Schlecht Voyeur ausspioniert seine Mutter masturbiert durch Fenster

Schlecht Voyeur ausspioniert seine Mutter masturbiert  durch Fenster
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When I was sixteen I had this bus driver named Rob. He was in his fifties, and the nicest guy out there. He would always talk to the kids on his bus, but I think I was his favourite. I would always get in the bus first so that we could talk, and in the three years I had had him as a driver we became close.

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So it came as no surprise to me or my parents when he asked if I wanted to come over to his house to shovel snow for volunteer hours.

My parents said yes, and that night instead of getting off at my bus stop I stayed on until he brought me to his house.


Before I go any further, let me give you a little bit of information about myself. I was tall for my age, around 5'9", and I was in pretty good shape. Not for any exercise I did, but the fact that I had a fast metabolism and good genes.

I had 38DD tits, which I had caught Rob staring at more than once, and a nice round bubble butt. I had short hair, which I was always dying random colours.

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At the moment it was blue. Okay, back to the story. When I finished shovelling Rob's driveway, he invited me in to his house for some hot chocolate and a snack, which I ate gratefully. My parents weren't coming to pick me up until six, and it was only four by the time we moved to his living room, sitting next to each other on the couch.

"So Olivia, how's your boyfriend?" Rob asked, slinging an arm around my shoulder. I grimaced, looking up at him. "Non existent. He dumped me yesterday." "Awe sweetheart, that's no good. Come here." He opened his arms, and I scooted towards him so I was practically sitting on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me, and I felt my boobs press into his chest.

When I pulled away, the positioning of his arm around my shoulder made his hand fall almost to my boob. I smirked slightly at the feeling of it, a plan whirring in my mind. "Yeah, it sucks. He was no good anyway though. Horrible at fucking, and he had a tiny dick." Rob turns bright red at my words, and he looks down at me sternly.

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"That's no way to talk Olivia. Pretty girl like you shouldn't have a potty mouth like that." I giggle, arching back back enough so that my breast is pushed into his hand. "That's not all this potty mouth can do." I say with a smirk.

Rob looks down at the hand he now has pressed to my breast, the only thing between our skin was my thin tshirt and bra, and a knowing smile crosses his face. He squeezes my breast lightly, as if testing my reaction, and when I don't react he slips his large hand into my bra.

I let out a soft groan as his finger flicks over my nipple, which have always been quite sensitive, and I lean up to press a kiss to his lips. He responds in kind, kissing me back with a hunger. Soon our tongues are tangling, and his hand is still tight on my boob. I swing my leg up and over his, so I'm facing him still but now straddling him.

Out kiss doesn't stop, and soon his other hand finds my breast. I moan into his mouth, grinding down on the hard cock I can feel in his pants. He moans too, and we pull away, panting into each other's mouths.

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He reaches down to the bottom of my shirt, and I pull it off. He reaches behind me, unclipping by bra and pulling it down my arms, letting my perky tits free. He leans forward, latching onto one of my nipples, and I tilt my head back and moan loudly. "Fuck Rob, yes keep doing that." I moan out, and I feel his teeth scrape my nipple.

I can feel wetness already dripping between my legs, every pass of his tongue sending a line of fire to my pussy. Suddenly he pulls back, and I whine is disapproval. "I believe you said there was something else that pretty mouth of yours could do?" He says, and I smirk, slowly sliding off of him to the floor in between his legs. "Oh, so now it's a pretty mouth?" I ask with a giggle, my words dying in my throat as he starts to undo his pants.

I reach up and help, yanking them over his thighs along with a pair of white boxers. His cock springs free, slapping against his stomach. It's around eight inches long, way bigger than my ex's. I smile hungrily, reaching up and wrapping my fingers around it, stroking from top to base. I run my fingers over his balls before returning to the tip, gliding my hand through the precum already there. Rob moans, his head tilted back in pleasure, so he doesn't see as I sit up, taking the head into my mouth.

I see him snap to full attention, and he watches as I slowly sink my head onto his length, slowly taking all of him into my mouth. I have no gag reflex, so it was quite easy to do. When I reach the base, Rob grabs the back of my head, forcing me to stay there.

I breathe through my nose, focusing on the smell of him. Soon he lets me go, only to start fucking my face with a fury, moans erupting from his mouth. I let him fuck my face, loving the feeling of his balls slapping against my chin. After a few moments of this, he pulls out of my mouth with a pop. "Wanna fuck you." He moans, and I nod, standing up. He moves, grabbing me by the arms and placing me on the couch where he was just sitting.

He yanks down my pants, then reaches out for my panties. Those seem to frustrate him, so he just rips them off my body and throws them aside. I hiss in indignation, but he doesn't notice. He kneels down, pressing his face into my pussy, lapping up the wetness he finds there. Soon, his tongue is joined my fingers, two of them forcing their way into my tight hole.

I moan loudly, bucking up into his face. He finger fucks me quickly, his mouth latched onto my clit, and soon in cumming on his face, my juices going everywhere. As I'm cumming, he stands up and slips his cock into me, which only intensifies my orgasm, and soon I'm writhing around his cock. He shows no self control, fucking into me like a madman, his balls slapping my ass. He leans down, latching onto one of my nipples, sucking hard, and soon I'm cumming around his huge cock again.

I hear him grunt, his strokes becoming faster and faster until he stops, and I feel ropes of cum being spurted into my pussy. I let out a gasp, trying to push him off me, but he stays put. He tilts his head towards my ear, and I hear him whisper "I'm sterile.

You won't get pregnant." Before he latched onto my nipple again. I sigh slightly, and I wait for him to finish cumming in me. Once he pulls out, he flops down on the couch next to me. We're both panting, the remains of our orgasms still coursing through us.


I lean over and kiss him, and at that moment we hear a car pull into the driveway. My parents had arrived to pick me up.

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I scramble to find my clothes, grimicing at the torn underwear. I throw them at Rob, and he catches them, pressing them to his nose. "A little keepsake for you." I laugh, and he laughs too. He stands up, walking over to press a kiss to my lips before I walk out the door.

"I'll see you on Monday." He says with a smirk, and slaps my ass as I walk out the door. I reply with a grin. "See you on Monday."