Alt babe spitroasted and drenched with cum

Alt babe spitroasted and drenched with cum
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Part 2 Same deal as part one, Guys. Remember this story is fiction. Thanks to those who were generous enough to comment on Part 1. ……………………………………………………………………………………&hellip. What am I doing here? Why has everything gone wrong?

Remember those words. ……………………………………………………………………………………&hellip. The day after being filmed fucking Jan and Sally's Mum, Anne, I woke early and tore through the chores my Mum wanted me to do.

I felt so good when I woke; I couldn't stop thinking about the things Anne had taught me and the way her body had felt and the way my body had reacted to hers. Yesterday I had felt disappointed that I hadn't had a chance to fuck Jan; but in hindsight I was pleased my first sexual experience had been with a mature woman.

After all, Anne's body was as hot as the women in the nudie magazines I had been masturbating to for the last couple of months. I arrived at Jan's house at nine. Before I could knock the door was opened by Sally, who put a finger to her lips, as a signal to be quiet. I cautiously followed her towards the kitchen where I could see the photographic lights were shining. As I turned the corner into the kitchen I saw Sally behind the tripod camera and my eyes followed to where the camera was focused.

Jan was lying, naked, on the kitchen table with her knees drawn up towards her chest and thighs spread wide. Jon was standing between her thighs holding her hips and thrusting his hips back and forth.

Anne was shooting with a hand-held camera with its own lights. Anne was moving around, out of the field of Sally's camera and close-ups of the action. By moving more to the side I was able to see his cock moving rhythmically in and out of Jan's bald pussy; like the piston of some erotic machine. They must have been at it for a while because they both had a sheen of sweat on their bodies.

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As I watched Jan started to make small whimpering sounds each time her father's cock fully entered her. 'Atta-girl, Kate, (remember the names we use for the camera are different) cum for Daddy,' Jon said as his hips speeded up. Jan's head was lolling around and her whimpers became a long drawn out wail. 'Ohhhhhh …………&hellip.

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Daaadeee …&hellip. I'm …………………&hellip.Cuuuuuuummmmmmiiiiiiinggggg!!!!' After a few more strokes Jon pulled his cock from his daughter's spasming pussy and started to stroke it furiously. 'Here comes Daddy's cum, Baby, here it comes.' Spurt after spurt of his cum shot from his cock and landed on Jan's stomach.

She reached down with both hands and rubbed his cum around on her stomach and chest like it was a body lotion.


Jon stepped back and said, 'Cut.' Anne and Sally stopped filming and switched off the lights. 'Stay where you are, Honey,' instructed Jon, 'while I get the rest of the sequence organised.' He turned to me. 'Just do what the girls tell you and things will go alright.' The lights were back on and the cameras were rolling when I walked through the kitchen door.

The tripod camera panned to Jan who was just sitting up on the edge of the table as she grabbed a towel and began to clean Jon's cum from her torso. 'Eric, thank goodness you're here," she cried enthusiastically. "I wanted to fuck some more but Dad had to go to work.' She dropped lightly from the table to the floor and lay on the kitchen rug.

'Take off your clothes, Eric, and fuck me. I'm still all wet and ready.' I tried not to hurry, taking off my clothes. I was supposed to be an experienced member of this sexually hyperactive family, after all. When I was naked; I positioned myself between Jan's raised and spread wide thighs.

Jan reached for my cock, which had been hard from the moment I had seen father and daughter fucking. She guided me into her warm wetness.

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The stretching Jon had given her allowed my cock to slip right in with hardly any resistance. I had only performed a few strokes in and out of her pussy when Sally came in the room. 'That's right Kate; after Dad fucks you, you get Eric to fuck you.

Since my belly has gotten big; I look like a sow and nobody wants to fuck me any more. It isn't fair. Dad's a pig, he got me pregnant and now he won't look at me.

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Eric's as bad: he hasn't been near me in weeks!' Sally shouted. 'That's not true, Kelly. Only yesterday Eric said you had a glow about you that made you look most attractive.' As she said this, Jan was holding my nipple between a thumb and forefinger ready to pinch it if I said the wrong thing. 'Is that true, Eric?' she asked in an almost pleading voice. In a moment of adult insight I realised Sally needed reassurance that she was still attractive.

'Of course you are still attractive, Kelly,' I said, ad-libbing like crazy. 'I haven't bothered you lately because I thought sex might be too uncomfortable for you.' 'Well, it could be uncomfortable unless I find a position that suits my condition,' she said, 'but I'm sure willing to try, Eric.' At that moment Jan pinched my nipple really hard; causing me to pull back sharply and for my cock to come clear from her pussy.

'Bugger,' I thought to myself, 'Jan's the one I really want to fuck. I've only been in her pussy for half a minute and now it looks like I have to fuck Sally. This sure isn't the way I would script this movie.' Jan had taken advantage of my surprise; my nipple was still smarting, and she had scooted from under me. 'Take off your shift and lie on the rug, we'll soon have you nice and wet.' Sally didn't need telling twice. She pulled her shift over her head and dropped it to the floor.

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Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties she pushed them down over her hips and with a little shimmy allowed them to fall to the floor. Until yesterday I had never seen a naked woman and today I was confronted with a pregnant one. Jan had told me Sally was seven and a half months and now she was naked it really showed: her belly was quite swollen.

The rest of her body was still reasonably slim; she was still trim. Some women look fairly tired and worn as they get close to their time but Sally had a real glow about her. Well if I had to fuck her for the sake of the movie, so be it ………&hellip.What a Trouper? Having undressed she lay on the rug and looked at me expectantly.

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I lay beside her and began to play with her left breast, which was larger than Anne's: I learned later that a woman's breasts usually get larger during pregnancy.

Sally pulled my face to hers and we exchanged a kiss that grew in intensity; our tongues darting and seeking each other's. As I moved my lips to her right breast my eyes were drawn to the sight of the top of Jan's head bobbing up and down below Sally's belly.

Intrigued, I slid down far enough to see Jan working her tongue up and down Sally's slit. After Jan had been at work on her sister's pussy for a while she stopped, raised her head and said, 'Your turn, Eric.' Jan moved from between Sally's legs and as I took over her position I looked at Jan inquiringly. I had never done this before: I had had a nice time yesterday finger fucking Anne but we hadn't practised this part.

Jan moved beside me and whispered instructions in my ear. 'Remember how you ran your fingers up and down Mum's slit, yesterday? Well just do that with your tongue. She's already so wet you can poke your tongue in her tunnel you remember where it is?' OH YEAH!

I remember. This pussy terrain was becoming as familiar to me as a deer hunter's favourite patch of forest was to him. I pressed my lips to her pussy lips. I knew at the time I would never forget my first taste of a woman and I haven't: not that it was long ago. Just like yesterday when I was with Anne; everything felt so natural almost like I had done it before. I ran my tongue up and down Sally's slit, feeling the area around my face begin to be covered in a mixture of her juices and my saliva.

My tongue slipped easily between her outer pussy lips; then at the opening to her love canal, I probed forward and felt the tip of my tongue enter her. I pushed and withdrew my tongue several times in quick succession, which produced a hip revolving response from Sally. I knew I was doing OK; so I raised my face from Sally's pussy and turned towards Jan. In the moment before Jan pressed her lips to mine I saw her face was still covered with a mixture of saliva and Sally's juices; as was mine.

Our kiss was a slippery. Catch-as-catch-can affair. Had I been a bit older, I would have known to describe our kiss as erotic almost cum in your pants, erotic: but who was wearing pants? By this time Sally was ready to fuck.

Her pussy was dripping after Jan's and my ministrations. 'Let me up, Eric,' she said. I pulled my head from between her legs, she sat up on the rug then turned so she was on her knees; her head resting on her fore-arms, which were folded on the seat of one of the kitchen chairs.

On my knees, I shuffled between her spread legs and grasping my cock moved the head of it up and down her shaved and dripping slit. Her wetness lubed my cock and I began to enter her a little at a time.

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I pushed forward a bit and then pulled out a bit; my cock getting slicker and advancing a little more with each thrust. At last all of my four and a half inches, which Anne still insisted on calling my 'Willie' was buried in Sally's pussy.

I now know a rigid prick has no conscience; Jan was forgotten, as was Anne. The feeling of being fully buried in Sally's pussy was overwhelming. With a hand on each of her hips, I started to move my cock in and out, and settling in to a rhythm. 'Aren't you going to move, Sally,' Jan asked. No, I'm just going to enjoy the feeling,' replied Sally in a languorous tone.

After about a minute, on one of my back strokes, my Willie (Fuck! Now I'm saying it) slipped out of her pussy wishful thinking: your dick isn't that long, Idiot! I guided it back in; it was lined up perfectly. 'Did you do that on purpose, Eric?' Sally asked. 'No.

Sorry it was an accident.' I apologised. 'Well could you "accidentally" do it a few more times. I love the feeling of it ploughing back into me.' I had liked the sensation as well so, for about the next fifteen strokes, I slowly withdrew my cock until it was just clear of her pussy; then thrust it forward until it was buried fully in her waiting pussy. Oh, it felt so good, until the strain started to tell on the muscles in my thighs. I went back to the system where I only withdrew until the head of my cock was still just inside her pussy canal.

As lost as I was in the sensation of fucking Sally; I began to notice she was starting to push her pussy back to meet my thrusts. I could feel that familiar feeling, the one where the skin just behind the head of my cock becomes super-sensitive and I know I'm not going to last much longer. I picked up the pace and Sally responded.

I could feel the walls of her pussy spasm around my cock and seconds later my cock erupted into her. Sally reached around and taking my hand from her hip; placed my palm against the side of her belly. I couldn't believe it; I could feel her baby kicking near my hand. 'Now look what you have done, you've woken Junior,' she giggled. I waited until I felt my dick start to go soft, then withdrew it from Sally and collapsed on my back on the floor.

Jan came over and took my cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it clean. 'OK. Cut!' called Jon, 'and get your mouth off his dick. I've got a "special" lined up for Mark this afternoon and I don't want him to run dry.' We sat around and rested while Anne made sandwiches and cool drinks.

After we had eaten Jon called me into Jan's bedroom. 'Stretch out on the bed, Mark, and rest up for a while,' Jon instructed; then went on to explain what was expected of me that afternoon.

He explained 'the special', a woman of around Anne's age, who liked to play out the fantasy that she seduced young boys who came to her house; like the paper-boy, the grocery delivery boy etc. It would be easy for me as long as I remembered that I was to play the part of an innocent virgin.

Jon made short films of these encounters for her, but they weren't for distribution only for her private collection. Jon didn't even process the film for her; she was too well known to be involved in anything, which could mar her public image. The next thing I remembered was Anne gently shaking my shoulder. I must have dozed off for a while. 'Time to get dressed "delivery boy," she said. 'The lady's here, it's time to start.' Ten minutes later Jon was outside, filming me carrying two large bags of groceries up to the front door.

I put one bag down and rang the bell. I knew the woman was to open the door and invite me in; so I was all prepared to proceed. The door opened and a familiar female voice said, 'Come in and put the groceries in the kitchen for me, please.' For a moment I stood there, stunned. The woman who opened the door was familiar, all right. She was one of the presenters on a lifestyle program on TV that Mum and I watched each week.

I gathered my startled wits and followed her into the kitchen and put the bags on the kitchen bench. 'Thank you, Eric (my film name), sit on the sofa while I make you a cool drink,' she instructed.

'You must be hot after carrying those bags from the store for me.' 'A glass of cool water would be nice,' I replied sitting on the sofa. I watched, closely as Monica (her real name) bent over into the refrigerator.


I had seen her many times on TV; but even without the heavy TV make-up she was a really beautiful woman. Her dark hair reached to just below her shoulders, framing a face with regular features and highlighted by violet coloured eyes.

She stood around five feet nine a lot of it, legs. Her figure was, at a guess, 36-24-34: the type of woman young males lust after. By the time Monica sat beside me Jon was setting up a second camera. As she was passing the glass of water to me she "accidentally" spilled most of it in my lap; wetting my jeans through to my skin.

'Quick stand up! We'll have to get you out of those wet clothes and dry you off," she cried. I stood and faced her. From her sitting position, she quickly and expertly undid my jeans and pushed them and my shorts down to my ankles. 'This isn't going to be a slow seduction,' I thought to myself as I kicked off my shoes and stepped from my sodden clothes. The lower part of my shirt was wet, so I removed that too.

By then Monica had a towel in her hands and began to dry me. First she dried my stomach and the tops of my thighs then cupped my ball sac in one towelled hand while rubbing the other around my cock. With the warm rubbing it was getting from the towel, my cock was recovering from its cold bath and getting quite firm. Monica then wrapped her bare hand around my shaft. 'Oh, your poor little Willie (fuuuuuuuuck, what's with these women? This is my manhood you're belittling, Lady) is still a little cold,' she said before leaning forward and sliding her mouth over it.

She just held my entire cock in her warm, saliva-slick mouth for a few moments; then I began to feel her tongue start to move against the underside of my cock. If I hadn't been fully erect before; I certainly was then. Every so often she would keep her tongue still and make a sort of soft purring-groaning noise in the back of her throat. This caused a vibration in the back of her throat, which transferred to the underside of the head of my cock: the feeling was out of this world.

Monica stopped the oral action and removed her mouth from my cock. 'That should hold your interest for a while, Eric,' she said with a smirk. Rising from the sofa, she began to undress in a way that was unhurried and sensual. She obviously knew she had a great body and she was proud to show it off. When she was naked; she lay back on the sofa and beckoned for me to join her. Taking my hands in hers she drew me down so I was lying on top of her.

Shifting her hands to the sides of my face she began to lightly kiss my cheeks; then my forehead; then the tip of my nose and finally my lips. Her lips became more insistent and our tongues sought each other's.

Monica was so tall my cock was sandwiched between us with its head just above her belly button. 'Now be a good boy and play with my breasts,' she cooed. I wriggled down until I could put her right nipple in my mouth; my lower body was between her spread thighs and the underside of my cock was along between the outer lips of her pussy.

As I began to massage her left breast; occasionally rolling the nipple between my thumb and fingers; I looked closely at her right nipple; the aureole, which was quite large, began to display little goose bumps.

I lowered my mouth to envelop her nipple and its surrounding area. As I circled my tongue around the margin of her nipple I could feel the little goose bumps and the little shiver they caused in Monica as I touched them. After around five minutes of licking, sucking and fondling her breasts she grasped my upper arms pushed me down so my face was between her legs.

I was faced with the first pussy I had seen with hair on it. Her pussy fur was very dark and trimmed short so I could clearly see the folds of her outer pussy lips.

I had gained a lot of sexual experience in the last couple of days and thought it would be fun to tease Monica a little bit. I began by kissing the inside of her right thigh; starting about six inches from her pussy and kissing and licking almost to her pussy lips; then changing to her left thigh. After alternating like this for a couple of times the next time, when I reached there I licked the fold between her thigh and her outer pussy lip.

By this time Monica was moving her hips and making little sighing sounds; and my cheeks were getting damp where they touched her pussy. 'Enough, smart arse!' she cried.

'If you don't stop fucking around and eat my cunt properly; I'll pull your head in there and smother you, you little fuck.' Never one to argue with an adult: I spread her outer lips with my thumbs, drove my tongue into her love tunnel and started working it in and out rapidly. Monica responded by moving her hips more energetically and her little sighing sounds were becoming moans of pleasure.

In a while I moved up to her clit; running my tongue around it and sucking on it: now she was grinding her pussy against my face. I took the opportunity to slip one finger, then two, then three fingers into her sopping pussy.

My middle finger found her G spot and worked it furiously while I sucked her clit. My attentions were rewarded with a scream as Monica came, drenching my lower face and hand with her juices.

She grabbed me and pulled me up until my head was between her breasts and hugged me to her. We lay like that until her breathing returned to normal; then she reached down and guided my cock into her wet, surprisingly tight pussy. (I was to learn, later that she was very conscientious in doing her pelvic floor exercises). It was the tightest pussy I had experienced and the way it gripped my cock as I slid it in and out of her was a real turn-on.

After a couple of minutes Monica asked for me to let her up. She rolled over and knelt on the edge of the sofa with her thighs spread and her arms folded on the back of the sofa.

With her in this position I was able to stand behind her and re-enter her well-lubricated love tunnel. With a hand on each of her hips; I began to fuck her in earnest; pulling myself fully into her with each thrust of my cock.

'That's it baby, fuck my pussy hard and make me cum!' she grunted, between thrusts of my cock. 'That's it, baby, harder and faster.' I was panting and gasping for breath as I rammed my cock into her cunt as fast as I could.

I felt my cum building up; begging for release into this beautiful woman. I could feel that Monica was getting close. 'I can't last too much longer,' I croaked. 'Cum with me Monica.' 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Baby,' she cried in a high pitched voice as she thrust her hips back against me. My cock was in her as far as it would go. I released shot after shot of cum into her until I was totally drained. My upper body collapsed onto her back and my knees had the trembles.

I felt, if I pulled my cock out of her pussy, I would sink to the floor. That was my first time with Monica but not the last; I got to be a favourite of hers. ………………………………………………………………………………………