Fellows are drilling japanese chick until sated with delight

Fellows are drilling japanese chick until sated with delight
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Harry awoke the next day feeling refreshed. Hedwig was asleep in her cage.

He looked at the clock and it said 7:25 so Harry got up, dressed, and started packing for the trip to the Burrow Harry decided to take the knight bus there because he couldn't apparate yet. Harry would be taking his test in about a week with Ron since he failed his first try. Harry pulled his trunk to the front door and set Hedwig's cage on top of it.


He turned to his aunt and uncle and said "goodbye" His uncle just grunted. Harry could not even look his aunt or uncle in the eye after seeing what he saw last night.

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Dudley on the other hand gave Harry a dirty glare as to say, "I know it was you" but Harry just grinned and turned to the door into the morning air. He decided to call for the bus at the park since there were not that many houses around. Harry reached the park and looked around to make sure that no one was around and then pulled his wand out. "BANG" A double-decker bus showed up out of nowhere and came to a stop right in front of Harry.

Stan was not the greeter this time since he was in jail still on a trumped up charge. Instead, was a beautiful blonde-haired woman about 19 years old and was a knock out in Harry's opinion.

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"Welcome to the knight bus 'even though it's daytime they have got to change the name of this bus' Transportation for the stranded witch or wizard, I am Eva and I will be your conductor for the day," the woman proclaimed. Her voice was beautiful and if Harry did not know, better he would claim she was a veela. Harry helped her hoist his trunk up into one of the compartments and took the stair to the second level to where there was only a little girl, she looked to be about 15, and Harry decided to sit right next to her.

"I'm Rose and blimey you're Harry Potter, I've heard about you. You defeated HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED" Rose said happily. However, all Harry could think about was how Hermione had said about the same things to him in his first year. Rose just started talking away about her life and within a half an hour he thought he knew everything there was to know about her. Harry was listening with his eyes wandered down to her breasts. "Not bad" Harry thought to himself. Her breasts stuck out quite a bit and she had plenty of cleavage.

She was wearing a white halter-top with a black Minnie skirt. It was obvious to Harry that she was not wearing a bra. Harry accidentally dropped his wand and Rose said she would pick it up. She bent over in her chair, reached for the wand, and fell face first onto the floor. Just then, Harry got a good glimpse of her bald, pink pussy. Harry got instantly hard and tried to hide his erection by pulling his cock up so it does not bulge out and the waistband could hold it for him.

He had just got it straightened and pulled his hand away before she turned around all red in the face and gave Harry his wand back. Harry asked her if she was all right after that little fall. All Harry could think about that pink pussy and started thinking of a plan to see it again. Harry pretended to go to sleep. He closed his eyes with them open up just enough to see through them.

He then let his hand slowly roll out of his hand and onto the floor. Rose looked at him then whispered "he must have fell asleep boor boy" and this time she decided to get down on her hands and knees first and then reached for the wand.

"BANG" the bus came to a halt in front of the leaky cauldron and someone got off.

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The wand had rolled a little down the bus and Rose crawled after it. Just then, Harry had gotten an idea when the events of last night popped into his head. Harry pulled out his cock and crept up on Rose whose but was sticking up into the air. Harry just grabbed her hips and jammed his cock into her brown eye. She squealed loudly as Harry started pumping her ass.

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After a few strokes, she started getting used to the feeling of his cock pounding into her and started moaning. "Harder, faster bring it on big boy. Show me why you're the chosen one" rose screamed out. Harry was just encouraged to pump faster and faster. Harry could feel his balls swell up.

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He knew he was about to explode so Harry grabbed her hips and slammed it hard in the ass and just exploded into her. Harry just collapsed onto her feeling relief. Just then, Eva came up the stairs to see what the commotion was and saw Harry lying on top of Rose. Eva walked over to them and lifted Harry up and rolled him over onto his back. Eva was but naked by now and Harry figured she must have used some spell to do it.

Eva stood over Harry's head and told him to start sucking while she started sitting on his face. Harry stuck his tongue out as far as he could and tongue fucked her. Eva reached around, grabbed hold of Harry's limp dick, and got it hard right away. She then spun around and started sucking Harry's dick. Harry reached above his head to where his wand still laid and grabbed it.

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He took the fat end of it and shoved it into Eva's pussy. She squealed like a stuffed pig.


Harry withdrew his wand almost all the way and shoved it back in. Eva was enjoying this and more, Harry could tell by the moans coming from her mouth. Harry told her he was about to cum but she just started sucking harder and faster. Eva stared panting fast then all of a sudden, Harry was all wet.

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Eva had come all over Harry's face, which just excited Harry more, and he exploded into her mouth. After the last drop, Harry and Eva stood up, Eva pointed her wand at Harry and in an instant, he was dry and clean. Harry looked over at Rose and she seemed like she had passed out. He just shrugged and headed down the stairs followed by a fully clothed Eva. "Next stop the Burrow," said the bus driver then "BANG" Harry was looking out at the burrow at the end of a long driveway.

"Locomotor luggage" Harry said and hid trunk followed him off the bus.


Harry turned and Eva smiled and said, "Please use the knight bus again" and Harry could swear she gave him a wink right before the bus took off. To Be Continued.