Anal stretching for sexy crossdresser

Anal stretching for sexy crossdresser
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Jane loved a good licking. She did not come easily, from intercourse. It did not stimulate her enough but, a finger or tongue could blast her button and get her coming over and over. She liked getting finger banged in daring situations. These artsy foreign films were never well attended. They knew a hidden place it the theater and visited it from time to time. After they sat down, Dan felt her cunt for a moment.


He went to the snack bar and bought a big tub of popcorn and asked for a paper bag too. He dumped the popcorn into the bag and punched the bottom out of the tub. Dan and Jane sat in the very back row of the theater. The projection booth stuck out into the row and they sat behind it where they could not even be seen from the aisle. Jane wore a skirt and a button down blouse that summer evening. Dan placed the popcorn bag in the tub below the rim and put the tub on her lap.

She reached in and munched idly through the trailers. Dan reached in the tub and bypassed the popcorn bag and cupped Jane's pussy inside her skirt. Jane kept her eyes glued to the screen watching the Brad Pitt trailer.

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The star made her wet and the touch kept the flow of juice seeping until her panties were quite wet. The sheer slippery cloth had an even more arousing sensation and Dan's finger found that spot to press gently and indirectly on her bloated clitoris. She moaned uncontrollably, causing a woman to turn around several rows in front of them. All that could be seen was Dan reaching into the popcorn tub. He saw the woman's curious glance and munched some popcorn.

He made it look like, that was, what he was doing. The lone observer turned her attention back, to the film previews. Dan slipped his finger around the panties and inside Jane's wet underwear. The now direct contact on her pussy brought out an even louder moan. The woman turned again but saw nothing. Dan moved around in his seat and noticed the carriage bolts holding it down were loose or missing.

The seat stayed in place but, he would be able to remove it. The arm rest on another seat felt loose and Dan took the padded piece off. He moved over and sat one seat away from Jane and removed the seat from his chair and put the armrest across the open space like a small bridge over the gap.

Then he lifted Jane by the shoulders and guided her to sit on the arm rest. Jane sat like a cowgirl on a fence board, balancing on her new perch. Their movements attracted the attention of the woman a few rows in front. She heard sounds but, saw nothing unusual. She returned to watching the endless previews. Dan excused himself and returned to the snack bar.

He noticed the foot long Polish dog and it gave him some ideas. He bought the sausage and wrapped in in napkins to hide its identity. This time he entered the theater silently and slowly made his way next to Jane. Instead of sitting next to her he lay down in the aisle and stuck his head under her seat-less chair and put his mouth against her panty covered pussy.

Jane murmured and gasped audibly. Again the woman turned and stared trying to figure out what the sounds were about. No visible clue showed what Dan was doing. He had the popcorn tub on his head. It hid him like a hat.

He pulled Jane's panties to the side and licked on her messy slit in the most maddening way. He pushed her buttons until she started to quiver and then he backed off again. Jane came strongly and just muttered, "Oh Yes! Oh God!". The release had been held back to long to be stopped now. The movie action had shifted to an opening scene in an old Japanese erotic myth. Fog and beaches seemed out of place with Jane's state of excitement.

The woman turned and just looked at Jane for a minute and shook her head. She was puzzled. Dan had disappeared behind the seat backs and had his face buried in Jane's open box.


Jane wore thin panties, narrow and sheer. Dan had her cloth brushed aside against one leg eat her some more. He knew it would only get noisier now. The movie moved on to a bustling street scene in Old Japan. Pulling the cooled off Polish Dog from its bun, Dan slipped the warm oily sausage up to the opening of Jane's vag.

"Ahhhh, Ohhh, no." Jane moaned uncontrollably. The movie soundtrack now kept the woman in front from noticing Jane's responses. The Polish Dog moved forward under Dan's steady manipulation. He twisted and angled the skinned meat like an acrobatic magician. He worked the oily probe into the sopping slit until he had 8" crammed inside Jane.

Then he left the end sticking out and started to lick on her clit. The pressure of a large penetration pushed that hooded pearl into the easy reach of Dan's relentless tongue.

The little volcano erupted and the lava flow of vaginal secretions kept going. The movie had finally made it into the communal bath house in Old Japan.

The actors were all naked. The woman in front of them had her eyes glued, to the sexy movie scene. She stopped looking back. It was a good thing because, Jane began to come in multiple waves. Dan worked the hot dog and his tongue and surfed her slop like a Hawaiian beach bum. His tongue went back and forth from crest to trough and her orgasms built up to the size of a tsunami.

Her legs clamped on Dan's head as she let loose an unchecked howl of delight. "Oh Yes!" Oh God!".

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Jane stood up to save her self from the stimulation. Her panties held the Polish Dog, bound to one side. She pulled them off carefully and regarded the near empty theater. Near the front two couples were making out and a few loners watched the art film.

The woman back with them was now preoccupied in spite of Jane making so much noise. Mean while Dan crawled through under Jane's seat less chair and open his pants.

His dick popped out right under Jane. Dan took the armrest bridge away from Jane's place and waited. Jane sat down on Dan's dick and took it right in her oil dripped ass. "Wha.t. the fuck?" she exclaimed for all to hear. The movie sound track in the bath house was subdued yet, nobody turned to see Jane ass riding Dan's dick.

The double penetration surprised her completely; Jane expected to sit on an padded armrest not an impaling shaft. It could not be helped she began coming and moaning in a shameless babble of nonsense. The woman in front of them had her head thrown back and seemed to stare at the ceiling of the theater not the screen. She did not watch the movie now. The woman had a large handbag between her legs on the theater floor.

Inside a quiet dachshund attended to her pussy with a skilled dog tongue lashing. Slowly the movie sexual tension began to build with glances and gestures between the naked people in the hot bath pool. The couples in front kept making out.

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The dachshund kept to the task and his rough pink tongue worked its magic on his mistress. She came and writhed quietly, noticed by nobody else. Her shuddering release allowed the dog to slip away under the theater seats. The dachshund smelled the Polish Dog and had another kind of eating in mind. The oily Polish lubed Jane's ass for easy entry.


The oil also covered Dan's balls and the dachshund commenced his licking there. Dan loved the unexpected stimulation. He lay under Jane and his head was two rows back far from her dick riding anus. His balls got the complete treatment by the hungry hound and Dan blew his jizz into Jane's ass hole. Jane contracted and came too launching her Polish Dog out of her pussy like a Polaris Missle launch from a sub. The dog switched his attention from ball licking to sausage munching and he gobbled down the Polish in a flash.

He licked the sperm and slop of Dan's dick and cleaned up Jane's ass too. Dan felt the furry presence. Jane petted the helpful pooch and he jumped up between her legs. His pink one bulged out in full view and he pressed it up against Jane's pussy.

Jane got so turned on by the dog's pink point she just let her legs fall open and let the dachshund take his stance. The experienced little dog put his paws on her legs and drove his doggy dick right into her wet hole. "Oh My God, Oh My God!", Jane wailed. The body temperature of the little dog prick was at least two or three degrees hotter than her cunt.

The heat pleasure alone had her eyes rolled back and her attention left the movie and Dan. Jane took dog dick for the first time and loved it. The little pink one was the size of a fat finger but, the little dog knot swelled up like a lemon inside her puss.

The feverish dog thrusting pumped dog sperm in at once and the knotted plug held it inside her. The dog licked at Jane's titties and she opened up her blouse to get the extra contact stimulation.

Dan was trapped; his girl sat on him while she fucked the dog. The movie finally made it to the sex scene. In a darkened inn everybody slept on the floor in a single room.

Naked shadows moved around and began to writhe wickedly on screen.


The theater smelled of wet pussy and come now as everyone masturbated or made out with their partner in the rows. The woman in the back noticed her dog was missing as she came out of her come coma.

She glanced around and saw no sign of his presence. Jane sat too low for his head to be seen as he continued to dog drill her captive pussy with his knotted member.

The dachshund was young and stiff for a very long time. After the movie ended the others left before the next previews. Only Dan, Jane and the woman missing her dog remained. The dog stayed locked in Jane's puss and the woman made no sign of leaving.

The next feature began an noisy Samurai movie, with Toshiro Mifune. The dog finally went limp and pulled his dick out of Jane. He cleaned up his mess quietly and diligently, Jane raised herself up enough for Dan to move. He pulled himself up in the dark empty theater and stepped over the seats to sit on the other side of Jane.

Jane stood up and petted the pooch and replaced the armrest bridge across her seat less place. She sat down and Dan resumed fingering and fondling her in the dark. It was the late showing of the double feature; The projectionist would have gone hope if everyone had left but the ticket taker told him at least three people stayed for the late show.

He went outside into the alley and took a break, before he had to change reels. Inside the action movie clattered with banging swords and punching fists.

Dan had his hand on Jane between her legs. The woman a few rows forward masturbated and waited for her dog to return. Dan got hard again while he played around with Jane's breasts and clitoris. He nipple pinched and felt her contraction, on his finger, between her pussy lips. He got up and pulled Jane up to her feet. He moved the armrest that bridged Jane's seat and sat there on the floor. Jane wasted no time in sitting back down on his stiff shaft.

He grabbed her boobs and squeezed them firmly now. He held her top and bottom, with his hands and his dick. He lifted her and forced an up and down humping ride. Jane and been finger fucked, hot dog fucked, dog fucked and now she was getting dick fucked by her man Dan. She started to ride and buck like a cowgirl on a stampede chase, She didn't care about anything else except staying on her mount.

She screamed, "Yee Ha! Hi Ho Silver!', and rode through the peaks and valleys of her sexual roller coaster ride. Then the little dachshund returned to his position between her legs. This time he was there to lick her pussy from the front while Dan continued stuffing his dick in from behind.

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The dog tongue around Dan's dick with she got fucked felt incredible. Jane stood up and whispered to Dan to lay back under the seat again so, she could ride him on the hard floor. Dan crawled down and lay with his head a couple rows behind Jane, who resumed her rodeo ride. The woman who lost her dog to their orgy had gotten up and walked down to the front rows and slowly made her search for the dog. The dog quietly lapped away at Jane's orgasmic pussy, while Dan fucked her hard from underneath.

The dog's sexy Japanese owner finally made it to their row and looked behind the projection booth where they fucked. She noticed Dan's head on the floor and giggled. She stepped into his row and pulled her skirt up and sat on his face. Her bare asian pussy was completely shaved smooth. Dan lay pinned on the floor under three rows of seats his head stuck out and a woman had just sat right on his mouth. She had no panties on and she held her skirt away.

Instinctively Dan ate pussy. What else could he do? He could not call for help or speak in the now near silent movie. The projection booth was right there above them, in easy earshot.

The woman had a bare shaved pussy that was made for eating. Dan's humping subsided as his attention shifted to a fresh cunt in his mouth. Jane remained oblivious to the other woman. Her dog was so damn good a licking she barely could concentrate on anything but the next orgasm. Suddenly the movie ended in a sword fight finale. The lights slowly began to light the theater and the woman sitting on Dan's face saw her dog. She grabbed the dachshund by the collar and stuffed him back in her oversize handbag.

She left through a side exit without returning to the lobby. Dan pulled his pants up and Jane took her panties and stood up too. Her skirt dropped back down and she wandered back to the main exit. Dan led her to the side and they left into the alley too.

It was late and Jane's legs were messed up down to her ankles. She could hardly walk; her muscles had cramped up, from her orgasmic journey. The edgy foreign films always got her excited but, this time she found something She had to try it again.