Joe Pissing his Jean shorts

Joe Pissing his Jean shorts
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This spring I got tired of trying to work for everyone else, and opened my lawn service. It had its ups and downs until two weeks ago. I got a contract with a mobile home court I lived at many years ago. The deal is that I get a 3 bedroom trailer, utilities, a riding lawn mower, with work trailer, some associated trimmers and such, and a truck to use.

I moved in, and as it isn't a large court, I only spend two days a week keeping it looking nice. It's not too hard to do that, as it sets right on a small bayou, and the scenery is gorgeous.

My trailer sets right in front of the swim dock, and I have started a daily swim routine. However as I started to get ready today I heard splashing, and talk, and laughter. I hoped it wasn't a bunch of kids, they ask questions, and stuff.

And I'm serious about getting back into prime shape, so I didn't want the bother of kids interrupting me. I walked out to the dock, looked at the always murky water, and saw what was definitely not kids. It was a trio of collage aged females, one red head, one chestnut haired, and one that had black hair.

I liked the idea of swimming and showing off a little for some collage girls, so I dropped my towel next to theirs, kicked off my surf shoes, and in I went. I swam for about 30 minutes as they laughed, talked, swam, played and watched as they could without being obvious.

I came to a stop and the chestnut haired girl swam to within about ten feet from me.

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"Since you have your clothes on would you mind getting me some water?" Before I could stop myself the first thing I thought came out of my mouth. "How do I know you don't have any clothes on?" The black haired girl laughed and the red head walked up to me. "Float your hands." She said.

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I did and she put my hands on her truly wonderful feeling pair of D sized breasts. Then she slid one of my hands down to her terrific feeling shaved crotch, and right on to her naked pussy.

I was smiling at her and she was smiling back. "Very nice," I said as my hands lingered where she had put them, "But this only proves that you are sans attire." She laughed, "True enough.

I'm Stacy by the way." My hands were moving slightly but staying in the proximity of their original placement. "I'm Ache." I said. "Like the letter?" She asked, she was still smiling and her nipple was hardening. "Pronounced the same yeah." A said looking into her eyes as I fondled her. She turned away, "Gina you are the one that asked and made the statement. Get over here and show him. He hasn't bitten me yet." "I always get permission to bite first." I said, letting my hands float on the surface as chestnut haired Gina walked up, "And I usually wait till a woman is begging me to, and is cuming before I do." Gina put my hands on a rather nice set of largish C's, as the black haired one looked at me with her head tilted a bit.

Then she too ran one of my hands down to a shaved and naked pussy. We smiled at each other as I fondled her for a bit. The black haired girl walked up and gently turned me from Gina. "I'm Katrina." She said as she hooked a leg around me and placed my hands on another set of D sized breasts.

"Call me Kat." She breathed huskily as she pushed my middle two fingers inside of her. She was shaved also.

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"Ok, Kat, Stacy, Gina," I said lightly wiggling my fingers inside and fondling the lovely breast. "Since I have my clothes on I'll go get some water." I gently slipped my fingers out and she unhooked her leg.


I swam over to the side of the dock and hopped up onto it. I grabbed my shoes and headed to the house, thanking my God for this blessing as I did so. They were playing again as I walked back onto the dock with an Ice chest holding; a four pack of Fiji, a half gallon of sweet tea, a 12 pack of coke, and four cheap plastic glasses.

I slipped into the water and tied it to two posts of the dock so it wouldn't float away. Stacy opened the lid and looked, "Wow, how much extra for all of that?" I looked at her and smiled. We all played around, tag and grope, and teasing for another hour and a half. They were groping each other as well as me, and I was enjoying their hands on me and mine on them. I glanced at my watch, "Well the steaks should be ready to toss on the grill soon, and the oven is ready for the potatoes and corn." I said looking at each of them and smiling, "Are you hungry?" They looked at each other then there was an agreement from each.

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I helped them get out of the water without showing off too much for other people to see, and we went to my trailer. At that point the girls decided to take the kid gloves off.

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The door had no more shut than the towels dropped. Rinsing off in the shower was an all hands affair and they seemed to love my 8 inch long cock. When I went to get another pair of shorts I was dissuaded with caresses and bodies rubbed on me while they moaned, "No." and "Don't do that." They turned the stereo on and I cooked dinner while they fondled and kissed me and each other.

I pulled out two of the bottles of wine I had put in the fridge when I came in for drinks, grabbed the four wine glasses I owned, and dinner was served. We ate and drank while caresses and kisses were passed all around. I put up the plates and the girls re arranged the sectional couch I had into a huge play pit. I grabbed the last two bottles of wine from the fridge and joined them on the couch.

Stacy and Gina were in a sixty nine with Gina on her back and Stacy on top. "Let me suck your dick." Stacy said as I climbed into the pit.


I looked at Kat who was sitting back fingering herself and watching. "Go ahead I want to watch." Kat said. I nodded my head over to the side of us, "You'll have a better view over here, and then I can finger you." It took her less that a heart beat to get there.

So there I was with two fingers in one girl, two more in another and getting my dick sucked. I was surprised by how well she was doing it, after all she is a collage girl, but she was sucking like she had done this for twenty years. I got another surprise when Kat ran her hand down and moaned as she slid two of her own fingers into her juicy cunt with the two I had in her.

"Face fuck her." Kat said as she slid in a third finger and entwined them with mine and increased the pace of the finger fuck. "MMmmm MmmHmm" Stacy hummed as she nodded her head in agreement. I started to thrust my dick in and out of her mouth and Stacy slid three fingers into Gina's sopping pussy with my two.

She also entwined her fingers with mine. This caused Gina to cry out even though her mouth never left Stacy's crotch.

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I felt Gina start to cum and made the backs of my fingers and knuckles rub her G spot. I couldn't take it any more; I needed pussy on my dick.

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I slid my fingers out of Gina, and with my fingers that were in her pulled Kat over to me. She realized the situation and with a Cheshire grin stated, "I get my cunt filled with cum first." I laid back and got her to sit facing away so I could fuck her, and play with her wonderful tits, and Stacy could lick, suck, and finger around on her for good measure.

Kat rode me like a pro, as I massaged her awesome tits. And Stacy licked and sucked my balls, and Kats lips and clit. This went on for about 20 minutes when I outright stated, "I'm fixing to cum." Kat kept riding but leaned way back as she said first, "Do it Stacy." And then, "Bite me!

Please god Please Bite Me when she does." I wasn't sure what IT was and then suddenly Stacy's hand curled around the base of my dick then slid up as Kat did. Kat came down on it and Stacy's hand slid right in. I was definitely surprised as Kat felt tight as hell.

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Stacy altered her grip and started jacking me off INSIDE Kat. I bit Kats neck from behind using just a fang and a molar as she started having the strongest orgasm I'd ever felt. I couldn't, and didn't want to, hold back any more. I locked my lops over the bite and sucked her neck, then I cried out in a primal bellow as my jiz rocketed out of my dick, over Stacy's fingers, and into Kats young cunt.

I sprayed five times inside her immediately and three more times as I nursed the wound at her neck and softened.

Stacy eased my dick out still in her hand, and put her hand to Kat's mouth as she and Gina lapped at Kats cum filled pussy. I grinned as I watched the girls lick Kat clean and watched Kat lick and suck the fingers and hand clean. We sat and drank some wine for a short while as we all got our breath back, smoked cigarettes, and recuperated a bit.

Still caressing and kissing around as we pleased. I knew I was going to get little, if any sleep that night. And I'd be tired as hell at work, but it was going to be worth it, and I was going to smile the whole day. Not to mention get done in time to go for another swim, and hopefully, a bit more of at least one of these sexy women.