Fitness Rooms Slim athletic tight body Euro gym babe and hunk

Fitness Rooms Slim athletic tight body Euro gym babe and hunk
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This is the story of a man that found a forgotten land and what the inhabitants did when they caught him. It was another hot August day at 112 degrees and I had had it so I headed for the water hole over by the mountains. As I walked through the withering tree it felt a little cooler and looked better then my fields.

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By the time I got to the water hole I really was ready for that dip and stripped fast and jumped in the low water. It felt great and since there was a drought the water fall had thinned so I swam under it and enjoyed its refreshing coolness.

While playing in the falls I noticed behind it that there was a partial opening in the rock face that would have been submerged except for the drought. I swam for the opening and started inside about 50 feet in I found a rocky beach and climbed out on.

The beach rose behind the water and in the dark I could not see any farther. After resting for a while I swam out past the falls then headed back to the fields, they looked like hell but I had to finish the new ditches for the water I would divert from the stream that ran through my land. The next day after finishing the ditches and diverting what water there was to divert I decided to check out the cave.

Taking a plastic bag and placing a flash light, candles and matches in it I headed out.

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At the water hole I put my shoes in the bag, tied it shut and walked into the water. Once past the falls and on the beach I put my shoes on and pulled out the flashlight. As I climbed through the cave I could see that the water seemed to fill the cave so there had to be another way out. The cave started to level off and narrow and I could see what looked like an opening not to far away.

It was funny I hadn't walked far enough to be at the other side of the mountain that would have take hours to a day with the size of the mountain.

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The cave narrowed to about 4 feet and I crawled to see where I was, and boy was I amazed when I crawled out onto a small ledge on the other side of the opening.

There in front of me was a lush valley filled with green trees and foliage, lakes and rivers all surrounded by the high walls of mountains. There seemed to be a curtain of mist that rose from the ground and hide part of the valley, I could hear the sound of the water falls, birds and animals coming from the valley. This really caught my attention and I started climbing down into the valley smelling the sweet air. As I walked amounts the trees I thought I saw some fawns playing and running through the foliage and snuck up and hid in some bushes.

To my surprise they had 2 legs and looked somewhat human. They looked sort of a mix between a human and a goat or ram; they had fur on the bottom portion of the body and a small deer like tail along with hooves for feet. They had long curly hair on the heads, fur on their chins and cheeks with small budded horns near their pointed fury ears.

On their upper bodies their fur thinned to almost nothing except on the forearms, I could tell the females from the males for they were slightly smaller and their bare breasts bounced and the frolicked.

There were some more human like creatures there they, they looked more elvin and all were females that stood no taller than 3 feet with clear sparkling wings. These fairies skin glittered and looked to be about 9 or 10 by their faces, but were very developed like a woman with full breasts and laughed and giggled like little girls.


I thought that I was dreaming of that I must have died, but when I stepped into a thorn bush without realizing, it hurt. I followed these creatures as they went through the woods eating fruit and drinking water till they came across some larger creatures and scurried away. I hunkered down in the foliage and watched these new beings. These creatures stood a good 6 to 8 feet tall and were built like body builders.

They had the head of a bull, the upper torso of a man and the lower body of a bull. By my calculation from what I had learned in school they were minators a mythological Greek creature. If I remembered right they were supposed to be very violent creatures, but these were laughing and talking and seemed very peaceful.

I stayed still as I watched these minators bathe and play in a pond; they splashed and grabbed each other having fun. Some of the males and females held and touched one another softly as some of the females were toughing each other as were some of the males. At the sight of 2 males touching each other I turned away and noticed that the sun was starting to fade behind the mountain and got worried. Some of the minators must have heard me as I tried to sneak off back to the cave.

They started chasing me and I ran like hell till I tripped over something and hit my head, when I came to I found myself face down on some moss and my hands tied behind me. I could make out the shapes of centaurs, minators and satyrs as they talked about me.

"It doesn't belong here.", "It has no fur or wings.", "It covers its body, it is ashamed.", "We need to get rid of it." Were some of the statements made by this group.


One huge centaur stood in the mist of the group and shouted his auburn colored horse's body seemed to shimmer. "We shall take this creature to the ancients and let them decide its fate." The others agreed, but first they stripped off my clothes so not to shame the ancients.

They all laughed and snickered at the sight of my furless body then placed a noose around my neck and led me off. We walked towards the mist till it became dark and then we stopped. In a small area they settled down and I was given some water. Some of the fairies seemed very interested in the way I resembled theirs in ways, they touched and felt my skin and pointed at my cock, I hadn't seen any male fairies yet.

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I couldn't sleep with all the different sound that night and trying to figure out who or what the ancients were. The Greeks called them gods such as Apollo, Athena and Zeus, but what did I know. There was also a lot of moaning and groaning coming from this group as the fucked each other.

The next morning we were off and soon passing through the mist to come to some ancient ruins that looked Greek to me. Inside we were greeted by some really old minators and centaurs that showed us a cracked and crumbling wall with pictures drawn on it.

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These showed man killing each other, having sex not only male and female but male to male and with animals. They told of how their kind had had to hide to survive mankinds wildness. The ancients also told us that I could not be killed by them for it was their law, but they also could not let me go for I would bring others back.


A big bull minator called Broc said that he would see that I did not leave the valley and the ancients agreed. An iron cuff was fitted to my ankle with a 20 foot chain so I could not run and then we left.

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On the other side of the mist I found out how much they liked to party, Broc chained to a tree and joined the party. They group started groping and fondling one another not caring who it was. Minators screwed satyrs and centaurs as satyrs fucked minators and centaurs banged minators, it was a free for all. I sat there watching and getting excited and exciting the fairies as they watched my cock grow hard.

There was the stench of sex hanging in the air and I was so excited by what was going on I let the fairies play with me, they would touch and kiss my cock then run off only to come back. We didn't start moving till after noon and reached their main settlement, there were some lean-to's, some stone houses, grass shacks and a main plaza.

Broc had a large stone house with a table, two chairs and a fire pit in one room and in the other there was a large bed and a small fire pit. "You will gather wood and water for me and the others, you will do whatever they say.

If you obey you will be fed, you will sleep there in the corner on straw." He said then showed me were the wood and water was to be put. It had been 13 days of working hard when I came across 3 young female minators frolicking in a stream and I hid in some bushes and watched. They were caressing, kissing, licking and sucking each others breasts and pussies, their hands roamed over their bodies. I was so excited that I did not notice that some fairies were watching me, really watching my cock getting hard.

When they fluttered off past me I glanced up and noticed Broc standing behind me. "You dare to look wantonly at our young females, you who have no fur!" He snarled grabbing the chain attached to my ankle and scaring the calf's away. "No…I…" was all I was able to say before Broc started dragging me off into some trees.

Broc grabbed my left arm and proceeded to tie it to a tree and when I tried to fight him off he slugged me in the gut then tied me right hand to the tree. "I will teach to look lustily at our females." He said then he grabbed my hips and pulled me back as I gasped for air. Broc's grip tightened and I cried out "No!" as he thrusted forward. The moist bulbous head of his bull cock shoved between the cheeks of my ass and hit its target.

I screamed out as it broke through my hole and ring, with his second thrust he buried his huge cock deep into my virgin ass. Pain shoot through my body drowning my screams as it stretched my ass wide open till I thought I would rip. Tears swelled and rolled down my face as this minator shoved his animal cock deeper into my ass. My head spun and my heart pounded in my chest as Broc continued to drive his monstrous cock deeper.

I swore it would rip through me and come out my mouth as he kept shoving deeper until I felt its furry sheath and balls hit my ass. "Damn you have a tight ass!" Broc said as he started to pull back then shove back in as I cried. He pulled back further then slammed in again working my ass and his cock till only its head was in me.

With a heavy grunt this minator shove his whole cock all the way back into my sore ass and started pounding away, I was now his toy and he going to fuck me for all he was worth.

Broc fucked me hard and fast slamming into my ass as hard as he could, sometime during the brutal rape of me butt hole some fairies ventured by and watched. They giggled, smiled and blew kisses at me as my pain twisted face softened to show that I was starting to like being ass fucked, Broc even sensed that I was starting to relax and started taking his time with long lingering strokes.

"Oh you like my cock in your ass." He said as a slight moan escaped my lips. "You like the way it fills you and throbs deep inside." He as he pulled me slowly back down his massive shaft. All I could do was moan louder at the wonderful feeling.

Broc slid his hands up my sides pulling me to a standing position thrusted forward as he grasped my chest pulling me tight to him. My feet came off the ground and I was fully impaled on his exquisitely long thick rod and I moaned wildly, 'MMMM, don't stop, ohhh please, MMMMMMMMMMMM." as he bounced me on his dick.

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"Oh, you like one of those calfs, you love being fucked." He said squeezing my chest as he grunted, his cock hardened and swelled in me. The fairies smiled and giggled making gestures towards my hardening dick and one even touched it. Her hand was soft and small and she touched me some more. Broc had been watching and at the sight of this fairy tenderly touching my cock he groaned and fired his load, his huge cock swelled even larger and jerked in my ass as his bull cum flooded my bowels.

My eyes widened as I felt his hot steamy cum shot up in me and I gasped in pleasure. I had never felt so…hot, so…excited and so…wonderful in all the time I had been fucking women, I even came some and the fairy scooped it off my cock and smeared it over her tits and pussy pushing her fingers inside her.

The other fairies grabbed what they could and flew off. When Broc lifted me off his bull cock it felt like a gallon of cum poured out of me gaping ass and ran down my legs. Setting me back on the ground Broc smiled at me and I smiled back at him, he untied my hand and led me back to the stream the calfs had been in.

his big softening cock dipped cum all the way and I had the weird feeling of wanting to taste it. As we stepped into the stream I reached out and took hold of his cock then bent over and stuffed what I could in my mouth, I choked and gagged and Broc pulled me away, "later little one!" He said and then we washed up, his cock was about 7 inches in its sheath.

While I carried the wood Broc told me that in 3 days they would be celebrating the festival of the moon and that I would be there to tend the fire and to please anyone that wanted me to please them by any means. I collected wood and water, straw and grass for the next 2 days and was never alone; I set up the fire pits and torches and even helped an old satyr had some strange yellow liquid to the vats of wine.

Everyone was excited and were chattering in their own tongue and around noon they all went and laid as did I. I was up as the sun started setting behind the mountain and was excited about the festival myself, I wanted to see what was going to happen&hellip.

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(It was fun)