Amazing dyke Karlie Montana slobbers titties before oral sex

Amazing dyke Karlie Montana slobbers titties before oral sex
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Cock Worshipper Part 3 While this part of my story isn't all sexual, I didn't feel it would be right to leave out some details, as looking back it's all quite funny and makes me smile. I hope it will do the same for you, sirs.

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So the summer I was 17, the summer before my Senior year in high school, my parents were okay with going on a vacation and letting me stay by myself. You know, I honestly don't remember where it was they went, but at the time I knew I didn't care, so long as I got the house to myself. First things were first, I found my mom's car keys and ended up taking her car out for a joy ride with some of my friends. We laughed at how naughty it was and drove down to Hillsborough, the very rich neighborhood, so that we could see the mysterious Caroland Mansion, which then was abandoned.

It had a history of being haunted and also sometime back in the 70's apparently the man who maintained the grounds "allowed" two girls into the mansion to drink, they were teens, and he raped and killed one and nearly killed the other but she had gotten away.


So, needless to say, us being only 16 and 17, ended up freaking ourselves out more than anything. So, we went to Lyon's for coffee to sit and pretend to be older than we were and smoke cigarettes (because you could smoke in restaurants back then and we wanted to look "cool".

(Good lawd!) (Also, the second night, Saturday night, I threw a party and invited about 15 friends and about 40 teenagers and even some 20-somethings showed up. My friend Lori who was 21 bought up liquor for us at Liquor barn from money I made from working part-time. I didn't know some of the people there, which didn't really phase me. All I remember is that I took everything valuable and put it into my parent's room and shut the door and thanks to good friends, they helped me clean up after and put the house back together.

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Still the neighbors couldn't even wait an hour until my parents got home to tell them. Oh boy, was I in trouble!) Anyway, after I got back to the house (going back to the first night), I called the free gay party line again and started talking to guys. I did this nightly, mind you.

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I'd invite them over for some fun and a couple didn't show up. A couple of them got there and talked with me for a minute, but knew I wasn't 18 (I looked more like 15 or 16 and always have looked younger than my age) and saw me as jail bait and politely excused themselves.


I didn't quite understand why they were leaving at the time, but I later figured it out. But then, over the week, about 5 guys did show up. I remember one of them was a hot black guy and I learned about big black cock.

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I closed the drapes in the living room and we started making out. Then, we stripped naked and got a blanket on the floor. We sucked each other's cocks and then he got me on my back and lifted my legs and rested my ankles on his shoulders and he worked his big black dick into my ass.

It took some getting used to, but seeing his face and how much he was getting off on being in my tight white boy ass was enough for me, until finally I felt his cock twitch and he was moaning and groaning as he pumped his seed into my anus. After he pulled out I oozed his seed from my gaping hole and I liked how it felt. There was another man that week I met at a park (via my mother's car that I took out during the week, never even thinking the neighbors would mention it to my parents) and he was in his early 40's and he took me to this isolated bushy area and had me get on my knees to blow him.

I remember how hot it was how he stood there in front of me and pulled down the band of his gray sweatpants and white briefs to expose his cock and let me take it into my mouth.


He fucked my face quickly and popped a load, before wishing me a good day (it was just about sunrise when all this went on) and I went on my way home. I also remember this really hot guy who came over very early in the morning, two days before my parents had gotten home.

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He came in a black jogging suit and looked very slick, wearing a pair of shades as the sun was just coming up. He didn't take them off either. He came in and sat in my father's chair in the living room and pulled the jogging pants and his boxer shorts down to expose his somewhat dark, hairy cock.

He was very much Italian, with his olive complexion and the hair on his legs. He had a nice big cock and I got to my hands and knees before him in the chair and took his cock into my mouth. He was very verbal, which was the first time I'd encountered someone that verbal.

I really liked it as he would maneuver my head up and down on this crotch, his cock growing to full erection and then pumping his hips back and forth so his cock pumped in and out of my mouth. It was quite a fat cock, as I remember my jaw getting a little tired, but I was eager and didn't want to stop.

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I did find some periodical relief when he'd pull my head up and push it down so I would lick his balls for a while, before feeding me his cock again.

After about a half an hour, he had me hold open my mouth and he watched his seed quirt into my mouth as he was groaning and going "yeeeeaahhhhh". It was so hot and I remember after he left I jerked off three times in a row thinking about what had just happened.

Well, that's all I have time for this morning and now I must get ready for work… To be continued!!!

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