Dirty bitch gets belted and titillated with sex toys

Dirty bitch gets belted and titillated with sex toys
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"So what's this that I hear you've been cutting school? That you check in with the school in the morning and than aren't seen for any of your classes, your grades are slipping and by the way when did you quit your job at the store?" You asked me one morning over breakfast.

"I don't think you want to know Daddy, believe me I'm very sure you don't want to know," was my reply to you, turning from you back to the counter, I hear you chair pull out from the table and grab my shoulder and whip me around to look at you.

"No, I didn't give you that option, I took the day off work to find out what the hell is going on, and damn it you are going to tell me. You better start taking this serious." Your eye's peirce mine. "Daddy, I quit going to school to sell myself." Your face turns white as your jaw drops open, your eyes staring at me in disbelief. "YOU WHAT?" Your voice responds off the walls of the room.

"Do you know how many men want to fuck a nice young peice of ass? And how much they are willing to pay for it Daddy?" My tone taunting as a smirk breaks out on my face. "Yes I'm sure they do baby girl, but your My girl, and I will not stand for this. And money, what money, where is this money?" "Daddy if I want to sell my cunt I will, and you can't stop me, I'm 18 now.

Like I'm going to tell you where the money is." Suddenly you grab a fist full of my hair and pull me to my knees. "18 or not you live in my house, you are My girl. You are going to tell me and tell me now. I will find out from you no matter what I have to do," with that you do something you have never done before you slap me across the face.

Tears well up in my eye's as your hand print slowly appears on my cheek. "Daddy, I spent most of it," I say through falling tears. You've never struck me before not even a spanking. "On what? More whore clothing?

You don't pay for anything around here." "Clothings, shoes, stereo equiptment, a car, the list goes on Daddy" my voice shakenly says. "YOU CUNT, you bought a car? Where do you keep these clohes? In your room?" You hand tightens in my hair, I wince. "No Daddy," my voice hesitant. "I have an apartment, I can't bring my john's back here, and it's cheaper than a motel." Your head silently nods, your eye's black. "Did you sign a lease?" you ask looking at me, I nod yes. "Well you are going to have to break it than, the sooner the better.

If you are going to be a whore, you are going to be My whore. My rules, now get your ass upstairs and change your clothing we are going over there now." You pull me to my feet by my hair and push my toward the stairs. "No Daddy you can't make me" I stand strong on my reserve as you head toward me. I see your hand draw back as you cross the floor to me slapping me again across the face. "You share this apartment with someone do you?

I'm going with you to change, everyone else get's to see what your selling why shouldn't I? Oh and slut, give me your fucking cell phone. NOW MOVE." Walking up the stairs slowly, I turn to my door and open the door. Clothing is strewn about my room, the bed unmade, you can see a vibrator sticking out of the folds of a blanket. I see a slight smile on your face as you notice the vibrator peeking from the blankets.

Moving to the closet and pulling out a skirt and a small top I toss them onto the bed. Gently toeing my feet frommy gym shoes and kicking them out of the way, my eye's search you out as a blush creeps up along my cheeks.

Unbuttoning my pants and pushing them down over my hips, lifting first one leg from them and than the other, kicking them out of the way. My ass cheeks in view, a small strip of black lace is seen at the top of the cheeks only to disappear into the crack. Lifing my shirt over my head my black curly hair falling down on my back. Turning slightly you see my large breast almost spilling from a matching black lace bra.

"Take those off as well, all the way," your voice breaks the silence of the room. A soft growl elects from my throat as I turn to you, the bra just shelfing my tits as I reach back thrusting them forward more to unhook the bra, my large natural tits rest lower as I slide the straps down my arms and toss it aside. My thumbs hook into the bands of my thong and slide it down over shapely hips before sliding them down the rest of the way, you can see I have shaven my cunt almost completely bare with the exception of a small strip above my slit.

A wide smile breaks across your face. "My you have grown up. If you wanted to dress this way why didn't you just tell me?" Your voice slightly softer.

I can tell your cocks become hard as you don't even try to hide the growing bulge in your pants. "Turn around, I want to see all of you," your voice echo's to my ears. Slowly I turn, I can feel your eye's raking over my body taking in each inch of my flesh. "Why do you even keep that little patch of hair? Aren't you trying to look like a little girl?" "Daddy it's bad enough I look like a child, if my cunt looks underage I won't get fucked and well than I would make no money," I reply.

"I know plenty of men fuck a shaved pussy like yours, especially one so young." Yours eye's are focused on my bare tits. "How do you think I pay for my shit Daddy?" I reply with a smirk on my face. "Oh, so you think you can talk like a peice of garbage around here? Don't use that language with me young lady!" Your tone harsh.

I run my fingers along my belly to my cunt, toying with my clit as I look at you. "Daddy wanna know how many cocks have been in your baby girls cunt?" My fingers continue to toy with my clit as my eye's focus on your hardened cock.


"How long have you been hooking? And how many men?" You ask almost mesmorized watching me. "For about a year and thrity-two men have been in your little girls cunt, alot of them repeat customers. Calling and begging me to fuck them." "Well that is going to change, do you use your mouth as well?" "Yes daddy, I love to suck cock" "Good, cause you are going to be doing alot more of it." Your voice hard as I stop playing with my cunt and lick my fingers clean. Reaching over and grabbing the top I pulled from the closet I pull it over my head, it fits tightly binding my breast.

My hands slide into the shirt to adjust my breast pulling them up to the point where if I took a deep breath in my tits might spill over the top. Grabbing the skirt and pulling it up over my thighs, a slit clear up to the top of the skirt flashes and teases just how long my legs are. "Did I say you could get dressed?" you asked.

"Well no, but you did want to go see the apartment," I replied. Bending over and rooting around in the closet my ass waves in the air, I pull out a pair of red stilleto's and a big black heavy looking box and set it aside, tossing the shoes to the floor my toes slide into them before my foot is encased.

Opening the box and pulling out what looks like a black choker, I fasten it around my neck two chains dangle from a ring in the center falling to what appears to be two braclets.

Opening one of the bracelets and cuffing it just above my right elbow before doing the same on my left arm. "You paid for that too?" you ask. "Um, well like everything else Daddy I've paid for it, well you did pay for one thing." "Oh, and what's that?" you asked.

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I reached into the box and took out a leash, attaching it to the O ring and letting it hang between my tightly bound tits. "YOU paid for this one thing Daddy," I replied.

"You thought the dogs leash had gone missing, it wasn't missing I simply walked off with it." Your hands and if being pulled by a magnetic force slowly reached out to the leash end. "This leash? Do you like being a dog?" You yanked on the leash. "DO YOU?" Stumbling forward on my heels, a slight smirk came to my face. "Well they don't call it doggy style for nothing Daddy." "YOU SLUT, well I'm going to enjoy this change in you, and if you are good, I will show you what doggy style's all about." Your eye's growing suddenly darker.

My hands reached behind the tv set and pulled out a key ring, sitting them on my desk next to my purse. "Well daddy, are you ready to go?" I asked. "Well, yes, I am, but there's something missing with your makeup." "What would that be Daddy?" I asked. You yanked hard on the leash causing me to fall to my knee's. "GOD DAMN IT DADDY, that hurt!

You bastard!!!" "Oh quit your fucking whining, it's not the first time you've been on your knee's and definately won't be the last. Now follow me, let's go downstairs" I stand and follow behind, you pulled me to the couch and shoved me back to my knee's, my thighs opened up wide offering a tantilizing view of my cunt. "I think a little cream would finish your makeup just nicely," the shocked look on my face made you laugh. "I told you things were going to be different around here, you've lied to me, and I'm taking over.

You will earn what I tell you to earn and when I tell you to earn it." "No Daddy, I won't!" I said. You grabbed the end of the leash and used it to smack my ass, causing me to jump with each slap of the leather.

"OH slut, but you will, you are going to do this, on yoru own or with my help, but oh yes cumslut, you WILL do this. Now take my cock out and suck it like the whore you are." You said. My eye's welled up with tears as I fumbled with your pants, carefully pulling your cock out. "Oh now, don't be shy, you've done this before, you just didn't know it was my." You smiled at me.

I slide the zipper down and pulled your pants down a little reaching for your boxers and pulled your cock out, wrapping my hand firmly around the fleash. "See you can do this," you said as a single tear fell down my cheek, I leaned forwad and licked your cock. "Is that a tear of joy or a tear of shame, mine?" I didn't answer, I just ran my tongue along the bottom of your shaft. "Answer my little one, how long have you been doing this?" I wrapped my lips around your cock, pink wet tongue swilring around the tip, a slight moan escaping my throat.

"It's not the first time you know, you have sucked Daddies cock before." Reddened lips slide slowly forward along the length of your cock as my tongue flutters against the smooth bottom, my eye's flickering open to look up at you.

Sliding my lips back to the tip, my eye's look up to you in amazment. "No Daddy, I have never sucked your cock. I wouldn't have!" "Remember that New Years Party when I let you drink a little champaine? And you fell asleep? I carried you to bed, and undressed you and tucked you in.


You asked for a good night kiss, and I don't think you knew it was me, you french kissed me, and it was all you doing it." My hand was idly stroking your cock as you recounted the tale, my eye's widening with each new detail. "But Daddy! I was drunk! You should have known better." And still my hand never leaves your cock, I stroke you through our conversation, oddly comforted by the feel of your dick in my hand.

"I was drinking that night as well," you said to me. "And that neighbor, Loretta, she had been teasing me all night." I leaned in and started licking the head of your cock, swirling my tongue around the tip before sucking it into my mouth as I listened. "I kissed you one last time and then I pressed my fingers to your lips to tell you to hush and sleep well, and you opened your mouth and sucked on my finger." I sucked your cock further into my warm waiting mouth, my tongue fluttering against the base.


"So, as drunk as I was, and horney cause of that slut, I took out my cock and pressed it to your lips." I groaned loudly feeling your cock press against the back of my throat and pushed my mouth down tighter on your cock, letting the head penetrate my throat as you recounted my drunken blowjob. "You opened your mouth and took it in, sucked it like it was your thumb. But that wasn't enough for me, I wanted more. I wanted you to give me head." You eye's look down on your pretty angel giving you head.

"So I held your head, and slowly began to fuck your pretty little face." Letting out a soft groan around your cock, as a slight shudder races through my body, my lips reaching the tip as my tongue swirls around only to move back down the length of your cock. "Do you remember how old you were?" stroking my cheek as you look down to me. "That was your first blowjob." My dark blue eye's look up to you, trained on the eye's that match my own, as my wine tinted lips continue to slide along your hardened flesh.

"When I needed to cum, I was afriad you would choke on it, there's always so much of it. So I pulled out when I was about to shoot my cum, and I shot it all over your pretty little face. You woke up and smiled at me as I rubbed it around with my cock." A groan races through my body as one hand wraps loosely around your balls, toying with them as my lips continue to slide up and down the length of your cock.

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"It dried on your face, hair and pillow that night baby, you asked me about it the next morning and I said you spilled some champange. You scrapped some off with your fingers and licked it off, said it didn't taste like champaine. I almost came again seeing you do that." You cock twitches as you recount the story.

I slide my lips from your cock, my hand wrapping tighter around your spit slickened cock. "Does Daddy wanna cum on me again?" I asked. "Oh yes baby, Daddy is gonna cum all over your face." you replied. My lips open to you, and I holding your cock within inches of my face ready for your load. "You look so slutty doing this, I'm going to make you a big cum whore, all for me and my clients." I moaned softly at your words my hand stroking your cock gently tugging at the full balls.

"You still wanna be my whore little one?" "Yes Daddy." "Still wanna quit school and become a whore full time?" "Yes Daddy" "Than you are going to be my whore, and I'm going to collect yoour money. Do you sell your ass too my cunt?" "No Daddy, just my cunt and mouth" "Good, at least one of your holes is still virgin, for now." Your hand slides through my hair, as you tell how things are going to be.

"I will be selling you from now on, you will work out of home.

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I will be selling you from now on, no more looking for clients. And you will be working parties, I have some very kinky friends who would love a turn at you." My eye's flick up to you, "Oh Daddy you have no idea of kink." "Oh really why don't you sit up here on my cock and tell me all about my little cuntwhore." Sliding up and straddling your lap, taking your cock deep inside my wetness, my hands sliding up over my encased tits, pulling the nipples out.

Your hands slide up to the shirt, ripping it the buttons popping lose from the cloth. I let out a low whistle and Baxter our family dog comes in, seeing my exposed sex he comes over and noses my sex.

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"I seems we have company" "Oh daddy, you have no idea." Bending over my tits pressing on each side of your neck, pushing my sex out to him. "Lick" "You mean to say that I have no idea that he licks your cunt at night?" You say as you look up into my face. His long doggy tongue thrust into my warm wet sex, my hips grind back to him.

"Daddy, Baxter licks my cunt on command. And that's not all he does." "No, I know you've been letting him lick your cunt, and that you fuck him, I've been watching you do it for three years now." You say. Snapping my fingers and pointing to the corner Baxter moves over to sit and lick himself in the corner. "Good Daddy, now you know that your baby girl is a puppy slut as well." "Three of the neighbors know lil' one as well as most of the guys I work with.

They just don't know your my daughter." "Still want this cunt Daddy?" teasing you with my wet sex. "Baby, Daddy owns this cunt, now fill it with my cock slut." You command me. Obeying your command I impale myself on your cock, taking my fill, moaning loudly as my cunt opens around your stiff cock. "So baby have you thought about fucking anything besides a dog cock?" Your hands wrap around grabbing my ass and pulling me tighter to you. Feeling your cock so deep inside me I slowly begin to rock my hips.

"No Daddy, just cock, cock and more cock. And I've always wanted to feel your cock deep in my cunt. "I've wanted this for a long time too mine, I've spent so many nights thinking of things to do to you, jerking off to the image of you bent over with Baxter fucking this cunt." Your fingers dig into my ass as you tell me this. Leaning in and whispering into your ear, "Daddy, I knew I had sucked your cock that night, but I was waiting for you to come to me about it.

I cried almost every night when you didn't." "Baby you knew and didn't mind? Why didn't you say something?" Your eye's stare into mine as we move together. "Daddy your cock felt so good in my mouth and the taste of your cum, well it was delicious." My head falls back in pleasure remembering the taste and feel I let out a low purr.

"You were 14 and didn't mind baby?" Chuckling softly as you thrust deeper into my cunt, "God you were born to suck cock my slut." "Born to suck and fuck cock Daddy" I smiles to into your eye's continuing to move on your cock, feeling the stiff member impaling my cunt. "Ride your Daddy and let him tell you how it's going to be for you baby." You hands roam from my ass to my tits squeezing them roughly, pinching and pulling on the nipples.

"I'm going to sell you to parties. I'm going to rent you out for gang bangs baby. You are going to make movies and yes my little slut, you are going to fuck dogs, not just Baxter, but he can have you next." Moaning loudly my head falls back as my hips move faster, grinding down on your cock. "Saturday, you and I are going to take a ride my little whore, you are going to meet a friend of mine, this one will be a freebe.

You are going to fuck him for free cause he is going to pay me alot more for something else. Does that excite you my whore?" Your hands slide back to my ass, pulling my cheeks apart as you forefinger gently pokes at the winking eye. Moaning loudly as my cunt clings around your cock, my breathing becoming heavier, loud moans rip through my body.

"You my little tramp slut, you are going to suck off his Horse." "BUT DADDY" I gasp. "Naked my whore, and the horse is going to cum all over you. Your face, your hair your tits, your cunt." "Oh god Daddy fuck your babies cunt, yes daddy fuck me." My cunt twitches around your cock I let out a loud scream, my cunt juices flowing from my cunt. You wrap your hands around my shoulds and slam me down on your cock, I feel the tip of your cock slam against my cervix.

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"When you finish cumming slut, hop off and clean up your mess, than suck me off slut. Baxter can have your cunt while you do that." Your hands run through my hair before pulling it roughly letting me know it's time to get to business.

I slide from your lap whistling softly Baxter comes over his wet doggy nose probing at my cunt, with a click of my tongue you see Baxter jump up and place his paws on my back, I reach down and guide his cock to the source of my heat.

"But that's ok whore, after the horse has covered your sweet little body with cum, we will clean you off. We will be showering you in gold," my eye's look up to your. Baxters hips start kachammering into me, fucking me hard with his doggt cock as I moan softly around yours, sucking you deeply into my throat. "That's right my little cunt, we are going to piss all the cum off you." You grab the back of my head shoving my face down around your cock with a grunt, your cock spasms in my throat shooting your load down my throat.

I can feel Baxters knot forming in my cunt setting off another orgasm deep within me. My mouth never leaves your cock, sucking for the last drop.