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Don't Forget to tip the Waitress She awakened with a start. Everything hurt, and hurt bad.

She groaned and rolled over, her wrists and ankles hurt and she rubbed them together, just moving alone hurt, but she had small bruises on her wrists and ankles. Next she reached down and felt her breasts. They ached, and her nipples were swollen. Then she decided that the sound she was hearing was the pounding of a headache in her brain. She rolled over to the edge of the bed and sat up.

Nothing looked familiar. She had a chalky taste in her mouth and her lips were caked with something that tasted even worse. She decided she was in a hotel room, but didn't remember renting one, matter of fact she wasn't sure what her last memory was. Something about a party, a lame band.

Work? Everything was fuzzy. When she put her feet on the floor and started to stand she found they wouldn't support her and she had to sit back down. The muscles in her legs ached and she felt like she had been doing cheer squad drills all night. A hand on her vagina confirmed that it too was sore, as was her ass. What did I get myself into last night? She wondered, I don't think I would have signed up for it if I'd known what today was going to feel like.

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She sagged back against the mattress, deciding to pace herself, to rest while she tried to decide what to do. She felt something with her bare shoulder and turned to find a pile of loose twenty, fifty and one hundred dollar bills lying beside her, many of them folded and creased.

Sitting up in surprise she blinked and shook away enough of the headache to concentrate on counting the money. It turned out to be just over five hundred dollars.

She lay back down, holding the money, and tried to remember just what had happened last night. Sex was one thing, but just what had happened that she didn't remember?

"You're serious?" He asked. "With her?


No kidding." "No kidding. His brother answered, "With her. I gave a hundred bucks and she said she'd do us both as soon as she got off shift." Jim stared at the brunette from across the room, admiring her breasts through her stretched T-shirt. "She has a great ass." Jack nodded, "That she does." He said, setting down his empty glass.


"I can't wait to get a closer look." When the club closed the brothers stepped into the restroom just like she had told them to, standing inside the closed stalls up on the toilets while the manager made his sweep looking for stragglers. Once he was satisfied he left the club and she came in, informing them that the last of the customers and wait staff had gone home.

"It's just us." She commented blandly, "Where do you want to do it?" Her voice remained unimpressed even as the brothers circled her. "How about this poker table over here?" Jim asked, pointing to the heavy, circular wooden table.

"Let's see the rest of the money first." She dictated, holding her hand out. "I want double the money if the two of you are going to have a go at me." Jack shrugged and dug in his pocket, handing her the wad of cash. She took it and counted it carefully, ignoring Jim as he gently took hold of her silk shorts and squeezed her ass. "It's all there." She nodded in satisfaction and stuffed the money into the back pocket of her shorts, continuing to ignore Jim's advances.

"Two hundred bucks. Let's establish the ground rules, first, nothing anal. Your prick gets anywhere near my ass, and it's over, got it?" The brothers exchanged a smile, "Yes, ma'am." "Second, only one of you at a time, unless I am giving one of you a blowjob and the other is fucking me.

Clear?" "Crystal." "Yep. Clear." "Fine then.

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Which one of you is first?" "I kind of liked the idea of both of us." Jack stepped forward and picked her up bodily, setting her down on the poker table and pushing her onto her back. Jim circled, taking hold of her hands and holding them down to the tabletop.

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Although startled by the suddenness of the move, she did nothing to stop them. Stepping up between her bare legs Jack took hold of her vagina through her silk short and palmed a breast at the same time. Massaging both through her clothing Jack grinned down at the waitress. "Nice tits, I bet you get a lot of tips with hooters like yours." "I do fine.


Now hurry up, I haven't got all night." "Ohhh, our girls direct, isn't she?" Jack commented, and his brother laughed. "Don't worry, I'll give her something to shut her up." He chuckled, letting go of her hands and unzipping his pants. Pulling out his already erect cock he shoved it down at her, rubbing it around her mouth. The waitress promptly took it and wrapped her lips around it with none of the passion one would usually expect for a sex act. Slurping and smacking one his manhood she closed her eyes, her expression very business like.

"Fair enough, our girls a pro." Jim accepted the fact and jerked her shorts off, discovering that she was not wearing any panties. "But she does have a fine ass, and look at that sweet little cunt. He buried his right hand in her pussy, holding her legs up by the bunched shorts where they had caught around her ankles. "Mmm!" She complained with his brothers cock in her mouth. "Easy, asshole!" She glared at him, pulling the penis from her mouth only long enough to throw the words at him.

Jim groaned when she grabbed it again and began working it even harder than before. "Spirited little bitch, isn't she?" Jack laughed, fingering her clitoris and continuing to play with her breasts. Stepping back he pulled her shorts down over her tennis shoes and pulled her ass closer to his side of the table. Pulling out his own penis he pressed it against her only slightly moist vagina and thrust, causing her pelvis to jerk in shock and pain.

Pulling out he began teasing his cock up and down against her pussy, and pulled her shirt up. "Oh yea, will you look at those tits?" He exclaimed, playing with her breasts while he slapped his thighs against her ass, working his penis in and out fast and hard.

Jim just laughed, his eyes closed as she sucked his cock. It was several minutes before anything was heard other than moans and whimpers, but Jim finally did speak. "Let's switch." "Okay." She jerked Jim's penis out of her mouth and shook her head no. "Not on your life, I'm not putting that thing in my mouth after you've had it in me. No way." "Tell you what, we'll give you an extra hundred apiece if you'll break your rule just this once." "Not on your life, prick.

Now either get off or get off of me." "I thought you might say that, oh, well." He lied. She took Jim's throbbing cock and began working it harder than ever.

Untying her shoelaces he pulled her leg down until it touched one of the table legs and tied them back, albeit around the table leg. Jim's cock popped out again. "What do you think you're doing?" She demanded. "Getting my money's worth." He took hold of her other ankle and did the same, leaving Jim hold her arms down while he worked. "Don't even think about it, asshole!" She struggled to rise, but couldn't.

"You stick that thing in my mouth and I'll fucking bite it off!" Jack reinserted himself in her pussy, pulling her even closer to his side of the table as he fucked her anew. "Don't worry, girl, we aren't going to hurt you." "Then why tie my legs?" She settled back against the tabletop, but eyed him suspiciously as he thrust steadily. "It gets me hot, makes me cum faster. You don't mind that, do you?" "Whatever gets you off of me faster." She closed her eyes and accepted Jim's cock once more.

"That's what I thought you'd say." He reached into his back pocket and pulled a hypodermic needle out, removing the cap and squirting some of the contents onto the floor to make sure there was no air inside.

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Shoving his penis in deep and hard he slapped her on the ass with his free hand, then repeated the process, harder. The waitress under him jerked, but said nothing as she gave his brother head. Another thrust and another slap, then another and another, leaving her ass covered in a blurred red handprint. Switching hands with the needle he jabbed it into her desensitized rump and squeezed every bit of the contents out. Her legs quivered as he thrust and spanked, but she showed no signs of knowing what had just happened for several seconds.

Her eyes fluttered open, but appeared glazed and she seemed to be having difficulty focusing on any one thing in particular. "That's a good girl." "What's happening.?" She mumbled, his cock having fallen out of her mouth yet again. Jim grunted, but remained where he was. "I've given you a combination of sodium pentothal and a couple of other drugs." He thrust again, then pulled out and took a step back, untying her shoelaces and pulling her shoes off.

Leaving her tiny socks on he circled the table, his brother moving to take his place. "Don't worry, in seconds you'll be feeling fine." "Yes, I.

do. I feel fine." She grinned, and he smoothed her dark hair out of her face while Jim began thrusting into her with a passion. Legs freed she moaned and wrapped them around his brothers ass, chest quivering with delight. "Oh, fuck me, fuck me." "Don't worry, honey, trust me, we will." He lifted his penis and offered it to her.

"I hope you don't mind, it has some of your cunt juices on it." "No, I don't mind. I don't mind at all." She whispered. "Good girl. Now go ahead and suck my dick." "What was in that hypo, anyway?" Jim asked, pounding her as hard as he could. "Just a little something to help our girl relax.

Ohh, yea." Jack replied, closing his eyes as her lips closed around his cock. "Something to help her loosen up a bit." "Well, I'd say it worked." Jim confided, grabbing her ass and holding it to him as he thrust deeply again. "Okay, girl, I want you to take it all in, all the way to my balls." "Mmm." She tugged his manhood closer and tried her best impression of a sword swallower.

"That's a girl." He whispered soothingly, "Now put your hands on the table and open wide, I'm going to give you a little help." She did as she was told, lying her arms flat on the felt covered tabletop and opening her mouth as wide as she could. "No matter what happens you are going to lay there like a good little bitch and take it, right?" "Mmm." Standing directly over her he thrust deep, and then again, then reached up and pulled her tits hard, holding them out until they were stretched.

Her whole body shook and her arms came up from the table, but she made no move to stop him. "She's ready, Jim." Jack decided.

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"Up the ass we go then." Jim replied, pulling out and wiping the juices that trailed his departing penis down, around, and into her asshole.

"Here we go." The waitresses body jerked and shook some more as she thrust but she continued to suck faithfully, her whole body heaving as Jim pulled her tanned tits until they were white between his fingers from the strain. "Hands back on the table, bitch!" He ordered, and she complied immediately, even though he was still tugging on her breasts as hard as he could.

"Make me cum in your mouth!" She did as she was told, gulping and slurping and smacking, licking and stroking and sucking until he felt his orgasm coming on fast. Jerking out he shot his load over her breasts even while his brother continued to pound her asshole with a vengeance. "God, what a fucking hot little cunt. It's a shame I don't have it in me to give her any more, but I'm spent." "Hey, that gives me an idea, bro.

Do you still have that lube I gave you earlier?" "You mean that stuff we didn't use? Sure, got it right here." "Go ahead and work her holes real good with it, I've got an idea." "Fine by me." Jim shrugged and pulled the cap off of the sex lubricant.

"What have you got in mind?" "Oh, just a little profit, that's all." Jack said, heading to unlock the front doors. There was a line out the front for the next three hours as guy after guy waited his turn and paid his money to fuck the prostitute. They assured each of them that she was more than willing to take them on, take them in, and get them off, all of them.

All of them did. When the last guy stumbled out, Jack was still counting the money. "How much we get?" "Don't know, but it's over two thousand dollars." "Wow. It was impressive how she stayed conscious through most of them." "Yea, I would have bet she'd have been out of it after the first dozen or so." "She sure is a mess." "Yea, she probably won't be able to walk right for a week, but I guarantee she won't remember a thing." "You going to leave her a tip?" Jim asked, and both men laughed.