Old ramrod enters young pussy

Old ramrod enters young pussy
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Time-Loop, Part 1 Synapses: Time loop makes a virgin of a man over and over again introduction: In a post apocalyptic world (earth) there are no rules or laws. Other than an eye for an eye. Raped repeatedly over the course of many years, with many children as a result, the woman lays tied to a bed and locked in a cage in a locked room with many other cages and women of all ages.

Other rooms set up for the same purpose: reproduction More sex slaves are grown and raised (females aged to maturity). They have no names. No purpose but to pleasure males. Men come and go all hours of the day. The women are left naked for easy access. They are bathed in small groups led to a communal bath-house.

The women help wash each other. Sometimes they will get physical with each other. For a change of pace. They were condition in life to be like this. To be sex slaves. To be slaves period. To do choirs; cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. A long blonde haired girl is getting caged for the first time. She will be starting her life as a sex slave. She is ready as she has been taught by her elders. Trained in the art of pleasuring men. Her body is perfect.

Perky breasts. Pink erect nipples. Pink virgin juicy pussy. Kissable lips (both; labia and mouth). Ass is round and shapely like a heart especially bent over. She is not tied to a bed. She is free to move. To do as she is told.


A young man enters the cage. He gets undressed and grabs her arm and leads her to the bed. He throws her roughly onto the bed and he rapes her many times all day and night.

He tries just about every position he had been dreaming about since puberty. Mature now and allowed to fuck any virgin his first time or if he wishes he could choose a more mature woman of any age. Even an old retired sex slave. His cock is big. Long and wide.

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Throbbing with passion. Bobbing up and down. He breathes in and out. Gasps as his manhood enters her cunt for the first time.

He thrusts in and out of her pussy. Her legs are spread wide and high above both of their heads. He slows his penetrations to make the session last longer. He fondles her whole body focusing on her breasts and pussy and ass.


He cups her tits one at a time. Slapping her butt every so often. He pulls her long blonde hair. Her head is pulled back. She moans. He moans. They moan in unison. They take a short break before going on. He has her turn over to go at her doggy style. Messaging her breasts in both his hands. He pounds her pussy like there's no tomorrow. Her moaning and groaning is fluttered by his banging her whole body like a mad-man. That's when it happens. He cums.

She cums multiple times and they pass out exhausted. When they wake up, they aren't together anymore. He hasn't fucked yet. He's still a virgin. His cock is still eager and throbbing for a woman's pussy for the first time. She is still a virgin getting ready. Her vagina not sore from having sex for the first time and she is where she was before the cage room. She is unaware. They are in a time-loop.

He is in a time-loop. She is not. How? Why? They have to do it all over again. Or, he can choose a different woman and so he does. He will pick a brunette this time around. An experienced sex slave. One with a similiar body type. He meets her. She's playing with her pussy to get her juices flowing.

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He stands back to watch for a couple of minutes. Their eyes are fixed on each other. Her mouth forms and 'O'. Oh! She moans. She switches hands.

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She's warmed up and ready to be fucked.raped? Maybe not. Maybe, just maybe she likes fucking. A nympho is a beautiful creature in any world. In any time. He fucks her like he did the blonde.

Only trying some new moves rearranged. He cums. It happens again. A loop. He's back where he started. A throbbing penis. He fucks a redheaded slut whore squealer and screamer. A loud wench. She has freckles on her face and chest and boobs. Her hand is all the way inside her snatch. Her eyes are closed in ecstacy and her mouth is shut tight. Her lips are white slits. She takes his big cock partially into her now open moaning pie-hole.

They moan. He cums. Poof! ---|||--- Time-Loop, Part 2 Synapses: Time loop makes a virgin of a man over and over again introduction: In a post apocalyptic world (earth) there are no rules or laws.

Other than an eye for an eye. He's on loop 100. He's getting tired. Not physically tired as each loop his body is set back to his first time.

His mind on the other hand he remembers details. Not all. But quite a bit of his past loops. Now he's just wondering and nervous about never moving out of the time-loops. Why is this happening to me, he thinks to himself. He sleeps this loop away.

After all what could happen? There are no consequences no matter what he does. He could kill everyone and they'd all just be back the next loop around. He does have a raging hard-on again (still a virgin cock) so he jacks off so he can rest his mind.

He leaves his cum where it is to clean up when he awakens from his reality-nightmare. He has sex dreams and sweat inducing nightmares. He awakens to a sex slave sucking his dick. She's his mother in the dark. She must not know whose bed she climbed into. Or is this part of his nightmare? No, it is happening.

And he likes it. Who knew his mother was so good at sucking dick? She cups his balls as he cums again. She swallows all of his man juice. Poof! Loop #101 What is he to do? He had already figured out on loop #5 or so that the loops happen upon his ejaculating. But he has to relieve himself or he would most assuradly go crazy.

Anyway, he spends the day trying not to cum. Hard to think all day. People ask if he had fun? Or, why didn't you attend your cumming out event (party)?

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Either way he had a wet dream in the night and woke up to loop #102. He decides to change it up and jacks himself off right there in public -- No Consequences after all -- They don't have laws or rules remember so public fucking and sucking and nudity isn't out of the question -- Not unheard of in this world. Loop #300 is upon him. He's in the middle of an orgy now. A gang-bang. Skin. Arms. Legs. Hair; blonde, brunette, redheads, shaved.

Eyes; blue, brown, hazel. . -- All women with him. Young and old. Thin and trim. Sexy sex slaves on a floor.

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#400.500.1000 -- He is getting a Blowjob from some unknown face -- male/female he does NOT care any more at this point -- His is not gay -- Nothing wrong with that, but he know who and what he is. #10,000 - Jacked off into a blonde's wide open mouth. She swallows. #10,001 - Jacked off into a brunette's wide open mouth. She swallows. #10,002 - Jacked off into a redhead's wide open mouth. She swallows. #11,111 - He meets her. The one.

He falls in love. She doesn't care. He's just another man she has to pleasure. She gets ready. She is young. A virgin.

He does not know that she is a virgin. She doesn't seem like a virgin -- her training. She looks him in the eye and sparks fly. Love at first sight. She is in love with him also.

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They talk through the night. Gradually moving through the bases; kissing and hand holding, touching faces, staring at each other, touching bodies, massaging body parts (arms, asses, breasts, legs, penis, pussy, tongues) They fuck.

Talk. Fuck. Sex. Lovemaking. Passion.

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Desire. Lust. Exploration of each other's bodies minds and "soul" if you will.