Big tits bookworm mom is picked up for play

Big tits bookworm mom is picked up for play
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This is my first story and creative criticism would be very appreciated. Authors Note: I am only using the Japanese as an example but in no way do I know of these things occurring they are all thoughts created by my imagination.

Enjoy! Denis Smith was an average white-collar guy, who was just transferred to Tokyo, for a year, to settle accounts at his offices new firm. At the age of 29, he had made history at his office by becoming a partner. Denis was used to the same routine, wake up, at 8 go to work, catch the 5:30 train, and go straight back to his apartment.

But today, today was different. Denis was riding the train home in his favorite car. As the car started to get full; Denis yawned and started to look around. Shocked, he saw a man groping a woman. He had heard of old perverted Japanese businessmen groping young girls in the subway but he never actually thought he would see it.

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The man was probably in his mid-thirties, wearing a suit, he looked sharp and completely in control. The girl was definitely in high school, beautiful slender body, and wearing cute sailors uniform. 'I should stop this' he thought, but he was too intrigued, to even move.

He saw them both standing near the doorway, the man fondled the girls butt and breast. He swiftly moved his hand under her skirt running his fingers up and down her cunt. He heard the girl protest moaning out coy no's and please stop over and over again.

"but your panties are soaking wet, do you really want me to stop?" he pulled his hands away. She gasped and whimpered as the man chuckled and slid his hand up her shirt to pinched her nipples.

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He grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick. "if you want something lovely, you have to ask politely, what are they teaching you in school these days?" he smirked evilly. "please, sir…" she moaned. "No, no little one, ask me PROPERLY." He teased. "please sir, stick your big dick into me…please" she rubbed her hand up and down his hardness.

He slipped down her green thong and rubbed his dick against her cunt. All Denis could hear was the girl whimpering, 'please'. "shhhhhh" he slammed into her tight wet cunt. The man rammed into the girl hard and swiftly ravaging her body.

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Denis noticed himself getting strangely aroused at the spectacle. He wanted to look away but the scene entranced him. The man turned and winked at him, as he slammed into the girl one final time and unloaded his seed into her with a grunt.


He pulled up her thong and gave her a sharp swat to her right cheek. The doors opened, the girl stepped out of the car bowed and thanked the man. As she walked away Denis saw cum dripping down her leg. The man sat down next to Denis and introduced himself. His name was Tanaka, an ordinary businessman; not exactly what you'd picture a Japanese pervert to look like.


They started talking and he learned that Tanaka did this all the time. His maid was a high school girl he deflowered on the train 2 years ago.

Apparently, she asked for his number and asked to see him again, ever since he has trained her into the perfect pet. Tanaka even invited him over to his house to see her, but he politely declined.

Tanaka encouraged Denis to 'go for it', said that he should try to find a virgin because they get very attached to their first.

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He explained that a lot of women in Japan, especially high school girls, are whores that need to be unleashed. As long as you show control and dominate them, they will automatically be submissive to your will. Denis was stunned at this new information. He stared blankly at the business card Tanaka handed him. Should he explore this new world or go on his with his boring routine?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Denis was staring at Tanaka's apartment complex. 'What am I doing here?' he thought. Letting out a sigh he rang the door. What greeted him was a great surprise, there was a petite little Japanese girl in an old-fashioned maids outfit. She bowed politely and brought him in.

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"Master," she yelled, "your guest is here". She smiled sweetly and sat me down. She looked as innocent as a child. Tanaka came down the stairs and he was greeted with a kiss from his maid. "Mimi" he exclaimed. "yes master?" she smiled "Is this how we greet our guests?" he lifted an eyebrow. "oh my…" she looked down submissively and shamefully. She quickly made her way in font of me and kneeled, apologizing with big sweet eyes.

"Please sir, allow me to greet you properly." Denis just nodded his head.

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Before Denis could blink she pulled out his dick and started to suck on it. Denis grunted with pleasure; he knew Mimi was experienced. She swirled her tongue around the tip and took his dick deep within her throat.

Denis grabbed the back of her head and moved her up and down faster. This is one of the greatest things Denis had ever felt it was toe curling. Her tongue was amazing soft has it rubbed his hard dick. He felt is climax; he shot his seed in the back of her tight throat. "May I swallow sir?" she asked while blushing lightly. Denis was to disoriented to speak so he nodded his head. "Thank you sir, for allowing me to pleasure you." She smiled. Denis was shocked at what just occurred. A girl willingly gave him a blowjob because Tanaka told her to 'greet him'.


Tanaka laughed at Denis's expression. "I told you" he said, "all you have to do is be dominant over her and the only thing she'll want to do is please YOU" "Don't be fooled by their innocent appearance many girls are little whores inside." He added.

"Tight little cunts too" he winked. Denis knew he had gained a good friend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today was the day.

Denis looked around casually on the train for an hour until he saw her. She was probably 17, petite, and wearing a typical sailor uniform. Denis stared at her innocent face as she blushed when a man complimented her. 'Deffinetly a virgin' he thought.

Denis walked towards her and stood right behind her. He waited until the car started to fill up. People came flooding in at Central Station, all middle-aged men, who probably wouldn't mind a good show. Denis placed his hand on her round little butt and started to rub it up and down. HE heard her gasp, which cause him to smirk. She tried to push him away or move, but the car was too crowed. He moved under her skirt and started to rub her clit gently.

He heard her moan lightly.

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"Please sir, please stop." She whispered. This only fueled his need to take her. He chuckled as he slipped her white cotton briefs down her mid-thigh rubbing her newly exposed cunt. "you're dripping wet for me sweetheart." He pushed his middle finger into her and felt her hymen. "sir please, don't touch me down there" she whimpered. 'smack' Denis smacked her cheek hard and heard her softly cry out.

"shhh, sweatheart, its okay ill turn you into a woman, am I the first man to ever touch you like this?" She just nodded her head, completely engrossed in the pleasure. Denis felt a new sense of dominance wash over him, it was empowering. He continued to play with her clit, "now sweetheart, what do you want me to do, and ask me nicely." She looked at him shocked. She swallowed and asked " please sir, turn me into a woman, I would be honored if you took my virginity." Denis was ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy.

He slipped out his dick and placed his head at her opening. "since you asked me so sweetly" he said as he slammed into her virgin cunt, shredding her hymen. All Denis could concentrate on was the pure pleasure he was receiving from this tight virgin cunt. He had deflowered a few girls but nothing felt like this.

He rammed into her hard from behind, over and over until he was about to cum. He pulled out and brought the girls blood stained panties back up.

"Suck me, as a thank you sweetheart, can you do that for me?" He gave her one hard smack to her right cheek. "yes sir." She got on her knees and started to suck him as hard as she could. He came in her mouth, and unloaded the huge wad. "Give me your panties sweetheart," he said, as he caught his breathe, "they will make a good souvenir." She slipped them off and handed them to him.

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He loved them, beautifully stained red with proof of the virginity that she had just given him. He started to get off the train, he heard the girl yell for him to wait. She blushed and asked him if she could see him again. He smirk and imagined all of the possibilities.