Flawless sweetheart in a cute act

Flawless sweetheart in a cute act
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Harper stood on his balcony, the light scent of rain in the air. The house that we shared with was in the forest, along the city limits. The balcony over looked a steep cliff that allowed you to look down over the city. A long grvel drive way was a quarter of a mile untill it met with the main road. He heard the sound of gravel, knowing it could only be Tessa. He smiled a little, going to the kitchen.

He had food cooking, serving its all up just as she walked in.

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"Hey Tess" Harper smilled at her sweetly. "Hey Harper, mmmm smells good, what are you cooking" She put down a shopping bag that said Victoria Secret on the side. "A dinner fit for a queen" he winked at her grinning.

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"Oh stop it, im no queen" She came over sat at the table, where he had served her, pouring her a glass of wine. "What do you think?" Harper said sitting across from her, pouring himself a glass.

"mmm this is fabulouse, how do you do it?" she smiled at him. Harper and Tessa never had sex with each other before, but there was just as much teasing. Harper would be in the shower and she would get in with him, soaping up in frount of him, pretending to drop the soap, bending down, allowing her but to brush agenst his cock. Another time she had walked in on him wile he was masterbating.


Insted of being all embarrased, she stood there, telling him to go on. Her pussy wet through her panties. After Dinner, Harper washed the dishes. She stood beside him, leaning up agenst the counter, her perky breasts very difined through her bra.

She siped her wine glass "I Got some new panties today, after I freshen up i'll model them for you." She grinned kissing his cheek walking to the bathroom what was down the hall. He watched her ass sway side to side seductivly as she walked.

She had a slender build, naturaly blond and a ass like a goddess. By the time she closed the door of the bathroom, he was sporting a large erection. About 20 minutes he was sitting on the black lether couch, watching the ball game when she came out, standing infrount of him. Wearing black see through panties and no top. He turned of the tv, looking up at her "Forgot your bra there Tess" Harper grinned looking up at them. Her nipples were rock hard and at full attention. She giggled "oops" but she didnt cover up or get embarrased.

"So what do you think, do my panties show too much?" she spun around in a circle, smiling. "I think a angel like you deserves them" his eyes fixed on her pussy.

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Tess grinned "Im no angel" she came over, sitting on his lap, looking at him with those innocent blue eyes. His cock was hard in his pants "Oh is that for me?" she giggled, running her hand down his chest, unzipping his fly, pulling out his large cock.

It stood hard streat up, being 9 inches tall and 2 inches wide. She smiled "mind if I have a taste?" she slipped off his lap, kneeling infrount of him. He never knew if she was a virgin or not but she swallowed his cock whole, deep throating his stiff cock. Her toung lapped along his cock, going up and down slowly.


"Tessa, your so good with my cock, mmm" Harper smiling down at her. She went up and down on his cock going faster and faster, sucking hard, her lips tightly wraped around it.

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He could feel his self about to cum. He tryed to pull his cock from his mouth but she sucked greedily, her toung licking lovingly like it was a lolly pop. He came like a guyser, his cock twitching a little as his hot cum filled her throat. "Mmm tasty" she said pulling off his cock but licking up as much cum as she chould. She moved up, kissing him passionatly, the taste of his own cum on her lips. "Is there anyway I could return the favor?" She kept kissing him, but taking off his shirt and pants wile she did.

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she stood up, slipping of her ownly article of clothing off, letting it fall. She grinned, grabbing a pair of handcuffs. Harper stood up His cock still rock hard. She came over, moving her hands along his naked body. " I want you to fuck me in my butt. I've always wanted you in my ass." her sweet blue eyes staring into his. She was layed over the back of the couch, her hands handcuffed behind her back. He moved up behind her "Are you sure Tess?" He said a little cautiously, his hard cock with enough lube from her saliva pressed up agenst her hole "Shut up and fuck me baby, I want you in my shitter." He pushed his cock into her ass slowly, all the way to the base.

She moaned, a mix pain and pleasure. He started fucking her slowly, his cock expanding her ass hole.


He kept fucking her with slow strokes untill her ass could get used to him. "Come on Harper baby, fuck me till I scream, then fuck me some more" He grinned a little, starting to pound her ass hard.

She screamed, but used the pillow to muffle the sound as his cock impaled deep in her ass fucked her like there was no tommarrow. He played with her clit, teasing it with his fingers, the other hand had 2 fingers in her slick pussy.

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She moaned loudly, her ass tight around his cock. Her pussy clenched hard on his fingers as she came, her juices spilling out on the couch. He fucked her evern harder when she did, sliding a 3rd finger in her. She struggled in the handcuffs, her moans getting louder and louder with each thrust. When her 2nd orgasm came, her pussy was so hot and wet. She breathed hard, her ass clenched tight around his cock.

He pulled him self out of her, unlocking the handcuffs. She grinned, spreading her pussy lips. " Come on baby, cum in my cunt" He smiled "I never knew you were so horny" she giggled" You have no idea how much" He shoved his cock in her. Her pussy was compleatly drenced in her own cum.

He fucked her, her ass agenst the couch, her nails dug into his back. He fucked her lovingly. She moaned, her cunt clasped tight around his hard cock. She kissed him intencely, moaning in his mouth. His cock pounded the back of her pussy, his cock deep in her. Suddenly in the momment of bliss, they both exploded into orgasms at the same time. His cock pushed as deep as possible in her. She clutched him lightly, her cunt still pouring cum all over. She smiled at him lovingly "I expect you to take care of my pussy from now on" He smiled back, kissing her " Sure thing my horny little girl"

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