TS babe Ryder gets analed by her bf

TS babe Ryder gets analed by her bf
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First I'd like to say that this story is complete fiction and for my fellow perverts (; My eldest brother Matthew (or Matt) was about 11 when I was born, by the time I was 7, he was off to college and the only time I saw him was on holidays. So I had just turned 15 and was starting to fill out nicely with my long red hair and curvy frame I had toned legs from all my years of sports.

My parents had decided that we needed a closer bond, I was going to live with him for the summer and it was a long way from home, considering we lived in Alabama and he lived in New York. At first I was completely bummed on staying with someone I hardly knew and leaving my friends, but the excitement of New York made me quickly forget it all. I was this country girl entering the city I was very anxious, also. I boarded the plane and we said our goodbyes. I sat on the plane thinking long and hard about what was to come.

Would he think I was just some stupid kid that he'd have to take care of or would Matt welcome me in and take me under his wing? My mouth grew very dry from the anticipation and I looked to my side and there was a middle aged man who looked like he hadn't had any sleep.

He had those caring eyes that not too many people had, he gave me a warming smile and laughed and said, 'Well, what might a little country girl be doing flying to the big city?' I giggled uncontrollably and looked at my outfit choice. I had on a Dixie outfitter's tee shirt and holey blue jeans. 'Visiting family' I replied as if I were asking him the question.

'My, what an accent!' he gasped. That just made me even more uncomfortable and dry-mouthed. So I called for the stewardess and asked for some water, but with my accent it sounded as if I'd said 'wutter' so this made a big confusion, the man next to me finally figured it out and spoke clearly 'water'. The woman let out a sigh of understanding and laughed at my accent.

I was so embarrassed because I knew everyone on the plane had heard nearly. I got my water guzzled it down a bit too fast, then leaned my head back and took a nap the entire flight, which, the passenger beside me had, too.

I awoke to see my new home for the summer. It was so strange people were everywhere and there weren't any trees, whatsoever. I stepped off the plane and saw a tall, early 20's, unsure, man standing directly in front of me- the fact I noticed him was he looked exactly like me and had a sign that said 'Sadie' (my name), I quickly approached him and smiled up at him 'Hi, estranged brother' hoping my use of a large word would show maturity to him.

'Oh my god, Sadie, it's you, really you.' He ended up grabbing me in a tight hug and telling me why he moved far away and all about his job as a child social worker.


I followed him to the car and let him continue in all the talking, he unlocked his 2010 Ford Fusion and we both got in. I quickly strayed my attention to large buildings and apartments, but he brought me back by saying 'Huh Sadie, what do you plan on doing with your life'. I looked over quickly and acted as if I weren't ignoring him. 'id enjoy doing some cosmetology and maybe photography', he laughed and said 'That certainly isn't going to be a large salary, Sadie.' 'I know, I plan on depending on my husband', I said half-kiddingly.

We soon pulled into a large apartment complex he got out and I followed closely which he had told me to do considering New York's crime rate. Finally, we approached the stairs which I dreaded because I had a lot of luggage.

We got to his apartment and walked in he had a small living room and it was very neat I knew the neatness was something he inherited from mom, she made sure that our home was spotless. He then showed me to the guest room, this was where I'd be staying, it wasn't large, but it was larger than my room.


He then ordered take out and we had dinner on the couch while watching movies. We caught up and I told him about my grades and sports and everything, he then told me how lovely I'd gotten and how I'd be breaking some hearts sooner or later, this made me blush wildly and he noticed and said 'Never be ashamed of how beautiful you are, I wish I could find a girl half as beautiful as you!' I just sat there quietly fiddling with my chop-sticks.

He then told me he wanted to take me shopping to make up for all the years we'd missed out on having a brother-sister bond. To this I didn't object and told him I'd love to but he would not be buying me anything too expensive! That night I put all my clothes away in the dresser and closet, I soon laid down to sleep, but couldn't so I went to his room (it was only a little after 10) he was watching some action movie and asked if I'd like to join him, to which I agreed and snuggled under the covers next to him.


He put his arm around me and kissed me on the fore-head saying he had always loved the idea of a little sister, I didn't think of this in any way as sexual. I fell asleep soon and woke up around 11 the next morning he was gone and left a note, it read- Sadie, I know we had planned on going shopping, but I had to go into work on this horrible case.

I'll make it up to you I promise, if you need anything then here's my cell 111-222-4444. I'll be home late so keep the door locked and if you get hungry order any type of take out, in my name. I love you, Sadie! This kind of made me happy because I now had time to adjust to this new environment. I looked in his fridge and quickly realized what a health nut he was, I grabbed an orange, then finished it and took a quick shower, dressed and flipped through the channels. I called my parents and had a brief conversation and then ordered some fried chicken because I was feeling home sick.

I looked through the television guide and found this one strange title 'Fun Brunette's' I went to it and saw a naked brunette woman wrapping her lips around a man's penis, I gasped and shut the television off and sat there thinking of what a pervert my brother was.

I began thinking of how attractive my brother was, I stopped myself, For christ's sake Sadie he's your dern brother, oh but a very hot brother at that, I thought. I started feeling myself grow wetter and wetter thinking of how he had his arm around me last night and how I'd technically slept with him! I then reached my hand into my waist band and started rubbing my clit then I began thinking of how big his cock was and how he had probably masturbated in this same spot and before I'd knew it I was climaxing.

The front door opened slowly and Matt walked in he dropped his suit case to the floor and stared wide eyed at the sight before him, his 15 year old sister had her hands down her shorts and head thrown back moaning his name. 'Ummm…' he spoke slowly then ran into the other room. I quickly realized what had happened and wondered if he had heard me moan his name, I withdrew my hand from my shorts and walked slowly to his room.

He was pacing and looking at the floor, I then said quickly, 'I'm so sorry for what I was doing, I shouldn't have been doing it, and I hope this doesn't make it awkward between us'.

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He walked up to me, reached his hands behind my hand and said in my ear 'Just go with this for me, please…' his voice trailed off as he kissed my neck to my mouth, I was speechless and he slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth. I thought to myself 'So my first kiss is my brother, this makes me one of those sick incest perverts' Before I knew anything he had picked me up, and my legs were wrapped around him. I felt his large hard on pressing against my inner thigh, and from them on I knew I wanted him, he turned towards the bed and threw me onto the bed, he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to my ankle and kissed me all over my stomach (I was wearing a shirt that was tied under my tits) he reached up and gave my tits a hard squeeze whilst breathing into my ear, making me soak my panties with juices.

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He slid down his business pants and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his smooth, tanned stomach. I said 'You should probably know, I'm a virgin before we go any further'.

He looked at me then backed away slowly and said, 'This.this.i. Im sorry, Sadie'. He began explaining how he had just been dumped and was overwhelmed because he was planning on popping the big question to her a couple days after she dumped him.

He sat back on the bed next to me and asked if I wanted to continue, I nodded and spoke, 'Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this, we didn't grow up together, so like technically we ain't considered brother and sister…and I would very much love continuing, Matt.' My words hung in the air as he looked at the floor in deep thought, before I knew anything he stood and pushed his boxers to the ground revealing his large cock, I stared at it in awe.

I was in a sitting up position on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of me and pushed me back to where he had before, he slid my shirt up over my head (I wasn't wearing a bra) he looked at my tits and brought his face down to them. He kissed from my lips to my nipples he sucked on the left one and began biting it a little too hard for my liking so I let out a loud 'ouch!' he stopped and apologized, but quickly got back into it. This time he bit down again but I just winced and stayed quiet allowing him to do as he liked.

He then whispered into my ear, 'Can you do as I say? It's what turns me on' I nodded and he loudly spoke 'You are now my bitch, and will do as I say' I didn't think just said 'Yes Sir' as if it came naturally. 'Now lie on your stomach and don't move until I return' I rolled over quickly and wondered what he had planned on doing to me maybe he'd take me doggy-style or do me in the ass.

A short while later he returned and told me that he only had to use the restrictions and gag were for his pleasure.

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I nodded and held my hands up together for him to restrain, I waited and felt cold metal hand cuffs clasp over my wrists then he tied my ankles spread as wide as they stretch from one bed post to the other. He then pulled my head up by the hair and stuffed my underwear into my mouth then put a ball gag in my mouth over it.

I heard him rummage under his bed and he spoke 'Wondering what I have, are you?', he rubbed a large piece of wood against my ass and explained that I'd be receiving a punishment for masturbating without his permission.

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I quickly understood my situation and fought the restraints and made muffled cries against the gag. He laughed evilly then I heard him bring the paddle back and a loud THWACK! sounded through the air. I had once been paddled at school (remember I lived in Alabama and there aren't any laws against physical punishment) it had hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes, but that paddling was nothing compared to this I made muffled protests and writhed all over the bed from the stinging pain.

My ass was on fire and I knew I had no way of ever getting out of this, I laid there thinking of ways to make him stop but he then landed an even harder one on my inner thighs, almost touching my pussy lips. I started crying and making muffled begs for him to stop but still he paddled on… By the time he finished I had counted 23 strokes from that wooden paddle of his, he reached into his dresser again and pulled out something and I feared another form of torture he would do to me but as I felt his hands rub cold gel onto my ass I realized it was so I wouldn't blister and make me raw.

I was now lost in train of how good and soothing it felt when he slipped a finger into my pussy, and started rubbing my clit hard and rough. I moaned and gasped into my gag. 'Oh, so my slut of a sister likes this doesn't she?' I nodded my head as hard and fast as I could so he would continue.

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He then reached over again and pulled out something of his dresser then I felt him rub it over my asshole and then he stuck a finger in my ass and fingered me. It hurt a little just for his finger. Then as I started enjoying it he pushed the hard thing inside of me and I made a muffled scream and clenched my ass cheeks and writhed in pain, he had just forced a butt plug up my ass!

He then said 'I trust you won't run once I untie you?' I shook my head no furiously hoping he would belief me, and he waited a moment then untied then grabbed me and flipped me over onto my back a let out a groan as my bruised and beaten ass was touching the bed.

He then spread my legs and lined his dick up with my pussy, he spoke sternly 'I hope this doesn't hurt too much, bitch!' and at that he thrust into me.

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My eyes went wide and I screamed and cried from it, It had felt so weird, like now I almost felt complete… It didn't hurt as much as It did when he first thrust in so I decided I would comply and make it the best I could, so I thrust my hips at him he then said 'Awe, good slut, you learn fast!' I moaned from more pain than pleasure, it was still very uncomfortable for me, even after a few minutes.

He then said 'Oh, oh god…Sadie, you're just too tight! I'm cumming, Ohhhhh!' he thrust in balls deep and I felt about 6 strings of cum shoot into me. He was now spent and fell onto me and my breathing slowed, as he nibbled and chewed my sore and tender nipples.

Then it hit me, when a guy cums in you, you're most likely gonna get pregnant… After a while he ungagged me and kissed me hard,I then spoke and said 'You do know I'm not on the pill and you just came inside me' 'No problem, I've asked our parents for you to live with me and finish high school here, and I know you'll never go to school pregnant, I wouldn't want that for you… so you may homeschool here and I will just tell everyone your my wife' She thought, this sick bastard has planned this out… at first she was furious, but after sometime she adjusted to the thought.

She smiled lovingly at him and leaned up to kiss him. As the kiss ended she knew she was in love with him… THE END!!!

I hope everyone liked it. Both positive and negative feedback are appreciated, (: