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PornPros Petite Teen Amazing Fuck Dillion Harper
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One night, I went to my boyfriend's house after a long, stressful day at work, only to find him in bed having sex with two other women as I entered his bedroom. I stormed out of his house and back to my car crying my eyes out.


Once I had regained my composure, I took a small notepad out of my glove box, wrote, "Asshole" on a sheet. I then got out of my car, to put the note in his mailbox, but instead I picked up a large rock, using my hair tie, I attached my note and threw it through his living room window. I then returned to my car and drove home as fast as I could.

After returning home, I ran straight to my bedroom, I just wanted to sleep. I dosed off to sleep only to wake up an hour later, to hear my roommate and her boyfriend fucking in the next bedroom.

It seemed like everybody but me was getting laid.

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I got out of bed, stripped naked, went to my dresser, pulled out a vibrating dildo and put a porno in the DVD player. I returned to bed playing with my vibrating dildo on it's full speed inside my pussy. My dildo made me cum multiple times in a series of intense orgasms. I don't remember what time I stopped playing with my dildo, but I sat it on the bedside table and went to sleep.

Around 2:30am I was suddenly awoken by the room shaking, and an extremely bright light outside my window. I threw on my sheer robe, that was hanging on the back of my bedroom door, and ran out into my backyard only to see a large object shining a spotlight on me. Suddenly, the light was turned off and the object sped away only to be chased by two United States Air Force F-16 fighters. The object climbed in altitude and escaped through the clouds.

'What the fuck was that?' I thought to myself as I returned inside my house. Knowing I wouldn't be able to fall asleep again, I sat in the living room to watch TV; I turned on CNN and saw a breaking news story that some kind of unidentified aircraft had been spotted on the over Olympia, Washington about sixty miles southwest of where I live, in Seattle three hours earlier.

About an hour later, the bright light returned outside. I ran outside to see the craft again, this time there was no sign of the Air Force F-16 fighters. After the spotlight was turned off and my eyes could adjust I saw the craft for the first time, it was about a triangle shaped craft about one hundred forty feet long with a wingspan of three hundred fifty feet it kinda resembled a stealth bomber.

It had exhaust being ejected downward, keeping it hovering about fifteen hundred feet above me. Suddenly the spotlight came back on and blinded me.


I must have blacked out because, the next thing I remembered; I was on board this craft. Everything thing looked relatively 'human' but looked like it was made out of a shiny stainless steel. The lights were like LED strips running up the corners of the room, along the walls where the walls met the floor and the ceiling. I was laying down on a medical table that looked like it was made out of stainless steel, but did not feel like metal but it was strong like metal. Nobody was in the room with me; but as soon as I really got my head together, I realized that my robe was taken off and was not in the room with me.

I was completely naked. After what felt like ten minutes, a door opened and a being entered the room. It was tall, green, with normal length arms and legs, but a long neck, large head and fingers that were twice as long as a human's. It's eyes were silver with black lined retinas. It looked like it was wearing some kind of uniform. It looked at me for a minute, somehow it could tell I was more curious than scared.

"I do not sense much fear in you," It said, in perfect English as he operated a tablet like computer. "What the hell? How do you know English? What are you? What are you going to do to me." I asked, surprised looking at it. "I have studied the human race for 25,000 of your earth years, but it wasn't until recently we had discovered the technology to safely have a human on board our ships without causing harm to ourselves.

I have been studying region 1164, or what you call the state of Washington, for the last thousand years, learning your languages, cultures, traditions, observing your wars, watching and studying everything," It said. "My race is called Kemonions, and I'm going to study your biology. I will do everything I can to make sure that you are not harmed," it said, as he worked on his tablet.

"Does your race have different genders?" I asked, curiously. "Yes, I am what you call, a male. Our females look different, they are shorter, brown, with blue eyes," he said, as he put a small needle in my arm taking a blood sample. "Ouch!" I yelled out, looking at him. "Sorry," he said, sincerely.

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" Now you know my blood is red, what color is your blood?" I asked. " Red," he replied as he took a closer look at my naked body. As he took a closer look at my naked body as he started to use his fingertips on the bottom of my feet.

"That tickles!" I laughed. He then ran his fingertips up my legs. Making me shiver with passion. This alien was turning me on, I could feel my nipples get hard and my pussy get wet with his touch. He then ran some of his fingertips across my wet pussy.

He then looked at his fingertips wet with my pussy juices. Then he put his fingers in his mouth and licked them.

"That tasted good," he said as he continued his medical exam. He took a long look at my large breasts running his fingers across my nipples making me moan in pleasure. He could tell that I liked it so he did it faster until I took my hand, and made him stop.

I looked at him hungrily, I wanted him to please me, I needed a release. I didn't know if he could please me, I didn't know if he had the 'equipment' to please me. He looked at his tablet computer, then at my pussy over and over again. Finally he ran his fingers across my pussy again making me moan in pleasure.

"Keep going," I moaned.

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He then put his fingers back in his mouth and licked them clean again. Finally he started to lick my pussy with his snake like tongue, making me cum in a powerful orgasm. He didn't stop, he kept licking my pussy making me cum again in a second powerful orgasm. "Oh my god! That was amazing!" I said as I pushed his face away from my pussy. "Come here," I said, pulling him to me, giving him a kiss. After kissing him I sat up and turned towards him putting one leg on each side of him and gave him another kiss.

Now it became clear that he knew what I wanted. He took off his uniform revealing his large cock. It was the biggest I've ever seen.

I pushed him to a wall, dropped down to my knees, put his cock in my mouth and started sucking. I heard him moaning in what I think is with pleasure, but I couldn't be absolutely sure. After a while he put his hand on the back of my head and forced me to take his entire cock down my throat as he came in a powerful orgasm making me swallow his minty alien cum.

Some of his cum flowed out of my mouth and dripped onto my breasts. I was a little surprised to see that it was orange cum. 'Oh my god! I just gave an alien a blowjob and made him cum!' I thought to myself as he stood me up.

He picked up his tablet computer and continued to press a couple of buttons. Suddenly the medical bench turned into a bed. We both knew what the other wanted. I walked over and laid on the bed where he, spread my legs and put the tip of his cock, at the opening of my pussy.

He slowly inserted his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me. "Oh my god! That feels so fucking good!" I moaned as he continued to fuck me faster.

Shortly, I had a powerful orgasm, followed shortly by a second, then a third, and a fourth. Finally he came, orange alien cum pumping into my pussy. Once he pulled out, I rolled onto my belly and started to suck his cock again. "Sit on the bed," I said seductively as I stood up. He sat on the bed, and I climbed onto his cock putting it in my ass making both of us let out a moan in pleasure. He started to pound my ass onto his cock hard; soon he had a powerful orgasm.

He then started to pound me faster, and he had another orgasm.

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I got off of his cock and laid on my the bed with my ass in the air. He then put his cock in my ass again and continued to fuck me hard. He then unleashed another orgasm the most powerful yet, orange colored cum flowed out of my ass.

I then got off of his cock and I put it in my mouth and I licked it clean.

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Afterward, I just laid back so I can gather my thoughts. "I can't believe I didn't ask this earlier but, what's your name?" I asked, curiously. "Nookumick," he replied, as he put his uniform back on. "Nookumick, I'm Jennifer," I said introducing myself.

"When are you going to return me home?" I asked. "Soon, we have a few more tests we need to do, at Kemon II," he replied. "Kemon II? Is that your planet?" I asked.

"No. Our planet was Kemon one, it was destroyed by an asteroid. 95% of our population were killed. The survivors are now living on Kemon II, a space station the size of your planet, Earth. We also have two thousand of these research scout ships searching the galaxy searching for a planet that we can live on in peace," he replied. "I'll return your clothing soon, once we can make sure it's not infected with anything that may harm us," he continued. leaving the room.

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