Tying up cutie for wild castigation

Tying up cutie for wild castigation
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Natalie arrived at Ann's house and was met at the door by Larry. He was standing in the doorway with a tight-fitting black t-shirt and blue jeans. She smiled up at him knowing she made the right choice of dress. Leading her from the entryway to his bedroom, Larry took her hand and kissed it. Natalie was in complete surrender to this older, romantic man who worshiped her young body.

As they entered his bedroom, she noticed the curtains had been pulled shut, there were several candles lit around the room in the corners, Madonna's "Like a Virgin" was faintly playing from the cassette player sitting on the headboard, and Ann was already waiting for them in the middle of her dad's bed totally nude.

Her skin was saturated in lavender massage oil that was apparently rubbed on her by Larry while they waited for her arrival. Ann's hair was braided and laying out to the side of her head as she peered up and grinned at Natalie. Larry quickly shut and locked the door behind him. His anticipation of having two gorgeous young teenagers in his bed at the same time was giving him such a rush, he was about to blow his load before he even got a chance to get in the bed.

Natalie turned to face him and he sat her on the edge of the bed.

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With Ann's and Larry's roaming hands, Natalie was quickly removed of her crop top. Her pert nipples hardened as they were introduced to the cool air and erotic scene. She laid back to allow Larry to unbutton her shorts. Ann's right hand covered Nat's bare left breast while she took Nat's right breast into her mouth and suckled it like a baby.

Larry slowly and deliberately slid the shorts over her hips and down her thighs. After he got them off, he worked his way back up her legs with kisses starting at her ankle and ending at the V of her pubic bone.

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All this attention drove Nat into such a state of pure ecstasy that she passed out from sensory overload. During the few minutes the teen was out, Larry undressed himself and moved her to the middle of the bed.

Ann got between her friends spread legs and began to finger Natalie's exposed clitoris. Larry moved behind Ann and pulled her hips up so he could insert his steel-hard cock into the dripping vagina of his daughter. She didn't mind getting fucked, especially now that she could concentrate on pleasuring her rival.

Ann just wanted to have her dad finish inside Natalie so that he could get her pregnant instead of her loving brother, William, as Natalie had envisioned. Larry was in a nice steady rhythm as he invaded Ann's sopping pussy, still containing William's semen. Ann moved her mouth over Natalie's cunt and began to lap at the labia.

She realized she could make a good lesbian lover because she knew what felt good to a woman, but she still was in love with her brother too much to leave sex with a boy. Natalie regained consciousness and felt the warm wetness of Ann's tongue on her twat. She looked between the valley of her budding tits and saw the top of Ann's hair and Larry's hairy body pounding his manhood into his own girl.

The force he put in her was transferred to Ann's mouth and slammed her teeth against the hood of her clit. It felt incredible! Nat moaned and placed her hands on Ann's head to show her approval.


Larry looked down and noticed Natalie was awake again. He smiled at her and asked if she was ready to try making love with a man. She only smiled back and closed her eyes in anticipation.

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Ann lay beside Nat on her back providing Larry a tough decision to make. Which girl would he penetrate? Since he had just been inside Ann, it made his choice easier, but the view was a dream for this horny father.

Two willing vixens with pussies eager to accept his throbbing dick, adolescent breasts waiting to be played with by his hands and mouth, breath-taking faces with a "come hither" expression, and just a hint of baby fat remaining in their tummies. He wanted to make both of them full of "baby fat", though. Larry imagined these two little sluts lying just like this six months from now with their bellies swollen with his babies.

The mere thought caused his bobbing cock to leak a little pre-cum! Without further hesitation, he grabbed Natalie's ankles and pulled them up and apart in order to allow him access into her virginity.

Ann watched with great enthusiasm as her dad thrust his rod of flesh between the folds of skin surrounding Natalie's hymen. His lust was overtaking proper thinking which caused him to quickly and painfully break the girl's barrier. Nat's eyes got wide as the pain shot through her. She tried to scream, but Ann muffled her scream with her hand. Tears streamed from the corners of her eyes and down inside her ears.

Ann shushed her and told her it would all be better in a bit. The natural lubrication Natalie had formed was hardly helpful from the onslaught of pressure and friction created by the invasion of this man's thick prick pressing deeper into her vagina and entering into her womb.

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Larry told Ann to give her a tit to suck on while she adjusted to the intruder. Ann did as she was ordered, leaning over Natalie's head with her growing globes dangling above her mouth. She lowered herself and allowed Nat to nurse her as her daddy continued to plow into her friend.

As the pain level would increase, Natalie would bite on Ann's nipple, then suck it gently as the pain decreased. Nat bent her right arm at the elbow which gave her hand perfect access to Ann's cunt.

She played on the fuzzy covering of Ann's vagina with her fingers, feeling the slick juices flowing from the entrance. The cassette player was now playing "Papa Don't Preach".


That song, along with the amazingly erotic scene inches from him, caused Larry to feel the build up of seminal fluid. He let loose a load of sperm-laden cream that flooded the virgin's womb. Millions of his seed were now swimming inside this little girl trying to search for an egg to attack.

Larry collapsed forward, falling on the back of Ann which forced her chest harder into Natalie's mouth.

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Ann squirmed out of the pile up and went to get a towel. Larry continued to throb as his penis remained buried in the depths of his new girlfriend. "Natalie, darling, I just came inside you." "That's so cool. You think I'll be pregnant now?" "You want that, Hon? You want to bear my children? I would love that!" His cock responded with one last glob of semen smearing the inside of her vaginal wall before slipping out.

"Yes! Oh, yes! I want to feel it. I want to see it." She reached down and put her pinky finger inside her.

What she saw was a mixture of red blood and white cream. Larry explained that the blood was just going to happen this one time and that she was now a real woman. She was reluctant to taste it since she didn't want to taste her blood, but she held her sticky finger close to her face so she could examine it and admire their work. "I'm a little sore." "Yeah, I'm sorry, Nat. I was a little over zealous this time. I won't be so hard on you next time.

Thank you for letting me be your first boyfriend.

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I am so proud of you and love you so much. I hope you get what you want from this. We can do it again in a little while after I recover." "Oh, I'd love to," Natalie replied. "I want to make sure I get a baby in me.

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Do you think Ann will be mad at me?" "No, Darling. She wants to have a little brother or sister, and wouldn't be awesome if her friend was the one who gave her that sibling? Besides, I'm thinking it would be even better if you two went through a pregnancy together.

You two could share maturity clothes, baby clothes, feedings, and even me! We can all live as one big happy family once William moves out." Ann overheard what he was saying to Natalie as she was returning with a warm wet washcloth and terrycloth towel. It confirmed what she already suspected, that Larry felt William was a threat and that he wanted to be the sole provider of sperm.

She knew that if she and her brother were to mate successfully, she had to spend more time making love with William, and prevent her dad from knocking her up.


She cleaned up the outside of Natalie's cunt as Larry and Nat embraced and kissed each other. Larry grabbed a pillow and told Ann to place it under Natalie to keep his baby cream inside her so it would reach her womb. He then told Ann it was her turn. She knew he liked it when he could do her doggy style. She stood up and put her elbows on the bed, throwing her ass out, her tits almost reaching the mattress, but not quite. Larry took his still cum-covered cock and rubbed it against the crack of her ass until he got hard enough to penetrate his daughter's tight pussy.

As he plunged into her, she stared at Natalie who lay still with her hips slightly elevated by the pillow. She didn't want Natalie to beat her at anything, even pregnancy, but she didn't want her father to be the one planting his seed in her. However, she had a plan and hoped it would work.