Big Ass Jamaican Girl Let Me Cum All Over Her Back

Big Ass Jamaican Girl Let Me Cum All Over Her Back
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This is the final submission in an ongoing story. For author's notes and disclaimers and to be fully up to speed, please read the previous first. Readers be aware that this material contains lifestyles and sexual acts that may be a turn on for some may also be offensive others. I am my own editor so please forgive me for any typos. ******************************************************************* Part 17 My parents relocated while I was in junior high to develop the resort community I was traveling to.

Now, after all these years, all of the tracts were sold and developed. They also opened a large marina. They decided to sell their home and the marina and move back east to be near my siblings. I was expected home Friday but my last night with Becca changed that.

I left early and arrived early evening as my parent's were having a going away party ahead of the marina sale closing. My parents, Harold and Eve, were there as were my brother Harold Jr. (Harry) and sister Gwen who were nine and eight years older than me.

Also, Sam and her parents attended. My in-laws and nieces and nephews had already went back home together late that morning. My family weren't big partiers so we wrapped early, leaving the party to our marina help, who were soon to be the new owners. As the house was sold, we were all staying at Sam's parents, Don and Lou, who ran the realty firm my parents used for their development.

We made our way back to their house. It was large and fancy in all regards except bedroom space. It had five bedrooms and five baths but after Sam and her siblings moved out, two were converted, one to an office and the other a small rec room with a pool table. So, with us there, it became somewhat of a slumber party. Sam's parents and my parents occupied two rooms and Gwen and Candy, my sister-in-law's niece, took the other.

This left Harry and I to sack out. Harry was a high end corporate attorney but didn't seem put out by the inconvenience. Instead, he decided to go night fishing and wanted me to go along. Our fishing went well as we brought home our limits. Even better, we bonded for the first time ever. We fished past sunrise and talked and laughed like never before. We brought the boat back and had the marina help dock it and clean the fish. This was the early crew as the others were probably passed out from last night's party.

Walking back, Harry stopped me and said "I need you to watch out for Candy and take her to school Wednesday". Candy had enrolled in a culinary course at the same vocational school I had attended. She was a long way from home but this school carried high regard nationally. He also said "hands off her, Suzy would kill me then you if you touch her". Suzy was Harry's wife and Candy was her niece.

Candy was an unintentional cock tease. Everything she wore brought out the best in her and she had plenty to bring out. At this point, I had only spoken to her at our introduction last evening. Harry and I walked in to everyone being up including Candy. We all chatted and laughter reigned. My parents wanted all of us to attend church so soon all of the bathrooms were in use as we readied ourselves.

I drove one vehicle taking Harry with Candy and Sam riding along. Inside, I sat between Candy and Sam. Sam, looking better than ever, snuggled against me while Candy snuggled against Harry. I began wondering why I pursued Edie the way I did with Sam being so close growing up. Although she was close growing up, Sam always seemed to be dating one of my close friends. Now, she was engaged and to a guy I did not like.

After service, we all went back to Don and Lou's. We had a nice dinner and my brother and sister left for their drive back east to rejoin their families. I gave them my regards telling them I would see them all before my overseas job began. After all the driving and all night fishing, I crashed on a beach mattress near their pool. I slept for hours awakening to Mom and Lou talking about me. They were looking at pictures of me growing up. I heard Lou point out a picture of me and Edie when she tutored me saying how bad her life turned out by her getting involved with drugs and prostitution.

I didn't know her current status and apparently her life slipped downhill even more. Mom then pointed out a picture of Kay saying what a sweet girl she was.

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I smirked thinking "if she only knew". They thought I was still asleep and mom said "Ron should've stayed with Kay, that one after her was so wrong for him". I took Jen there one weekend, that one beach weekend we had, for a short time. I didn't go well with Jen in her tight bikini even though Kay dressed provocatively as well.

We ended up at a competing resort beach before going back home. She then mentioned Becca and laughing said "I fixed him there, I had Sam rent out his place and made them sleep apart". So Sam wasn't behind that after all.

Oh well, Becca and I took the boat out early every day and had sex in a hidden cove. I stirred and their conversation changed. I got up and visited with family before going back to sleep for the night. The next morning, my parents closed on the resort and left to return back east. Sam had my place rented for the weekend and it was empty now. Candy stayed with Don and Lou at my parent's and Harry's request. They didn't trust me with her. I was living a life of leisure for a few days and Candy asked me to take her fishing before she went back to school.

Fishing really meant sunbathing for her with me watching her and her fishing pole. As we took her family's boat, Sam tagged along. Once on the water, they both stripped down to their bikinis.

As cute as Candy was, I saw Sam in a way I had never seen her before. As hot as Candy was, I was more attracted to Sam. Needless to say, I had a boner the entire time. Despite that, we had real harmony by the end of the day and the girls wanted to go out again the next day. They each gave me a kiss as we departed for our separate homes. At my home, I began reading Becca's four page typewritten letter.

I included some rambling which she apologized in advance for. Part of it noted her great love for me but that she needed to pursue something more. Something that I could not be a part of. Her business meant the world to her and RDJ was her ticket to consolidating her role in his father's business. So I get it, it was not love just business. I sort of felt relieved, sort of. She blamed me for nothing and took full responsibility for our demise. I decided to call Roxy and handle the return of my existing things there with her, as Becca asked me to do.

Roxy felt that it was best if I did not return. I agreed as I was probably going overseas anyway. She said "how bout $500 for your stuff and I keep it". I probably could not get that for it so I agreed.

So that was settled. The next day on the water was even better with the girls. We all bonded with me feeling like Sam and I were Candy's guardians. Technically, we were.

As it turned out, I was watching Candy and Sam was watching me, in more ways than one. They did their sunbathing, all of us talking and laughing. It was truly a fun time for all. Tomorrow, I would take Candy to college so we made the best of it then.

I fished several flats and coves finally coming to the one Becca and I used for sex. I was planning to pass it when Sam said "let's go in there, I bet people really score there". I looked at her wondering why she said that. The cove was pretty much dead for fishing except during spawn as there was no structure or cover in it.

It was small and had a tree canopy cover. It was isolated both from land and water which was why I took Becca there for privacy. Anyway, we went there and Sam continued commented about what a hot place this must be. No fish were caught and we left in short order. The day wrapped up with me and the girls saying goodbye and me off to my trailer for the night. The next morning I was up early and picked up Candy. She was up and quite bubbly at least until Sam arrived.

Then they both got emotional. We all really had a good time and now it was over. We packed her stuff in my Bronco and we were off. Driving into my old town brought back memories. Edie's old place was on the main drag and we went past it.

Then my old job. Pat's truck was still parked there but things looked different. The sign was down. We continued until we got to the school. Her place was just off campus. We met her new roommates and quickly unloaded.

She gave me a sweet kiss and I was off. On the way back, I stopped at my old work. Pat greeted me at the door. The sign was down because they were in bankruptcy. Pat was the only one there. He knew I was managing computer automation installations for the government. He showed me a contract and asked me how long it would take to do it. It was three mainframes, seven interface processors, five hard drives, and a tape backup. It looked complicated to him but was really quite basic.

He asked for a quick estimate for installation. I told him "two people, forty hours". He smiled saying "that's what the contract calls for with incentives if done faster". He then said Bill, our old work mate, and his company were buying the turn key support contract once the installation was complete.

That caught my interest thinking of Mary. He then asked if I was available for the next week to help him. I replied "sure". The pay would be quite lucrative for me. He said be here Sunday morning after church.

I asked "what time is that". He replied "early church so 10:00, the trip is two hours plus". I accepted and left. I went past Jen's old place and Amy's on the way home. To my surprise, Dean's truck was sitting in her driveway. I guess they were past the sneakiness, maybe now even together there. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, the resort clubhouse held a party.

I had never attended one so I decided to go Wednesday. Being midweek, it was a small gathering, mostly people playing pool and cards. I milled around a bit when I heard someone say "hi Samantha" quite loud. There was Sam by herself. She walked over to me and smiled.

We chatted a bit when Jay, her fiance, walked in. He gave me that look as he pulled Sam away from me. He didn't like me and I didn't like him. His family ran the bank in nearby Eastmont. It was the only bank close and they controlled all of the local financing.

They were rude to my family when my parents tried to get the development started and said they were a poor credit risk. My parents brought in east coast financing instead and were now millionaires. Angering Jay's family even more, most buyers in the development avoided their local bank and used my parents sources. Soon, Sam waved goodbye and they were off.

I played pool for a bit and went home. The next day, Sam came around to arrange the listing of my place as my family and help were no longer available to maintain it. She said, meet me at the clubhouse at 2:00. I arrived then and she was already there. She got up and said "let's go". We began driving through the first development phase. I helped dad put water and septic in so I knew it quite well, even though it had been years since I was last though it.

I was wondering why the trip. We reached the back of the subdivision, and to my surprise, a narrow road continued up the hill past the back loop. Dad said it was too rough to even put a road in but there one was. It was fairly new. Sam smiled as we left the loop and traveled up the hill passing a small number of cabins.

At the end was a small earth contact cabin barely visible. Her family had bought that tract from mine and developed it separately as rentals. We stopped at the small secluded cabin and we got out. We went in seeing that the latest rental party was cleared out.

It was a housekeeping unit and she was inspecting it before the next rental. The living area had a sofa, a bed, and some bunks against the wall.

I climbed up the bunks and looked out the small portal type windows above the earth berm. About then, I heard giggling and Sam said "recognize anything?". There below, plain as day, was the intimate cove I took Becca to for sex. That is why Sam said what she said when we were on her boat. She must have saw us. As the place was built into the hill, you couldn't see it from the water. She said "hot little cove isn't it?". I jumped down and grabbed her and gave her a huge embrace and kiss.

She did not resist and, after a bit, she led me to the sofa. I began thinking about Becca and I. We didn't just fuck there. I ate her and she ate me, we 69d, everything. We did it every morning we stayed there. How much did Sam or someone else see. About then, Sam said "this place was brand new then.

I am the only one who saw you guys, I think anyway" as she giggled. She was there painting and finishing it. I asked "so, did you enjoy the show?". She laughed and said "well it was my first live oral sex show". I got up and went to the fridge hoping the renters left a drink. To my fortune, there were three beers inside. I grabbed two and brought them back to the sofa saying "want another show?". She blushed saying "Jay wants me to suck him off but I won't do it".

She looked at me seriously saying "so he got someone else to do him". I knew he was an asshole and that his family had a reputation of infidelity. I asked "so why stay with him". She went on saying "he's got us over a barrel, mom and dad live way beyond their means, and he's our only source of cash". I'm thinking "so you're whoring yourself out?" but said nothing as they were engaged.

I said "oral sex can be fun if you let it". I kissed her and I felt her hand rubbing my crotch. I began rubbing hers and she pushed it away saying "wrong time". I said "not always" as she unzipped my jeans. I helped her pull them off as she stroked my leaking boner. I had watched her and Candy earlier in the week with no relief and my precum proved that.

She stroked me saying "I've never done it before" as she licked her lips. I said "it's easy and I've been told my cum is quite tasty". She continued stroking me saying "want me to swallow?". I said "your call". She went down to her knees and took my member like a popsickle, licking and sucking it. I said "the first one will be quick". She continued and I warned her that I was close. She sucked harder and faster, stroking the base. I said "I'm cumming" as I shot my first load into her mouth.

She continued licking and sucking me until I was drained. She came up and said "first one?". I kissed her deeply then asked her "never before?, you were fantastic". She replied "thank Becca I guess, I saw you two plenty, every morning". I asked "so nothing for you?". She replied "no, I'm a bleeder, I can't even wear a bikini now". I kissed her again then asked "so can we see each other again?". She replied "no, I'm still Jay's". We sat there and talked, mostly her complaining about him.

I asked "when's the date". She replied "it depends, not sure yet but mid July". She reached for my cock. She stroked it saying "just one more, okay?". As I grew hard, she went back down and began gently licking and sucking it. I said "yea, make love to it, I'll make love to yours anytime you want". I sipped my beer as she picked up the pace. After several minutes, she had me ready to pop again. This time, she removed her hands completely and let her mouth do all the work.

She performed an oral action with her lips and tongue that I had never felt before. Soon, I felt my second load build. I warned her and soon shot into her mouth. She swallowed and cleaned me, then herself. I don't know what it is about a set of cummy lips but I cannot resist kissing them. I grabbed her and gave her a big french kiss as our tongues swirled, sharing my cum.

I smiled saying "you're an expert". She replied "is that a compliment?". I said "absolutely". She said "ready to go back?".

She doesn't like beer so I finished the first and took the second for the road. Back at the clubhouse, I signed the papers so she could list my place. Part 18 The rest of the week went well. I mainly relaxed re-reading my transfer paperwork and Becca's letter. Saturday night came and I went back to the clubhouse. It was crowded but I knew very few there. Here my family developed this and I was known as Harold and Eve's youngest.

With the exception of Sam, there were no women there my age. She was with Jay. Soon, her dad made an announcement saying "Jay and Samantha set the date, July 15th". Everyone clapped so I gestured one as well. I played some pool and left early. I had the long trip with Pat tomorrow.

I thought about Bill a bit which brought back my thoughts about Mary. What was she like? I had only been with her two nights but never got her out of my mind.

The next morning, I woke early. I decided to go to early church as it was on the way and Pat wanted me to go. He thought if we both went, the week would go better. Church let out and I drove the nearly hour trip arriving right at 10:00. He was loaded and ready so, after throwing my gear in, we took off. He was mostly quiet on the trip mentioning church service this morning and how it prepared him for the week. He was nervous. His career depended it the success of this installation as he was hoping Bill would hire him.

To me, it was a piece of cake. I napped thinking about Sam and her announcement, and Becca's letter. We arrived in town at the motel and Pat called the company that was picking up the old equipment. They wanted to do it that afternoon. Pat said okay. I told him "call the delivery people and move new equipment delivery up to tomorrow morning if you can" in order to get the new stuff onsite faster.

Well, they couldn't do that but were willing to deliver that evening. We got to the site and the old equipment had been removed and was sitting against a wall in the old room. The new computer room was smaller and climate controlled. I had maintenance fire up the A/C making sure it worked properly. Soon, the equipment pick up truck arrived along with some cars following.

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Out came a bunch of guys drinking beer. Pat said "oh my God". I said "don't worry, it's the old stuff". They actually made quick work of it and had it packaged and loaded in less than an hour. While they were there, the new equipment was delivered. I met them and managed its delivery while Pat worked the other. They had a full crew, were quite professional and religious saying a prayer before beginning. They then asked for the layout and not only delivered the equipment but unpackaged it and installed it with my guidance.

So, in late afternoon on Sunday, we had accomplished tasks the master schedule had place for mid morning Tuesday. I told Pat "if we work at it, we'll have it turn key by COB Wednesday, winning all incentives". He smiled and we began connecting A/C duct work to the mainframes. On Monday, we finished the electrical interfaces and duct work the mainframes, a set of drives, and the tape backup. I told Pat "OK, let me start booting the system". He hesitated about me deviating from the schedule.

I told him "I know what I am doing". The schedule was written from a division of labor perspective and not the critical path. I met and usually beat all schedules working from that perspective. He did not like doing the grunt work while I ran consoles but it all needed to be done. Besides, he knew nothing about software. I booted the master off its bootstrap, then mated the slave and interface units off the master console.

I connected a set of drives and the tape backup.

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I connected the printer and began diagnostic data dumps on the working equipment. As Pat completed physical and electrical interfaces and ducting on a unit, I connected it.

Late Monday, 80% of the equipment was operational. I grabbed the diagnostic printouts and we went to the motel. Tuesday, I fired up the system and connected the remaining equipment.

Pat goes "we're a full day ahead of optimal and three ahead of nominal". I smiled and nodded. Wednesday I started a full operational and diagnostic run, dumping it to print per the contract.

I told Pat "call Bill and tell him it will be turn key COB today". I called maintenance and told them to monitor the climate control as it would now be on 24/7. Pat came back saying "Bill's driving in tonight COB". We let the equipment run and went to lunch.


Late that day, the company brass gathered in the computer room. Soon after, Bill walked in. We greeted each other and Bill took ownership of the contract. Bill and Pat answered questions while I ran the equipment. All the brass left, smiling and pleased.

I let Pat and Bill talk as I finished up processes. Pat smiled and thanked me saying "you will be paid the equivalent of five days plus all incentives". He then asked if I needed to go back tomorrow. I said "not really, why?". He said Bill wants to negotiate his hiring and do it at a nearby lake where his family was staying. Otherwise, they would get me a rental to drive back. Bill then walked up to me and said "you're welcome to come along with Pat, Mary's there and wants to see you".

With that, I said okay. We finished all work Thursday and headed for the resort. I wondered about Mary. We arrived mid afternoon and Bill told me if I was interested, he would negotiate a job offer for me as well.

I told him my current plans and said "well, think it over" as he handed me the offer paperwork. They went off to talk and left me in their living area. Soon, Jill walked in with Jan and an aunt. Jill had gained a few pounds but was still quite cute.

Jan had lost a bunch and was hot. We talked cautious chit chat around the aunt knowing full well how our last time together went in that motel room, and that would probably make her blush. The aunt excused herself and Jill started talking about Mary.

She said Mary was now a mother of two, the youngest 10 months.

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So I ask about the father. They were on-off. I asked "is she here?". Jill said "yes, we're all here until Saturday". We continued talking when Jill said "here she is".

Mary walked in and I barely recognized her. I got up to greet her and paused. She had gained weight and had a hesitant look on her face.

Her little tight body was replaced by a rounder face, a large set of tits and a round ass. Her arms and legs were thicker.

That being said, she was not way overweight and was still quite attractive. Fearing my pause would offend her, I embraced her and kissed her deeply before backing off. I said "hi Mary, I missed you". She smiled and embraced me, kissing me deeply. She then said "I missed you too, I'll show you around". We walked the resort shortly as she led me to her room. She had a separate private room as Jill's immediate family had the cabin. She led me in and immediately began undressing me.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed her tits. She had my pants down as I undid her bra releasing her now much larger boobs. I stepped out of my jeans as she stroked my cock. I removed her bra and top as she began sucking me.

I began milking her tits as she sucked me. Unlike our first night together, she attacked my cock with her mouth until I shot my full week's load. She licked and sucked me until I was drained. I took my shirt off and undid her shorts.

I pulled them and her panties down her hips and she kicked them off. We were both finally naked. She climbed onto the bed and spread her legs.

Her soft pubes glistened in wetness. I dived into her wet hole, licking and sucking her. I rubbed her ass and she squirmed. I wanted to get her off the first time without finger fucking her so I continued rubbing her ass as I licked and sucked her lovely clit. Soon, she bucked in orgasm, screaming as I tongue fucked her. As she came down, I crawled up next to her and kissed her deeply.

She smiled and said "I was wondering what you thought of my looks now, two kids can change a gal you know". I didn't really know what to say so I kissed her again. She was still the same girl, still attractive, just bigger. She then asked "where are you staying?". I replied "don't know yet, this came up suddenly but I'm guessing Bill has a place in mind".

She said "if you stay with me, there will be hell to pay". I asked "why?". She then giggled "awe fuck 'em, stay here". I didn't know what she meant by any of that but guessed it had something to do with her kids' dad. Then the drama started. She explained that the girls in her family were extra fertile and got pregnant easy even on birth control.

Bill and Jill had three kids and she had two. And now, Jan was pregnant. She also went on that she thought she was pregnant after our fling, missing a period. She then giggled "that is why I like to start out with a blowjob, less little swimmers going upstream". I remembered her telling me that she preferred giving a blowjob first the last time we were together, although she gave a different reason.

Then, she said " also I love the taste of a full cum load". I asked "do you still like it up the ass". She replied "I love it but my body doesn't. I am sore for several days since having kids, especially the last".

I looked at her and smiled saying "anything you want, anyway you want it, your call". She smiled and I began kissing her. I rotated into a 69 and attacked her pussy. My boner was poking downward and she soon found it with her mouth. We ate each other and I changed it up by fingering her pussy and ass. She began jacking me off as she sucked my cock head. I continuing fingering her while licking and sucking her clit.

She quit sucking me as her orgasm built. As she orgasmed, her jacking me off made me come, shooting my load over her face, neck, and tits. I let my dripping cock dangle as she sucked and cleaned it with her mouth.

I rotated back around and licked my cum off her face and fed it to her. I then cleaned her neck and fed that to her. Finally, I cleaned her tits then stuck my cum coated tongue down her throat. She sucked it like a cock until I withdrew it.

I am not sure if it was all the aroma of our cum but my arousal returned. I mounted her pushing my boner deep inside her as we kissed. I fucked her deep, withdrawing completely before driving deep into her again. We continued for several minutes when she said "roll over". I rolled over and she climbed on top and began grinding me. As she rode me, I told her to milk herself. She began squirting milk over my chest and face as she rode me.

This seemed to arouse her and she began riding me harder. She started milking herself harder as she came on my cock. I felt a load building and, as she came down, she jumped off my cock and began sucking it.

Next, she fingered my ass forcing my cock to spew its load into her mouth. She rode me down then licked and cleaned me. She then smiled saying "wow, that was hot". She then said "we better get dressed and get back to the cabin". As we met the others back at the cabin, Mary pretended nothing happened between us. When asked where we had been, she said "just showing Ronnie around".

About then, Bill and Pat returned seemingly in agreement on stuff. Bill asked me if I had any interest. I said "still undecided". In doing so, the reality of things set in. I couldn't accept such a pay cut and still travel, which is what he wanted. Also, I could see it in Mary's eyes, this was closure for her nothing more. I asked Pat, "so what's the game plan? Mary was asking and I wasn't sure". Pat said "we need to get back tomorrow at the latest".

Bill replied "I'll get you guys a room for tonight then, it's starting to get late". I looked at Mary who said nothing, no mentioning of me staying with her or anything else. Bill called and one double was still available so he booked it. Bill arranged a party for us, basically beer, grilling and picnic stuff. Afterwards, we started towards our room when Mary stopped me privately saying "how bout we get together later?".

I said "sure". I went to the room which was small with two twins. This was a small resort and this room was designed for two little kids. The adjoining door probably went to a full room or suite for parents. Pat came in and muttered "I guess it will work for one night". I threw my gear in and headed for Mary's room. I knocked and she immediately answered.

She then began sort of grilling me about the job offer. I told her I had all but signed and mailed the paperwork to go overseas with my company. She seemed disappointed but not surprised. She said "we have tonight". She then said "I did get the letter you sent, got it at Christmas that year". She was referring to the one I sent in reply to hers a couple of years back. After our short chat, she wasted no time.

She began undressing me as I undressed her. I dived into her milky tits as she stroked my cock. Her lovely tits smelled of my previous cum and her milk from earlier. She began giggling as she milked herself playfully into my face. She then had me roll onto my back and mounted my cock for a cowboy ride. She rode me for several minutes then started milking her tits and sliding her clit against my cock. She fucked my cock faster and faster until she came hard and collapsed on top of me.

I kissed her deeply as I rolled her onto her side, rolling with her while remaining inside her. She kissed me again and asked "you didn't cum?". I replied "not yet". She pulled out of me and began kissing me down my neck and chest. She sucked my tits and then dived onto my cock. She sucked me down and, grabbing me by my ass checks, began deepthroating my cock. This combined with her earlier ride built a load quickly. Soon, I was shooting my load deep down her throat.

After the second shot, she pulled away and began licking and sucking me clean. She continued licking and sucking me until I was empty.

She then crawled up against me and I kissed her creamy lips. She smiled saying "thanks for not cumming in me". I replied "well, you controlled that". She laughed and said "yeah, I rode you pretty good, I fully expected you to cum in me the way I was riding it". I thought to myself that I hadn't came in her yet and maybe that was by her design. Anyway, she took my loads nicely so I was content to enjoy my evening with her and be out of that twin bed disaster.

I kissed her and she said "it was a good ride, I took a chance and it was worth it" as she smiled and kissed me deeply. She then said "I'm beat" and she snuggled tight against me. I laid there quietly and soon we both fell to sleep. I woke at 4:30, realizing we had slept much of our time together away.

I kissed her on the cheek and she woke up smiling and kissing me. She asked "what time you need to go?". I replied "probably by six". She crawled down to my crotch and began sucking my semi-erect cock until I was hard.

She then climbed on for another ride. She rode me again to orgasm, this time fingering her clit with one hand while milking her tits with the other. This was hot and I told her "your gonna make me cum".

She rode me harder and said "come hard" puzzling me about her now letting and wanting me to cum in her. Soon, we were coming together. She screamed in the quiet room as she fingered herself off. Simultaneously, my cock exploded inside her and she rode both of us down. She again collapsed on top of me, kissing me deeply like before. She then slid off me and cuddled beside me. We both laid there quietly and fell back to sleep.

I awoke again at six still holding her. She awoke and kissed me saying "I guess it's about that time". She then said "fuck me again before you go". My cock sprang up and I rolled her onto her back and mounted her. I hammered her pussy for about ten minutes before shooting my load inside her. I rolled off her and we kissed. I asked "so why the change about me cumming in you". She giggled and said "I needed to feel your load.

This is all our little secret anyway, no one else knows". I got up and dressed, kissing her again as I was leaving. She smiled saying "until next time?". I replied "what about your boyfriend?". She giggled saying "oh him" as she threw back the sheet revealing her well fucked hole, "he may get sloppy thirds tomorrow evening, if he's nice about stuff".

She then rubbed herself saying "unless you want thirds". I came back out of my clothes and mounted her one last time. This wasn't making love, this was fucking. I hammered her for another ten minutes. I could have went longer but needed to leave. I told her to milk her tits as I rode her.


She began milking herself and talking dirty "you like my milk yeah. fuck my creamy hole.fuck me good". We kissed and I felt my final load build. She milked her tits and smiled as I gave her my final load. Coming down, I kissed her and said "I really gotta go".

I got up, dressed, and kissed her again. She covered herself and blew me a kiss as I left her. I went back to Pat's room and took a shower. He was up and out somewhere already. He came back and we checked out. I signed and sealed my transfer papers and placed them in the mailbox by the checkout desk. Bill met us and said goodbye as we left. The trip back was long, giving me time to nap and reflect on Mary. She seemed to want both closure on us but somehow hoping I would remain around.

Mary was technically my first and got me over Edie after our intimacy turned D/s encounter. After Mary, I still cared about what happened to Edie but was over any desire to be with her.

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But Mary also left me empty, dearly missing her. Kay sort of replaced that emptiness but not really. Now, I had Mary back again for a short time but that was now over. Mailing my transfer papers created closure for me concerning her. We arrived late morning back at our old work.

I shook Pat's hand and drove back to my place. He wanted to buy my Bronco when I l went overseas so we agreed on a price before I left. I spent the next few days in my trailer watching TV and thinking of Sam.

I went to her office but she wasn't there, seeming avoiding me. Her mom said my place was sold. I moved everything I wanted to keep back to my parents and slept on an extra mattress from one of Sam's rentals. Sam had been friendly but distant towards me after our little affair in the cabin so, when we talked, we mainly discussed my real estate transaction. I closed on the property and Pat picked up the Bronco.

So here I was with no home or vehicle. My flight back east was the next morning so I had arranged a ride to the airport with a courier that worked with Sam's realty. To my surprise, Sam picked me up instead that afternoon. I asked "what about my morning ride".

She replied "I'm taking you up this afternoon. I have a room reserved near the airport for you. I need it for tomorrow night anyway for the weekend". I guess she had a weekend package deal on it. I got in her car and we took off. Our conversation was good, talking about old times and how my family was doing back east. Absolutely nothing was mentioned about our encounter at her rental cabin.

It was like she was blocking it out. Anyway, the hour plus trip went fast. I still wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but I assumed that she was going to drop me off and go back home until tomorrow evening. We got to the hotel and she went inside saying "I'll be right back".

Soon, she returned with two keys and handed me one. She then said "you can take their shuttle to the airport tomorrow, leave the key in the room". I grabbed my bags and kissed her on the cheek saying "thanks". I got out and went to my room.

I was kicked back watching TV when the room phone rang. It was Sam saying "we need to talk, I'm downstairs". I said "okay, see you in a bit". Soon, she knocked at the door and I let her in. She started crying saying what an asshole Jay was.

She admitted to practicing on me in order to give Jay the blowjob of his life, sort of an early wedding present. After all, he was begging her for it. After she sucked him off, he called her a slut, saying she had really cheapened herself doing that and that only cheap sluts do that, not proper women. Well, she was marrying him for his money and it was more for her parents than her love for him. Despite that, I cared for her. I was probably in love with her. I didn't know what to say to any of this so I embraced her and kissed her deeply.

She didn't resist so I began undressing her as I kissed her neck. I undid her bra and removed her top. She kicked off her shoes and I undid her jeans. She grabbed them and pulled them off as I undressed. I dived into her pussy while rubbing her firm tits. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit, rimming her ass and licking her taint. I don't think she'd ever had it done before and she erupted into screaming orgasm as I sucked her off. I gently licked her as she came down then crawled up to her and kissed her on the neck saying "that is what a true lover should do for a beautiful woman who just sucked him off".

She kissed me and said "take me". I climbed on top of her and began gently fucking her. She was an old friend not some gal just I picked up. I pumped her softly when she said "fuck me good, I deserve it", that comment in itself having a double meaning. I began pounding her and she matched my rhythm and pulling me in deeper.

We rode like this for several minutes. I said "you feel so good". She smiled saying "I'm getting close again". I continued pumping her and soon we came together. I buried my cock deep inside her and emptied my load as she came with me. Her second orgasm wasn't as explosive as her first. She still came hard while giving me some of the most passionate kisses I had ever had. Afterward, we laid there quietly and she began giggling and said "remember the last time we both were naked together?".

I laughed saying "that was a little different than this". We were at summer camp and had both coincidentally showered at the same time. She was in the women's shower while I was in the men's. I heard her screaming and ran out naked where she was fleeing the shower. A snake had entered the shower and scared her.

I grabbed her and took her to the men's shower where I let her finish her shower while I watched the door. She dried off and I finished my shower. I got dressed and went to her locker and got her clothes. Yes, we saw each other naked but there was no arousal whatsoever. It was panic. I did check her out and never forgot her hot body.

She said "so oral sex should be making love to each other's genitals". I replied "absolutely, anything else is just rude". I told her "the human body is beautiful and should be treated with respect". She then said "you hate Jay don't you?". I said "he's an asshole and dickhead and the way he treated you proves it. First, he wanted you to suck him off, then he calls you a slut for it". She then kissed me saying "this one's all yours" as she slid back down to my cock.

She began licking and sucking it as if making love to it. For not doing it much before, she had talent. She said earlier that she learned from watching Becca suck me. Becca was good and I smiled thinking "what a teacher she was". She continued sucking me and soon I erupted inside her beautiful mouth. She brought me down slowly and crawled back beside me. She said "thanks for listening" then got dressed.

As she was leaving, I kissed her again. She wished me safe traveling and left. I boarded my flight the next day and flew to my parents home in New York. While there, we had a family reunion with my siblings and their kids. I boarded my flight at JKF and departed for my overseas work. I ended up working abroad for five years.

The work was rewarding and I saved about $100k per year while still having some fun and getting a degree. My time returning to the U.S. was restricted so I spent it all with my family. I was hoping my work assignment would be in Europe with the thought of seeing Jen and Nina again. Well, no such luck. I spent very little time in Europe. Instead, most of it was in the Middle East and the Pacific Rim, with a year in Australia.

I was fortunate to have met an American citizen of Mediterranean decent. Her name was Elise. She was with me most of my five years abroad. She had a trust from an inheritance and basically traveled with me where ever I went. After five years, I applied for a stateside position and got it. That broke up our relationship and I came back alone. Our time together was memorable but that is another story.

When I got home, I decided to travel a bit before taking my new assignment. I wanted to invest part of my earnings in real estate as opposed to CDs, stocks, and mutual funds. I wanted to be a silent partner in a real estate development project. My parents used a silent partner along with their east coast financing when they did their development.

Before I left for my traveling, we had another family reunion. Candy was there and we talked mostly about Sam. Her and Sam kept in touch from when she was in school. Sam and Jay divorced after they had one son.

She showed me a picture of Sam and Jay Jr. She was still quite beautiful but, like Mary, was no longer bikini skinny. Candy was still as hot as ever. Candy told Sam I was back and, just before I was to leave, Sam called me.

She wanted to see me if possible. I assumed that she heard I was wanting to invest in real estate and wanted to partner with me. I wasn't really planning to look or buy in that area and had started looking into buying farmland instead. Anyway, I made arrangements and flew back to visit Sam. She picked me up at the airport and drove me to the same hotel where we spent our last night together. I was expecting her to want to look at properties but instead she walked me into a room, sat me down on the bed, cuddled next to me, and laid a bombshell on me.

She started out "look, this is complicated but could flare up into a scandal if we're not careful". I'm thinking "scandal, we, what?". She continued "Jay left me two years ago for a hottie in Eastmont. He thought I got too fat and wanted a hot wife, I guess anyway. We divorced and they were married within six months.

She wants kids and they spent thousands trying to find out why she couldn't get pregnant. They found out he was shooting blanks". I replied "but wait a minute, he has two daughters with his first wife". My parents were friends with her family and Jay had dumped her as well. Sam went on "true, but Jay got real sick about two months before we got married, sick like with a really high fever, they think that's what did it or so goes the rumors, he's not talking to me about it".

I asked "so where is this going". She said "Jay Junior is yours, I'm sure of it, remember your last night here, two weeks before my wedding? I had him two weeks short of what was our nine month anniversary". I hugged and kissed her saying "so where do you want this to go". She backed off, facing me and replied "I hope nowhere. He adores that kid. You and Jay look enough alike to be cousins. He knows nothing about that night, not even me driving you here.

I was back early. I just thought you needed to know, just in case". I kissed her again, then kissed and licked her neck working my lips and tongue towards her full breasts. I undid her bra allowing her now saggy breasts to drop. She began rubbing my crotch and squeezing my hard cock through my jeans and giggling said "this is what caused all this".

I reached inside her shorts and began fingering her pussy through her panties. She asked "do you still think I'm hot?" glancing at her tits. I replied "very much, I will always think so". As I licked her nipples, I began thinking of Allie and Mary with saggy full breasts and now so were Sam's. I was getting turned on by saggy full breasts now. I undid her shorts as she undid my jeans. I pulled her shorts and panties down and off, and removed my jeans as well.

I removed my shirt, and now naked, dived into her crotch. As I licked and sucked her clit and pussy, I began rubbing and squeezing her saggy breasts. She removed her top and laid back to enjoy my oral. I began gently licking and sucking her clit and within seconds she screamed, coming in my face. As she came down, I licked and sucked her thighs before climbing up and mounting her.

I didn't know how long it had been for her but, as fast as she came, I guessed it had been a while. For me, it had been a few weeks while I was still overseas with Elise. I knew I would pop pretty quick so, as I fucked her, I asked "do you want me to shoot my load". Sam, with a sultry voice, replied "as long as you eat me again if you do". I was no stranger to eating my load but Elise wasn't into me giving her oral at all, so it had been a while. I wasn't all that excited about eating a full load so I withdrew and went back down on her.

This time, I licked and sucked her clit while finger fucking her and rubbing her ass. As I rubbed her ass, I felt it push against me. I let it pop in and began fingering both her pussy and ass. Soon, she came again, screaming louder than before. I came up from between her legs and kissed her deeply. My boner found its way inside her and I began fucking her again. I knew my balls were full and began fucking her using long deep strokes.

She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in deeper. Soon, I was bottoming as I felt my load build. I kept pounding her until I shot deep inside her. As I came down, I pulled out of her and rolled onto my side and against her. I kissed her and rubbed her soft saggy tits.

She said "they're not like last time anymore". I kissed her and she then said "it's been a while, but I am on the pill". I said "you should have a whole group of guys circling". She replied "oh, they circle all right". I asked "so nothing long term".

She replied "nothing short either, I'm not fucking those horny weasels that come around". I asked "so, how long". She smiled and replied "well, really none of your business, but awhile". I said "sorry". I had spoke inappropriately decided to make up for it by getting dirty. She was good with me kissing her after oral so I began kissing her, starting with her neck and those soft tits.

I kissed my way down to her creamy crotch. Damn, it looked hot with our combined load oozing out. I began licking her clit as I used my cum as a lube to rub and stroke her ass. Using my lips and tongue, I gently made love to her clit.

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I slid my cum soaked fingers into her pussy and ass and pushed in deep, filling her. As I gently worked her clit with my mouth, I slowly finger fucked her pussy and ass. Then, I increased my speed. Soon, she was bucking again in orgasm. I gently brought her down, kissing her thighs and licking her ass. Then, I climbed up and was ready to mount her again when she said "let me suck it". I rolled onto my back and she crawled between my legs and began sucking me.

As she sucked, she began rubbing by balls and ass. She continued in an almost deliberate fashion as to make it last. I was in pure ecstasy enjoying the moment. I felt her fingering my asshole. I assumed she was wanting me to shoot.

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As she finger fucked my ass, she sucked harder. My mind raced with the thought of cumming in her mouth. This combined with her sucking my cock and fingering my ass soon made my balls boil. Her expert action caused my load to build and soon I popped into her mouth. She ate my load until I was empty and cleaned me before crawling up and kissing me.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, pushing my tongue down her throat. I pulled back and asked "do you want us to be together now, going forward".

She rolled onto her side, and with a sad look, replied "no, that would complicate it further should something come out. We should stay apart. This visit is about real estate only and you decided to look elsewhere. That will be our story".

She then said "I gotta go now". She got up and cleaned up. She came from the bathroom and started getting dressed. I was laying in bed naked and was semi-erect. She had her panties on when she came over to the bed and kissed my cock. She looked at me smiling and said "okay, one more".

My cock sprang up. She began sucking my cock and I brought her over into a 69, reaching for her panties. She pulled away saying "just enjoy it". I lied back and let her continue her oral action. I relaxed as if watching a ballgame as she continued. After a few minutes, she began fingering my ass again.

This time it felt different. The sensation of her drilling me caused my balls to burn. She began sucking my cock which seemed to be pulling a load up. Quickly, I erupted in what felt like a gusher into her mouth. She brought me down and, getting back up, kissed me. She dressed and kissed me one last time before she left. Conclusion Sam and I would never see or speak to each other again. I would sometimes see Candy at family gatherings. She only rarely mentioned Sam as they grew apart.

Still, I thought of Sam often. What if I would have pursued her instead of secretly chasing after Edie, that immature, misguided pursuit. Well Edie did ultimately open my sexual gateway.

Maybe too much. Luckily, Mary took my mind off of Edie. Then there was Jen, who really opened me up sexually. As much as I really disliked Kay, it was through her indirectly that I met Jen. And Jen brought the three of us back together, more for her pleasure than mine.

With the exception of Becca, I had been with Kay the longest, almost a year. Yet, with the exception of our threesomes with Jen, she was the least memorable sexually. Jen and I were together for only a few weeks; however, it was the hottest few weeks of my life. Becca and I were together for parts of three years and I loved her dearly. We had some hot times together but nothing compared to my time with Jen, including Jen and I alone, us with Nina, and even our fling with Kay.

I would never see or hear from any of these women again, or Jo or Abby. I worked another 25 years plus before retiring. Through the internet, I learned that Jen had recently retired as a technology VP. I also found out that Becca did become wealthy. Me, all I had were memories and Allie's panties. I kept them for many years before finally disposing of them in an erotic manner with my current mate.

My current lady and I have been together for nearly 25 years and our hot times together are yet another story.