Saturday poker night.


I had avoided them like the plague for over a year and the only reason I was around for this one was because I knew Johnny wouldn't be. He was supposed to be out of town on a business thing, I'm still not sure how I fell for that. He was a construction worker. He'd never been asked out of town before that I knew of. You know what? I'm stalling. It doesn't matter how stupid I was. What matters was, I thought he wasn't going to be there and he was. He showed up an hour late. It seemed that Charlie and I were the only two surprised by his presence but even that didn't register until much, much later.

The night started like any other night. I grabbed drinks and refilled bowls and put up with a bunch of leering old guys grabbing my personal parts.

I smiled and flirted and basically played the part I was meant to play. "Charlie, you have to try one of these," Johnny said and pushed a shot glass at my father. "You won't need another drink the rest of the night." "What's in it?" he asked. "Just drink it. You'll thank me later." Of course, I was worried. My father, for all that he was the most touchy feely of them all, was the one thing standing between me and Johnny and I needed him sober.

At least, sober-ish. Conscious. That's all I was asking. Just stay conscious, Charlie, please. I would live to regret that wish. He downed the shot and hissed at the burn in his throat. He gave Johnny a thumbs up and then banged his fist twice on the table. "Woo! That's the good stuff." But he seemed okay. 10 minutes later he was still awake and playing cards and didn't look like he was going to pass out anytime soon. And he was, amazingly, winning. He was up by almost 50 bucks.

And when you're talking quarters, it looked like a huge pot. "Okay," Tommy said. "Let's up the ante a bit." I saw him wink at Johnny and my palms started to sweat.

"I need to win some of my money back," he joked. "Hmm." I said. "I don't know if that's the best idea. How are you feeling, Charlie?" I hoped he would see the panic in my eyes and back down from the challenge. "But look at me, Tina! I'm doing great!" He motioned to his winnings.

"It's a hot streak. I've gotta ride it while it's good!" Everything he said was too loud and his words were starting to show signs of slurring. He grabbed me around the waist and sat me in his lap. "Daddy'll do right by you, baby. I promise." He kissed my shoulder and ran one of his hands idly over my right breast. He tweaked the nipple and said, "Deal me in, boys." He pushed me off his lap and I watched the game unfold in horror.

Dad was losing. He started losing slowly but soon he was in deep. I tried to talk him out of going on, but he just shook his head and said, "My luck's bound to turn around, baby. I just have to patient." Before long he was in very deep. He had lost everything. I mean EVERYthing. The house, the cars, all our savings.everything.

I could only blame the mystery drink. I hadn't seen my dad take such risks in almost 10 years. He'd been doing so well!

"You've got nothing else to put up, Charlie," Johnny said. "How 'bout you guys give me a little credit. I'm good for it. You know me. I'm good for it." It was like every gamblers cliche dropped from his tongue at once.

I think he might have noticed it too because he stopped talking and looked down at his two hands in fists on the table. His eyes were red and his luck was gone. He looked broken. I was pissed off. I couldn't believe he'd done it. I was right here, too. Still there was nothing I could do to stop it. It really pissed me off. "You know what Charlie?" Johnny said then. "You're our friend.

We don't want to see you lose everything. I think I could settle for another kind of payment. How about you boys? Could we settle for something else?" Three guys nodded their heads. Charlie smiled. A sick, hopeful smile that made me even angrier at the guys sitting around the table. He trusted them but I knew better. I knew what they wanted. At least, I thought I knew what they wanted. If I had had any idea, though. "You know how much we all admire Tina.

I would never ask to fuck her myself, because how can a guy screw his friend's daughter? It's just not right. But I would like to see her fucked. I would like that a lot. Guys?" he asked, looking around the table.

"Yeah," Tommy said. "I would settle for watching her get fucked." Two others nodded their heads and made sounds of agreement. Charlie finally started to claw his way out of his drunken fog. "What? No!" he shook his head. "What? How? Who?" Tommy said, "I'd settle for watching you fuck her. Or pretend like you're fucking her. Just take out your dick, touch it to her sweet little pussy and pretend fuck her." Pretend.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it wasn't going to be as bad as I thought. I could see my father was thinking the same thing. "Would that be okay with you, Tina?" he asked me. "Fine," I said, folding my arms over my chest and glaring at the men sitting around the table. "For pretend." I saw Johnny smile out of the corner of his mouth. "For pretend," he repeated.

"Okay, lift up your skirt and take off your panties. Charlie, pull out your dick and rub it against her pussy." And we did. It was very much like the position Johnny had me in a year earlier. But I was up against the kitchen table and there were 4 people watching. And it was my father's penis who was almost inside me. He moved in short small movements trying not to get too deep, but, despite myself and to my humiliation, I was wet.

Worse, my father knew I was wet. He could feel my wet heat against his penis. He didn't go firmly inside me but stayed shallow. Very shallow.

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Almost didn't go in. And then the guys started talking. "Look at those titties," Shane said and lifted my shirt up. "I've always loved your titties, Tina. For my money I'd like a little taste of them." He undid the front clasp of my bra and my breasts burst forth for the world to see. Then his tongue lazily traced it's way over my nipples and his soft suckling made me catch my breath and rear back slightly.

It was a very bad time to rear back because it was the moment my father was moving forward. He didn't impale me entirely but he did move farther into my body. I tried to clamp down on my vagina to reset his point back to "very shallow" but his new point was a little deeper. And his hands on my hips, his penis at my pussy, and Shane's mouth on my nipple made me moan. I cut it off and I tried to think of other things because I absolutely could not enjoy this. That would be beyond terrible.

But it was hard to think of other things. Especially when Billy's hand wound its way from the table to my pussy and started playing with my clit.

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His eyes were on my face. So were Johnny's. Without noticing what I was doing, I began rubbing back against Billy's exploring fingers.

Johnny got up and started moving around the table. I could hear my father's breathing hitch behind me when I moved too vigorously against Billy's hand. I didn't want to make it too difficult for him to stop when the time came to stop, which I hoped was soon. But he still slid slightly deeper into me. My traitorous body welcomed him. I hated that it felt so good and I could feel myself starting to cry when he inched a bit further in. I thought he must be fucking me with about half his penis by then.

When I saw Johnny again he had a camera. A small video camera. Fuck, I thought. What was he doing now? But then he moved between me and my father and was filming Charlie's dick entering my pussy over and over again.

Then I saw Johnny's hand reach out and slap my father's bare ass. Charlie yelled out and pushed his whole dick inside me. He stayed there, still for a moment, and then groaned low in his throat, grabbed my hips and started fucking me.

Really fucking me hard. My own father. "Yes. God, Tina. You're so tight.

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So fucking tight," and he jackhammered his penis into me over and over and over again. "Dad, no, stop. Please!" but it was futile. He kept pounding himself into me until he screamed, "YESSSS," and blew his load inside me. "You know," Johnny said, as the camera took in my father's last few climactic thrusts into my body, "I'm so glad I have this beautiful family moment on tape. I would hate for this to get out, though. I can't think of many people who wouldn't stick you in prison for the load you just left in your daughter, Charlie.

Tsk tsk." Dad was still holding my hips to his. "But.I'd be willing to keep this little tape to myself for a quickie with your daughter." My father pulled out of me with a plop. I could hear the shame in his voice as he reminded Johnny, "You said you just wanted to SEE her." I don't think he wanted to say the word 'fucked' but that's what he meant.

"Get your hands off her!" he yelled at Billy and Tommy and swatted them away from my boobs and pussy.

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I started to cover up but Johnny stilled my hands. "Not so fast, little girl. We've got your father fucking you on tape. We take this to.well, anyone. and you know he goes to prison. You want that? You want to see daddy go to prison for fucking his little girl? Do you want that on your conscience, Tina?" I couldn't bring myself to talk to him so I just shook my head no. "Then lay on the floor like a good girl.

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The four of us will fuck you and then you can have the tape and you'll never have to hear from us again. Unless you want to." He sneered at me. "That'll never happen." He cocked his head to the side and smiled crookedly. "We'll see about that." He led me into the living room and had me lay on the floor. When I looked at him he had my panties held up to his nose. "You smell good.

Clean and dirty at the same time." Then he threw them down and kneeled on the floor in front of me. He undid his pants and pushed them down around his ankles. His penis was very large. It looked like a weapon he was going to use against me. Ignoring his raging hard on he pulled my shirt over my head and left my bra, open and hanging down on the floor at the sides of my body, where it was. Then he grabbed his dick in one hand and shoved it all the way into my body.

The sudden contact was a shock to me and the rough push was equally jolting so I tensed and started breathing harder. "I'm going to fuck your head up so badly you'll never recover." He slowly pulled out and shoved himself inside of me again.

"You'll never be able to come again without being raped. You'll think of me every time any guy sticks his dick in you." He thrust himself into me again and again. It was hitting some odd place inside of me and an odd extra feeling was growing deep inside of me. It wasn't like when I stuck my hand down there and forced myself to cum. it was deeper somehow.

The original feeling was there, but there was more. Something deeper. Something that felt like it was going to be much bigger than anything i had ever produced on my own. Could this be the g-spot?

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But I didn't want it! I didn't want to climax under Johnny of all people. While being raped! Well, blackmailed might be a better term for it. Johnny kept thrusting inside of me, staring into my eyes, as he gave instructions to the others. "Shane, fuck her face. This little girl's going to need to learn how to give head someday. I don't think we'll get a better chance, do you?" He laughed. "Nope. Perfect timing," Shane said, undoing his pants.

His penis was monstrous. Gigantic. I felt like gagging just looking at it, but before I could do more than groan in protest he was on his knees over my face. He pushed his penis against my lips. "Open up, Tina, baby. Open up for my big cock.

C'mon, you don't want daddy getting busted, do ya? Open up." I opened my mouth. His thick cock sank deep into my throat and he did exactly as Johnny told him to.

He fucked my face as if my mouth was a cunt. Hard and fast. He came in my mouth with the speed of a jackhammer--reminding me disturbingly of the last few minutes with my father--only slowing after the climax for the last few pumps into my face. His dick was so big I couldn't spit the cum out like I wanted to and I was forced to swallow it. Johnny, meanwhile was slowly fucking my pussy.

I don't think I ever thought of my vagina as a pussy before it got used so freely by my father and Johnny. Before that day it was a vagina.

It was my "private place." I never thought of it as a cunt or a pussy, or twat, or any of the other epithets I saw splashed on the walls of the girls restroom. Shane finally pulled his dick out of my mouth and Billy took his place.

His penis was smaller and more manageable. I was glad. I was also glad that I was no longer enjoying this experience. Johnny wasn't going to be able to screw with my head as he thought. Maybe I would have a normal relationship someday after all.

Then, "Shane, I want her to come with a dick in her pussy and one in her mouth. Come lick her until she cums. Billy, gentle with her. Tommy, come suck on these sweet titties." And while he said all this he was rhythmically thrusting inside of me.

When Tommy and Shane put their lips and tongue on my most sensitive spots I started to squirm. I was starting to like it again. Suddenly Johnny's dick inside me was hitting that sweet magic place at the same recurring moments that Shane's tongue was flicking over my clit. They went slow and steady and the heat inside me was building so that I was happy to have Billy's dick in my mouth.

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It was my only outlet for the feelings going through me. I sucked happily. I swirled my tongue around his dick. I made loud slurping noises and soft whimpers in the back of my throat. Something huge was building. My body started to rock of its own accord. I had nothing to do with it. It was like breathing, a natural reaction that I didn't think about. Billy moaned as I really started sucking hard and Johnny moaned as my pussy began clenching around his dick.

I was moaning with abandon by this point. Billy finally shot his load down my throat. I couldn't think about that though. When Billy's dick left my mouth I was already experiencing a climax larger than anything I had yet created on my own.

The noise that exploded from me was loud and my whole body rocked with the shock of my explosion. Johnny grabbed my breast and came then, too. He came deep inside my body and I just laid there with that middle aged man collapsed on top of me and Shane, Billy, Tommy, and my father sitting or standing around watching. I looked at them all. They had all cum in me. All of them, except Tommy. He still had a raging hard on.

I was too tired to do any more. I couldn't have another man cum inside me today. But I guess I didn't really have a say in it anyway. Tommy rollled me over on my stomach and picked my ass off the floor.

He groaned and tried to push his dick into my asshole. "NO!" I screamed trying to scramble away from him but he just pulled me back. "Yes," he said. He brought his dick to my asshole and shoved the head in. "You're ass is so tight. No, don't fight. Relax. You might like it" He pulled it out and then shoved it in again, a little farther this time. "So tight!" he said and groaned again. "No kidding!" I yelled, really in pain and not enjoying myself at all.

"Who would EVER let anyone stick a dick up their ASS!" I reached behind me and tried to hit him with my backward balled up fist. He ignored me. My blows glanced off him like raindrops. He pulled his dick out and pushed it back in, a bit farther. Then again and again until he was all the way in. "You would." He groaned. "You would let someone stick their dick up your ass. You'll let me fuck you in the ass to save your daddy, won't you, Tina?" And he fucked me.

He fucked me longer than all of them put together. They started to laugh and jeer and I saw my father's dick start to twitch in anticipation and decided to hurry it along before Daddy started getting any more ideas. "Your wife let you fuck her in the ass, old man? You get off on having a young ass to pound into?

Fuck me!" I screamed. "Fuck me! Don't you want to cum in my ass?" I asked in my thoatiest voice. "Do you wish your wife was here to lick your prick clean when you pull it out of me? How do you think she'd like that? Licking my ass droppings off your dick?" and he grunted loudly and came in my asshole.

I had so much cum in me and on me that I felt truly disgusting. I felt like a whore. A virgin till I was 17 and I still felt like a damn whore. I put myself together and kicked them all out of my house. I made sure to get the flip video camera from that asshole Johnny before he left. I looked at my dad when they left and I felt sick. He looked upset by the incident but he still had a hard on. I knew it would take me a long while before I forgave him for what happened that day.

If ever. Later that night I thought I might be able to forgive him after all. After I got into my pajamas and climbed into bed he came to my room. I listened to the bed creak as he sat beside me. "I'm really sorry about what happened today, Tina. If I could take it all back I would." I didn't look at him. "I know you would. Don't worry about it. It's over now." I looked away from him. When you came right down to it it wasn't his fault.

He was forced into the situation as much as I was.

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"I'm sorry," he said again and leaned down to kiss my forehead. He turned off the lamp beside the bed. He kissed my forehead again, lingering this time. Then he moved lower and kissed my lips. "I'm so sorry." "Stop it. It's fine." It wasn't fine, but I wanted him to leave. His hand patted my shoulder and then moved down to my breast. "I"m so sorry," he said again, and lifted the covers up to lay down beside me. I pushed against him but he was too strong.

I couldn't move him. "Get out of my bed," I said. I could hear the shame in his voice as he repeated, "I"m so sorry," over and over again while holding both my hands captive above my head with one hand and with the other he hoisted my nightshirt up. He positioned himself above me and I tried to twist away from him but he was just too strong. He thrust his dick into my waiting pussy. "I'm so sorry," he said again and fucked me. He apologized the whole time, but he fucked me anyway.

I was shamed. But I came anyway.