Gay twink fucks first grandpa Gorgeous Leo Tops For Mark

Gay twink fucks first grandpa Gorgeous Leo Tops For Mark
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<adam21> hi sexy <jen> hey <adam21> how are you? <jen> great, really horny <adam21> mmm good me too <jen> how big are you? <adam21> 8in very thick <jen> ohh yeah <jen> you like the thought of rapeing me?

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<adam21> i want to dominate and pleasure your body in every way <adam21> punishing you and you love it <jen> oh yeah, tell me what your gonna do to me <adam21> rip off your clothes and tie you to each post of the bed.

start by teasing your feet and then moving to your pussy smacking it hard. then shoving my cock in while choking you <jen> oh yeah shove it in there deep, i'm screaming for you to stop <adam21> i shove your thong in your mouth to make sure you cant scream and slap you across the face <jen> oh no!


<adam21> then id force my cock in your ass <adam21> deep <adam21> balls deep punishing you <jen> but i'm an ass virgin ;) <jen> ! <adam21> not anymore ;) <jen> no please stop! what will my boyfriend think <adam21> hes gonna think your a dirty little cunt <jen> but i'm not i'm just a simple girl.who left the door to my apartment open <adam21> he wont know that.

he will just see you as a gaped ass slut <jen> well at least its only the ass. <adam21> and your slutty pussy and next your whore throat <jen> not my vagina i'm saving myself for marriage !

put a condom on! <adam21> no im going to cum inside you <jen> oh ok, well i guess thank you for not doing THAT <adam21> im going to fill your pussy with my cum and there's nothing you can do to stop me <jen> you jsut said you wouldn' tricked me <adam21> you have no choice <jen> well i guess i'm really fucked.literly <adam21> your going to be my filthy little whore <jen> no please <adam21> i slap you <adam21> dont fucking talk unless i say so <jen> crying."ok" <adam21> you have such a nice tight pussy slut <jen> dont break it <adam21> oh you dont have a choice slut <jen> im a virgin remember!

<adam21> i force my cock in and start pounding you <jen> i start screaming <adam21> i put your thong back in your mouth and choke you again <jen> i just idely sit there wiggling around so you cant get your cock in me <adam21> i smack you across the face hold you down and fotce my cock in you <jen> i grown in pain <jen> my body curls upwards <jen> b-but * whisper* no <adam21> i pull my cock out and make you suck off your virgin juices <jen> did you shoot your load in me?

i cant tell.i hope not <adam21> not yet but dont worry i will slut <jen> i say as i choke on your cock <adam21> how does your pussy taste cunt? <jen> it dosent have a taste <jen> i wont give you the satisfaction <adam21> i slap you <adam21> what the fuck does it taste like you dirty whore <jen> it dosent taste like anything!

<jen> GET off me! <adam21> fucking tell me or ill have to cum in you <jen> it tastes *crying* ok <jen> see it tastes ok! <jen> just ok <adam21> tell me what it tastes like slut <jen> like you just took my fucking virginity!

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<adam21> mmm now im gonna cum in you slut <adam21> i force my cock back in your pussy and start pumping my cock into you hard <jen> i'm screaming again and crying trying to move my hip around like im not enjoying it <jen> i like it but i dont like you <adam21> are you ready for my cum you filthy whore <jen> no dont please please no no!! <jen> it hurts so much dont make long term affects <adam21> im gonna get you pregnant whore <jen> what about the baby?

he'll have the wrong father <adam21> who gives a fuck slut <jen> every day i carries that baby i will think of this moment i dont want to remember!

<jen> i give a fuck this is my life your ruining <adam21> i push all the way down and let loose all my hot warm cum inside your slutty pussy <adam21> now you will always remember this slut <jen> NO NO NO <jen> shit shit <jen> pull out!!

<jen> quick please <adam21> baby your full of all my cum how does it feel <jen> like lava <jen> its terrible <adam21> ahh i think ive got some left for your ass <adam21> or should you swallow it <jen> you dont have any left just leave <adam21> oh no you fucking whore pick or it goes back into your pussy <jen> fine pussy again not my ass im still a virgin there <adam21> ass it is you fucking whore <jen> shit you fucking dick, get OFF of me <adam21> i shove my cock in your ass and fuck it hard <adam21> gaping your hole <jen> OUCHHH no it hurt's tooo much <adam21> i smack you again and fuck it harder <jen> no stop <jen> STOP <adam21> ill never stop <jen> what about when my boyfriend comes back?

<jen> huh what then! <adam21> he can watch <jen> he'll beat you up <adam21> ill tie his weak little bitch self up and make him watch <jen> *looks around like a car door slammed" <jen> he's home now! <jen> just leave <adam21> i cum in your ass and fill it up <jen> AHH no <jen> fuck <jen> shit no no <adam21> your such a good filthy slut <jen> he's about to open the door get off me!

<adam21> im still on top of you and wont move <jen> "he opens the door* <jen> what now! he will save me <adam21> i get up and break your lamp over his head knocking him out <adam21> i tie him too the chair facing us <jen> .shit.


<jen> he'll wake up soon though he's tough <adam21> hes not getting out of those ropes <adam21> or locks <jen> *he starts to move around and open his eyes* <adam21> do you like watching your gf get fucked <jen> he looks around dazzled and start to try to break free while screaming at you <adam21> i sit on your face grinding my ass into your mouth <jen> eww get off of me <adam21> you don't have a choice whore <adam21> lick it <jen> no i wont open my mouth for you <adam21> i smack you again and yell at you <adam21> open your mouth you fucking whore <jen> i open but dont lick anything <adam21> lick it or i beat your bf up more <jen> fine but i wont enjoy it, i start to lick lightly <adam21> faster you filthy cunt <jen> no <jen> i wont <adam21> now or you wont recognize him when im done <jen> fine starts to lick i little faster <adam21> such a good whore <jen> im not good im just doing it to save my bf <adam21> oh dont worry your still good slut <jen> plz just leave now my bf and i knwo exactly what you look like well tll the police <adam21> then maybe you two might not make it out of here <adam21> your in no position to make threats <jen> fine, stops talking <jen> just taking the abuse <adam21> i shove my cock back in your ass <adam21> ready to taste your ass too slut <jen> my boyfriend watches in horror as i just sit there numb <adam21> i shove my cock in your mouth making you taste your own ass <adam21> now how does it taste slut <jen> like ass what do you expect?

<jen> no wait like ass and my cum and you seamen <jen> hows that answer <adam21> your gonna pay for that answer whore <adam21> i get up and start to kick the shit out of your bf <jen> why im just telling you what it tastes like! <jen> oh come on stop that maybe i'll give you a voluntary blowjob <jen> if you do <adam21> ready to suck this cock and swallow?

<jen> i have to swallow it? come on give me a break <adam21> swallow or he dies <jen> .fine <jen> i grab your balls while you push your dick in my mouth, while i start sucking <adam21> i untie you and then tell you if you try anything i kill your bf <adam21> your gonna fuck me and love it <jen> i start to enjoy it and suck faster <adam21> you're pretty good at this slut <jen> my boyfriend looks in amazement <adam21> shes really good i say to him <jen> i look at my boyfriend and make him suffer more <adam21> tell him you love me <jen> look at him since im enjoying it <jen> "i love him more than you!" <adam21> hes a dead man <jen> good <adam21> were gonna fuck then i kill him <jen> i say "ok" then move up more so you can put your dick in me <adam21> i start to kiss you and slide my cock in your pussy <jen> i kiss you multiple times back really embracing you now <adam21> i grab a hold firmly of your ass and start to fuck you hard <jen> mmhmm i like that i start to move up so you can go deeper <adam21> i go balls deep in you my cock throbbing <jen> my stomach goes down while my pussy goes up i moan in agony <adam21> this is so fucking hot baby <jen> well its hot in the room look at that all the windows are foggy and i just started to notice the eh-er-eh-er noise <adam21> im gonna cum again <adam21> cum with me <jen> well have one giant cum explosion on everything <adam21> mmm i love the way you think <jen> mmm i like that way you do things <adam21> your pussy is so fucking perfect <adam21> along with the rest of your body <jen> you dick is so long and thick <adam21> cum filled just for you <jen> why don't we raise the baby together and become bf &gf so we can fuck all the time <adam21> lets do it <jen> lets right after you kill him, looks at ex bf <adam21> ok baby your mine <jen> and your mine now <adam21> fuck me baby lets not stop <jen> baby i'ma cum <adam21> so am i baby lets do it together on him <jen> i walk over and spray all over him when he turns his head and then you cum on his face <jen> then you move and cum on me <jen> i open my mouth <adam21> baby this is so fucking hot <adam21> finger my ass while i cum on you <jen> sure baby anything for you <jen> sticks 3 fingers in your ass' <adam21> oh shit yes!!!!!!!!!!!

<jen> takes it out then puts whole hand in there' <adam21> oh fuck yes baby yes!!!! <jen> and pushes in deep <adam21> i explode with tons of cum <jen> all over my hand <adam21> all over you <adam21> covering your body <jen> then i lick it off like a lolly-pop <jen> while you like your own cum off me <jen> all over my body you lick me <adam21> ohh baby that's fucking sexy <jen> maybe throw some kisses in with that <adam21> i start to kiss all over your body <jen> i keep licking my hand since it covered in layers of cum <adam21> sit on my face and cum on me so i can taste yours <jen> i get up walk over to you and sit on your face and bend so you can get it all <jen> im dripping in cum from all the sex <jen> like a faucet <jen> all in your mouth <jen> just for you <adam21> mmm baby it takes so fucking good!

<jen> good eat me now put your toung in my pussy try to find my gspot <adam21> i shove my fist up your ass and slide my tongue deep in your pussy <jen> i unexpectedly jerk my head up <adam21> baby do you like this? <jen> 'i unexpectedly jerk my head up <adam21> i look up at you <jen> i moan in pleasure while whispering "yes" <adam21> baby i fucking love you <jen> i love you too <adam21> 69 and eat out each others ass <jen> mmmm yeah <adam21> you want top or bottom?

<jen> lick that pussy filled ass like a glass of wine <jen> bottom please <adam21> your fucking sexy baby <adam21> lick my asshole baby! <jen> i am sweetheart <adam21> i love it so much <jen> im getting my tongue all around it <jen> and in it <adam21> mmm baby your asshole tastes so good <jen> beat it does, i know yours does <adam21> whats the one thing you want to do most baby we will do it <jen> i unexpectedly start giving you a handy at the same times <adam21> i start to finger you 4 fingers in your pussy <jen> my newly unvirgitized pussy aches <adam21> it tastes so good!

<adam21> its dripping into your ass <jen> well i eat sweet things ; ) <adam21> baby i can tell <jen> you start to push on my boobs making them harder <adam21> i love your boobs baby so firm <jen> you know what baby? <adam21> what baby? <jen> we should go rape someone together after we kill him, looks in corner <adam21> that would be so hot <jen> a couple or girl/boy?

<adam21> first person we see <jen> mmmm ok lets go <adam21> not yet <adam21> i want you to myself some more <jen> mmm sexy <jen> sure what now? <adam21> whats your wildest fantasy <jen> nothing really, you?

<adam21> we've done mine baby i was hoping there was something i can do for you <jen> all i want is to rape someone with you <jen> now that were lovers <adam21> lets do it then <adam21> now <jen> we gotta kill him first <adam21> lets do it <jen> how should we do it?

<adam21> gun knife your choice i dont mind <jen> anything sexual we can do like chop off his balls?

<jen> then let him bleed to death <adam21> i like the way you think <jen> thanks, you wanna do it or me? <adam21> lets do it together <jen> grabs two knives and hand on to you <adam21> say when <jen> 3 <jen> 2 <jen> 1 <jen> now! <jen> slices threw half of dick <adam21> i cut off his balls <jen> then watches his face in agony while he begins to bleed out of mouth <adam21> lets fuck so its the last thing he sees <jen> lets, first on the floor in from of him <adam21> ride me baby <jen> oh yeah, gets on top then slowly decendes onto dick <adam21> fuck baby yes!

<jen> then begins to move right and left up and down <adam21> mmm baby your so good at this <jen> you've taught me well <adam21> i never wanna stop fucking you <jen> we fuck each other while raping another person.threesome <adam21> mmmm baby yes killing them each time too <jen> definatly <adam21> baby im about to cum again <jen> cum in me <jen> in the.pussy <jen> im ready for it <adam21> i pull you down kiss you and cum again <jen> i kiss you as he takes his last breath <adam21> perfect ending for him <jen> while i feel your nice warm cum go inside me deep <adam21> fuck baby i cant stop cumming <jen> is that supposed to be a bad thing?

<adam21> not at all <jen> goo keep cumming in me <adam21> come down all the way on top of me baby lets hold each other while i cum <jen> i go all the way down while we embrace each other, holding each other soo close together there no air in between us <adam21> mmm my tongue gets deeper into your mouth not coming up for air <jen> we start french kissing while your still shooting your giant load in me <adam21> the cum leaks out of you onto us <jen> and i start to cum to so our juices mix together like us <adam21> ooooh fuck baby thats the sexiest fucking thing ever <jen> you need to cum again, if you do pull out and cum all over my body, you can find a person on the street overpower them and force them to lick it off of me <adam21> i wanna lick it off you first <jen> sure, you can always just cum on me again <adam21> im not ready to share you just yet sexy <jen> ok, but soon <adam21> ok baby <jen> before we find someone else what should we do with the body <adam21> set this place on fire <jen> where will we fuck then?

and you riped off my clothes, in half, should i just walk around naked? <adam21> i brought a spare in case i got what i wanted.

you <jen> no way you knew this would happen like it did!

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<adam21> i wanted you so bad <jen> were you.stalking me this whole time? <adam21> i had to have you <adam21> your all ive ever wanted <jen> aww thats sweet now lets take everything valuable and set this joint on fire <adam21> lets hurry before anyone sees <jen> i guess i'll get take some random clothes from the closet <adam21> your spare is in the bag in the closet <adam21> i didn't give you any bra or panties though you don't need them <jen> .how do you know that?

<adam21> i put them there <jen> when you came in? <adam21> before when you were both gone <jen> how did you get in my house?

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<adam21> stole ass holes key <jen> explains a lot <adam21> oh? <jen> ok, grabs bag puts only a shirt and pants on then runs as you set everything on fire <adam21> we get out and into my car and flee <jen> yeah, he would always "lose" his keys, i thought he gave it to a secret girlfriend <adam21> nope i wanted you <jen> goes into car and sits in passenger seat <adam21> give me road head while i drive? <jen> .road head?

<adam21> suck my cock while i drive <jen> oh wow you want me that bad?

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sure, but concentration on driving <adam21> i want you always baby <jen> leans in and un-zips pants <adam21> cock fully erect <jen> takes out your cock with hand and gives you a handy first to get you fully in the mood then goes in deeper and sucks that huge thing hard <jen> getting all the tasty cum in my mouth <adam21> mmm baby yes so fucking good <adam21> is there anyone in your family you hate?

<jen> now, i say while choking, who will we pick up? <jen> ~nobody really~ <adam21> who do you hate that we can rape and kill <adam21> make our first one special <jen> can it not be a family member? <adam21> yea sure i don't care <jen> Eric <adam21> whos eric?

<jen> guy i had a crush on <adam21> hes a dead man <jen> i found him sexually attractive and told him and he rejected me <adam21> what a dumb-ass <jen> he just said "no" <jen> i really sexually desire him <adam21> if you enjoy fucking him ill kill both of you adam21 has quit (Web Browser closed). <jen> dont worry No such nick/channel "adam21" <jen> you there baby?

No such nick/channel "adam21"